Bump Stocks ... Illegal or Not?

Newell Normand
Thursday, October 12th

Looks like Democrats & Republicans may agree on one gun control measure– outlawing bump fire stocks.  You with ‘em or against ‘em?  


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It. We're back the ready jaguar opinion poll both sides of the aisle seem to agree on one gun control measure outlawing bonfire stocks you with a more against them with them 60%. Of the respondents believe that the should be legislation. I got. Attacks then Miller rated. Tardy here and called assault rifle. AAR. Four on EAR fifteen stands formalized rifle not a soul not assault rifle and and that is true and and it's. That that's a misnomer unfortunately they are fifteen has mimicked. After the M sixteen which is classified as an assault rifle and I think that's kind of like calling the copy machine Xerox. You know I mean we can. Get Picayune ish about this situation but that that's basically what it's called go to line two and talked to David what say you David. Would want uncle Elmo. I just wanted to comment on yeah last caller before the break. And you know he was he was saying and until the young people don't you know. Everybody you know egregious you know do with the opposite. You know there controls will be all right but you know. Thank you fail to realize that you know. With and all these people boy yeah you go look at. You know. The point of view it's comments from from the other person may be they've had. A bad experience with the bad officers did that he claims is not so common with you know well they did that company that would. At the same time you deal with somebody who maybe. Meet me at all. An officer you know plant drugs. On my friend and and so when when the competition come again maybe Paul about that particular top. And and I don't want to cooperate because he might try to. Do the same thing so yeah you know just. Never had it happened to me but. I talked to and also once Tom who told me that he actually the last. Saint Bernard parish as a deputy when he saw. An opposite point they'll want some audio and he went to go work for another department you know and that's it. It's called there and it's more than what some people would care to admit you know it's not I'm not and it's you know what that would think of the minority. I don't think. I don't think it's out that it. Most people you know it greater than what they cared to admit I think in a lot of cases. They just don't know but that you know the policing worlds not any different from. Any other occupation as it relates to. Internal. Missed genius behavior and or on the court cases illegal behavior. So right the fact of the matter is is that albeit we are empowered and I get it I mean that we are empowered to restrict one's freedom. By law. And were actually given qualified immunity to do same because. The utility of what we do is so very important it's the reason prosecutors against an absolute immunity. And it jarrah a given absolute immunity it's because of the utility of with the role that they play in and ordered in structured society. And you know going back to Colin capita one of the things he says disease is he said that he thought that police should have more training. I grew right I agree yeah I totally agree with him all on that point I think you know training is where you can get to excellence. Training would minimize a lot of the issues. That we have and there's a very a lot of disparity in the in the amount of training that's given. From large departments to very small departments all because of money. At my end of the day that summer or in a position to better report in fact. You know the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office says some of the highest training numbers. With a lot of their peers the NO PD all of us are in the same peer group. That we all train about the same number of hours in an error owe a lot of others that trained a lot last network are. David thank you for these thoughts were gonna go to Anthony admits that he would say you Anthony. On line one I'm sorry. And what thing about demilitarization of the police force you can hear anyone complain. When you land the police had breached well. What personnel vehicle area enforce. Reinforce vehicle they could breach but didn't get that shooter and necessary dire circumstances. You have to. What you need. Absolutely luck went out when I was the they had a police agency has sent I got to put my head on the pillow. Does that what I consider every night when I went to bed it was a safety and security of the men and women of the JP has so. And in doing so I made this statement my predecessor made the same statement we will not be outgunned. And when we get put patrol rifles in the hands of our officers. That was a statement that I believe firmly in it then and I still believe firmly in it now. Is you know I got to make sure these folks go home to their families because if word got a four not go on home in record numbers. Be careful what you ask for folks you know I'm gonna have anybody protecting. Now I didn't and that's the slippery slope a minute and you know we can. In the aftermath of Ferguson we got so wrapped up in so many different things and