Brett Farve wants to end youth football...what?

Former NFL QB Brett Farve says its time to end youth tackle football due to safety reasons. Do you think he's out of his mind or is he right on point? Full 4pm hour.

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Nine out out this guy cross and he's not the case again about biewer. Don't look like him and act like it might talk like a welcome in the sports talk simplify it's Thursday. Coach knicks Altamont GO he knows coach salt pond lies led the ball goes well traveled then all the plays he's hosted a meet a couple times about a lot of fun on a show in particular would Brett Favre. Now that the I'm like John and Brett Favre. But Favre he wants to attack he was in the band tackle you football to get rid of it. And I got to feel one of the guys in across from me he can have pretty strong feelings about that want to get in that a few moments. That's a double to build I tell opinion poll Brett Favre wants to ban use tackle football. Has he lost his minor zero point 50426018. Semi tech's 87878. And because we have consulted here if you played for him. Some stores also up one I want to hear what coach Saul was like in his younger days and did he calm down any over the years I'll I think I know the answer in this. But nonetheless you some stories on. Coach so how are even. I'm good running under pressure bad and you bet you bet I'm still looking for bodies well. It in his chairman until it got for it yet take that long and if you look you have ardea pry that out of his -- give that up because at that man has stranglehold on every dime he's got. Hey look this season from Honda this year stay runner up gradually Zahn now know they can't put that to bed but nonetheless congratulations on that. Yet he has given us something to build on it's it's the dream of everybody to get there and we've been fortunate now on at least I have a two different schools get there but died special on bill you know it's a place that used to be and Aaron. People that you know what men really packed that stadium every Friday night nom will look forward to another really good year again this year. Yeah I'm sure you with a talent flows through the river parishes you'll be you'll be short on talent that's for sure. After Condo Neil Weiner Don football coach will join us. At 435 also may Singleton at 520 former wide receiver for the Cisco 49ers played with TO and course TO decided not going up not going to the hall of fame. In trying to will get and that also a little later on or chicken a high school football south Louisiana Al would Dell our guy our front guy or talk a little. You know the powers that be who were the teams a dark forces who the teams to look out for the hula who Wear the powerhouse teams that we see the blue bloods that we see you're in a year out. As you see it in an classification. He needed a program reflex on the rise. Manhunt a tea I just think you look along the river parishes and you got. Yeah I think saint James is gonna have a really good football program at the key Saint John will be back sooner than later there aren't alone and in no Coach Brown I think those guys will be good. You know I just going across the state. I did great things about high school football Christian is every year it's a new experience I mean it's almost like you starting from ground zero every single year. You know I think you are you gonna have programs. On that you've that you haven't heard of but may have late playoff runs and and we don't even know what could even mention their names right now but I do agree with you eventually you run into blue bloods or somewhere along the line. You gonna run in the blue bloods but I I just think locally. There are some teams are really think saint James is gonna have a good football team this year and I know that they've been good for a long Tom and non. While while thinking about it like that like to wish our coach Gailey now well and we struggle with some health issues right now. I liked the party Saint John I think they're going to be pretty good and and I think through the Baton Rouge area. Our schools like walker and touchdown and live oak San in my thought those are guys. On that you're gonna hero going through on you know once things we talk about just real quickly in our offices how to population at that exited the city post-Katrina. Those kids are now high school aged kids so now you're ever knows people who have settled in Livingston parish in and out ascension parish. Those kids are now in high school and if they profited from from being there awhile and I think those schools are kind of sleepers. As we look at the season coming up. The tech city 77 you'll salt. Call offensive plays or will new assistant coach drew drew Robinson called place. Back at my cell was critical play a best in he's he's done for us now for two years and you know I think you get a pretty good job last year he only got a citizen yeah championship house took up he's going well you know he's up McCain's Aziz take some classes. You know it's it's hard you. It's phony Christian we were talking about it earlier that next cuckoo Williams he's run industries right now somewhere on the West Bank saint Charles parish you know on. A lot of coaches will say it was a once in a lifetime talents but you know before pru could there was now for blue before Alfred blue there was diary of strain on before diaries re an audio was. LaRon Landry and and Dawan Landry M before them there was porous Raymond and you know before horse Raymond. That was done Raymond and you know let us down there is is that can go on and on forever and you know again it's what makes that job and on build such a great job as you're always gonna have those kind of kids come through with. He's doing well he's gained a little bit away which he needed to do ought to be interesting to see. Wary place you know why you know he's going to be on the offense somewhere but Dodd is he an every down back is is he more of our. Of an album coming our type of back on you know I think