Caller: Michael says we can't bomb Korea

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, August 31st
Tommy talks to Michael who was stationed in South Korea about what the possibility of bombing N. Korea would mean. 

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Michael in Biloxi high here and other WL morning. The morning and army you look where I'm good I'm ranked the local. The North Korea and AM. You know get into a race there and the people here computer talk and his need to borrow moment. Michael waiting on you sound like you might have been stationed in South Korea or something or I know it so tell me if need be or when a Korean expert if you cannon and explain all this to us. Their ground forces are definitely an outnumber our ground forces. So they would they would sweep through South Korean heartbeat you sane and got into a war went through what they would we roof because what would happen it. There are not explain it would be able to re supply themselves. So they don't have the resupply. Capability that we do it's course vehicles. And acquit itself reinforcements or whatever and that's kind yelling yeah exactly exactly now of course we get your superiority reader enables Riordan but. What should do something like that. The economic. Disaster that was in a court these humanitarian disaster the economic pit themselves re talking about exactly exactly because it happened and works with people over there XP it's been much like what instrument wall came down. The court after the west Germany with unemployment was packed their things and things like that so. I mean if there's anything else can be done that the U leaders they're there they're very resort that patrolling and crew yet especially. And it Peter article was later in the wizards aren't currently there Corey you that'd be a killer because the mountainous ranges and the temperature changes and that should. They need you need only go back to the fifties C it's so real quick Michael you would say talked and talked and talked and talked some more. We're not yet you wouldn't it broke quick cut taxes you think you pay too many taxes too much taxes too little taxes are just the right amount. That we need to pay a little bit more taxes I think we need to do our part as. And it does society need be or partisan side you get open crate that we get people in there that's that would do the right thing whether money. You know rather how many and my how much you pay in taxes. Not so CIA I don't eat there because I get my company does mine in. I never really look as it is what it is.