Cam Jordan fires back at Trump on NFL protests

Newell Normand
Friday, August 10th
Newell talks to WWL listeners about the latest round of Twitter tantrums set off after NFL players continued their protests last night

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We're back we will continue this conversation will go straight back and talk bonds is go to line two might can met tree as I promised Mike you can finish report. I appreciate that effort Chicago. Well you know it's well insane to think part of the port Jamaican that. The public perception people who are upset but this isn't based on. That's happening at work it's it's it's it's that being disrespectful to the flag industry and that's what gets people riled up. To the point where becomes this huge issue. My point is it's also what bothers me use this same people who claim to be about where happening and how it's disrespectful. The people I've personally seen on law. On my FaceBook page. I'm not from here originally been your thirteen years a lot of friends each year that a conservative and why didn't. In a from the now. All tend to be on the side of the NFL and can you say that. He's the player's perspective like but at the same time these people who clean it out about these. Now one of them posted anything since it's almost an abortion shots they'll. They not one of them posted out this respect for the work to you or shall I guarantee into orbit pitcher mark forward. Dead on Monday none of these same people that that are. Oh upset with the players will not post one thing about. They are. While watching these guys walk around Washington square orange but when they have to be on the weekend. With American flags. With Nazi. Income. You know from the outside the lights okay with them saying. With Kiki tortured Jews and replace and all they're marching in puppetry that doesn't body. But kneeling or in shock. That. Apart. I think it's you know for me. Will quickly know Obama may think wardens think about it maybe why tend to just seen the NFL players a little bit more is not on the court. I was raised Jewish apartments that I'm not religious might my child goes to look at the scored B rate cap. But to honor magician of my heritage has some tattoos people including and they got it. Might just to cover up one point you know that do need to get on the collars. You ethic everybody's got to make it deeper dive in to all of these respective issues is that there are a lot. A whole lot of different things school all in fact. It doesn't anger me the manner in which their protest in they have the right to do whatever they will I. I don't like it necessarily but I'm not one it Dick gets all up and at the other. Over and in as it relates to this issue and you're not talking to me you're just talking in general. I have said from day one it's the forum that they choose if they wanna go outside in and played the National Anthem and Neil. While playing the National Anthem on a neutral ground that's their right. They can do that. It doesn't matter. But this is production this is a show were ticket holders and stop go there not to seat. The show folks. Carry their call us. That's not their purpose. At that point in time. Now I know that for many of them they have difficulty understanding. The role that they play. But as like I say about myself. I am the senator of no universe. And I think the sooner that everybody recognizes. And realizes that is that you just don't get to say what you want while at work cleaning. Grow again I don't disagreed on point and try to make use of white people would get upset. Is necessarily. The what in the layer. Like what if you're telling me that we're not looked at that that the debt we're eliminate hypocrisy free world where we are all smoking crack. Okay that's not the case so when I bring up the statistics a caddy and everybody gets all up and at the other about the statistics. You know Alicia set the record straight in 28 team has been 626. Police shootings. They've been 241 whites killed that make up 38% of of the killings. Whites represent 62%. Of the population. They've been a 114. Blacks killed. They make up 13% of the population. They make up 18% of the killings. They've been 83. Hispanics killed. They make up. That's 13% of the killings they make up 16% of the population and earnest when he other in a 168. Mixed race so they can't determine. It definitively. What the races and of the 62633. On armed people. And of which. That the numbers break out pretty much the same way statistically. So when we're talking about the underlying issue that's here where I disagree. Is that when we're talking about social injustice I wanna go to the data. Now when you look at police contacts. In America and up and police and an arrest. Of all arrests in 2016 which is the most recent data that that lies. There were 8400000. Plus arrest in this country. 69%. Of those were white they make up 62% of the population. 27%. Were black they make up 13% of the population. And 18%. Or panic or Latino they make up 16% of the population. Those numbers get worse when you start looking at violent crime. And when you look at violent crime in this in this country. 