Cam Jordan: Saints definitely up for rivalry week at Atlanta

Saints Football
Tuesday, December 5th

Defensive end Cam Jordan joins Kristian for the Saints Players Show live from Hooters in Metairie.


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Yes indeed patriarchs the players show live at hooters on bets in Metairie welcoming Kristian garic in for the big chief Deke Bellavia the saint at 93 taking on. The dirty bird seven a five Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night our guest. This hour. It's a good one. And Jordan seat that's been camp argument. Let's see here. Appreciate you had me on in your state blunt here now we've done this a few years. That for a week. You know and you for seven appreciate it and it's. Nice crowd on hand. Who that is of course of course you diluted basis from. As we see 93. I don't know who would send me. I hear you really could lose these days lately it. Quite the interview quite the fund guy you I'll excited today. Not that I had Phillip for the public yet with Cantu of course. It to a bullet was obviously the better players that play the National Football League also. A great person now that's funny you were utterly reliant on it so. Say the FaceBook. Is your vote. Now that's on our commitment for this clear capability area school school is still the phone actually sultan. It the case is well. You're fashion ai is not even if technically you today though they. If that did that go that its okay. It the company a compliment you on your tire I wish you toward the silver surfers yes on you know myself like Jack alone. Yeah luckily that's the in the car. You know chaos came through and through the years substantive like selectively man instead of rating and knew I was expecting that the other day I got here. I'm glad I got to extra you know I'm an actor not bad though week pull that out to see that I got sick. The scheme and a couple days ago that means we've seen so now it's week obviously the fans feel that the players. He went through the it is. This has been in Italy leading the lineup it. I just now that's in is looking to what is beneath it though the fans feel. Now it's. The players of course of course you talk about that ongoing bribery. Matches. If I look. Beaten Carolina has misses me a delicacy ecumenical and you have to remember it in the day. The falcons are even if anything is right I mean we have in this you you know we have twice in the next four weeks. No matter what we know each game could be more than just about yeah we lose game. I think it's over. A booster because we have such young people understand that department. For me you know cities in actually the thirteenth time we felt. I want nothing more than to you know to drag that right to the ground so I got my work it out for this. Well it's it's. That him do that right. 866. That two of the woodlands and he's not not succeed he thinks it's roughly eight I'm not sure quarterback in that. Like tackle offensive line yet he gave him as a candidate for it right right right you don't have to you know after a bit about rap types OK official. You've been to the young guys that's aliens rivalry. We've been with them and that's for you. They don't there's no more added pressure to the you know for them it would go out there play their best ball that's the Panthers within two to do. We talk about you know. You know I know the left apple in you know play the right tackle for Q4 years so. Anytime you face somebody is always going to be at natural like I want the best you know with this next game for the next year of his game for. Bragging rights he said. And that's that we that is yet especially from you know they. How's hockey during the break him and asset oh here we got here. I'm not a fan of the third tonight just in general I think it if you look across the board by and large. They can be a little bit ragged because you guys haven't had enough opportunity. Not to recover and in particular two days to that these these emotional needs to be great job. Trying to that you guys rest and recovery are recover pretty quickly put do you like the things like if you like Ouattara in particular but it's at a divisional rival. Yeah I mean. I can sit there the year you know depending on how you life and let me guys choose less this year I feel great. I'm over being sore. Hopefully by now. You know there was some residual soreness yesterday the you know besides besides today still sort of size stretch which tracks going on. I'm doing pretty good. In terms of you know had that we stick in the two week war there is in a game yes you know abiding did you know him so much better nation recover but it. That we would this now. Fourteen technically. We thirteen for a fourteen to. Nine weeks after about two weeks after the types. This is the perfect time for workers and again you know if there's sarcasm dripping. No now. All right we're I know we say you over peace or like your over like you're tired appease or earlier you'll get sore at this point I felt. Brand new today that things. In new relative to exit. So hit weeks where it is. I granted leave. Hey analyses of that they can't Jordan here on player shall live it would have gone back to battery to the conversation title fortunes so. When it simply technique seventy eights and it's a radio on the view of well. And I let him Jordan here at the players showed on that matter the incident. Treatment for Thursday night against Atlanta Falcons live on FaceBook as well as answer questions. What's the outlook. You know I don't know it felt well crafted I comics action it is because that's what it from. You know. But honestly I got last week of sex I in the game to him please. I think these notes apples to act mean and he cannot retreat at all one who did you still working that out cupcakes in the neck. What did you that this week you know as long as he is known about this win I don't have a set number. You know my number for the year was like hey I only see like him. You know that's my best season yet so twelve