A Call for Protest...but of what?

Wednesday, September 13th

Kid Rock’s concert goes on despite threats of protest due to his displaying of the Confederate flag and criticism Colin Kaepernick.  Kid Rock has also hinted he will run for the Senate and says fans will know his political views after his first song.  Would you support Kid Rock for president?  Do you enjoy his music despite his political leanings…or would you be in the protest?


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Here it's in the afternoon. There isn't a situation in lake Vista that his son is very disturbing. And it's unfortunate that a couple of squirrels may give all squirrels. A bad name for gonna address that in the next hour of our show. I put a video about tacked on our FaceBook page WB roll radio also life personal FaceBook page scoot on the air you can not check it out there. We're gonna talk about Kid Rock opening up the new sports arena in Detroit last night and there was controversy because a group says he represents. Racism. Here's a tax on what you listen very carefully to this tax and and by the way no Norman Jordan or Saudi or just a few minutes ago because today is go blue no Wednesday. Date to recognize that the work of an OPD but I extended that to mean all law enforcement in India in general. What do you think you'll Norman has seen and been torn his life. As a police officer and former. Sheriff of Jefferson Parish. Near your degree he's seen a lot he's been through a lot. Even Noual Norman commented how vicious detects store that come from some people. Here's a Texas says it was should carefully. He says. I hear that you weren't insinuating that Kid Rock is a racist. Have you touched on as reference to the ESPN reporter. Percent the president drop as a racist or are you scared. Because she is black. First of all I have done nothing to insinuate. That Kid Rock is a racist. What what this tells me and what it tells you. Is that this is the state of America. I'm not saying that when it comes to race the discussions affair because they're not always fair. But you've got somebody sitting here. Listening to the show. Just waiting. For somebody to say something. That they can attack. People are so. Territorial. Erase. They're politically ideology. That here's somebody who is just waiting to jump on somebody who set something on the radio. And you must have too much time in years. Because are not done anything even come close. To insinuating. That Kid Rock is a racist. In fact I think just the opposite and I did a fan of Kid Rock. Before we get to that Libya to a couple of calls that are held over from last hour from the Lower Ninth Ward Brad I appreciate you hang it on your W 20. And exude. No I'll just quote. Being there others and it and it needed to. Yeah. Urge action. They aren't here now and ordered disgust. All of you know rule they're. Going there and changed as I've been out. Well yeah and that's. An and that's what you know social media is a shield too much to protect people on because they're not courageous enough to to really a confront you or two to talk to you face to face. Or even on the phone. The what just so disturbs me Brad is this tendency and it happens all the time you people people who go to my FaceBook page. And they will see a headline. And and not even not even pay attention to the content what I have written with a video that I posted and they pass judgment based on what they think I'm gonna say. And so very very scary state of affairs that we're dealing put. Right or right bullet. Just had a couple comments on meet record quit and com I'm sure. Mr. no Norman. Got out of it and it. On the an hour an insulin in an. Probably have a pretty months ago and how pulled over in New Orleans errors. In the senate and attachment or a ticket that let me. And it true that paperwork. Granted it's. Been. All that I paid it but it bill Orleans officers you know which on up and yet some errors is not only into about eight. You know you'll you'll be a couple of hours needless to say Monday morning and one ended up now. Com good it was it was a mistake to move you know should. Not image. You know in a computer. And Evelyn at my job. One you know so 888. You know AJ really upset when he call. You know and talked to judge in O. College. You know and it was early. You know now held a grudge. You know to. Basically to it at the courthouse. And. The way even eight each street it. Everybody in the air incorrect net in that treaty which G elegant supposed to be. A nice experience understand it. But being treated it like golf. Didn't get and a blanket people that can include at least. You know it was a total this curry and is this for a traffic ticket it was pity. And just. You know I had mentioned them it would all adamant. And I guarantee you Carrie Lee would still be you know now that artists that would be gone on nearly injury there. You know they noted that could capture it and pay cap and armor humble and calm out. I have always sought or. I'm sorry that happened here and I can certainly understand why you feel is or where you feel a certain alarmist or terrorists a few minutes ago. He said you know police are human beings and they they do make mistakes. But sometimes when a police officer makes a mistake it's like when a doctor makes a mistake Korean airline pilot makes a mistake. You know some people can make mistakes and it's easier to get away with making those mistakes and then others and when you talk about your situation it's unfortunate that. Then a mistake led to you being an individual over the weekend. Part of an illusion that. You know and it just you know. Yeah I mean our honorary. You know beat editor which are you doing to him. Yeah and yet another. I'll also comment on armed enemy okay regards at work. All you know. Jail me it would it would be considered. Police or there or. I'm in your opinion I mean I owe it to include job in on an adult there on eight well. They they. I doubt that they would be considered police officers because they would not be in charge show of of if it would