guess what happened. All all of the stuff that was being for the most part pontificating it by the president at the time and his attorney general. Turned out not to be true. There was a rush to judgment. We didn't wait. So you know we jumped Ali Larter. Those reside we don't know where these the officers to go into a gunshot. Put a truck. So you know that so the fact Soviet fact of the matter is you gotta wait you can't have these rush to judgment you gotta let it you know. Work its way out and see what is actually revealed at some point in time. So I care deeply for you comments we've got to take and another breaks down the line we'll come right back to be out of the break and we're talking about bonfire stocks in. And legislation and regulatory. Considerations around this issue we wanna hear from you 260187. Is in tool Norman. Under WL. We're back to end the pretty jaguar Pena pulled both sides and Elsie and her Grail one gun control measure outlawing bonfire stocks you with the war against them. With them 59% of the respondents say that we've we should restrict bonfire stocks on the tax line. His person race is a good point but I think miss miss mock my point Noual rush rush to judgments. Are wrong but in the Henry Grimes and Danziger bridge incidents the true it was worse than we imagined so don't just say Ferguson you're not being neutral. Our issues Ferguson because we had talked about it earlier but the fact of the matter is you're make in my case that we made the rush to judgment. In those cases they ultimately would not have a panned out the way that they did and it would have been very easy just to look past that. Because of the chaos. That was gone on in his street at the time. We'll go to line three and talked to Steven New Orleans what say you Steve. Yeah you darn good. Doing fine I myself. To bring or well. Support police need more training. Are really an auction all all based site its courage. I don't I don't think. I don't think it's lit I don't think people are saying that it's just limited to the shoot you know. Education is about formation not just information. So the more than I can have the more that you can absorb. The more that you can you know win when we trained in diversity. You know we trade and diversity because. You know we are moral light amongst the races than were our separate. We're like an iceberg is more beneath the surface. That where exactly alike then then what ultimately reveals itself in in my experience in forty years of law enforcement has been. Pretty much everybody wants the same thing a safe place to live work and raise their family. At the end of the desk as cliche as that sounds you know now the devil's always in the details right how we gonna get there. In in in dealing with those challenges that we have out on the streets of America. And with the on I really don't Sheila why don't really see where that small percentage point lead at. Do police broke out the eight hole. Call. In every walk of life that that's not the match. Or at the organization are I don't understand where. They got. I called a few minutes ago so acute that the police corporal. And you'd think you've noticed that jewel but. You don't quite. Right policemen due to pull out because. And I didn't get that that line of reasoning. There especially when you're up against somebody. That has a lot of different rights in in and so forth that wasn't. A good position to take. About this she Yasser notes or get people call more. Yes RR call ID internal affairs and and have got the ball. It investigate the matter and we you know we discipline I you know our experience was we discipline a lot of guys through. Anonymous phone call sometimes and looking at different things that. Piqued our interest on an internal investigation and I think that's what you you have to demand of law enforcement leaders across the country. Is remediation. If they're presented with evidence at their assault and it's not right. It's their duty and their obligation to read me the eight that situation. If you ought to line hang on we'll come right back to you got to take a break. This is Noual Orman on Demi Dario. We're back the pro ready jaguar opinion poll both sides of the L seem to agree one gun control measure how long bonfire stocks you with a more against them with them 60% of the respondents say. That their. Ready to move on on that issue will go online to Henry and on a North Shore what say you Henry. I. Our. Do. Right. I. Watch it. Cordero. Did you. Got. Into that one part partly. But. Oh. You. Our problem. Deities. It all out or. Are you. Oh. Well. It. It. Galore cherry. Well yeah he if you change that you're not gonna have any officers qualified immunity for officers is the reasonable man standard that they responded. To the use of force on them in a reasonable manner in return. So if you know if if there's any thing other than that union now given immunity and I can get police officers a comment and saw it people that meeting go into that. Occupation which is not gonna happen. Oh. The reason it's given is because of the importance of the utility of what they do. Bode well oh great. Comparing Barry. Henry if you wanna hold on I'll come to you out of the break as we got to go to the.