Bryan Lazare expects a very close game and predicts an LSU win 24-20.

LSU Football
Saturday, November 25th

Deke Belavia and former LSU QB Herb Tyler talk LSU Tiger football with Bryan Lazare of


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You write it activate that and the note dole would it be you know you'll only. Product knowledge on this now. Front four vacancies now in the southeast comic that we know of restored to with a wins Mississippi in August though to a lower at Tennessee. The one hanging in the balance that isn't in the coaching tonight and takes in Munich Kevin summit. You talked about this or that week round you broke it down for me on Tuesday talked about how. He ought to use data from the elation night it what was gonna happen with this amount be attained it yet oh here's a calming. And it you know a few tickets before he meets with the media puts oh yeah you gonna be here. Now it seems like. Indian has something going on as that involve Tennessee coach Jim both finished. Is that the equities you if that's you float around day in ethnic encampments on the do anything to retain it. Oh. You know the only means to your marriage is kimbo is here now you know can someone let me think now it doesn't it doesn't feel like yeah. It really doesn't seem like it in doing so well. Sounds like yet though. You know win or lose tonight. Someone will be outed as being in coach now here's the thing. If Jim boat that doctor. Take geography at the job I don't know who else in the rockets. Are well. And campaign again though. He hit it this year. There's no exactly what was that Iran is the wind and I. Bryant. With that see it you know it. Before they keep these properties whom. You know Florida took to see you Hughes Arkansas Mississippi. Game let's say Avian becomes available. I mean if you don't have quote unquote Europe guy it almost seems like you know depressed as though with a particular with a hot pain he's already on the heat goes UCLA pretty much for the we've where he boarded. Yet to come Mo a question of okay well. Who you go to Vietnamese who who's out there in the you know me I'm sure they awesome name but it's almost like you know you go has the last couple years who've been parents of young and upcoming. Hit coaches that already and places doesn't really seem like. Dick going to move unless there is no maybe a new lease on life. I guess my point is if you know it's if you don't think you can get better in all you really teeny bit. This isn't the parent coach did you name. Well. Look well you can't IQ higher but. Yeah. Yes indeed think that little girl hurry and then at one guide network this argument also thinking and you. This probably or are aren't the technique thing building on route and it goes. I'm cute it was a large number of lower IQ who. Appointed. It's very well. To get me that that will power by opera coach to move one. Conference school. The year in alt opt in the last body. You know at the debt that in the majors who built. It acts like he's your and he got all the end to order a lot here like north fail to. Is name. A lot right. Ear at war again and use is name a lot because debt to. That's if you could do to go to. To the group whose look did beat goes to. Its debt there. Would wreck probably been out. Granted stay in that same lane or is it that gimbal fish's name always comes up in. Any FCC remarks. Coaching hiring hall. In if if this is the only guy that faith in him it is actually going to have to wise the gimbal which. Well it's a book that will be key act check out who has in BE LU ministry. Under. Mark. And you know vote was an assistant under aid and development are wrong or at least Q at that time though that. The only reason why you bought the name. Mention is that why people act as a accurately. Look wooded. You know look the other litany. Of years been mentioned LAQ. The you'd be that this year. Ending date though. And well here. We're dumb reason I'm out offered those two are. You getting your Q you mentioned at Auburn beat that we that are that there are you able Leland LA you know. Thought that we keep talking about is. The school did you hear about that made mention alls who yet connect with. Even with the school not yet. So Brian what what was seen it right now they could be some people that can do anything about us now don't particularly when you bad routes that day. At at least you came back from being down when he and one icons as those those same people that was saying we need to going to direction cookie worrying today because now the army jump ship they go to a place what I would assume it's. Let's have less pressure and Arkansas. This what are your app will now knock it. All loan it out. Of the money equally awkward it was awkward public that are well. It Auburn alum I think you'd be late now go to the Auburn in the tree is that. I would he or all was who is where every bottle when it came Egypt and people were far out what actually got one. Along there secure. And it. I don't get it back on track. I'm not so if Auburn win today now in the catbird. Seat in the evening and pretty. Good dot contract from Auburn beat up yet you're saying well if you're in the outlook on those who are. Senior and it's like a bait that time browse though it only does it DO story DOT or and he