Caller Mercedes: Archbishop Hanan Saints prayer

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, January 12th

Mercedes called to read Archbishop Hannan's Saints prayer written in 1968.

God, we ask your blessing upon all who participate in this event, and all who have supported our Saints.

Our heavenly father, who has instructed us that the "saints by faith conquered kingdoms . . . and overcame lions," grant our Saints an increase of faith and strength so that they will not only overcome the Lions, but also the Bears, the Rams, the Giants, and even those awesome people in Green Bay.

May they continue to tame the Redskins and fetter the Falcons as well as the Eagles.

Give to our owners and coaches the continued ability to be as wise as serpents and simple as doves, so that no good talent will dodge our draft.

Grant to our fans perseverance in their devotion and unlimited lung power, tempered with a sense of charity to all, including the referees.

May our beloved "Bedlam Bowl" be a source of good fellowship, and may the "Saints Come Marching In" be a victory march for all, now and in eternity.


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