59%. Is committed while whites 3% less then. Than their percentage of the population 37 and a half percent. Black. The only reason I bring that up is that police contacts. Heightened the possibility. Of bad things happening. And we know it's not that we have an over incarceration problem in this country. We have an over offender problem in this country. Is 99% of what police do or reactive not proactive. In the facts are is that these are the FBI statistics. They are what they York. If you engage with the police more often than not the likelihood of something bad happening. Goes up statistically. I don't know how anybody can argue with that. And out essential court and they get ago what I don't dispute that beset by. To get to legitimate conversation like he's been an understanding it for past the hypocrisy that talk about some issues. You have to keep things on the other or that you don't reason I've curse under age if you combine old the crap. That my grandparents went through his Jewish Americans coming here and stuff like that that would themselves in Jewish and it be. So even on the religious eye on this Spain and how being somebody different. How I probably CU and societies and maybe that's why my. I saw it happen I saw what happened to my mother as an act as a Hispanic I saw what happened to my dad has a French speaking cajun. That I had people that look he did speak English to the fourth grade. I like you know and I and I I listened to the stories that he told you know many many times of about their plight as well. Laps and I saw my mother's plight. We need to you know or or distort what felt my whole life and that's one of the reasons why I'm that that's certainly proud of of the religion could not match. I'm proud of what they had to go through to get to where they ended up to to put me in the position of payment like that that's what I'm proud of that thing. They had to go to do it worked tactic when it works council have. But what is I have some empathy for other people in this situation. We shall we all should have amply apathy in those and those who have suffered their plight. Put on the basis of race. Don't deserve it and there should be no. Place in this country. That we allow it to a car. Plain and simple. But that doesn't mean that we can't fault line on a different side as it relates to this issue and we were jumping in calling people racist. Because they have. A different view or perspective on the matter rep respect everybody's opinion we all have a we'll bring our our bias. And for those of you out there that don't think that everybody's got to prejudice I think you're sadly mistaken. And I think to get to the point did you talking about. We have to look to have to find a way to to understand how it is the walk and somebody else's shoes in the corner trying to make a lot of these people. On the NFL's. That. Don't seem to have any empathy for what it's like to walking in. What their protest and a walk in the issues of other people so. That's the issue upon trying to make about a proxies you can complain about one should upset you but you can't complain about not wash in Norton. Edit I get it again that we pick it we pick and choose you know what we wanna get upset about it and don't always square up with wanna know right you know we need we. Question Mike gotta get nervous I gotta get to the next collar appreciate. Your year perspective and appreciate your time let's go to Tom uptown would say you Tom online through. Well I understand a lot of the a lot of anger in the earlier callers. But but I think you're right. The bottom line is that this was just you know regular Joseph like me in a union that might have been fired along time ago but the the players are very very powerful union there is extremely powerful don't think people understand just how powerful and I don't think the NFL wants anything of those game that they played in the early eighties when they didn't have the players. Well the one when coach speak with a scaled the layer or whatever when he played quarterback on one of those fees. So wreck goes back to the early eighties I think I think the owners are just really afraid of really addressing. And I kind of I understand it because the players that the reason for the union full millionaires. The food the other categories. Well but I mean the NFL they you know they they get the benefit of not having any trusts. Provisions that they have to deal with so you know the CBA ends up being urged stronger the collective bargaining agreement because of that. And it's a balance of interest and again and I'm not one that's going to. To knock the union. I think at some point Tom they have to have a real conversation because if you have fifty prime players walk on the field gearing. The National Anthem who wanna stand up to a 53 different causes and wanna do it in a different fashion. Is everybody telling me that they have the right to do that. Right in the end but aren't you tired of talking about this I mean it's for the final. You know I'm angry I'm angry that the NFL and the players having gotten in Rome and haven't taken this serious enough and hammered this out. So that we don't ever ever have to talk about this again. Well the thing that I found industry last night I had the radio turned on to WWL. And hurt National Anthem but when you watch on TV their cram it with commercial. It's not important it really is not important truth to the the general audience that's watching this stuff on television. Finally can we can't make any money but plan the National Anthem and shown integrity right right. So I mean there's a little there there is enough hypocrisy to go around everybody. Correct. Like those you know a lot of the angle popping up and all that I'd get that but my gosh you know this is one of the players that all that power. You know faith. You know. The owners are gonna just. Are just kind of gonna happen like so are we gonna do you do with this we can't we can't make him too angry we can't do whatever. I'd like to lock them all up and Roman in and they can't get out there isn't until they resolve this quote I'd. Then and maybe throw a candy bar and there once every six or seven hours purchase so they're not angry. Already you too Tom uptown we'll be all right back after the break stay with this will go back to the talk lines this is new rule endeavored audio. We're gonna go to line four ranil in the West Bank would say you running. It. Welcome shortly. Here so. Omar you change your only you know. You know Mario one of these air I'm. I read the league. In the when you are. China. Is now in. Two. I agree with. Our group. The united there. There. Cool. Oh. Yeah other social cause of their political expression right. Are still very even if it's well we're a random Tuesday fault you got. To. Reports that the somewhere. All about being here about how hard the VOR I'll probably lucky to be an efficiently or are reminding. Yup and her army says that. Look