Cajun Caviar Local And Tasty

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, June 14th
Cajun Caviar was the topic with guests Amy Wilson of Cajun Caviar and the crew from Meril on Girod St.

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This is Tom Fitzmorris with the second course of the food show it's a program of eating and drinking and restaurants and cooking and wine and delicious things enough so delicious things that sometimes you you're going out you're looking for something great to eat. And you know it's in there somewhere but for some reason it just doesn't come. And then. If it happens often enough we have we know what it is it is that plague known as the bad restaurant but we don't have anything such as that today. Where are very happy to have where this will have a Laura who is the executive chef at Merrill. And ER IL a this is so over on. On on. And I don't know why can remember the name of this is as Jerod has tried street and I can never remember Drudge. You first mayor of New Orleans guy who invented. Sugar cane. As we know it. He he did yeah he hit his he owned. Audobin park and that was his. That's where he raced sugar and he raised in the the way that they. Refined sugar now it's basically his invention so he was he was really somebody not just a guy whose name I forget it's been taught that. Who area Amy Wilson is here. The only Wilson I need to connect with here is so of course the oh lead singer in brightly writer of all they're great songs. Of the Beach Boys Brian Wilson. But that's a good everybody's looking at me like we who is Cisco ASU sharing he's not Dora north well. Cajun caviar and that's who you who Amy works with are what we or wait a minute mid may be I have fewer. You're credentials so wrong what is your official title. And one of the owners who we all OK well close enough in his view the it is numb. 1989. My wife and I were married. We had our wedding reception. At friend's house opt out in the Garden District in the achieved. Let us have the place and we had chips run and all over the rest Ryan do it all over the place is doing great food for us. But out of there. On the ice we're too. Pollen KM two and I know pollen can of caviar is smaller than a pound can of anything else do you still use that. That the description can squeeze can act ounces ounces unity actual ounces that you know what I'm talking and I used to think that. Like it to sixteen. A sixteen ounces was not a pound caviar it was twelve ounces good who's considered a pound caviar so anyway. I had two of these and came from the guys who were running. The KG caviar thing at the time I think it had a different name like royal something or other. No early and a cat hair all long golf hasn't yet he's just seems like I made that mistake somewhere along the way but. Rivera was sitting in those beautiful cans which looked according much like the cans that. Do most expensive caviar in the world comes from and we had to open on the ice since then she spoons and everything there. And people kept walking up to me NC I just tried that Kabila. And you know I've heard about this but I had no idea. First of all how good it was and that you could afford something like that. We have them totally bamboozled. And I wasn't saying anything I had no no label on it that said beluga caviar or anything like that. Here's the caviar of course you know we're tasteful people also help yourself. And people were gone bananas over it. This was when we were getting it for 24 dollars a pound and what is it now hate to even ask. Well we don't server by the pan parallel dad and I always say that it is that's a good outlook compares them that it's still affordable. Oh well I would think so but not that is affordable as well would that figure I just told you all veterans and I was almost thirty years I know it's a long time ago but. It impressed the daylights out of everybody there they were there were a lot of people there who who you might imagine. Really knew what caviar was about really enjoyed it and made just walked up to me and sent. If I mean I thought you were just you know one of those jokers that runs around does but you do so anyway we. We had a then and and it was magnificent. Product and it's still ways in every time they run into it anywhere. I see if I can get a little extra. But vine just because it's so great. Would tell me the story could see this an interesting story behind this and that and parts of it. Speak to things that didn't hardly anybody knows about so. Fire away. I actually had a similar experience with impeaching caviar. I married my wife to. And none out that could be denied ever now. But I. Myself the first time I tried it was pretty surprised at the quality. In the fact that it was actually affordable. And so am I continued to eat it myself and purchase and them you know here locally and Martin's mind tell Aaron. Many restaurants to New Orleans. And many animals restaurants cleaners as urban council Lotta of these and big names that work. He knew we. All visited before and we just. And continued to eat cavium myself as did the other two owners of the company not bedroom and down we just felt that this. Product that is here right here fished out of that. Attack five days and and and harvested locally. And needs to be shared with more people Iran only city that throughout the country moon and so we're pretty lucky to have such creole. It is it is really something. He it is it comes from a fish. What a bullet just