Can Kamara improve on 2017?

Bobby & Kristian talk about what to expect from Alvin Kamara in year 2 of his Saints career.

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For the final hour here of sports talk live from saints. Headquarters. We Saudi two meaning camp in the books last day tomorrow and off for seven weeks until. The end of July now officially from the states that figure Wednesday July 25 is in a pool report to training camp. That first practice will be on Thursday. July 26. That's when things start going in the first three days of training camp or not padded practices and put the pads on. Will be let go from there look at it towards. The NFL season high expectations. For that wants things do you like him under the raid party like height that's a per art that's hard to Of people cast your vote their authority and I littering really don't know no I don't then it's always knew that the get out of state but some fans who prefer them to fly under the under the radar and look you're gonna hear from Tyler Davis and littler later on this hour I asked him about. The expectations they embrace those expectations now on you'll hear his response alone few other questions as well let's get back to. Say take coach Sean Payton earlier today. We left off talking about Abbott tomorrow Audi get better and his outlook are still learning the offense or shopping. Now how wide open is the battle. For the punt and kick return jobs. Now just how creative will kick off skip this year about an hour talk about that. In terms of with the new rules will we see from kick off slots I kept kicks perhaps. The officials have been out at OTAs but also so far for the first two days. Of many camp does he like have an official audio. But it would the officiating the officials presence do for the team. Well as coaches you look in and the play and how it can be executed as this obvious penalty. I mean his lawn now you might say. As a group position Bruce when you watch in the film what you can't do that if they gonna call that as a follow the penalty. We have officials out there and it sort of flag you can almost coach on the feelers and it's a curry. And especially when in a competitive true like Bjorn the two minutes for the office is trying to win. That even internal and it would occur today with coach but he was talking about. The offense had the scored ourselves and leave it had to keep them out and the defense. And going it's all the quarterbacks pre Lucy Liu in this and they won. The dolphins and I get a touchdown with today. Drew Brees actually completed five passes in a row. So he's who would. The team down a few considering you would all the receivers there were out. He would Doral on though those verses he robbed a fifteen yard Gainey hit Alan Tamara couple of times. Now. Charge hill. Utilizing Josh feel the tide in the past 151010 yard gain. The first you'd have been six general with he had to get rid of ball that was the that this thing exactly be a fact that's been Jerod Elliott. I pressure on him and ballot the first eight completion but then what occurred then crews trying to work down the middle of the field. And the deep that is how on the ball is tenth Arnott and non and all of a distinguished charged Leo got interfered with. The ref Rees threw a flag like it was an affair. So that's a court painting their officials help me out. To continue to sustain a drive. On offense and that's him crew scrambled and hit Mark Ingram. The end of the drone attacked on about a 1012 yard touchdown in army and nice catches scorched that a lot of emotion. And so so that's not a helps out as an even want all one give it to bags. According gets receivers. Morant space when they calling illegal contact. Are obviously interference in. I think that's what helps the players also know what they can get away with it and know what's going to be called and listen if we do they practice and you have success. That you do and game. So you know if you understand what you are you able to get away which you can transfer that that game. And I think yet toward officials come in and it helped teams out all around the league when they actually. Puerto practice. Tyler Davis and entered its fourth season at a Fresno state you'll hear from him next I sat down. And the saints locker room following practice as a sports talk here on WLA anathema dot com. I walked back to sports talk online for you at. W involve not concept a lot saint Stephens a line. Embracing big expectations of twenty team as a packer tackle Tyler Davison says cohesion confidence. Are very important to the group I sat down with the number 95. Earlier today in the locker room following the two of saint many can't think it was. Salt fog really nails like it is with uses for you your that you shout out your four I was like. Can we spent four years in penalty time and time has passed. He hits on us live for us. Familiar to make every every season calendar. Knobs and you Carol. You Carol. But on this crazy you know Tom flaws especially in the fifth. We you know to listen to so. What's it like you were here during