have gone through the same don't think he could've gone through the same training if I'm wrong please correct me but they need to they would not be in charge of enforcing the laws. So they would be in charge of enforcing the rules of the jail so I think that would be the big difference. You know executed and it bit of you know it. A lot I'll love them but a bunch column is. You know days Egypt it you know. That they thankful for well. I mean so you know that some do and and you know I can't tell. Brand I gotta tell you they are there are some talk show host and act like that as well. The right I guess that everybody out on people. Brett and I appreciate the call glad you do inventor of your hole stay where this we will get back to more of your comments. Here is Saddam a Texas and is. Scoot I listened to Kid Rock some of some of my best friends are squirrels this is all media propaganda. Well see that's what I'm trying to avoid and I'm trying to avoid this stereotyping of squirrels because of the behavior of a fuel so won't get it to them. You'll hear part of kid rock's concert in Detroit last night and will continue to talk about the controversy. I'm scoot on Demi and you'll. I'd Kid Rock opened up the new sports arena in Detroit last night with a concert and there was controversy because the group the National Action Network. Which is an African American organization. Are criticized Kid Rock as being racist because he has displayed the confederate flag to show his and he also criticized former NFL player Collins can't predict. Now Kid Rock believes that part of the problem is that he has hinted that he may run for the senate seat in his home state of Michigan. He believes that's what's causing. The controversy. Here's part of Kid Rock last night when he opened up to show the Swiss him referring to himself as. President. Rock and and again he may run for the senate seat this was during the opening song last night. Can't run for senate. Has got some folks in disarray in the way he can run. Told you. This I see. President came back from Washington. The destiny you'll love this lack. Stayed. You know I can think of worst people who would be a senators and our big kid rock and and even though you and I wouldn't have a chance to vote for him and in this area because he's from from Michigan. You know you and I are still impacted in our lives by every senator. Mean they're only 100 senators two from every state. And the senators get together and they vote on a lot of stuff that impacts all of us. So regardless of where somebody is a senator from or congressperson as as well. They can still have an impact on your life. Here's a Texas says kid rocks drummer is a black woman here is another Texas says so. Kid Rock has a black child. I'm not sure about that but if he means is you know it's somewhat I I don't think Kid Rock desert is a racist I've been to a couple of his concerts. And I was a Kid Rock fan until I saw in the TS of the king center a couple of years ago. For some massage show blown away and then I've since seen that today as Jazz Fest. And I think he's an unbelievable talent singer songwriter does rock this country. Does wrap it. And disorganization is not happy with him day out they claim that he has some really just benefited. Because of of rap music could kind of rap that he is putting into some of what he. What he does he says son Kid Rock says that they are trying to use the old confederate flag BS its effort to stir the pot. When we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office. If you would like to join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Perry code 5042601. A seventy in a text is a 7870. Opera Hammond doctor Dan welcome to WWL. They duplicate. It is a yeah. I know you enter. Opt for you would on. I think we'd third. You. Can do right. I don't I don't know that lineage now that musical which I don't title I don't know I just I remember your truck coming on the scene and I wasn't a real big fan of his of his music. Until I saw him in concert and then just had to totally due respect for. Right right well I'll have been panacea will it will read them on our you know on the employer. And. All Clinton. You are meant. We would ramble. On of the bears tendency. Did you get any impression that he's a racist. No no not our. Group. Not at all. Doctor Jay and I appreciate your your insight tear up from Gonzales Derek welcome to the show. They grew worried you're gonna. And the water that's what couple. I want to start out. A couple of all of the you know other group. Of in Oregon that all of us I have Ryder Cup indoors and it's not the so if not a woman in my. So it'll. Is there another thing you know about Iraq are being beaten you know. Where he was over there there are. I mean are against you realize they are desperate though. I've made that abuse there were I think Iraq would be great about it all the. Derek appreciate the comment this this organization the National Action Network are criticizing Kid Rock. Claiming that he has displayed confederate flag to show us. And he's criticized former NFL player Collin cavern. Like criticized collar Catholic. I'm not a racist. Hedo and this is. This is where the breakdown happens. Deer are individuals. And there are organizations. There are. Protective. Of the group they represent. Protective to the point. Where. They will defend. Any behavior. The fact that Colin Capp frenetic. Did what he did and we spent a lot of time talking about tennis. Is what's being criticized. Not because he's black. And I think he was raised by white parents. It in my criticism of calling temper neck and his actions it never ever occur to me. That I was criticizing him because he's black and that's what needs to end. This constant. Assumption. That if anybody does anything. If they're criticized or arrested if they're black it's because they're pork. And that's not fair. Because quite often it's about behavior. If you wanna doors of the comet this afternoon on numbers 26 cell. One a seventy. Erica 0504260187. In tech summer's dates every seventh