Brees, Saints prepare for Falcons on short week

Saints Football
Tuesday, December 5th

Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.


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I look back sports talk here on the be well received Americans for the big TT they'll feel that he did it in Bobby Hebert 10-Q BUB. With Katie can not be there it's eight Mike Reid brought you by. The water it will cost auto insurance Townsend addiction sinners through thank you very much from the time or it. What are your. Good drew I guess it would actually the football questions. For Bob via talking earlier today locker room but your your cleats that laws are caused athletes who were pretty fast he described. Yes sure so it was a it was to benefit because so united service organizations. That support our military in the altered forever. So both Butler Butler served in World War II what was in the arming them. So I I did one shoot it was for the army for that grandfather and then the other one was stripped of their father of marine. The federal personal touch Stewart. I spent some time with the artists in just told stories about my grand my grandfather's from things they do with them growing up. And so he incorporated that into. Into the issues so. You know obviously at the marine logos and at their. Like the first marine division patch in. It had their other their name rank on there but it also has. Too little subtle things to a committee can really special. Andrew look at how the game started off against South Carolina. I guess that's what you envision on their first drive the said that told to get the crowd into hood and I his -- all of this had chug play threads it's you had Michael Thomas a 32 was Europe plus Tony to Comerica. Plus ten Tamara plus eighteen. That drive being eleven play seventy yards in Europe 70. Both kind of the mindset. Look like kind of a two point arrangement it's Ford did too. And Camara scores on that charged Al blog great cut a great effort. But it looked like a similar play they may be only be considering a 1002 point play does that make sense. Yeah yeah. BI it's your call in the two years ago and we went four for pan. You know in accord situation I think Leo drugs as well it's true our. And we give it their Coke later on from the speech we. So the that we came out and I think it's between them did you learn annual bit further out you guys. You know real Smart guy like secret affairs on the ball which ordered these kind of respect you know he he got a good jump on it by that Odyssey. Confident now that speed athleticism and the outside and visibility can take that first hit. From com to check out and then. He leaned his way to the end zone showed a lot of power you know grit determination silence those rivers start game. Now what drew I think I noticed gradually appreciate design of the players bottom line is that you wanna win the game no matter how you win it but both grew awarding related things like the two games we played Carolina this year. That we beat them at their own game. And what I mean by that you look at the first time around with and a 149 yards Russian. Let a 110 the first have this game and then I'll put a hundred and 48. But then you look at like time of possession. Wind up having a ball basically seven minutes lord in Carolina. You know they we were like fifth ranked they were number one in the league in time of possession. And then what has to give. When you're talking about the number three overall rushing attack against the military over rushing defense in obviously. Is is proven in the gain an outcome. That that the that we beat him kind of like how Carolina seemed like they went a lot of games. Always you know we we work duplicate it here you know like oh great balance. Tinker with football you step on the field. Just in to control the game character of our terms. Aren't going to be trying to in this suit was going to be in most of their greater power and com. Yeah yeah he's got to be efficiently your ticket measure up the troops would give them and we felt like there are opportunities on market that the long run which she each. We've had some pretty key third down conversions from. OPEC where we cash in on on some on big play opportunities in the opposite field to the game there yeah. Now what drew that the old joke about this a pace of Halloween. Obviously united digging at fast and you wanna play see you get get on the field special teams have been. Joseph fired his argument called doing it you know way back is as a as a returner. But. I mean it just describe maybe his pride is easy go displeasure at teens it is again busy get the run. Scout team grabbed sort of July an event receivers at times quarterback art does chased LM no. Drew has these rev to have these refugees I don't how busy getting about all of. We'll. The on in there there's. Wednesdays typically it on a normal week cute on the scout reps in the chase a lot of media reps with or one. Because not a big tactics entitlement state took Lamotte body heal but. But as recently six in in court use special teams meeting. We re Rico and the better you play on special teams are quote trees particular four course and well listen but what do you do you know the team you know and the more you can do to keep your round