the lean years and flashy guys kept playoffs obviously now the expectations were on this team. What's that been like going from when it was lean to being I thought of as one of the better teams in the league. You know it is it is loaded different you know community cheered but my targets farther ourselves arcs are expectations it was. Source of our own cells slow him you know from from that standpoint filling Israel similar. When Rome you know we're expecting to go to a bigger every year so. You know now would now this year we is Lou the more confidence on that we just came here. You guys embrace that. Yeah we different organizations different races. I mean because not really about the people's expectations in the days hours that it poses the most you know and I mean we we we wanna go. We expect ourselves to do better than than anybody else does mean an immediate of these of the human bill if you do think it was new world. You know we've been watching all the way so. I thought we embraces mills who buy into it and and nation knows got a lot of Communist government to. This is pretty young team by and large has had success last year many make sure that you don't regional press clippings and keep keep focused on. Keating where you'll hopefully this can happen some time. Yeah I think his gotta take one minutes on you know just continue to. It's better to focus on on all the little things that we go to improve on and in. On you know little of those details of our you know our assignments or took me. From all those things we do is put our had to go to work on this. And keep trying to improve and and we know though that instantly take care of itself you know is just don't look good look don't take your head up from from work it. That's a look at this that. Where is your game grown going to your fourth year here prom authorities got a lot more consistent. You know working much a neat especially. On offense of the game when working my technique and Indian dance consistently. So that you don't constantly doing the right thing. And an imposition immaculate. You look at this. Sheldon rank it you guys are all on his third fourth year Americans a little over a million nice veteran group that are mixed in their solution be too much guys haven't seen. Yeah exactly. You know we definitely grown together over the over the last few years too so. And CB so there you know development and you can get better and better for years so. You know that is that is real good for us you know. He said haven't played some years ago than now and our guard and got better get this too so. You know we've been a lot of different situations. As a team and as a group so. They wouldn't we be better for it. It's kind of tongue in cheek question he titled many kept the pads on for the holidays always hitting guys down in the trenches. It is not. And it's it is war negated Obama pointedly he can really test somebody in and then no bull roast no no no no real heart collisions. This is down there like this regards in August. So yeah I'm disagree with those as. So what are you working with you can't use it as what he worked in in many camps like associates rumor or my defining Vito as your technique. Especially. And on the run games that are you know crash and a new work on it. And writes about your work on you know make sure that you react to. On the books you know the right way. The name once you've done that you were going on on an option in the blocking into the into the ball carrier right away in the work and effort to the ball. On things like that this in mind that the little vetoes disappeared techniques have been your hips on the it's trying to hit their hands we're gonna different moves at Uga. So a lot lot of finesse moves them past us and a lot of roof aren't technique and comes around who's the comic relief in the comic relief. We got a few. Chancellor its armed them rove he's pretty formulas and us confidence. To everybody everybody have their moments with concerns and so funny. Nutrition. Sees that climate Tyler Davidson. And it's grown into a nice roll a safety line after well and pick few years ago. If you look at a Christian to fifth round draft pick out of Fresno state. You look at value. Keep the lord. Who's lord of bands and carry the that line NFL history play with the vikings and again through. Coached him. Until this thing that got us deal with Tyler Davidson and peripheral is that legit that he talked to let him. Being in his fourth year. You know at times you don't see that numbers but he's doing the dirty work in. He would benefit. From a good line back cores four's doing the dirty work I think he's growing. Also with a Sheldon rank in all the modern. And I think he probably even had good numbers we nick fairly. You know as far as when they were working together it now though was like we talked Burkle we talk couple we tackle last week about. Most underrated players one of the most underrated players on this trust I think to put out it is probably short maturity by if he was on the saints he read. He keep it you know Nancy L all 32 teams don't want