I have the utmost respect for premiere or you're. Oh yes oh yes our absolutely yes or. I will say that's where aperture do. We're. Basically just say that you became what would be statistics or not I'm I'm trying to figure out which try to prove pretty well. I did I came out what the statistics because of previous caller said you don't bring them out. So I'd like I pulled the daughter and I brought about. Orchestrator jewelry and an expert in in all the shooting is now the necklace here's. Oh here but what are you. Inaudible what are you being here. No. Sure. I'm not. That's exactly what I said if it's in benefits if it's a bad shoot. It doesn't matter what race the victim is. It should bear investigated. And if they've handled appropriately the officer should be arrested and convicted. Girls who are either record third you know some more on some more aren't on your rights be. Record. Yeah you miss and Ronnie you misunderstanding. I'm going back to what Colin Capp and access. Colin Capp and excess. That we're putting people on administrative. Leave for killing on arm black man. And what I said from day one what are said that. I understand. But most of the police offices in this country are represented by unions if I remember this statistics correctly. They have. Bargaining rights and a policeman's. Biller writes. It in knows bill writes they're put on administrative leave. Because they are innocent until proven guilty and the utility of what they do by being a law enforcement officer is. That there is a higher likelihood of because they're acting in their official capacity. That the killing could have been a justifiable. Homicide. And understanding the balance of interest because of the utility of what they do is why the process is the way it is. And I slipped from day one what Colin cannot predict is asking for. He will never again. Because it'll be unconstitutional. And then therefore he will never stand for the National Anthem ever. Oh thank you Eric in Arctic where you can and that's what set those spoken words almost birthday at. On what strong and we've we've reportedly trying to do street I think you try to can get anything done except for arbitration. I get. I think trying to get a competition started that not being here for you political Olympic competition good field here being. And I think that note that though I'm fine go. And I think if. Or me for me they have failed just as you said you have changed your mind in the manner of the forum in which they've chosen to do so. And I can tell you police leaders that I know around this country. They and myself included. Would have been honored to sit down with with members of the NFL PA and talk about these issues frankly. Openly honestly. With a high level of transparency. Would have been a rebel. It is a lot of the united their glory and all the trees are are really elect or appear to. Like oh we're on another and another in an admirable. People you're. And would no doubt running out there are apple will no doubt. Hypocrisy everywhere I I get it I understand that thanks so much for calling got to get to break stay with this we'll be right back. We're back here we'll continue this conversation. Let me say I was very proud of the players last night a thought they played a great game lot of energy. Another coach and coaches and always happy he's probably almost. Never completely happy and that's a good thing you always want to improve always want to look at yourself in America critically funnel where you weaknesses are and improve upon those but I thought they did a great job and congratulations to Zack Strief as well for the job that he did. Very proud of him very proud of the the players last night and it's like yeah I just enjoyed watching a lot of the young players. Excel make some great. Plays and many realizes it was really the first time that they were you know fallout in pads tackling and haven't done that through. The to the pre season practices they did engage in in the the the full pad work outs and things of that nature trying to make sure that they didn't have any injuries. Let's go back to the talk line let's go to Glen on line five and Greg know what say you Glenn. Yeah I'm arm of the I'm aware of it and again disagree with you they do not. The right to me you mentioning him in that what my question is. Where in the where it counts in the constitution does that stage yet. It can news. While there implored witnesses say that away educating. It did rule holes where you think that they cannot do it. The police. The point the point is line is if your boss does not worn she needed to it you don't have a right to do it you can you can suffer the sanctions of whatever they may be dismissal termination. Placed on probation and whatever the employer wants to do you're not protected by the First Amendment from your employer. If you go to war in a play the National Anthem at work every morning in a warehouse and in and you may be a forklift operator and you say you know what. I'm not standard for the National Anthem I'm walking outside to go smoke a cigarette and and your employer says none now. The rule here as we're gonna stand we're gonna play the National Anthem every morning. Or indeterminate he can terminate you. If we're not willing to do that. You'll they're not protect your not protected by law. From. Law that's the point there is a lot of protect the employee can be in terminated. Allow it can be terminated and public figure out there. You give me is that justification. About. Occasion. That it can and to you that amendment right to being human give me. They can they can but they would be they can be terminated. They're not tactic that is not protected. Does not protect. In fact into. If you market in your employer doesn't like the color socks you Wear every day let's say you Wear orange socks every day he can terminate cheek and a. About adequate amendment right. Where is the right. You don't have a first you have a First Amendment right against government intrusion. A private employer is not the government. Where did you. Get