so. He he had to embrace that they did a great job. A picture between kind of rally around as well. You know him in salt is enthusiasm for him. The funny part one last week you were over there we are talking through quarterbacks doctor plays in the next period accurate thing to patent over. During the tackling dummy drill on the like wrestling match you know under the dummy try to act like he around the special inspector. Like you know that kind of chuckled ourselves. But they let an he is same like he's aggressive and he's a natural forward and speaking of a natural drew I know you probably reflect on this when you career results that'd done. But I got imagine this than. I think it was appropriate two that do when you look at you were 73 and a half percent for the game he QB rating was at 106 and he talked about completions that you surpassed Peyton Manning and move with the second place all time. Now I mean who wants a hostile name's Brett Favre drew breeze to Peyton Manning so. I know you don't dwell on that but hey I gotta talk about it because it happened it's history. There's been it is cool yeah that's pretty cool but you know that that's not. If you play long enough damage to about passes America's you know you have the after turning either. You know kind of capsules got it out to those those are guys that you know all the same guys to play for a long time and played extremely low so. To be even quote those guys you know in some of those categories whose insurance are. Now what drew how to get a chance thanks coach Payton is because we have the coaches show being a shard we summon askew. And there was a time when you are very seldom. Would challenge you your strategy Sean patent strategy. But I thought that is the worst caller Sean Payton yeah year's season so far the medicine bag called look at it's in the fourth quarter but gay all of a sudden. You get on the jump offside Jim on the minus seven yard line. And they were on the twelve are I'm got a second one. And you know while we control of the game and now. And then and all of us you think the games well on handouts war's got to keep the balls 28 to fourteen. And then all of a sudden on that play at the end of getting sacked minus ten dollars they earned eleven. And we have to plug a well know have enough that I had bad Joseph force and a fumble Robertson recovered. Then words sweating and morbid and you look at their fuel position that's very well could have been like at 2211. Tie game and I mean I know we never play conservative but I'm being like second one got a two touchdown lead all mobile why are we even I don't know Drummond drew back in that we get sacked the ten yard. Well we've. Put it have to call that and it won't work you know and you know when you think about opportunities times take shots you know you think about second short. And which we are back but you know we we thought we are groups like oh. And you know obviously they're they're probably sell out for the wrong. So maybe that's opportunity of child you know and I'm Kara couldn't give more Portland where we had an aggressive mindset you know that and obviously didn't work out but we are critical fumble maybe shot. The recovery on the pop. The good Korea that that ball bounce that I away now drew that before you notice here Thursday night. You know traveling on the road on handled adversity when you're the away team on Thursday night football. They and you hear about the board desperate team and you look at Atlanta hate it when the suitable last year but will whatever he's seen on film on the one thing that stood out to me. Is that and and I I didn't realize they were ranked decided their top ten defense and number eight and the they would silver top of the pits also is the scoring defense we're both. Given out like twenty points exactly at twenty point 2.2 games of that was. Interest in dad facing a team like Atlanta and where there rad haven't their ups and downs. That obviously a big disappointing loss to the vikings at home and Donovan brazen new Mercedes been stadium but it. To talk about the challenge that what you've seen old film of this so part of season with the Atlanta. Well it that are either. Very sure responsible for doing a movie epic play conference. Defensively they are very athletic very fast kind of built on speed. If fly around a formula that Seattle. Stout defense and on game quite come from Seattle and he got a lot of really good pieces in place that really account corners. Are you don't have been there for awhile now for truth spot since mother's. Could say he. So I mean all around him manner without defense and fly around in the clutch plays and I think the statistics show that the rush out to. And they cover so trust lifted its divisional games so. It's follows. You know it's destructive in the game plans to open and then and kind of build a coal in the going out there you know excuse him. You did your body and place for Thursday night but obviously we know it's important to trust this program so we're. Popular Burton rampant. Saint quarterback Drew Brees QB QB brought you Michael auto local hospital insurance Townsend addiction centers through thinks of the times certainly lucky guys. Ardor or they drew. Eyes as sports talk here on them did well enough in the dot com.