The Business Comes First

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

Newell says if the NFL and NFL players want to take up issues such as social justice, they need to do so in a way that doesn’t affect the business. 


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On attacks line the players need the owners so that they get paid to play football Leo the owners. Need the players so that they get paid for having a football team. The fans do not need either one of them football fans are doing inaudible war I want to see football I don't want to see someone's political opinions. Forced on me and I think that's the very issue let's go to line five and we'll talk to gene in Metairie what say you Jane. I don't show. Listen. It's police so the balls at least 21 years dislike you and you know. Forces protesters stopped how would you sure. It was Sunday you'll employed and I'll work it all crawl and other agencies. To. Things awful my duty Bill Martin gone. That would goal was so good would it sir. Did stood facing the uniform. So. Does happen yes it happens. Yes it has happened often and you know I'm witnessed it. Never did much self but object. Standard of the American flag. This fell while ago called. You know these guys all working when they stand on the block well. Track. Now. You know as long as he put it on line. And I want you out. Despite it was a representative. What people on the on the studio people who call. So. What would give them but does it that you know yeah I'm not the football right now but some work. And that's. Ridiculous. Iconic goes to this Martellus Bennett the tide and for the Green Bay Packers. Says it's hard trying to play both sides of the fence is talking about Roger Goodell statement both sides of the fence. When it comes down to injustice. And your money hop. Well you know the problem is is the primary obligation. Roger Goodell in the NFL is about the NFL brand in the business. In a primary obligation. Of any business owner is the business in in to publicly traded arena. They're judged by the business. That doesn't mean that they can't get involved in social issues they do they support many album you know. Throughout this country but this is not this is not a competition between social injustice in the business. The business comes first and if they want to support. Issues around any social injustice that's that's out there. They do so in a manner that doesn't affect the business. You don't ever you're affecting the business if you're at war and you decide and everybody seems well I think it's just a question of kneeling or. Sitting down and asked that the where does it then we do you draw level and what they're letting what latitude you or are you given. When you think it's good for me this is what I believe in this is that I mentality again. I believe in that I get to express whatever whenever however. At any point in time and whether or not it's good for you doesn't Matta has its good to me they make job. Like you know and I sure do mission. A live just drew harsh enough. You did one heck it would job. Well thank you Jane I appreciate it we're gonna take a break hold on a line 2601878. We'll be right back.