that that's the US constitution and it's against the government intrusion. I disagree with you on it. Well on the and I can get any any number of constitutional lawyers in here at the you can watch any national news station that night. And you can hear it ad nauseam I note tonight you'll definitely hear it after some of the the comments that the players have the right to say. Kim and the camera and said what he said. President trump is Edward he said I don't I don't harbor any resentment that cam Jordan Collin out the president. The president called them he called out the president have that. You know I mean he's got a right to do that it did it on his own time. He he you know he did that he's got a right to do that it does not that the owners can do to him. But the facts are at the beginning of the game you're at work. And when your network. You don't get to do whatever you want when you want I do want and think that you have some great constitutional protection. Up its own site about in documentation. Almost picking up at the opposite of the constitution. What would be. Made that bet that would widget thing if that means any of that bout with a couple of them. So are you telling me you can go to do you think you can go to work and you can you can go up to your boss and say you know you're no good rotten racist. Not see idiot and and you all thinking he cannot fire you for that. We re going. And I'll knuckle and it that your free speech you have free speech. There's nothing different. You'll. All of its back to. A look at it and and factual based on who how do you prove it that's factual. With me but that would be the person who. Well Glenn I would tell you would just agree to disagree as a lorry I can promise you I'm probably closer to right and then there and you are on that it ushered thanks so much for college and we appreciate it. Got to get to a break if you're on a whole stay on hold we'll be right back after the break this is no rule on WWL. There seems to be a lot of confusion. Going on around here. And the facts are is that yeah they have the right to do that but they're not protected in that right. As it relates to the private implored the private employer can impose sanctions. Against that individual offense against the company policy or wherever it may be. And that's why we're at the impasse that we are now between the NFL PA in the NFL the NFL proposed. A rules that they were organic. In force and the NFL PA says they don't agree with that because they wanted to make it clear that if you kneeled. Deer in the National Anthem there was going to be. Potential sanctions and number of owners said that there were going to be four game suspensions they were going to be this there were gonna be that. Other owners not a problem they didn't have a problem with that they weren't gonna get in into the issue. And and you know the NFL's trying to deal with this at a global perspective and and some of the NFL owners wanna handle on an individual basis on a team by team basis and there in. Lies. The rub. Total 11 Joseph and Orleans east would say you Joseph. You admit that moment knob. Don't like it wanted to do so. Much president. Yeah. You know. Well Joseph I think we can I think we can be a little bit more respectful men and Nolan Nolan had any do you know we haven't. Yeah. We know we want to. Did it because. You know you set to meet your Jack you said to me. You said to be your blank president and I joke we'll talk to you later she'll let go by. Line to Mike in mid city what say you like. The our. All of what you do for a while now we're on a bed. You know you know all. Debt. All you know are there parties. Are due apologies I mean on the job. Ortiz got on it out all right and you know you're about. Well see and all of the people that call I don't know I guarantee you they had business it is inequalities. That was targeted by. And its own initial when he was about them. And it will not do it this couple blocks from there will file absolutely you know there are coming in and and resolve all caught him. It now. You know. On the yeah. They they could do cartwheels deer and a National Anthem if they want to outside of the stadium it doesn't that they have the right to do that a mop board has been since day one. This is not your show you or your player you are an actor in the show any it's not your show it's not your production. Right back to a state. And you know it. Perhaps fault they are all the daughter in law yours. Okay you're all right you're rooting them by. This court. On the edge of the same political you bet somebody. That you. So you know. You know people are coming out. They've come and a dispute incumbency football. Now our so called all of gold and also true emotions. You know in Ottawa. And it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that they. That they may not have a point and they may not doing real. Well I mean. And it doesn't mean they were taken a position as to relate as it relates to what. They're trying to do social cause there's they're kneeling for. And the I'm. Aaron and applaud a bit of thought on all you call them. They thought employed. You're due out this all happened you know. Right right thanks so much for Colin appreciate it got to get to some of these other calls is good line three Larry and Ferraro what say you learned. Yeah and program so thank you do recruit he's this stuff should be police wanted to play. Because other people who cared to know that we own job but incident the key to all all Japanese. Edwards aren't because of them could teach. Me. You just set it right there they walked off the job and they do have protections because they belong to a union. So they bargained for certain rights to be able to do certain things relative to job action. Which is what one of the points is now between the NF LPI in the NFL. But the facts the facts are is that it doesn't mean. That 6000 teachers in it teachers. It in an education system and can it stand up Purdue whatever they want for any social cause while teaching children. There has the right to do