those are the things that they're gonna have to figure out there and in a very tough conference. A 77 out text line when did you become a miss to be state fan I missed that I'm not Imus to be state fan that's a set Dunlap dean said Dunlap have some fun. When Nico salt I am not for the record Amos who Stephen however. How about that baseball team in the college World Series in a winner's bracket when they lost their coach is being the yearly any cans or an idol controversy they were left for dead in the SEC. Here they are I mean it they wanna bubble leaving it in here they are the winners bracket potentially. Playing in the college World Series championship pretty impressive when Arkansas on the other side you can analysts suggest good again good sheer good. Phone lines open a 50426018. Semi tech's 878 semi they're extremely committed to LSU between nineteen quad defensive back Willie what do you know about him. While no Nelson thought very highly of and they played a tournament playoffs. On you know he's a big body I. Mean he's a kind of got it fits the mold of what you need secondary now I think. Via the NFL trickle down effect of the long physical receivers of his hit high school football and so now you can't match up wood five foot six inch call on around six foot one inch wide out that's a 190 pounds and can run a little bit. So you Ella she's getting a guy with a big body very very Smart kid kid that comes obviously from a football background his dad was and our Arena Football League coach on the great player. Brett Favre was the Danube tackle football has lost his miners got some look to make you think Xeon point 504. Two calls a final four to 601 A semi tech's 878 semi. Cast your vote online at W to roll dot com the sports talk coach knicks also module crushing dark here on W to do well. Analysts say champion head football coach. Nick Selz for my joke when one over there he. Moments of the State's image of a year ago welcome back to sports talker she Derek your phone lines are open at 5042601870. Text 87870. Danny youth tackle football to Brett Favre wants to do. Got a text Judy 7870. Yes band tackling kids are most at risk for long term effects from head injuries. Try tackling fundamentals. They can be for perfected once kids are out of adolescence. Coach nick. I'm curious to know. I coached the youth football love you football in general I know as a high school coach I'm sure you love that it's of its big lifeline bloodline to your program and high school football etc. I just don't see I know there's numbers there. The data as their for CT unit in a pro sport pro football and even college and I'm sure it's sort of trickled down. To to high school but I haven't seen those. That data for you football and I think it's a bit of an over reaction to. Two east make an egg is gonna make any gain safe they disbanded altogether. Are you are you OK with the idea of beanie football. While I'm not I'm not. You know again people gonna say well you stand out because he's a football coach Eminem also sand because I'm a teacher now mama taught English for 36 years. I think you have to get a point some somewhere in whatever you do what you have to learn those lessons. And earned earlier you teach somebody how to do something no more proficient are going to be at a as they go through life. And whether that is learn how to write a sentence learn how to write an essay learn how to write a novel or learn how to tackle you know Laura and I brush your teeth. Whatever it is sold them the earlier you learn how to do something the better you're gonna get about it and I also think that today now. The coaching is better. All the way down that took the total park ball level coaching has gotten better thanks to USA football thanks to be NFL getting involved and and again thanks to football recognizing the concerns of parents. And and being proactive. In teaching ways teaching techniques teaching styles to better tackle to protect the they had. And I know we we do that on Delano probably a boatload high schools have changed. The way they tackle I changed the way they practice. And I think again. What if you wait too long kids are gonna come in with the idea on just gonna run into a concrete wall and hassle way it works and it's really not mean there is a skill to tackling and I think it early you can teach it. The better you going to be that. Now we'll say that could be seen all the time where our guy doesn't start playing football till he's a sophomore in high school and has success. I think that sport that sport lends itself to that possibility a little more than a sport like say baseball. If you'll start playing baseball when you're very young at five to six noggin on comparing apples oranges. Because it's a little bit it's us it's a safer sport but baseball's all sports fuels our planet we are five and sixty wait till. You're twelve supplant you can forget it used is not going to pick it up but I I agree I think it's a sport that. Yet though that you can still learn the nuances in any of football IQ starts at a very. Young can start at a younger age. And I and also you know football tell our kids at Honda lists all top football is a practice sport you can't get better attic in last year practice and and you need to a team to practice and you need to practice every single technique that goes into it. On you know baseball if you wanna be a great hitter you go and at a young age get a T get the backyard and and so it hit the ball off the tee into offenses you wanna play basketball you put up a goal in your backyard get a ball shorts shorts start shooting free throws. Move around shoot jump shots lay ups working right in in your lap band. But in football as so many different nuances to the game and you have to practice it in you have to practice it over and over and over again because it's also sport that you play in full equipment. And any of us that have played it and thankfully I wasn't very good players saudis did beat up all I do when it. But when you put equipment on debt dean changes. Instantly