Brother Martin comes under fire for alleged recruiting violations

Bobby, Deuce & Kristian talk with Allen Waddell about the allegations that Brother Martin violated LHSAA recruiting rules.

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I big news in the LH SAA high school football movies in high school athletic association has launched an investigation in the world mourns athletics. Regarding potential recruiting violations by a crusader football coach. More bodies and the school's alleged an unspecified number of unnamed athletes were being recruited. Bible release including those he reached out to at an annual Slidell youth football association camp. That's this past the past June in Tony seventeenth and it was and so basically cobbled nor short schools. I think Salmons part of it as well. Complained about. My mom I'm kind of pair freezers for you complain about mark pony shown up to issue football camp and and talking to some of these players a bow out. How great from Martin's program is in not to mention they brought will clap along after he got drafted here this past June he was aware and say enter LSU here gear but he is weren. Some brother Martin here look. I think it says sour grapes written all over it. I think it. Some schools approaches if there if they live within my my district are my zone. Those are my kids and that's offensive that's a flawed way of think about because I talk to coach nick sultan module early today he still less to discuss it live on the West Bank. Doesn't mean he eat that he can just go all out on it automatically their mind. He still has to quote unquote recruit those kids to stay at his school and happens and a lot of weight to fit on bill yeah yeah he's so my point there was it just. It just has sour grapes written all over I want you to Al Waddell and algae would Dell. On Twitter part of our opera football roundup crew eats every Friday night nobody knows more about high school football in this state and Alan Al thinks of Simon. What do you make of this do you think that there's a legit. Be fear I mean it seems to me every time a high school coach is gonna go in front of any audience they're going to pump their program. One of the deal I mean to mark Bernie's brother or human. I don't know yet the front so there until on a lot of effort. War camp and you know I think Buick as what you record community. And though there aren't eight we go work happening there local young is in. I don't simply on the auto communities and try to more short compact would point out there and I think what the other big partner they he had them beat. What values football their Asian kid you're bookmark. So I mean I don't know Leo I think in the while at the split. You know I mean like buying habits were. But they took three players that there's it's perceived that. More ponies in and Andrew Martin had three players otherwise little went to North Shore or or Salman. Well you know Allah but I'll look at it I mean are you socialists are you are capitalists I mean I don't know if you are parent of a talent the kid. I mean. Why not go wherever you'll. Target date right now when all of them and then go play with the saints mid jackal. Was my neighbor amended bill he has this kid. Was a stud baseball player and he went to jazz. In them getting a scholarship to rise that we all know Rice University to start off in the college Rosie reason Thursday's. So wouldn't you want. As a parent. That whatever is best the kid and that opportunities so that's what I mean. A lot of times when you look at. Okay he's stacking teens whatever. But I'm look at opportunities. Especially pom apparent and have a kid that talented. Got to pick another thing it is you know one school is somewhat different but a lot and contradictions so tradition. And it would. People. Live on the north shores on to a particular call. The current. Crop and. Yeah that's the holy cross family yeah. Like so you know I'll go and I do not understand the beacon on. The third. School attending this thing. That is not from the flight area. Let you know if your card bunnies here an opportunity to be younger. You're gonna can open up here I mean he one program and got the last year. And I'm not big article quite yet or are you look at it any other sport or future it will play here for about. So our governing will look at these guys can Q where super high schools will be weak weak look at the most important thing down here Alan is that we all know is that we went to college easily with a high school. Back and hopefully we think the body are they. And what we've got. A couple of certainly what you are saying yeah we. Don't. Want. I'm gonna fool. And if there was an article. You know to see nobody hit I don't know what I you know how hard topic is certainly open door locked because you know. Area there yet. Go to school outnumbered in them. Well and Alan that was my next question what were your thoughts on what happens. With this current situation you know how how old dude. I don't wanna say you police don't patrol would be taken to find the ticket sometime suspension. Or to slap on the wrist. I really don't know any of that one of the things that. Aren't what brought here which you were. Who. Brought from Nevada. And tainted and anything you want the police. Recruiting or being and I don't know what's gonna happen in the apparently. A precedent that move forward or going or whether or did our politically. It can't. You know small directly Parker going and watch it in total in order. You know what the profit of certain about it and Mike is that in what happened to get out of its fourth. You know probably more in the really want appropriately you'd you'd think about your out there are you know there are here. Tablet certainly great bowl and every Kirsch. Are they back off so but that may explain enough in the Arctic Syria ignored their job. Let's go or the police. I mean to. Be below. I opposed by the company and other organizations but I don't think and what happened on this decision. Now is going to their apartment and are they know what happened I think the volcano you know that the war in our. Al Adel act as a challenge he would tell on Twitter RW to a prep insiders