Bryan Lazare talks about the status of LSU basketball this year as well as postseason news regarding LSU football

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Saturday, January 13th

Deke Belavia and the "Cajun Cannon" Bobby Hebert talk LSU basketball and football with Bryan Lazare of


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He credits agony that Brandon thought don't now the week. Paul LA Humana would tonight as well. Against Alabama and you think about that the way the conference started Bryant but you never know but looking at it you kind of had an idea that. Three of the four wheel going to be tough games Alabama's been put in the get a good recruits at a pretty good you guys you and Avery Johnson Kentucky's Kentucky. And NA in the am another good year on the coach Kennedy put together and not recruits also with Quayle. So through those votes. And rabbit and opted to win three youthful. There. In knob. Good stretch currently you they certainly had an opportunity beat Kentucky was at home by calorie. Then that goes. How they cheated and beat out and an older man in MT near the retreat I ordered the bill LSU. You know got that victory on. And then the other night they go to Arkansas all that law but walk on here ala Sheikh it would go out and speak about one point. And it does so. To win a little while. They are taking on an Alabama team tonight which is. Certainly. As talented as Arkansas. More talented than detected and Tina played against LAU. Don't even seen it that he's back in 98 opened up like. Now they it was you know it wouldn't three on the first floor where people were just hoping that only she could win one of the first we're. Brad you you obviously know more about this and it did not file militia on day to day basis no but the conference. Either with a place you'd come off the land issues that we use surprised that they repeat. You know a lot of people haven't fourteen that a fourteen teams not just think it just in the change in scenery. And the excitement that we always see some kind of you know. Injected enthusiasm. Beat human date so to speak when a new coach comes in as basic satellite will wave with a pretty good background how I was surprised at that eliminate their own cause now to really shatter that mean that in the top half of of the leak right now you were talking about your pre season. Our predictions and I'm in the third that you sit and you didn't think it would get off that this out of a start. And I think what's surprising may be more as some who ridiculed with the program. Is not a flash in the hands though you start to see things that it going to be. Trademarks of real way his is impressive his imprint on this team. Things that they do and I think you ought to go to C continue to get better moving forward. And it no doubt about that. Really what. You get it will be huge for a bit. Yet CC is much better this year and was typical of who would bidders below. Knee and that these issues. Good god that you saw out with the action of from mom walker. You know there in you know hot with a lot last year so from hot water of one player. Who's playing significant meant and what you know to mark ward turned out. The first at the deep and actually fractured. But. It really didn't Rodney. Rocking out my after the not cock. They elected number thirteen. It and it is Vanderbilt. Then he won't he might get behind him though. Look at it greedy. The epic in people. The chance to you know. To protect home court. Get that win. Alabama tonight Georgia on Tuesday night and even go out early this morning. Or maybe late morning. There were only a little bit more than a lap. So that I think everybody's position a lot. But the walk up the but the. They buying a ticket. In the last couple eight. And really mean BA it's. Not the right angle the Golan back what we put on bulk up and it it. That they are that you're right now go to. No we were at the current copper that are being with Matt Egan Maynard and owed on. And then literally press conference. Well with some of the players yet to the end at the atmosphere. Surrounding the two programs right now art art. And of the spectrum. And product policy right it's likely outcome is it now while running when you elected to. The non conference Garrett although you know you have to be heard it resonate and who you're around the company you keep means a lot in the beat him right now it is hippy hippy in the tapped it. Purdue's ultimately it's not. We know that I should they missed in in you know. In net gain tight but when you think about it Bryant music and now I'm not an all is in state base so. UT in the move forward in united comedian looks down landing them ahead of myself but. And they can be look at an audit not cop that definitely Q Ian court Plame is an. Added doing in the big and yet the debate team in the and then not come with game but it seems like man this. Real ladies is on to the oats and things not only using in the product and also what he wants schedule wise because he knows being in Big Ten basketball. Which you've got to do it then not get away with limited space before you in the conflict. Conference schedule was strong package where the week is yet to sneak in that they only played fourteen. Right now that are top one article are ya they beat Michigan in Houston law and order a check out. Just poor this year. Thirteen nonconference. Obviously dealt it before keep me particularly the GP they beat Michigan used to continue to win. But done. We don't worry. Made all kind itchy on the roster for this year trying to win as many pieces pot hole that was number one number two. We want to change the culture and that the second thing he's gone about duke. And then number three he won re recruit for the future to get better player and he is certainly accomplished that. You know a lot about it later trading Japanese. You know like you got. Three Chinese that are in the top sixty in the country do those three. Or like in the top. When are we 50. Wait. Doing everything she would want you. And download it see what happens now in night one now you know and Alabama I'm now. And Taliban now we saw the financial details on May Canada. What he's being given down restricts basically hit BP be paid a million dollars by the third affairs of the mock. And then he will be paid in increments over that I think if you figured out. Around thirty grand mom in the final twenty mosque Nicholas the officially naming of Steve is coming back and I like the way you broke it down. When you pointed out to win at the last cornerback was in receivers. Verses you know coach interning in what he's facing. And you know it it pretty much all down to you know who you have a game what got you gotta go whip and and that's solely to the success that it right there. And become more money. Story right now outlook on my mind I can't. Bite out about the coordinator. But it is the players. Now you know ever since the national championship year. OK Ellie she had one quarterback. Rapid. At night that burger. We're remember when there C alleged off pretty good right. The quarterback that burger actor actually the top blockers OL Beck of curse jar. Running back here he'll deck in right. Not that the Ian. Lang entering. Internet. Each year LA only the right hired. So. It is a hacker you or. Your personnel everybody upbeat outlook about the issue that rate all the coordinator. Jim both that your or a quarterback of the your year orbit quarterback drafted. And he's a wide receivers. Who were right seed in the first or were. I ran the eight wide receivers drafted in the first war round nor you succeed they'll. It you know yelling for eagle being off work later in the community put off that warning that went to a and it went in. You know when he can just like. Can't Cam Newton go wrong on good at all coordinator Monte thirteen to look at the person. It is personnel and if you look at. How polish off the recruiting. LP. But talent most talented players and you look at the aisle. Opposite declared that grant recently eaten yet the problem. Brad senior writer tiger made that com and it brought in the field goal wouldn't be you know the old or Brad thank you so much of the time we appreciate will be looking forward. Today at a feat he got summoned up here at the front that we are popular.