can't come out there to myself but it's custom issue panic are more commonly can't tell you though I Huey. Yeah. An end of both and that's with the that's with the scientists call. Talk on the plane and that's a very primitive fish it almost has legs. And it does kind of get around on land a little bit. And I remember when I was a kid I used to live rain on the lithium in what is now river ridge. And we used to go over to the other side of the Libyan if it had kind of a bad true that went pretty far out she could. And that would be ponds back here and we saw among more than one occasion. In we've we've brought one home. The two the good dad of one of one of my buddies and we wondered you know what is this exactly. That you know what what what what you've given us here. And and his his dad said. All a hole that. That that's that's just shoot. Shoot pic what's that and believe we thought we were going on catching something that a mothers would cook you know for Europe fried Trout personal pocket. But it say it's not it it it's it's all over the places and then I mean the in Louisiana book is when I mean I guess. Yet it's actually a fish that's found her out the country and in Canada learned that I think that path. Did both in plants here in Louisiana are a little bit different because it's what they feed and what do they feed them well both fatal of croft asks how will do their business their ashes. The a lot of crop this year and leadoff man. Louisiana seafood delicacies that we all. That's it makes our growth generally different and those and for a country. What the way to a profit what would be. Both in. Seafood platter be like cookies don't have to answer that because that was just me for a joke maybe. So off all right the this has been rolling along alone for quite some time now. And I. To me is that the best thing I've ever seen done with it because it takes two of my favorite. Things to eat and puts them together. It's over that the Bergen house they have on the menu what they called mr. Dick's favorite oysters. And what it wise as each oyster what shock to order of course. On the ice and then they would top that with what looked to be about a tablespoon of your caviar. And why pay combination that is that is just great you have the subtle flavors of two really wonderful things. And I'm always happy to see one of those. What put this all you can do anything you you want to with it right. Yeah I mean oyster I prefer to cat appearance of oysters as well it's pretty good update we've seen it on dappled day eighteen with French Fries potato chance. Gina and crackers. Just how well at Maryland does on top of potatoes town audience and a angst. And we are still happy to be able to say there is as of yet as far as I know no such thing. As they caviar. King cake. What else may be this not only are screwed up that you just don't think any idea that that's that's that's O brother. Okay. Oh where'd you. It's it's seasonal isn't it to mean you you can't just have been all year around. Do you plan an earlier ran me there's definitely harper harvesting seasons at that and where it here and it. Harvest more for more on that and. It's early in the year right yes yeah and then went to an is that the caviar for the whole season and yet you announce it. So you have to be pretty careful about how you are a lot this I would think yes. Why do you allotted path. That's my bush team by. This guy does this just came. What I am Jeremy Smith on the general manager over as there'll all okay all right well we'll work he laid into him. If we were has sort of having a party with all this caviar from flopping around. And that's it you know. So. Let's see where we're we we we were eating it just but I just wrong but you can do anything you want with this it's. Over at Brennan's own royal street they are doing a one of the omelets. With caviar and and holidays saws and holidays sauce and cajun caviar costs that's another really nice combination yes. What else what that what else have this have you discovered. I've seen in China and now touches before a couple of different tack room. Crawfish and not jump all over your plans. The remarkable season we've we've ran for via what does that taste. Anything. At my guess on that would be would taste like crawfish with caviar. Exactly what we that's why I'm Jim together that's right yeah who would who would have. A lot of that. Well it's say it's still out there in minutes the coming a long ways to do you have good years in bad years. The only good years later well I I yeah I understand that but you know as we play. The weather can definitely altar area you know that the man finished catching van. And at this point everything is contrast I get to eat caviar. Whenever I I really want in. What does it do what is the price of these days retail. We just. Just an iguana there are people here or what teetering on the balance of am I gonna buy some of those for something we have you know somebody's getting married toy perfect thing to give somebody to get married. Absolutely. Well so it's it's great because it is actually an affordable luxury. That comes ran out of him you know our backyard. Still we sell five ounce jar yeah her I'm 110 dollars O'Connor went to say grandma and wine cellar locally. Or resell one point finance giants for 35 dollars million ambulance I don't mind. And then we also had a spicy. Caddie are all even in peace with his peppers. And that sells. I said I think of him dead at some point somewhere