Brees: Saints must execute “to perfect’ against Panthers

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, January 3rd

Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees about the Saints' NFC South championship and upcoming playoff showdown with Carolina.


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QVDQB. Spot do you buy the goal auto low cost auto insurance and Townsend addiction center. Treatment centers drew thank you so much for joining us and mandolin it classy guy was a list until you're in the post game at disappoint you guys didn't get a win but in the it's it's an entire season drew in net. A whole body a word game goes to show you how important things are tied to. To be able to airline Knight is a huge difference and that's why you guys a plane home this week instead of playing over there. Yet is the crowd with the seek out temperature in open a tradition you for the ability make it out so. The fact that the narrowing of imprisonment first of your payment. You know if Bloomberg reported more rate went into the order also agree you're. Should be pregnant. True look at what occurred. And it kind of a game. I remember maybe being there one or two times but how do you approach. All of us nine year anxious you ready guard Derrick compete. And then a very sustained. Drive by antenna beta go fourteen plays. 35 yards or loses seven to zero. In debt now at Comerica digits at a house close play in saints history. Players say jarred so love. Not so fashion I'd gone on the field. But it just break that down sitting on the side lines and woods going through your mind considering butted time you get back on the field. Blogger and is related stumbles the second quarter. And now you're able logic come on the field laden and hid Thomas. A faux 43 yard gain but just heard about that process I know you Devlin welcome that if Alec can marry any it time you get a big play as far as a big splash play and you on the side lines watching. There are able to make it accessible by all the picture ID you know use the games started. And you're like thirty minutes into it really haven't stepped on field yet. So. Instructors they loose they are ready you know quicker returned. Rear cap was our first thought that the drugs are so. Now drove look at men. You know Michael Thomas that would solve enable it to accomplish. You have very meaningful quarterback receiver relationship is going back. You know look at Marcus Colston Heidi develop that relationship with him the you look at Jimmy Graham. Would you look in the records are made to be broken. You know that but all of a sudden and he has a nine yard grab in the second quarry Briggs Jimmy Graham regular money ninth said back in 2011. And then all of a Sunday finishing the season went under four catches. Over 12100 yards you Briggs Jarvis leisure record of a 194 cage in the first two season a career. Now you look at Thomas where he's at. Slowly past Landry. I mean that is something that is seemed heavy considering. The task at hand and what do you counting on as an individual. To be held to know what he's doing game inning game out. And that to be reliable. Those first two seasons being introduced an NFL. And I really appreciate remind the thomas' that I know you appreciate. Where colts that was that and Jimmy Graham. It's amazing all these dimmer relationships you've had and now look Baghdad early show winner at Morton with the saints. Andrei rise in with the falcons Anthony Carter. So we just when you play long enough you have those to our relations are receivers but they say is like going forward. Then Michael Thomas and held TB young. Yeah I think so these he's far America report prepared day in our. A lot of it's focus and intensity. We're we're ever regret it doesn't matter what route. Practice stripper game you know he's he approaches all say and eve. Thirsty for knowledge I mean he won't be great and certainly workforce. You know. So respond that your young receivers that haven't had mentality. And it won't get it right. Begin to CEO. Of progress in the libel mark so to speak the more parent she together. The more that your open the playbook. And really. You know expose him to a lot of things that immediate past yet it was like their opportunities see you guys ought there. I'm sure he can do a lot of thanks so. Serbia and tablet and the last two years of the pretty remarkable when you talk about the church in the back computer records so. Kudos to him for his work ethic and his approach again. Now drew this is a different. Prospective on this question. I'm an elaborate a little bit and you know always do that. That knowing you try to get the crowd involved and you truly one that don't fill advantage really to be playing on the road and try to discourage. The opposing crowd to get into the game. I thought this is innocent should Dennis Allen as awareness and coach Payton. They're the saints have surrendered a score on the opening drive of the game. You know bringing the total scores out to 62% whether it's a field goal or touchdown. I thought about wall that that's a high number season through percent but you look when you did the game on Sunday against Tampa Bay. That the saints have only allowed a score of 30% and all the other drives. Some say hell we can do good and nobody driver who might can be pretty good defensively. Threw well and I know you know scoring defense. And you look at Carolina where Barack. True it is amazing to me. That all the gains the pandas have played the saints have played both teams are average and only given up to when he point four points a game. Yeah I mean it look simple both will be a dessert plate burger well she's. And immunity you talk