that. He. And they went off the job. I'm not. Sure what it was shipped console. Right so and so they exercise. They exercise their rights outside of the campus of the school they walk off the job they were working right. Is that the government say we ship. It pick can you do you know we'll pay. So. When he is what he'll. According to one. And when ignore. The pain in no way. Of saying what they'd like in the in the. But it doesn't go so things are way different Larry you don't justify one by the other those that they have the right procedurally to do that. In a hole has that kind. That's what it in the hate it think it ever Lowell singled out but it. Mean there aren't. Well that's another that's another topic for another day as to whether or not that ought to occur. On that issue Larry thanks so much for calling in got to get to a break to fuel an old stale and old come back to the callers when we return. This is a tool and evidently. We're back and we'll go to line five Larry analogy here is what say you Larry. Yeah thank you all. I wanted to look at this quote got to put another perspective there. Ku she as to why would there have been the question and a problem all race. And 28 scene. Our. W in Spain PP. Boy role wave record and appear on that the problem that tournament center will be the problem that column. If you look at race relations. Over the net that the sixty years that always gonna push back and a back. And that as well with these discussions on race today after every major civil rights. Achievement. That was all the backlash. When affirmative action came alone to try to correct. 300 years of discrimination. What I again say that Rupert discrimination that was about marriage. Without these feel. All neighborhoods again to be desegregated where. The next move band when Supreme Court decision brown or or education. The black churches and community does begin to put up these prep academy. And so what we've expert now in the bag match from a year. In medical. You know on the way now and it would just too much for people take an update discussed this discussion on goal an extra year unless we have a change. I hope you're wrong. I you know I for one I have no animus because of president Barack Obama's administration. On some of the stuff he did I agree with. A lot of what he did I didn't necessarily agree with that. But we come from two different philosophical bent to doesn't mean mine's right uses his wrong or his his reiter among central. Yeah I get your point I agree with you I and it's a shame I wish we can get beyond. All of this because we re look at policies that are implemented. And we try to find. Some ethnic or racial animus. As of and and there's so. Patently neutral on their face but no one is satisfied with that we've got to make a political issue. Out of everything that we do and I think in in many respects and I don't know Larry I'd love to know what you think I think it goes back to the party. The Democrats and Republicans. What if you you know DiMicco grateful because look at what. Happened to President Obama during his eight years the administration. You know the protest demonstrations Symbian painted up that joke. The birth of movement and the Republican pot it was urgent it. Yeah yeah we can't be that every idea that ever came out of his mouth is a bad idea because he's a Democrat. And I don't and that's that's where I get and I'm agreeing with Larry that's where I get crosswise with all of these folks because. They're Smart people on both sides of the you know and if rich spend more time trying to to figure on our similarities as opposed to our dis similarities. I think this country would be a better place to live every day Larry I'm. Got to got to move on I apologize. Scoot joins me in the studio thank you Larry for your insight appreciate your call. Screwed what do you have coming up next on discover. Home a few minutes ago from my eighty start last on the quarter and I can tell him look like I thought. Applause I think it's every day. It's free for all Friday you know we're gonna talk about we started before you ought it talk about some of the touches topics of the week in. Also gonna add in the topic about their came Jordan's comments about the president and if the protests and you know comment I made a couple of weeks ago was that's if you take away. The kneeling the players are gonna find another way to protests oh sure and maybe it's best to. An admit that the there's going to be a way to protest if you're at a protest. Also will one have a conversation with the young guy who could Trace Michael Jackson on stage giant tonight and tomorrow night MJ lighted this anger this is a phenomenal show. Bjorn and reelect I don't realize it was intent and I heard about a Panetta realizes that it is it is here. And big Michael Jackson's we will be talking about his time we'll be talking about you know and an. It's so sad when you when you go back in and I'm picking up some music plays we anticipate talking about this. The guy wishes so unbelievably talented at. They just it's so sad I don't know if there was anybody even close a movie analogy might dancing performance. His music his creativity was unbelievable. And we'll talk about the red dress front and I tried on three dressed as we're gonna with the artists decide their wish recession I didn't know when and where it is I wanna get them to get the video camera. Right. Boy it's gonna be unfaithful wives it scoots up next I'm sure it's going to be a very interesting free for all Friday so stay with this time for that. 1000 Alec has contests in the inner calm national cash contest the code word this hour is. Theater. THE eight TER. THE a TER 27 to anyone at seven to anyone. Tex now and you could win a thousand dollars cash listen for the next code word just before the top of the hour every hour through 6 PM. Thousand dollars is up for grabs good luck from all of us at WWL we never charged with tax. But individual plan text and data rates to applying please don't Texan drive. You all have a great weekend really appreciated it.