I think this is it. It it doesn't zing out the flavor of the caviar itself. I prefer to care supper on top us. An aunt you know it McDonald anger anything verse is just an average rate and it is merely the just don't Bellini here cracker. Well via the real purist in caviar and you are always saying how. He first of all you can't use a metallic. Spoon to eat it because it kind of causes some sort of electrical circuit to form I don't know exactly where but it's up. But they achieved its just best with the by the mother of pearl spoon and it just and then take it in your mouth the mayor it is immune system a great thing. It's something it is that what keeps fish eggs why when I ever or that but it's real good. That that we're having a very lively showed today due to put it mildly. With us we have. A part of the crew of month Merrill which is admiral's new restaurant over on. You see I think I did it again what's the search on the G I G. It does I O Gerard Gerard street. What and I yell on Drudge beat write offs of I don't which up to us I think right. We're not oh yeah. And right around the corner from us it's it's so one of the neighborhood restaurants now in new in the warehouse district which is this hip places you can get the place itself as -- the food is hip. It's for those those but Lynn mules that there was supposed to be streaming into New Orleans in huge numbers that seems to. To go for their tastes are pretty well anyway with us to talk about that. Today. We have will have a large who is the second ship over at Merrill. And what do you ever do anything with the cajun cap. Your pitches through several things with its caviar tell me a couple one of them the first ones will be opened up we're doing to sell it was a hero and a and a little parts oil was crackers partially oilman who is knows that you could get oil from partially. I would yell a veteran of I do hugged. Does this come in already squeezed for yet this is something you have to do use no we we make us the terrorist do we I Carter and he would give me give me the rundown of how you make parsley oil whoa you would. Take parsley and blanch. A hot. So put it boil water than socket and squeezes it until all the water is and what that does it it makes that herb. Brighton green. At that point. We'll take the the parsley putter blender and then stream men some very very cold follow. Well why external OK and then you're flavor of that oil with a period parsley. You let that sit for a little bit. And then just strain out Accuray and what you would have is a flavored oil. You know well. I wouldn't have guessed that but it sounds logical to me that it's been easy fun. It's a food show on top it's more us pay we have Gregory waiting over here hello Gregory welcome. Where would teach them how much product. And it's it's very close to my heart caged and and you know. From mark to Greece or for that you know dated. Thank bill. It is possible. To recruit to. The playing desperate big corporate and your mom ram cam. And it's it's. That it jive. AG yup and immediately parsley oil there you know all. Could get some excitement in I actually. Predict it appears that bet in. Every. People want people. Who could blame them. You know. In your backyard what do commodity because. Worked for a market. I would be. Alia. Since I'm oh. Like on bring. It. Well I mean this is in no way as it should be because beluga caviar is as far as I know last time I checked it is totally protected in it that's our. Like you I went into extinction list it's it's that it's not something we ought to be eating I know I wouldn't touch it. Well you know quite cute they still are in certain is that the black CBC. Available for real but the prices. And speed. And you know I mean. Other allied. Do you know your audio. They were guys we. I mean are you need to know. Well look great could be. You know out to well it really is good. Yeah. I. Yeah. Yes no question about that might well thank you have. You reap appreciate your stopping and it's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris. And I've just been handed a plastic cup of the kind that you would get if you were. At a Mardi Gras parade. And you were lucky and somebody on one of the floats through you a cup and you would have something kind of neat I'm holding in my hand me a Merrill cup. This is for Merrill restaurant this is Campbell's newest place over on. Joy ride straight guys that I did I say it broad street right off the job but to list. And the idea this is that you're trying to have people show up. Around the world and maybe even out of this world yes in order to it displays whoever that is our space so the space shuttle as it. When there was a guy who got a one of the astronauts once logged on a daily. A corned beef and rye. Sandwich and he wasn't supposed to do and a key aided in outer space and I don't know where it came from but it. That would be pretty good at home and Merrill cook to balance yeah that you say that's it's out of this world literally look. It could be this. Yeah so like what kind of things would you put him in this cup while we're waiting for that to happen well. Asian caddie our cajun caviar that be a lot of cajun cavium. Well you could put some not Susan there in the top it off and caviar and yet not bad yeah you have seen we've seen meatballs in there. Yeah meatballs ago candy that's that's the that would have been far Sarah. What's that you have you serve meatballs at the restaurant via my. You know I'm I was