Caller Rod: talks arming teacher

Monday, March 12th

A caller, a former officer, and teacher talk about arming teachers.


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Right here on WWL thanks for hanging on drug. It all. School teacher all of that all at all so all of it or. Are so there. Form a problem with them armed teachers. Or shouldn't adored and all this orange and and more arsonists. All of although are talking about you know. Stress and all we can just don't care it's going all all the time and no we just a bunch or literature or you know and it's important. So from your standpoint is former law enforcement now and a teacher and the right teacher which are gone. Wouldn't hurt I mean it arming teachers is not gonna solve the problem. What is more person to own children. And somebody. But it would all you have to do the right teacher and the right has the right training obviously. Or yeah I mean a long and hope for. No more questions a lot of me it was. An. You know. And on in the air. And oh yeah. That's yeah and all and on. Or. Along. Yeah he sure did I get home I mean. It would have been more of them and stop or four. Haven't gone up. Well you in the same way that if you had if you had armed police officers or school equivalent of an air Marshal in in in schools. If you if you if you had this on a regular basis this might. I help make the schools safer again there's there's no guarantee and they did to the idea of just army teachers in general is his new sought to answer but maybe the right teacher armed. I wouldn't. Would help matters now brought right by appreciate the call.