him but he definitely would be in that rotation. You know like it would number of snaps well you know in that the line rotation. I don't know half a dozen teams you know that he he he gave picked up the work. On the saints' roster. Now. Can't continue to do this now though is Ronnie. For. A tight as they. He had to forceful almost. You know can you created equally you know force the fall one behind the ball out when he did that. You achieve that a couple of times last season now do you know Chris I remembered this. Rove was against Carolina part of vikings. But he had a sack you know have a sack in the season had a sack in the post season. But in the regular season so a syllable was looking at that that. And I caught alive but he has that ability. To get that penetration now. On his best day. We don't have we don't have an when they really Roland we don't have an Aron got on a dump it into. We just don't mean you but what would team does yet and write the rams do that nobody else has that. Are you look at Fletcher cock. With the Eagles. So but when you look like there a legit and carried the line when you look across the leak. I think accommodation. And at that even Shelvin rake it could be me get better and live up to that first from building but he still. Not in in the category Fletcher Cox Aaron down now so we just have to look at where he had in the if you if you which it. And only through this booklet yeah. Shell the Reagan on his third year but I really count this as its second year because that rookie season he would play making when he got hurt so I kind of think this is like. This actually in the year two and a pack two and how happy I got to do so but I think that that that the leak we hear about all time where. It happens from your wanna you to I don't think you've seen that yet because of how it played out for for shell the rankings being injured is. Well it's still you might say it was not fair error. When you look at the numbers but it. Like Sheldon Rankin had a couple of cents. You know I think well. Can't be using now for USC. The that was Sedrick Ellis an army at six cents. Can't somehow show that rank is it five or six that you might say well look at the quarterback pregnancies at all yet but he's still got a in this next get the quarterback. Down. Not Christian Todd Davis at their front traffic shelved and rank in the first round draft pick who you think have more tackles last year out news yes. Now the only four more. Vocal but he still had he still have more tech. For our game I know for one game maybe to show the rankings because of the injury Alex Okafor was forced to go outside put Diaz and and yet it now that's getting ahead of flexibility would you want to have a net debt that the that have been and you bring in Davenport where you don't never have to put Shelvin right on the outside and hopefully Alex Okafor. Yet out exactly that he bounces back in you don't have to utilize them well. On. Do you think that. Shelvin rankings. You think that he can it's a team like the Nielsen bowler 66 states not cut. No I don't I don't know and now like Sheldon ranked I think Shelvin ranked into legit starter. And but otter only official lead some to be in a Pro Bowl level I just don't view him that won't it surely. We got a DB destructive okay first off. Not done not isn't like Kate just look at the numbers but I am they'll look at the numbers what else lacking globalize like a game changer. Each other rank as you know had interception past the pin and you know handle one forced fumble just navy this. You know just double few things that are two sects have like Iverson expects. To dirty ended politicos post season. Playoff time. Heidi show up Sheldon rank you at Colin Davis and Abel had a thing for Beckett be an impact will play. You gotta sag that could they be a key drive or whatever might take. Hulu was. Them now. While with him about it a big game yet that they're collect had a significant effect in a playoff team. Elements that I and that's magnified silly because. The situation you're in the postseason the continue to play callers who mobile. We'll talk about that also hear from outlook of our seats went back second year at a Tennessee next here on. Bevy of well. Why down here on sports talk a good 8 o'clock like double coverage with set done lap. Plenty of sounded recap from gays wanted to of mini camp. Polite to open at 504260187. XX 87870 the cajun cannon Bobby Merrill crushing Erica Bobby do you think your example internally there. No it was a meaningful playoff game but I think right elbow was about the team and Osce not actually as manga five. Pimples or whatever. It be very similar. With the camp jar a stud last year. He looked just like pro bull although. But think about this we played the vikings. You know he's past president Talabani because of noble what if all of a sudden he gets the case Kiwanuka he's right there. You know technique and don't get there case keep it doesn't have a chance to even throw that ball and it martyrs who have studied in that position. So so those that are kind of way that Sheldon