Breitbart Editor says "conversations are being controlled by platforms."

Newell Normand
Wednesday, April 4th
Alex Marlow, Editor-in-chief of Briebart will moderate a conversation on net neutrality here in New Orleans. He talks about how platforms sell info for their own profit. 

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Alex Marleau veteran cheaper bright barred him. Bright Bart and free our Internet are hosting an event tomorrow evening at Andre has run strong on at 6:30 cocktails 7 o'clock town hall the town hall will be moderated by Alex mark Marleau. The bright barred news editor in chief and Coulter syndicated columnist and twelve time New York Times best selling author. As well as Peter Schweitzer president of the government accountability institute and best selling author of the book Clinton cash in secret and cars. And also Robert Epstein senior research psychologists at the American institute for behavioral research and technology. That's a mouthful welcome to the show Alex. It's great to have if you on the show little for the warm room with people spend some time. In your lovely state coming up but from a base. Absolutely look forward to having you here at all in the the subject matter of this town hall is the masters of the universe big tech vs free speech and privacy tell us about that. Yep so backers that he never starts fraction Gordon tech giant is tech industry. So many books are dependent on them he busted enjoyed it. What they really are used the control so much we've consume information. They know so much about us students surveillance they're collecting more data and they're doing so and the way it's almost entirely hate. I've really never an issue in this country has so people who are elected. Have some information on all of us you know were in control of the conversation just like your bumper coming in in one change the conversation. Well the complications logged in coal are what comes off in New York siege on FaceBook. What the results are getting as on Google. And not to mention when you're using these products that we are just collecting massive amounts of data about you are shelling for their own purposes. They're doing it entirely opaque way. You know I'm if you've gotten completely out of hand at this point in and we can assure car that we were awareness about. So we talked about this notion of the would the manner in which the Internet works in this battle that that's kind of out there right now over this. Net neutrality issue. What really is the issue that makes up this discontent and as in this battle. Yet net neutrality is one of the expression that his it was designed. He would. That a lot of people manipulate language card to one pleases. In order to get you favorable. Position court here Lander put your industry ended that rally the crowd the crowd that broad net neutrality. Essentially coach people largely people on the left to be very paranoid. About it unless you have just been called it the quality of the volunteer with partners around it. Then that the Internet is going to be sensor. The in and put out what happens so what about the a couple of them about it. IE first of all that it probably would apply. To places like I guess companies like Verizon and Comcast compromise Internet service providers so. These diet he's. Have an I think he's been accused of censorship about a dozen times and how at all. However they don't apply to Google FaceBook Twitter Amazon for example. A weaker routinely censoring content that you don't like putting it behind. Firewalls putting it behind eighteen and over content making it difficult work conservatives for example a monetize. Content on YouTube and Serbia are the real story ones they're the ones who were again. This. Standing that neutrality then crowd it was a new rules and Obama put in place you're only Ralph election year and hysteria over it totally overblown. And it's funded by the groups that benefit. From the Obama policies such as Google. So when you think you'll like Google and FaceBook it's free right. It took go get on it. And then you couple that with some data that John had and some of your articles where Google Chrome browser enjoys a 65%. Market share. There there Internet Explorer comes in and about nines so there are well over 70%. And in Google has a nearly. Has. 88% market share FaceBook is 80% of the market. And and both of them of the all digital advertising account for 73. So if they have such a predominant share of the market. Why are they worried about parity and access. They're there they're all or already there. I'd yeah exactly and part of it is still hyper competitive nature and trying to make sure. Competition. That it would not come through you don't want to start ups and I don't think they want to be exposed. We're having any political agenda before the political climate. For example you know why he's doing is essentially a hard deal with the United States post. So they would like it and they they gave a couple dollars a package every time you believe the US yet. I don't would be one of our operations changing without our same thing we get that it was blue on FaceBook we are here. Our political issues they're all looking up there lobbying arms right now to make surety that political and it. It is favorable for so I don't think they're hyper competitive people out a lot of them here hyper capitalist your extreme form of capitalism. In many ways we're here to try to quash any competition that they can't that they appear. Is senseless. About your right to point out of the of the huge market Shearer and beat thinking you can depart as free. But it got really free what you're paying. Is every time you can do assure every popular Internet something independent or are searching for something aren't they look like until the end date but. All of that it is being harvested pardon tech giants and they can deal with whatever they want including manipulate you. And not just turned its own pocket those so far beyond that and that's what we're detailed account all. Isn't it true also in in in there in a sense. That the highest he's really are more worried about the packaging at con tent and how they gonna push that through the pipe as opposed to these other parties you're talking about the grew rules of FaceBook and Twitter YouTube and so on. There really more worried about the sourcing of content and some of marks a group urged most recent revelations. Has been that. FaceBook is gonna really become more like a publisher and and start to look at dicing up what they are actually gonna put out there. Yeah I think that it mutilated him to describe it as you eat it eat complicated but this is it that way. Two did you start understanding. What's going to be happening and we're bargains October and is cute use him serving as a publisher is exactly right because of Zuckerberg talked about this week. In an interview he did. Are these group of vox magazine which is on the left it's an online publication he basically said that what FaceBook is due. In Dearborn to determine what quality journalism and what's not what's quality. No doubt about what to call you got not and it's gonna provide. It sabres about it. And those that FaceBook itself deems is called to tell a lot of you listen show. Out a lot of your news. On base so you think if you're getting in the contents. That you want based off of what you're liking what the people you follow lies. Etc. I bet no longer the case now please news that FaceBook will parties anticipate. What you might be all of really essentially with the eight and it is equality. So what that means is that FaceBook has already indicated. They don't think include establishment tops our news outlets are credible they do you think this game establishment. That we believe are quite particular haven't decided that the standard by. I did this those outlets. Are would be deemed quality. And ones that are challenging the album and the status quo are not going to be being this high quality and it got to get demoted. Inside FaceBook opera. Yeah you know any other thing just as we have a shortage of time and you have to go but. The other thing that I find a little bit interesting is that this is big controversy around Cambridge analytic and you know it as. Even if not long after the Internet you know started him blown out information we started setting up digital analytics geo fencing targeted messaging they did it in the Obama election they did very well and it really helped. I think getting elected and I've I've talked to folks that ran statewide campaigns for him. And they all believe that's how they did it in that mean they were able to get that sourcing you know I'll con tent out there aren't in a delivery package that made sense. And it seems as though we're being a little hypocritical now we're beating up on this company where this has been going on for years. Yeah I think you're under the Iraq and one thing that Anderson is. Cambridge and let it is lightly connected device or wrong because. There was one that you people who assure promote companies at different points higher I have no connection to your personally. But what's interesting is that do you actually we're using the same tactics. That war just employed by Barack Obama but he didn't you graduated Barack Obama offered using. It has been recently data available and it's just a process and harvesting. And using that information. To target people with odds and news stories etc. so that the message gets out politically adept essentially what Barack Obama is winning 2012. The current campaign was very clear that they want to try to emulate block Obama's strategy. That's exactly what they did and then the media added up. Because this scene tactic in the same platform that Obama had protracted. We're used by by president comp and people associated with him so you how to protect Iraq is blatant hypocrisy. But the upside. Is that. He's given people like quite far eight she and she get a message out here at a lot of trouble because now people of all political stripes are paying attention. To exactly what is done. Our bodies and leave legal ability FaceBook Google Twitter harvest and sell your data. Absolutely. What Alex morrow or better and cheaper price par thanks so much for joining us and you have to catch a plane in good luck tomorrow with the the function as shell hole and bright board and free are in an act called masters of the universe big check vs free speech and privacy. What are safe travels.