here's a Texas as a Kid Rock seems too Smart to be a racist really Smart people are racist. That's a really really interesting comment. I don't think you have to have a high IQ. To be a Smart person. But people who are Smart. It'll actually. People who are Smart in terms of common sense. Logic. They're less likely to. Here's a pretty general opinion poll is there a difference between displaying a confederate flag at a concert. And displaying a confederate flag on public property. Give us your opinion at WW dot com if you wanna join us with a comment about that here's a number 26 L one. Every coach 504260178. Tech Samper is Jason VA seven. I'm from the south born right here in New Orleans and I guess I could have every excuse to fly the confederate flak. But I don't because I know what it means today. But is there a difference. At a concert and on public property I'm still overcome an academic if you. Hit rock guy has talked about running for the senate he opened up the little Caesars arena the new sports arena in Detroit last night which is so where he's from. So that made sense but there's an organization the National Action Network he was very critical because they cling Kid Rock is a racist. Because he has displayed confederate flag. At his concerts. Here's a text that says some Kid Rock is. In any political office would make trucks seem like Obama. Take that issue may. But encouraging idiots like him for political office is careless and reactionary. And no Kid Rock is not related Hank Williams junior in any way bites their allegiance to trump. By the way. I've been backstage with both kid rock and trump. They both -- percent the worst of this country has to offer musically and politically are from Metairie Mike you're under BW or good afternoon. Yeah I want to talk about the situation okay. I. I don't think you or do they that we are a society. To politically correct. All our old. And I don't that certainly agree or. The or something considerations. And and also speak. Other people. Saying. You know. On the white supremacist simply because. They want to. Stop moving it when you're mr. Yes that was amazing yesterday there was a female journalist who is Sara white by the way and there she. Said that the police in South Florida who were warning people not to loot. And also arresting looters. They basically represent white supremacy. I. Totally disagree that apple. But are out what you destroy on the they have a lot. We used different adjectives that describe. Different parts of people where you have a white person they'd they'd be paid. Average of sorts or you don't know what to do grab your habit that all you know now they're not in the excuses you know. Do. So that you so well in. But and in MOK some. You know as it is that we used to describe the people like you know abuse he multiple people call while being able. It going to be. You know as a is that and that. Yeah I understand and it's it's but it's unfortunate when a disproportionate number of people cause that. Assumption to be made a meat looting is an activity has nothing to do with skin color it is and it is an action. And if the predominant. Number of people who do any activity or a certain on within a certain group that people have a Tennessee to judge which isn't fair. Because they are are. Her white looters they're black looters there are Hispanic looters and looting is an activity. Mike I I appreciate your car going to witness and from Harry hand Justin welcome to the show. Pick who I don't agree to do. I just want this is with the acute Rocco president Jacob director. I don't being key Iraq in races I think he's in the business so they want. So whatever it is like Donald Trott. What balances in this chair for that makes them get opened and the mother go to a concert. Seven and the panda two coming. The good he's been at least since he's when you abroad to get and not a rule art rock and would have waited they accused. Yesterday a couple of years since I saw it rocket concert but I always was I was destruct by India the presence of the American flag and I don't call the confederate flag and may be in the past he. He used to confederate flag by. You know people do change and I think you bring up an interesting point about you fronting in the business of making money which in my opinion makes it it is it's different to display a confederate flag any concerts. Then to display confederate flag on public property. Right and people it would get miles in and symbolism. Of symbols that useful recent activities B&B. Ball. You know it's. But that action network I think it would that is that it was. Do we get caught up while trying to single out these were being being black cross. Help was racism nor Reese's. I think its part in net I think this issue implement seventeen as have deployment of now is that it I've been up arms races we need to in our. What we can do when call community. So so folk in interest and may look that we have more. Prominent role in today's society I think we have gotten so low deter it from a message. 01960. Full the full wasted their presence are concerned and now we just want everybody is insuring new apartment. And it is unnecessary is not an advantage and our own interest in and as far as being American and being. A potter agreement Fredricka in the Libyan American army. Justin I appreciate your comment to proud to have you part of our afternoon audience if you're on both stay with us if you wanna join us 2601878. Texas a 7870. Is there a difference between display confederate flag say and concerts. And displaying one on public property. I think there's a difference that's also are pretty check roughly pulling you can give your opinion. WL. Dot com and you know we've we've we've got to stop being so quick to allow people to use the word racist. When it doesn't really apply to. And people are so quick to use that word to put somebody down it's a damn shame that it's losing its real lenient. I'm scoot and will be back up your hero. Yeah and. I Kid Rock says that there's all this controversy because he may run for the senate seats in the state of Michigan his home state. Here's a Texas says Alice Cooper beheaded babies at his concert we never once thought of him as a murderer. Could point here's an update on our party general opinion poll is there a difference between displaying a confederate flag at a concert and displaying one on public property. 