about that the opening drive. Written dark horse start fast offensively. And defensively you know especially where all of great first up. Get off field the ball ought to be offered in their outlook on its support but at the end of the day it's about the body or. Body of work right yeah. If you are we scored a member. But some there's the sort of goes to a bottom line in order to execute you're picked as the opportunity would get a spam it was long responsible. It'll make those place. Drew I was looking at this and now somewhat surprised. Because a sit in the NFL so competitive you look at the parity. They got to play one team three times only season. What is it like that would be a tough challenge. You know what ally when I saw this since 1970. You look at. And woods basically happen. That two win. To beat a team I should say three times a one season. It's well over 50%. Thirteen honored at 18 games you've had. Teens beat another NFL team three times the last time those of a decade ago log Dallas had beaten the giants twice in their loss in the playoffs so are now like those numbers only give thirteen at its warning. And I think go pro Jay we Benedict Carolina. We got them at home the dawn was gonna be rock and I being is going to be. How I was that a dirty birds outlook in dirty birds plus come playoff time in. I think we get a skim the Panthers in. I'm is very optimistic considering. When I saw this because that are parity in the league. That used lead a bear a better team comes out on top at thirteen out of the Tory times since 1970. But. Bottom line. The dormant in Iraq are our fans deserve. Another excited about the arbitrator post playoff game. If if if the Atlanta game any indication as to what what were capable of that though you know. It gets me excited. And we got a sponsor. Or former players sort of back for the game. Which you know guys that were part of our championship. You also. It's going to be great atmosphere. About a month for us this week it's all about preparation you're ready to play these guys so murder or special or they handle well we know them well. They're gonna be you rate goes yes but the advantage as excuse. And you can we do things right. More consistently in the you know. But man hemispheres. We expect the electorate and an obviously need it that way I hope fans know just what it damage that creates. When. You know they can help our defense. You'll get off the field give us an extra possession or you know. You stop and that is gonna you know give them a greater advantage cause them to jump off sides caller right our guys get off on the ball faster you know it. Create a big player created turnover mean these are all different makers Gingrich and have a direct impact well. Now drew you don't browser impressed with and I'm just telling you to some comet one argued Tate Taylor don't want whatever it. Like I'm looking at impressive wins this year. Timmy well we did think Carolina. I was most impressed because that times were able to beat Carolina had their own game when I'm Aimee that a look at Ron repair. I know Ron Rivera is this not knows. Is that look not just not a bubble in their opponents those and and we were able to do that went in the trenches and whenever he could do that is very humbling so going forward. And look at my Carolinas that. No obvious you don't win the turnover battle. But I thought balancing giving considering the challenges await Carolina's DB has been able to do throughout the season. That you talked about always a top ten defense how we've been a top ten offense our top five or should say. When you look at what they've done against the run. Sacking the quarterback you go on and on who have but it's amazing. I think what we did against them the two previous games now hopefully that continues. But is kind of like. Even though they have candy and I know he was an MBP. I look at the saints. Are looking Carolina. I think you're Carolina football. I think give damn as style. Up front the pit civilly a look at the saints. Always explosive offensively. I mean at the that's got an opinion c'mon 612 years we have the no more offense nine out of twelve we've beneath the water to. So it's like. Who who who's gonna break he juggled as will. Our spirit. To me as still being Eagles back to the saints Alves vs Carolina is deeply. Well on the important so obviously your defense surplus of seven you know. The other it was important are. I mean in Utah Utah enemies to not that I'm focused on their defense to UB. Yeah. I I have they're trying to respect for these guys I think I've seen the key Koreans on the best players in the game. He's a smaller players have ever played against. I know that. His preparation his films but he and his knowledge of the game. Its ability to make adjustments some flies second and are not there are so. It just makes me and in our parent since realized that we've got to be on point that we got to be important and everything worked on our execution has to be the perfection. Then we get figured if there's every opportunity you know we get against these guys that they that the difference maker in the first student privacy the turnover ratio which. You know we were well aware of in both cases and and then I think you'll really rushing the ball effectively yeah balanced you know making some big plays in the passing game. And then being good on third down in those were all key ingredients to being in the first terms of and obviously that's going to be key to beating them up furcal. QB QB who brought you about to go auto locals auto insurance and Townsend. Addiction treatments and is drew thank you so much of the time Laguna wrangles Sunday evening against Caroline. Ardor or.