and I know you know baseball you put that helmet Altman in basketball you've you've put on really nice high top tennis shoes. But in football. When you put do you wrong from the toes to the top U head. It changes the game and it changes how you have to practice the game and you need to practice it. At an early age to get proficient at it to protect yourself. Got a text here any Seve Seve won a teacher cannot tackle let them play rugby absolutely not actually rug we I think is a little more dangers to tackle football the youth level. We think about that. I just talked about this off the your coach salt some flag football. You leagues are going to those soft padded. Things to cover your head because there's skull fractures soccer you can have skull fractures rugby. Kids well first I think rugby such a complicated sport. That it's hard to be hard to teach kids to play that is is not enough. I'll think coaches and it is not our games will be hard at it be hard at T said the youth level it's instinct think about but I think. Having watched and a little bit of rugby my dad played in a lot when he's in the service that's of violent violent but I talk about violent football is rugby is extremely violent industry. I played in Coke close quarters Christian ethic what makes football. You know so difficult is it doesn't matter the age once you get the high school your play and on the same side. Your play in on the same size field you know an NFL guys play and don't feel it's a 120 yards long by 53 in the third yo Y just like high school kid is. And football has become a game of space. On knowing the seventies when I was growing up. You know was healed three yards and a cloud of dust onion and football is pretty much play from C got to see gap. And you didn't have to run as Florida have such mass of collisions now. It's more it's become more to speed game it's a perimeter game nation spacing totals bubbles zone play action also owned or he'll gain. And I think because it accuracy and guys who who are smaller 16070. Pound high school defensive backs haven't come up to make a play on when it for an average on Emery. And you know it's it's pure physics you've got a 230 pound body hit a 160 pound body you better know how to tackle you've got to know how to do it properly. Or you gonna set yourself up injured. How do you feel about flag football as the alternative. 22 as an introduction of tune to football and then eventually they start playing tackle for policy in middle school high school well again and. I am I'm trying to figure to purpose out Robert B corrosion on an equipment you know and and I'd I just think because of the fact that you put that helmet on to put shoulder pads on YouTube put in thigh pads but pads knee pads rib pads. You know beat the game has to be taught in those elements because you realize that you're not getting anything accomplished by having kids play touch football. And then fake it well later in life when they play tackle football are going to be protected because they're not they're not enduring those collisions early on. You know and and the parks those kids really weren't very big and all of them pretty much the same size and still pretty sure you you have weight classifications that you have to live within. Jabil participate so. I you know I just think that football makes it. A different game because of the padding and I think you have to learn how to play with a helmet on you have to learn how to play which shoulder pads on to protect yourself. I come back here got a lot more coach knicks also module in particular on. How he's changed his practice because of the CT concussion awareness along with youth tackle football should be banned Brett Favre thinks so you tell us to seize a 187. Welcome back sports talk here. Coach nick sultan DiMaggio was who called coach Saul from now on. We goes by anyway he's an house sit there and your sport's talk phone lines open at 504260187. Brett Favre once the band you tackle football. Has your losses miners don't point. The text here says coach so it's crazy it is an about learning how to protect yourself it's about. The kids who are going to playing college and beyond having long term mental problems. The response that. Well I'm I everybody's gonna have an opinion about her body I mean. I'd again I just go back to. Football people talk about it in football because football is such a popular game in this country. You know when the reality of it is. Ice hockey has way more concussion situations day and then you do in football wrestling and now as a high school wrestler. Now you know they have a tremendous issue which concussions. The women's sports have tremendous issues with concussion and and right now and soccer particularly here and right now World Cup's going on I would I would like to challenge apparent. Whose kid that who has a son or daughter to play soccer to grab a soccer ball and just bounced off to head for a minute just bounce it. And that's soccer ball you've ever done that you know how hard that soccer ball as well imagine being kicked in the head. But again football's very very popular mean heck we get ready to see Friday night football high school football on national telecasts in about six weeks. And I just think because of that exposure. It's the sport that everybody identifies with. On an as far as a concussion in that the type of protocols that you have to have and and football has been proactive whipped that army football to my knowledge. Is the only one that has to crop a concussion protocol at the high school level an idea what high school football also. You know if I'm crazy because I don't know college are don't know the NFL game that's fine I don't deal with that but I I know that. We're very proactive and when I say we I mean high school coaches across the nation in and we were talking off the I've been coaching for 38 years now. Let's say we've had a hundred kids a year on a football team that's 3800 kids. We're not in double digits with concussions that I know about and and right now