hesitating to say this but I think my wife and my daughter both of them meet on meatball and addicts. And I've I think I've watched them put down each of my two quarters but this is human the millennial you come into your restaurant that's it's perfect for them because. The first time we went in there Newton. We we were looking through the menu and we said look we would not quite ready to order put. We were thinking about maybe having in this in this right now and then have a cocktail and then after that won't. Pool ask for this and knowing what we got to figure it out yet. And they wound up being like four or five stages of this no two courts at a time for six people and and I thought these kinds in the kitchen must really really be ticked off by him through fences with. But it turns out this is the way you set up the whole deal especially it was sort of. Menu the way the way you can order it it's kind of like designed for you to come and and and make your own dining experience I've heard you order the way you want or you let the server kind of like you you're and I can Bologna. Well it really works. Both in terms of the quality of the food in and also just for the fun of at all it's it's fun it's a loose kinda happen and sort of place hang Howard has a long they'll have a glass of wine. You know pretty chilled all you have to do is give the table not the easiest thing Galen that's what I was but let's say you know it's a the place is always pretty busy yeah. We've seen him on this so just call for reservation that takes care of that presidency had an absolutely pleasure over or five to Merrill. Well what is it 85252. Merrill five tube that. On the table until now all it's five extremes that mayoral office I've. Now Merrill is the name of one of admiral's daughter general's youngest or the youngest daughter. Did she ever show up or anything she does she do you mean she was kind of in there there you know rated beginning pretty often you know port in the Dorsey and tables she's. She's an office you know keep everybody keep everybody on their game make sure that none fun lively atmosphere stays there you know chosen those school full time so we can really aren't a lot. Whenever she's off she comes. Yeah where are the cameras by the way you know. On it she might be watching gray area where Michigan's. Well well that's that's pretty cool to who did all those drawings along the balls that of all the that they they're oath crawfish. And and crabs and all that but they all look like. Prehistoric. Reptiles it was done it was done by a director of operations. On land and lot you know he did Ortiz yes he did that you know free hand with aerosol cans so that's Aurilia. So it's pretty. It's pretty amazing it's a great feature to walk in and NC it really is he has some pretty Baltimore or if we're lucky to have. Be able to have his artwork on the wall. Its uniqueness you know I've never seen isn't isn't too late pieces like that for restaurants there no so that's the real deal. Well known and animals has always been like that and it's way you know. So so I'm pretty exclusive that case cameo. Here you know wind now. What else is gone on over there at the Merrill lately with son well we have a pretty happy are going on right now Gail what's what's what's happening me you know hot does it make you happy. So happy it's not only one hour two hours wow it's just before the sixth. We do Fargo flat breads what's the Cadillac stretch this is your answer to pizza is witnesses are responsive to issue. All what is the actual difference we were puzzling about this the other day and I said you know. If I were doing both of these things I would wind up with something that was pretty similar pool and normally you finally. A pizza with the round. And people were all right yeah. You from Italy right now. I think differences at a pizza. I can it is. Always what is it some secret thing it's it's you know it's not something so as early as you discovered they. Oh. The scientists have discovered and why well I'll be watching it Asomugha I don't know what's the answer I think is just a shade. It does do an Emmy for praises its. You can find and throughout the world that's true yes I don't value into the departments. As well. They originated in. Italy. All wage you come from I don't remember running into you before I ran into you it looked at the restaurant we we actually see in ourselves confronted them Monica. On that's that's that's you know I love to Oman and yes although the last three times I went there that rubio. They threw well when he gave that probably say too much what they've gone that effect I'm sure could be true but the but what it what it really was to set idea. I just. I went on a busy night they were packed. Via I'm I'm always happy to see some of my favorite restaurants be packed and that means that the gonna keep on doing it I I think that's a really underrated restaurant it's it's it's it's one of those hidden items really in right I'd I'd love going there. And and Ron is still playing can try to answer this is good on Jones runs Joseph Ronald Jones Ronald Jones. That we know. Well justices all of nice little conclave on the subject of cajun caviar and bringing in. I'm Merrill and and the PRO fortunes of of the people who do that. And over here we have a lady whose name. Is mark on Miranda yeah yeah. And she will now read you your rights. Yeah right sorry I usually there's no way I would have gotten through the show without. Without using that