63%. Say yes and 30% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here's a Texas says so the girl on ESPN was not fired for calling president tropic white supremacist. While Curt Schilling was fired for disagreeing on the bass from dale. Well I I can't speak for for ESPN you take that up within a joy to our from home and show your WWL. They do I show. US about one thing about it six hour now and and I used in music and to me that flag was shot and you know I don't think kid rock and advance racers aren't available on our interest they'll say you. But my day out and rock it was a different type of music can everyone wore shirts are close they insurance. It would be proud of being from the shelves. And you knew it honestly. I think that's a good point you're you're and you're talking about the days that I experienced two weeks with wet Willie in the Marshall Tucker band correct an error the Allman Brothers and and and and although spent southern rock really was or genre they dominated music and emanated from that part of the country. You know matters skater you know we all or and children and beckon those days are a lot of people who were showing the confederate flag we're still. We're still hit piece. Right exactly where via component group. Point I mean I don't try to act today and monarchy flag you know in the army. But here I mean you know. But the issue is it just when you really went on. Shouting all occurred when this guy in the church who. It's like you know he's just sort of war. And I think yeah yeah we've and so war between march at warts and he got his actions William people can get it do eat more astute. Well and ensure chain trying to shame on us for fulfilling his prophecy. Or. Try to appreciate the call. Yeah I mean that's that that's an interesting point two you know that was the tipping point when Dylan Bruce went into that church you know South Carolina Charleston. I'm that was the tipping point but this this discussion has been going on for a long time but that was some moment when everything seemed to change. And I wanna go back to something or say just a moment ago. This business of calling people racist when they're not really racists in this Scott stopped. And people have to stop accepting. Don't label racist. I don't accept it. Because I'm not. And and and people need to stand up and say you know what I'm not accepting that paper. Seeing the label for somebody who really is a racist. Like a David duke for example. And there are racist on both sides as well. But we've got us we've got to redefine. Racist and and stop allowing people to just over it around to define people up from white castle deadly year and Debbie WL. Ehrlich. Heck. I'd adamant have been. Why did little interactive people in the world. You're squirrelly on it meant well you know. I'll get it right to speak I had them on the bat better and better. And tree. And friendly people who about an adequate to act. Debbie do you do you think these squirrels could have been on drugs. I don't think that they do for him pretty rapidly to other. Sometimes that does mean a damn you failed actually trying to get more important part but on it that they. And I wonder for many years wildly popular app they'll look at the other male. Wreckage right after it isn't really hurt America get progressives get mad and attack or is likely hitting well. That is trying to that don't doubt it right. You know I would I I would think that if you're if you're a male squirrel and you thought I gathered nuts that they would be clearly quite well protected. Debbie I. You didn't get into jail. I. I appreciate the call. And there was a time in my career when I would agree something about a piece of the tale was missing but I'm not gonna go there are unsecured hagel will be right back WL. This song lean on me is so very appropriate to adjust our remind us all put people in Texas and Florida are dealing with. I'm heartbroken to see the keys just wiped out 90% of the homes heavy to be totally destroyed or. How were damaged in an in the keys and that is just such a beautiful part of the country and I mean that drive from Miami to Key West. On many times and it is one of the prettiest three and a half hour drives on in the country. My thoughts and prayers are with Eric Bolling and Stanley Eric Bolling was recently fired from his longtime position on Fox News he was one of the host of Fox News. And Gary bowling which he always had a a blaze Iran and John White church open collar. And author always very a distinguished looking guy Eric Bolling was fired. From Fox News. The day after that news broke that his ninety year old son had died. And you know you think about the tough things that you deal with in your in your life for me it's it's stuff being fired. You're fired in the next day. Your only son dies there are no details on the cause of death he restarted economics. At the university Colorado Renault Poulter. And he was son he was their only child so thoughts and prayers with Eric Bolling. And his son and his wife have you heard that they don't do whacko and I think that's really. Credible way to describe Alex Jones. Deeds of far right radio host in conspiracies conspiracy theorist. He says that high level sources and multiple people. Have told him that president trump is being drugged. With sodas and iced teas and he slurring his words at night and it's part of an attempt. To control him. And disguised making millions and millions of dollars. What a serious stuff going on in the world and we can't ignore the serious on stuff that's going on in lake Vista. Squirrels. Protecting people. But not all squirrels is this going to lead to the stereotyping evil squirrels. We'll talk about that when we come back.