you're gonna know about it. If we every kid come off the sideline and and he's throwing up our trainer Sammy Taylor one of our doctors doctor Keith law sought they're gonna check that kid out right away. And now. You know we're very proactive in making sure our kids are healthy. And they're doing the right things. Had do you have any kids with concussions last year we did not. No we did not have a kid with a concussion last year and think about so how many in May open on spider how many. That's all it's a lot to think about when you dress and 8085 kids right right how many collisions were most of those kids involved in through from practice through games. Hundreds if not thousands. You know we've changed where every practice will be a Christian Nam we scaled back the heavy hitter we actually take our full pads off. Right around the end of September number one we're just going to eight weeks of really intense heat. On number two we've had a very very difficult to our conditioning. Summer. So it's we wanna get out late trusted. But we really wanna take advantage of not having full pads on. Because it teaches us to be a little bit more safe and what we're doing in the collision standpoint of football. Blaine and condos grumbling you're on W them well. Thank god that diplomacy banks you know we brought on and on street this year and I'm that an excellent job coach who would seek expert and now. Usually in crimes that at all does not beat the champion real stick around. I appreciate your kind words buddy and an op plan on staying there until a day I can't stand anymore made a comment the other day. I'll know what it's Tom I'll just walk out the back at a stadium go into the swamp would say ma. My family money on avenue Barry B but I truly truly love Hondo high score on go high school football and if you if you could not be a new game at home on bill whether you're home bill fan or not and no Christians covered if not it's a special special place and now I can appreciate it. I think I can validate that and son went there and little ball but. External and a lot of my time out there living out there and check them out ticked up the tires a few times and it's that there's a lot of unique environments high school venues on those got got an excellent for sure as as many duke has made it. Neil Weiner Don and head football coach joining us now. They're extremely committing to jealousy between nineteen season coach how are you. Op bill currently at good you know you you also taught and coached nick Selz nausea. Assault by you do about the collapse are up by the public out though we retreat. That is correct coached a duel well glad you do well congratulations. On on haven't really really great program and lot of guys don't know he comes from pedigree Nuys jail Reza hackable vote. I remember covering his dad dale at Catholic high right and that's and I don't I don't I was gravitated towards and because I granted toward because he ran the single wing Spinner. He ran a wheel spinning fullback and now's coaching youth football let's offices that I ran so I was really fascinated. I talked to Dan a few times about a couple of concepts and about. That's spinners nose knows a thing to watch do you run that Neil. Oh we did not the path. Kind of change up that now we don't do. Iso Derek Stanley committee and LSU twin nineteen is no one recruit a country. Humble cup player of the 02 tires get there. Well I know physically but he goes out to be back six long. Coast to help build the wrong. It has four or forty physically just not made that you know. But it's the kind of in and buying a copy that it that it via true speed of the gain. That they have a separate. You know the united they beat back coach comes rational level. Is it right now trying to there all what the look or. Don't beatle days. Storm and opt out or he darting out of our beat Europe so we beat back. All lawyer and then knock it out but it didn't go like yeah at that point eight that there. In schools so he the total package. Coach I wanna tell you I'd I really appreciated the way that he and and you guys and Don in school when about 21 it you know on the day and age when. People Poland hats out of bags and god only knows what hell hole rock. Are you guys did the right way and I think you know that's a testament to the quality of person he is that the type of family he comes from. That type of environment that you have in your football program and had done in school and and again. Tomatoes are guys who win win you know you've you try to find a guy that wins I I axles college coaches as they come through and maybe you do the same thing. Where does the measurement of winning come into play when your assessment somebody's ability and I think he showed that yesterday. Yeah there's. He or collapse that it. Piece of fortune at a very pollen. Family and home did not lose support him a great job up. We go to break our school great leadership Ari. It is spirituality about spool we try your bank. You know and a coach so probably Yuri you know the good old days. Well now what Q would not coat tale of school and a spot in February. That. Now. Social media that it agreed on hole. If there or more groups law in all about it they are deep shall. Chill expected. This current school current united. Had given out where all want it really a credit to. Helen Neil Weiner don't have football coach Derek sting late dumb cornerback committee to LSU between nineteen. He plans to be a December and rule Lee I think is that is that right coach. Yes are you eat or are now pick up why he got it about. Or a bill before we have our law peas or are get it done. Coach I got I got cooks and excel salts opinion on this I don't to sell us the Brett Favre wants the Brandt band. Dan youth football. And in the early in the country and what would you what's your reaction when you hear that Danny youthful. Well. Yeah you know. I think that's probably over action and it is certainly our coaches across country are doing or job. Educate the cubic coach. That. Have players trust that