rankings and I you know meaningful game whoever it might be. Boycott by simply being magnified when the gains on the line and you kimbo came come up with that kind of play that game change. That that network you make that you win. And if you don't make it still might win but you don't know what's gonna happen would be that much of a different maker that you make that plea for. Showing gonna win it he was a huge difference maker last year and his rookie season with the the world saints Alvin Camaro run back what do season he had fifteen touchdowns. Over 15100 total yards. One kickoff return for a touchdown so he was extremely tactful for the saints offense what is his biggest challenges. Going forward our his biggest challenge going for now after your one. How come our earlier today we meet with the media after practice. How how are you in your second year in preparations how are they different. Is Tamara playing with more confidence this offseason. Outlook while Bobby Urals from your one year to you sensational last year he talked about that leap from your one year to. How can Allah Camaro become. Just the elite runner that. Well. Obviously got to stay healthy. And just maybe and that thing he could even excel on. You don't overuse them which is give them it's that agencies in twelve pitches above 1450. To a degree. More and use your imagination Sean Payton will get him space. That could be explosive. If you look at things his trip talked about Gale Sayers. You know what he did his rookie year about it saints history franchise history. He set a franchise. Rookie touchdown record. Break in Heisman Trophy winner to our crisis. Provo psychotic Bangkok's. More of thirteen back in 1981. Solo Tamara I mean but he did as a rookie. It is like unbelievable. But I still think that it is not far fetched. That ease the build upon it and be even that much better I think given the opportunity. And listen it's not like he has that put the pressure and you shall leave learning from that being there to win the game I think coach Payton. Can utilize the game plan you know at times you watch the patriots and instantly the patriots and Tom Brady you ever noticed some gains. That all of a sudden. It's always to make you throw fifty for the five times and with them a winning formula. But how Belichick at night in and integrated with due to a show on business to. Okay this game out of Munich pact is the it might have the total more. And you take advantage divas is doing to pass a little more and then all of a sudden well. Why would you call the simple one game you ruled utopia the five attempts and in the extreme right twenty. It's a lot of game play. And how are you trying to attack the litany that with Tom Brady with a pasted that topic for the keep it to bits of ballot and I think Sean Payton. We will Mark Ingram being out not to lose system but running back. There's going to be certain game plans in the spores or gains. They might as to locate group. I I think this room might have to proto board crew would have no problem with her it's all about trying to attack could be that and how you gonna win. Haven't broken down in note to look at that the first working throughout Ingram. Type a game like it maybe you'd like you might see more passes than runs but. That that's something that you don't want to just say oh it is give America ball did not have evolved that's not only as good pattern of imagination. Only at this clip here is gonna skip the five Q mark. How we cover form walking zaps senseless them where. Is it outlook America's. Goal could be an elite player in the National Football League. Outlook tomorrow I saw how effective he was last here offensively but also as a return guy. 106 chart franchise record returning gets at bay in week seventeen averaged 31 yards per return. We'll be used in the return game this year. Well you know Chris you know is it is that is that it's a good thing that things. Might you gotta walk the talk you might say suddenly can't you back you know and there's three players. In a govern and abuse. That actually think you're that confident in the bed hungry. That they want to be the best that are best at their position. He's seated here at saint home talking to Michael Thomas. Did you hear anything alone atop the Marshall Lattimore. In value here from well the Camaro right. Look comment you know it is not as either one of these events like you've been I think I can't be the best confidence. Yes all of a sudden you're talking about. The waiting game instructors skill set and then okay. And you look okay. Lattimore how to beat a top cornerback. AM hell yeah. Might without will be covered live and then I look at the top running back coming yet. He did it gets them sometimes of the lines get blurred because if you say a Validus Hillary off I I wanna be the best radio broadcaster ever. He would construe that as just as arrogant. And they hire professional when your profession. At your job if you. It was Europe plumber or whether you are a bricklayer or whether you are up baker are you on radio your for the U she wanna be the