it's just cricket isn't. Obvious that it could. Our program today is sponsored by the maple street cafe the maple street does something that's. An interesting little touch. They. Eight if you going here looking for an easy going place you know you know and address that you don't want to spend a lot of money he went pretty straightforward food. What you want it to be a little more than just a sandwich shop gory just the basic kind of stuff. So that FT go homey feel like well I've been somewhere. That it does kind of feel like that. It always has they took over a an old residences what it was they renovated it they made the tiniest little kitchen you could possibly imagine. And when I questionable but this they said you know it has a function if you have. A very small kitchen you can't cook anything ahead of time. Because it's no place to put it. And I thought you lose that does sound right because what's one of the worst things in the world is to go into a restaurant. And find that they Fiji stuff that they made about you know two hours ago which is not not. But they don't they they do everything in order they have two they're also opened just about every day of the year the only exception is strangely enough. Labor Day they don't work on Labor Day that you only do they take off all of this is set the maple street kept pace of any six point three maple street but midway between Broadway and Carrollton. And there are always open. The maple street cafe. This Tom Fitzmorris it's great to be here were you talking about food restaurants and stuff. How are you reading something critically important to note yes ask you something you go ahead but I had answers at all and answer yes I'm reading. A flat rate is usually rectangular shape and that are crisper crust pizza. And that's it that's that's with Google says okay. Well animals and that's not bowl. Big difference there not really in. And there are places in the world where we're pizzas owner square everything used to be us. Least of his plays this will answer a question and then a I guarantee you at least fifty people listening to us right now. Have been wanting to know the answer to this question but again. There was a restaurant on bill will mean. Is on news. Riverside of saint Charles avenue that's why it would be Smart thinking goes it would be on the other side. But it was it was and still is an open mean. And they did pizzas and they were square pizzas in the slices Hugo we're square this pick up the pie itself was square it was. Almost a deep dish pizza there was really a lot of sauce and cheese in the to begin with. And the name of that restaurant this is what people ask me about more than you can possibly imagine I'd say fifty times a year people ask me yet. It was called the daily. That's it just the deed Delhi. And they it was an unusual pizza but it was it was different so but put that one was square that's not a flat Bratton. It's good for her return to other black only got sick yesterday you're doing it that way rectangular it's via okay and then the round when sir like they do in Italy so you can't argue with that who too much but I know that like it some place. In Italy you can buy peace of mind which pro by the foot yes which comes. So well you know you gotta keep people's minds this this house. What else you've gone on over it Merrill. Lately what's. Well we're we're gonna have a change of venue pretty often pretty often. You know depending on what works what doesn't. We're actually you know in the works or one year birthday party all this Wednesday. Number 24 his return hero. I should keep forgetting just how youthful restaurant that is because I usually don't go to restaurants such quickly and I feel like to let them to sit there and marinate for awhile before I go to him it's it's a you know yelling you did things happen in restaurants you don't know. Hulu that you have no idea at a time. But my my wife and my daughter. Just got so turned on by the place that they were in there within the first week the great my wife loves being in the first when. But do we I have to agree whether it's we did all the meals we've had at Merrill had been wonderful I'm really enjoy. You know anyway we oversee a ball anymore user analyst on Wednesday using analysis in the kitchen he has meetings today. Yet we seem quite often he lives in the building officers from the press Pollyanna that's right he was make it's flat broke last night he oh what is it yeah toward the world another assertion is. You know pets are so lateral eyebrow as you know the he gets there it turns. That's one of always hard. I need to go talk to him one then if I wonder if you leave it bothered to do this but I have my old cookbook. Which has been has he came out and he did the forward for it to it was a nice enough to do that. If we I put out a cookbook in. But right after Katrina really and I gave half for the money from a two people who were in trouble. And it is his by some miracle at this continue to sell and sell it sell and they are doing out of a revision of it. And they asked me to get some quotes from people put everybody I can think up who would make a difference. For a coup with a quotation like that they have there own cookbooks and why would you endorse somebody else's cookbook authors. Emeril just might though because I know what kind of guy he has. He he's he would he's always there helped them all kinds shift will doesn't have a vote thanks Mo and well that yet. Yeah well as all Fred and