points would I proud Elise Hewitt six is seen him. How do you see this matchup tonight some teeth to the confidence. Well. L if you. Usually at that they're running well in fact raining out all those two years ago even really did want them well. You know get a pretty big job in LA issue on the black here you'd move the ball well. Top. LSU and normally. Tech named him off day regarding the lord what age John. They ran court last year you remember. Eight and scored three cut in the fourth quarter and Ellie you really true ball well. So. It looked like she'd be in good shape than it should be you were all. In. It all I meant the back of the deep trouble scene you. Inspired will act you know players because they're coached at that they are we heard everything enough. That really going to be upbeat market gained an. Welcome back down Kelly Hugh in Texas say you know right here on WW reviewed what the latest on. Everything is pending news halt exports go to WW you know. Right now in the it is Alabama spewed trimming Auburn seven to grow in confidence then it's it and it's taken me twist this. I didn't realize that hamlets Gusmao on was that the offense though that's book right now he's got to be feeling pretty good either way he's got it it was. I heard that with just I mean I guess for me relax Americans burn cargo you know there are that that a little bit. Haven't always had personally to back too soon to win everything. And it is in terms you are doing as well as they want to do. You meet you mentioned that you are that's not a good pivotal night so I mean you can I mean it's the guys who go right when and that's what sense. There's no way. In the world you know markets if you lose you go with a six games a year or five games a year or seventh game with he's averaging. Ninth and gave them all here winning wired with. But it wasn't. It wasn't arguments failed votes they'll be winning type of week you know it was always in the from what an exciting way it would W when he lost it was a very. Exciting we when he lost as well also wasn't right. You'll like he was just you know look the cloud of dust. Every time and it's over with noting they had a lot of trickery you'd think that it's sort of what they weren't losing you know in this in this in the fashion of its. Here boring answers you know what it means that if they'd lost playing really good football or you know in my assume and I think he lost they lost three games a year that. And you lose against Alabama and are going to be good at you with 10-Q as everybody in the west Alabama with the best team in the best team in the country. Every year tattoo so you know it's that you get over it team and you know you won't see you doing anything. In any better than which is Brian LHU takes the same hand we talked about run the football LSU the last time it was here to analyze success. You know your thoughts on how this game we would seek out tonight and an issue take its Indian you predict. I think it is looking I think it equities and the Clinton who uttered in the end of the night here on the Trotter. Or does someone enough and I expect and play our galaxy and come out. And play well. On looking boarded the area very well. I think Kelly you will all non colored only one report that green and one. Brian this this matchup tonight in moving forward. You know we we succeed to be different now. In the conference since 2000 whales out. How big that it out advocate he is it like for the program the select coach if they you know this is what we've done is ended them awhile. What it means on the surface out front recruiting trail upbeat if you do it well look. Think there are bacteria like you can go big into an odd years when he could not keep him. On track to win and you haven't done in four years they picked it very important for me or any program. Those children progress there. I think it's important. Relative to close out the strong. You know it's almost like it it would lose their senior night. The good thing I. Thought that the land in these sort of forgot. In fact that the Ole miss situation now it's you know one thing going into the season but it's almost like you know. What quote a message that somebody you you're really taken its utility weekly is not ace in the hole he's coming regardless of the seven years' probation. What coat with wanna take on that without knowing. What type apparently is going to be handed down just like you and Steve really you know. They need to name a coach idiocy he could they be knowing there when needed new nickel since office. Well yeah. I think if whoever they. Higher deductible under assuming that that you know college is accused her ears and act like you've probably been at it get somebody who. Young and as a chance once we get the opportunity the vote in our conference who. They'll be somebody out there. We'll get a job on the situation that part in it and pressure on the begin. In bracket. That is by no time thinking because he got on the site but they can keep up with. Debbie Debbie got against Agassi dot com beyond. On lawn tonight. Wrap up of the scheme and now and let the green up tomorrow. And. The only way it would go you know. Out of senior writer to activate downtown. BO though it be you people are born with Brad thank you so much that can. Appear on.