and half so I can get to would have beats. You know we can we can build from there that those levels right right let's. Then I'll be on to the next. Hey what's. Well this triple W which I think that's the opposite of some visas you know after the win ugly you know to what you don't ultimately. I'm liking them speak with the loose at the moment about it later round. And now. Apparently thought the book of now that they triple doubles so. So actually acts CO fails past reflections. That would change that Netflix has passed its 100888. Extra. You know I've never focus area. You know McCree guys that. Clinton that that is some privacy case it features nobody in the NFL has. Others take it like that or snacks it passes broken up. That's the combined. Would be guided. But he figured JJ your did you want there who. Still it's still makes it's still it's still his two year Torre. You know at some point. We got a break out of its shell with him that it still makes via a little office files Reid's approval voting to fund your heat. The incidents that that two weeks ago that a badly last week and so have they updated I don't know I've how many you got to get out you you telephone. Out of there all the very day they're Smart phone right. It to go ahead it's become the suitability to the probable you don't Twitter. Snapped. If the ground well we're not that he should not be clinical end I mean that's not in others that when I'd like to say hey I had to turn the total debt and you know. Dubai could hit the symbol that's what I like that out making that if you. Very very happy there Jimmy Greta you're on with saint visited campus tour. Any in Miami creation can man deftly deserving of the Pro Bowl finally. I give a lot of credit for you know and we man. A man who goes out and median. A friend in my we've that you won't comment via pelican game. And you know the only night everybody in the annually rep in the Pallet if you have thought that the other night you were out there. Court I represented the brown on the blue. And but again I really hope he gets the pro bull my question for units it bit them openly and you know you're you knew what seven years there. And you get these young guys like Mohammed the sixth rounder from Miami we thought it lead the pre bees and for the faint enough back. We haven't seen much of in the regular season but look at it probably looking at Hendrick in it the plane's on an even pick younger and you. You know how are things looking for their future with these guys in no Okafor is gone down and you could be yet that the team. But you know you're kind of like elders statement in your have a great year but what's your take on the very young guys in the future. Wit them in the future that the president here in New Orleans. Yeah I mean obviously we're we're only looking to improve at this point we talk about the likes of tray is now could be. It even bring an Inky. You know as the guy who in my mind I'm entering my prime at 28 for the next you know 034 years I'll be in the highest point of my level and then. You 32 so where you know the political attack Khalil split after the delay it's it might be there. In that category of so I'm looking at you know. I'm looking to us in my mind and level playing ability for the next seven years but that's just me. When you talk about. The abilities of our young guys I'm just obviously try to be a great example out of work on and off the field. We talk about you know straight coming in and learning its fast did it and when he did these committees as he will be soon. You know I think that I can help with whether that pastor I assure you just talk about how to play a block. He's this budget is one enemy takes it in any he makes it is though so we talked about. The young guys thanks uttering seen. It young David motto on reminding you talk about time that they've seen you know those guys were you to a three. They sort of fill out you know with a filling out what their role is and how they're growing it's such a rapid pace it's almost like. I was on the debate whether this is proud watching him play but I really am I mean my hey bro like you know. On the take this lead which you know you guys. He eskimos in the coming on strong I mean you know next year. For the following years who's gonna continue to get better. You know I like the city. I'd like to look back a year or two from now say hey. You know with the best people to line out you can tell you don't win this transpires when it happened how much leadership wise you learned from from Will Smith. I mean yeah when I came in we will submit Jonathan Vilma. Malcolm Jenkins Roman Harper. Jabari Greer when I came in it was leaders everywhere it was bets that you know it has proven themselves on every level. We talk about Wilson has McCain mean you know use in house team guy and he wrecked so hard yet. It hurts that I have to be countless. But you know we talk about. Him being that that veteran leaders he uses that greedy defensively and it's you know you can image he played running plays than us. He probably more under appreciated. We need to beat him he was player. It is you know be so it sets the tone coming Rickie you have of that. We have a guy they say hey. You know he's proven probable guys who will guide this is what I aspired to be life. It's. We give you a lot to build something that you have to go through it. Sent QB QB the moment but. But treatment but. Giving to be top dog might like much. It's. He is. Now. You know. Yeah I'd try it without being Father's Day. Day yeah. Angela. We've got a great job now right after the quarterback. He has that. But now the job after Freeman Coleman. They've got a strong receiving corps that I'm looking forward to. Are the people. Out there in the team. You just waited we appreciate. It. Like the statement. Something for if it would it would it make you look there's been. Oh with them. No doubt who dat. Think that Cameron to a QB you'd be out next as well here and it might stick around. Hole. Made. It yet it eyes what's the.