Buried with a cheese steak

Someone has requested to be buried with two cheese steaks. 


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Hey you know eligible us in strange dying wishes. Okay they wanna be buried with stuff in their coffin which I find just kind of silly because Yang. Anyway but people some people do that the way I see just gonna sit there and do nothing. Our roster like people get very with the money or valuables like really. You don't let your errors it is gonna leave it buried Six Feet Under which still appears at any high gas well I year and they say you can't take it with you but sometimes he can't. I guy in now Pennsylvania. Had a dying wish it would be buried with his favorite cheese stay. So they did it all Tutsis to peaks in the coffin from his favorite sandwich shop. No onions I thought well he actually sold his grandson no onions Kazaa come back to haunt me. That's. I think you got to worry about that it had a way and his family went along with his wish is that maybe is gonna use one to bribe saint Peter when he gets in the car it's tough. The prize. I'm now there it with a series they go they never after exhume Mallard does that before but that's that's that's in the BO. He essentially it. Thinks. Yeah please don't bury me with anything folks my family can Cavanaugh Bobby five separate great have a good Monday today I did my goodness Rahman lyric from the pinpoint forecast senators.