best at his tribe you know. And if you fall short that's OK but I don't think that's arrogant to set that goal for yourself the quick if you are gonna Alec. You haven't and Kelly oh. No idea. I get the got a big hit yet I'll call again and is now my point is that I don't I don't took the the point is that. I hear people you know they cranked relates when he hear players say. I'll be the best ever played this game why would you what why would this vehicle of it to be one of the editor bill it to say that yes the UK did slightly and I'll go and out of college known as shocked NFL and so what I got and Coolidge is being humble at duke took the first now. How the Cabrera has a comedy rookie of the year the Marcel Lattimore rookie of the year did a constant so you can pick kind of Steve that you build upon. Look at the first two years Michael Thomas. Any NFL franchise record though so so so the UK end. Mean those still lifting you shouldn't be viewed as as cocky. He did he like very competent. Silly because you got skipped on the wall cocky would be I'm going to be the best player their opening game opposed to I want. To be the best play hockey which he likes like EP with the warriors it's demand. Do it's that courage does gains and that little. Is it in and I don't think they'll I think that they've BA player but he got a little year old. Cook cook on it and not to step card and if you look at a player. What you got the best of events so if you could almost be a too cocky if you don't very confident. And and and at times the price we've seen him back it up we showed him back in a given opportunity real gain the Vontae Harris Aggie. On that eight on nobody out is saying he he's not shy lately and in these great they're all great example he's confident but. Does that make you could talk on excitement going to normal eloquent yes he you'd better back it up and then that's widest lead. This is like you played due to talk it the Saudi Arabia. The deal it talks back but he always liked it out Deion Sanders ever say they that he could that he didn't live up to no never. He eat it didn't matter that put their receivers and they put him at the mandate gimme the ball to Thomas scored ties. He would do that. Toddler beware by getting in the Monica remember that we've played Dallas in Chicago's snow blitzes. As we were up we grubs and at the trying to play catch up there's just ones who bull but and I say they were of the Tennessee who's guarding the on. They ain't no way in hell that UT guard via obligates back elegant black. But I knew five with Akron just hang in there make that the dole. I'm allowed back in America that they talk again and we all the Roubini that we talk about with his goal. But what would that would is that gonna deal. Those the sun never had problems that players. That that that talks smack. Now coming out Pena walked to tell if you have. That you'd you'd done it through and competent confident tacitly within first yet to leave yourself for if you leave yourself you're not appeal to a so why wouldn't you wanna say that again like I said. Target's confidence is that there's a fine line between. Those two. And I think that there walking it. Really well despite saying I wanna be doesn't mean they're going to be that it doesn't mean that they say that they they are well gonna be TO would say something like I going to be an all things. He would say that early in his career and you that that's that's that is arrogance that's. What brought to me in a look at Aaron Rodgers a look at Drew Brees Tom Brady. Like like that they're very confident but don't be kind of this life. OC AM come when I get is that the building where the action due to talk and I mean you know that's yet to do. You know and then the one they took down the campus are fair Rogge is this. He'll make apps that aren't as mountain inn and and you know led. He may get those jasmine is a lot of true utilities say if he cannot do that yet again satanism and hit it exactly. Bobby Hebert Kristian garic here live from saint skip the sports talk. On W him well enough in the dugout. Former saint in the news today. A jury orders. The rams to pay Reggie Bush twelve point five million dollar from a 2015 injury you remember. When bare knee injury yet when the leaves one and an opt out of boundary ended up getting. Ran all the way to the off the field of play onto the concrete. That was there at the Edward Jones dome in saint Louis the other in a bad knee injury from that and that cost them. Some money obviously and ultimately ended his career. Yep well when you look at a Christian. We all familiar with the saint lose dome stadium. In this had occurred in 2015. The team's final season before the rams' move the Los Angeles. Now the Saint Louis post dispatch reports that the jury on Tuesday. File on the ramp police held liable for the entry twelve point five million bull with that big looked at depth only. Reggie Bush is that is in his career and future earnings. I think the Kamal what that number now. Attorneys for the rams as being probably NFL say they plan to file a motion. For a