now on understanding import and trust that the core you know. You know back in the day decides that bill wrong. That we all. They would just we just play it. You now have a lot of respect I understand it all all want. You know the truth does cute and you sport shirt pocket cap. Had a long term issues second place. Could you got and that they could be in a little girl all your client. At school. Through the chain of more chance at cautioned that it was more war started becoming out but it actually looked to be yeah. The study out there. You know he likes that depression opted for. Like that. Relief more competent at it on. Eight. That actual athletes that call you all right so that. Reaction or opera or credible op lawyer has always been bats a game a book all. A right now you know I'm sure a lot of that is still some injuries. Now that he's the Iranian government is calm and result. I think the weighted our coach teacher and again it but that. Don't head football coach Neil Weiner thanks for the time we certainly appreciate it. Act out. Or you bet good luck this year right good luck probably aren't thank you. I will simply come back more. Your phone calls a 504260187. Brett Favre wants to ban youth football tackle football. Has he lost his minor. So don't point where he stint should be Bennett final four. 26018 semi tech's 87878 the sports talk you're on W into LA anathema dot com. You're popular guy consult about apple want talk to you oh infamous bronco fans who. Look how onus on a broker on this banning of youth football. You know or silicone from coach youth football loved at a great time but more poorly I think the popularity of the sport is bringing this on. Because how popular sport is there are some that want to get down and every cost an enemy and at every level if casinos what's when I'm worried about. Where do you draw a line in the sand. Once they eliminate U football they're coming after middle school football right then to come up high school football. And they start taking it all it is slowly eroding this that it should go start to see and I can't in. In vision. How high school that doesn't laughable to cannot envision I know there are some around the country and that that that are big and out by point there was I can't envision. No high school football on a Friday night in his state. Just like I can't envision the seat plane in the superdome on Sundays in the fall and I cannot envision that. So that's what I worry about is are we getting to a point where. It's I think it's an attack because of the popularity of this game. When sometimes when a bear head in the sand and go what about those other sports they don't want a highlight the dangers of soccer it'll highlight the dangers of hockey. Wrestling and others but we can because they're not as popular this is about being popular and it was taken down and every at every turn every chance they get. Athlete to Christian and no opt out spoken to this and really about this to get from people. The day and age. A high school football coach. Not being responsible for the entire school community is over because football is under attack. I mean it's under attack because of the physicality of the game. I think it's under attack because it gets so much exposure and usually like anything else. The negative disclosure is is more prevalent in the positive things that football players do I mean you would tell me some of the stuff that Drew Brees did does for people that we wouldn't even know about. Off off aired today. And not you know I knock a lot of mile away and and I know other high school coaches go a lot of their way. To make sure that that we represent our schools well on and off the field we we speak correctly we're doing right things were. We're trying to become part of not just our football community but our school community to make football a positive experience and I think when those things start happening you gonna have people enjoying it all over again. There's a great text no I'm not too afraid to realize this is says. Would you guys are what you guys are too afraid to realize that this has more to do with the great text great text we hadn't talked about that yet. But at that's absolutely apart a part of this. Al I'll leave it that I'll leave it at that anti new walls is gone into the Iran. W I don't. Yeah it's got a coach so that pain and I joked so. One of bursting badly do you to sort of get coached. I also wanted to thank you. You might not yet but I was beaten in the early eighties. And I started out in the wrong path and you we didn't play well which you can get it wraps. Yeah in this bullets and straight my life. I appreciate I appreciate you Sammy yeah those are some good days we actually started the football program. Pat pat pat Higgins and and and you're right after him my first job Suarez wrestling coaches are as high school wrestler enough. You don't we start the football program and Higgins the principal said they we need your coach football on us that well I'm a really bad high school player but I love the game and and I'll rest is history but I appreciate become words and I'm glad you're doing well man enough have a good bright happy and healthy future. I'm sure that's very rewarding me here a guy collier and to and tell you say thanks for showing in my life public unions in sports and don't know how important. These these guys these coaches guys and gals the roles they play. And these kids' lives tremendous by the way the biggest thing for me as a as a parent I wanted to sign Mike you play tackle football I want a mail site that the sports talk. I rolled and next hour may Singleton former NFL wide receiver played with TO will join us. Also your phone calls a 5042601. A semi earlier I said. I wanna decide if my kid plays but ultimately it is their decision. But as my job as a parent to. Openly guide them and say if you if you don't play this would you give yourself into but I don't want somebody else make a decision for my kids except for me if I have to sports talk rolls on here on W well.