at any hint it's not a and I guess yeah to a separate us off. What a whole book a flight that front though. Flat breads probably slowed us an idea you know the possibility whether it's pretty they're pretty and Yahoo! analysts aren't there we're doing a Mexican flag wrote those or there's rumors simpler what's on it. Going to be. Cream. Corn tomatoes. Just like Mexican pizza but we made a vibrant it's not right well for a public we got that settled for. And I assure. Well. All the caviar can be had as that caller of ours who came and mark points Ellie would be always the first place I'd go looking for that I know they've had it since day one as far as I remember. There fair export. You know our website what. Anyone believing that we have a fairly good number of people who listen to the show all over the country. So if they Wear. Let's say if they lived in punk a city Oklahoma or de Moines Iowa. What do Lutheran you those of the dumbest cities. Where would they go to to buy this maybe. Things that are let's say it's always you mail order and get Keating have aired you overnight shipping. Cajun caviar dot com you can. And really it's. It's very special. And locally if you haven't tried the product on July 14. Martin's line seller and it's that Bastille day. Yes there can outdo each campaign in key Asian carrier taste and flown around 6:38 o'clock all I can you possibly miss that. Since when is setting of that so that is July 8 July 14. And at that yeah Martin wine cellar in Metairie behind and it's for. Believe from 638. Okay. At 630 it that's going to be a packed house. And you can get out of tickets or realize event for eight or unfair a candidate at Martin's line there when. I think so yeah. Well good I'm glad everything is just rolling along and no one has come in and said hey you can't do that. Because it's the kind of thing you know it's obvious. She picked Europe are endangered. Again they are made of heeded the population. From everything I've ever read it. Through the LSU has this wonderful little publication put out about the whole fishing industry. I greeted every country comes there's some guys learn all kind of stuff. But it's apparently it isn't there they're doing OK and they've lived on this earth. Wave away longer than almost any other fish species in the world their ancient ancestors again he sales it's me and amazing. So while. You're you're getting. Something unusual and all much a waste which is just the flavor of it is is just great. What thanks for dropping in real time you know we have a little bit anything else that we have left unsaid. That may be ought to be said. Mountain as and town hall we just thought oh wait another minute it is the food show that's that's certainly true. What's on what's which. But really popular at the restaurant these days. I was reading just Charlie's. And I like virus six different people who's commenting on how good Korean shores. Korean short ribs. That's another thing that my wife and daughter while. So what a mix of Korean. Someone asked me that I didn't have an answer so list. Let's say two things one of whom would be. The cut itself so it goes and cross to shore rig itself. And it's about three bones and they're fairly thin. The cut itself. And then the marinade as well it's it's a sweeter. Marinade with soy sauce. Normally Asian pear but if you don't have vision care we use green apple. Some green onions garlic. Little victory in Chile flake. And solace it's got a good good hit a pepper him a little I may not not a whole I know it's it's it's definitely on the sweeter side. Korean food it's it's unpredictable this oftentimes it will really pack a punch in terms of pepper and some other times. They you'll get a dish it seems almost identical to the one you you had. Same restaurant even and it's totally different. It they're really just depends put the cool thing about it is. You normally have it. I white race with Korean food. So they the they don't season and they don't salted this is sixteen grace and the they want you to use a race to kind of balance balance everything out with which which works nicely I would imagine him. Well the variety of pickles and marriage in the concedes that they serve you with this. Pretty critical. But he make Kim g.'s. When I that was just stupid comments that he's been good enough to. I will. But I want to thank you everybody for joining us in stopping in. They. Oscar and though always a lot of fun and no C over the restaurant communities who you know it's it's amazing where relocated again but you're on yours rod street generosity to Nicholas Gerard do you know what else he nickel restaurant owned. Was the the it's right behind the royal Orleans hotel it's been around since the seventeen hundreds it's it's somebody tell me the name of the the to bar really more than anything. So pay this getting old you know with this I can't tell anything anymore hump and win what. When it what did you talent don't know it's a separate. Bar unto itself on the corner of Saint Louis and charters. And in their famous for their Kim's cup Selena simple we announced thank you. Riviera. Today and the Napoleon out here is. Now why did I bring up the Napoleon because your aren't sure right that's right he owned it. And he obviously skating he is still wanna I wanna he wanted to I have. Napoleon actually lives there that was his idea this thing you most of them quite a guy. And a all right it's the food show I'm tough it's Boris I think to be in on the program.