new trial but I think he'll be some kind of settling in college haven't. That all of us and you know or prolong have been Reggie Bush will be compensated. For that severe knee indignities suffered. In saint lose to their original bill. You play for the 49ers and he ran out of bounds on upon returning game at the Edward. Edward Jones dome on November 1 point fifteen slipped on the concrete. He suffered a torn lateral meniscus which ended his season he told via Saint Louis post dispatch the people spoke and decided very fairly unhappy with the verdict. Well and then you know even against the people who run the facility. That being a Saint Louis built stadium that a wanna say that was the next week or two weeks later he put all the rubber padding. On the concrete is almost like man that this is dangerous and I'd almost helping Reggie Bush's case. Look I've been that stadium multiple times right in. I've been to them upright understate the fact I've been and now every NFL stadium right by all 31 of them because there's a with a one jets giants here and showed excellence. When I go there. First of who's dimly lit poorly lit two in the Arab and have been in the 34 times and that you know how my company CU's has come about. This is arc. Darker than it is and it any other dome that have been in. Not very well lit it was a little life least favorite big news. Fallon I'll bring Allen up there with Theo dot co coliseum in in in Oakland and Angela how are these still NFL venues and I know look I'm not. A fan of owners hold that cities hostage over a newspaper new stadium. But I'll look at ballot miles like Stan crock he kind of had a case because you look at that then that that that they knew it wasn't very good in particular I'm still amazed. They're move it doesn't medical Las Vegas but I'm still amazed that. The NFL allows the raiders to play it you got home owed dot com coliseum. We're Christian bit that was my Ole hole in 1985. And out but the Oakland invaders and it's truly a baseball stadium. The Oakland days you know still in doubt that they needed new people feel with. I remember 'cause who playing in the spring and this summer that he still had the dirt kind of like when the Braves in the bout was played in in Fulton county stadium. We still had the third light and feel and boy have nobody Iraq's where you land on Maggie B. It pickets Dole's idea he noble but but that's our was you know playing in the Oakland coliseum. It has to be sports specific. You know be blamed baseball make ideal baseball stadium I played football make a football Stevens that trying to play both sports. The same venue. And Edward Jones dome was one of my least favorite athlete at the rank from thirty to one they would commit I think that you Leo dot co coliseum at 32. The start that aired during that time and they were Jones don't. It out all the time I oh win and that stadium in that playing. Was elect's team. Do without as well we have what they had what they gain and they play the keys there. It's chiefs in the back of house Nardelli never average gambler jump over the fight wasn't a poorly lit. Yes I mean and mean it just looked like a whole hum. You know type but I think they had the big twelve championship game today chart avenue at neutral site. We'll wrap it up next here on sports talk on W a lot live from saint camp. Day three tomorrow seats making up your last chance to see them until they get the feel for training camp but he ended July. First come first serve 11120. Roughly they got your fresh thoughts about here. C'mon check out the saints in the last day of many indicate again a body of their Kristian garic your winding it down on sports talk. And body tomorrow what are you looking for conclude campus we're gonna focus tomorrow on sports thought would give you report on on on media on the rookie draft picks. How they did throughout routier's who stood out in throughout frees many get what you affordable well. Well. Since that we now witness. How many practice will be six tomorrow fix social five. When I like to see against selflessly. Because played the position is the quarterback to be more accurate and I just felt like Drew Brees maybe across the board. That being. Tom savage over. In the case of a hill or JP bury whatever just you know. Going into where we UBS seven week low until we go to training camp just. For them. In an a good note as far as a positive note where they've been. In a more accurate with the football. Because. America first the OT we got to witness Alina although TDs that the quarterbacks where Akron. While that does not indicate the last four practices. And Drew Brees go and attack and we know he's going to be actually we need as other guys also lose the rise and. Will be out here tomorrow team coverage here seats radio more but Automask patrol thanks for your efforts. Also want to thank Stephen Gallup problems put together. Today's program back tomorrow at 4 o'clock right here on sports talk would be three. In the books of the great tennis that right so listen no no blood the legal age and all that good night people rude at.