here on Friday night's Tillotson the only. Pro football roundup Alan it's worth pointing out again. More police was invited. To this camp wasn't gonna show up and just start talking about his program he's invited look. For the all access AA I'll be honest and I'm a bear with the years of go off on all of the rampant. I have absolutely zero confidence and they're gonna deal with any this rationally whatsoever. Whatsoever they haven't done in the past there there history shows me otherwise nine doesn't show me otherwise and look I've had knicks Celtics DiMaggio. Nelson Stewart on this very radio show. And there they're talking about their program. So is that is that recruiting know it's Jimmy whenever you're gonna ask a coach are put to coach in Florida law an audience. He's not gonna say others archer. You're going to put on these coaches they can't talk at all. They can go any these camps either of them invited even if it's free and I didn't eight. I mean what do you expect them to say he's not gonna. The knicks sabres not gonna be out there go on. Hope hug don't come alive program it's terrible any chance he gets he's gonna tell you how good his program is saying that these these coaches. Richard don't you think also that we want our people don't you're coming out. And the opportunity to include but that their actions yeah I mean yeah I mean that in that respect. You know it's now or trauma all at the end of the program. You're in the top other good couple of this is. Art. Obviously they think it is taken that they have a point though now that eloquent now. You know the other part of this bill part of this twos you look at what's going on more B and more ponies is personal life right now with this kid is just. This is how I kick them when they're down. It'll only that you know Iger and epic dot. Oh good practice and that's going on who also somebody yours its erotic with. Is likely an op appointment of art and portable for the government situations and right debate as a barrier and. All the more good news for the program in the crop of public with a complex procedure. While now but I'll look back and I was fortunate in 1977. To win the state championship when it was probably. You know private schools are Camaro get past the Catholic district. In the quarterfinals. You know old school was saying all we beat large vision shot to go on to play once it's on Monroe with Puerto finals but. I can remember the pride in the community and I think this does come about but it has to be the three decision. He came before is the point. If anyone what do came out to me our number of south will foolish athletes at that time in the late seventies. To go to private school like Vanderbilt in homeowner. Or ED whining pivotal. We demand like no all wanna rivers in our community and Elena played in my friend's. You could see well. And it's interesting. You know the choice that you making considering maybe an opportunity inhabit a private school vs a public school. So commuters should be a decision. That individual makes would themselves and their family and not forced upon. That. I know is a big thing to play rivers and download by its outlook luge. When that winning this championship is so I think whether as the North Shore stopped short Catholic district. Give the opportunity to an individual and a net their family to play pro ready wanna play for why would you be hate. On that this is a witch hunt at the highest proportion this is a witch hunt period. No other way to put it that I know Allen might not say that because he's got talked a lot of these programs and schools I get that and and you on those campuses Allen. Every every week but it just seems like that to me in this looks like a total witch hunt and I would say to sell land Tia nor sure these the other schools get a better program. May make your program better. There are not your kids just because they live in your zone doesn't mean they're automatically. Well I I thought our kids Debbie Allen thing about this perfect example. You know was NFL player do. This is recent. You know was NFL player. And he loved this state and went the pin stay and succeed in a high level. Michael Martin Michael Martin you know he went to high school men development of a public school when no private school. So many either. You know. You kick a player and I'd play and you might that's what you gotta make decision. I want him involved in the community or maybe I'll want a better opportunity. At a private school whether it be Saint Paul Menard cure. Oh whatever you come that a Catholic district. The bottom line is he got too many people involved. Wit ended individual player of gambling that they don't need to be involved in. To meet with the best opportunity that individual athlete. And their family to go forward and take advantage of that opportunity. And then just live that'd be whatever is gonna come out gonna come out well. Yeah you know at the door BO where it's now like politics. You're on user you'll want about it very real unique about your being legally. You know it it. Pop into an agreement or. Well. In it won't come off. And you know a lot like it that somebody who are real legal eagle on her own app or more than it is on other. Yeah I'm a Woody Allen. Al Adel allergy Waddell on Twitter covers pro sports of football on Friday night's part of our pro football roundup and Al real quick. What do you say so what what confidence do you have any oh I just say the thing about this rationally. I don't I don't know all the back her and I mean you know report other video of this event conclude. That they went in there. Cochran you you don't need to recover from the saga and the current about a Martin make it in the air and noticed that. I figured some type of financial aid and other units are getting and they are sitting on it and the other mr. act but at the plate is. You do not keep some type of a level playing field and that we are well come the oil was I don't know you know they've had so much change the delicate way of the last eight years. I really don't know which direction although I don't know. Al they'll see a talks in couple weeks and before you know it is beyond their improbable. Our ground thanks Al.