Caller gives us the warning signs to avoid angry squirrels

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, September 13th

Tommy talks with Riley, a squirrel expert, about a recent spate of squirrel attacks and the warning sound they give.


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Oral accidentally fall from the net and lands on the ground the model comes down and give the baby. And then if there's a person around or dog around she's gonna go ahead and go. And try to worn down and if you don't listen to the warning. This is gonna try to attack. Adelaide I think is an important public service for the people that are listening what does that warning selling PM. I. Medical pot here. And also people don't understand it that oral our poll. Bet if there are two males in net. The father squirrel will throw out the weakest of the mail to throw to the ground and hopefully that it will hit the ground and crushed skull and got. Wait years you're CNET from the squirrels perspective we're for Mueller's. Probably nature's perspective and squirrels perspective they've only laugh out one in mail her clutched to survive. Yes that's what you call a pension squirrel with a clutch. So if he would have aid momma squirrel that has two females and two males daddy's girl comes in and its fox. Okay you looking any entirely out of the net is that eerie idol is on the big herbal. As of April now as to what matters the end is that sometimes oral got a wild. Because. There are nature. It is and they've tapped an end and we have office storms. Squirrels get squirrelly because they feel the bare metric pressure. And they get a little bit on edge. On an edit that they are in effect all of nature with a barometric pressure draw. So people understand that morals are actually. A state that does and it nature and let's says no. That you know okay. You know that the weather's changing. Right now we're having babies don't go ahead and mess around Arnett. Said there could be worth they're at and that neighbor a lot of morals having babies and people are messing with down. On you've got trees being maybe people work clean their yards disturbed a bunch of yes. As cities world or just like you know retaliating. By attacking people and I felt sorry for the people. Because they're not educated. That mean that there are those squirrels have to be permitted. Bomb it and they are attacking in Egypt called Bob like people and don't come from the it'll kind of take now and they'll relocate them in the that the somewhere where somebody doesn't ask. So on. Gas prices. I want gas prices on any time that we ever have any type of disaster. 9/11. I literally bought two gas prices when I was on the interstates. Gas prices were cheap within thirty minutes at 9/11 hitting gas prices went favorite. So it doesn't matter whether it's hurricanes. No matter what it is gas prices are going to go. Riley am glad you called coronal bit late but once again you do you seem to know a lot about squirrels. And for people that they don't know the warning sign that a squirrel gives what is it. I think you appreciate dad's.