Brees: Saints "had opportunities" vs. Vikings

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, September 13th

Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees about the Saints' loss to the Vikings and upcoming matchup with the Patriots.


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And welcome back. Thanks radio here WWL is time now for QB to QB QB TB is brought you by. The goal auto low cost auto insurance to welcoming quarterback Drew Brees drew thank you so much for the time a tougher against Minnesota but. Drew a sharp week here at. Teams working hard to get back on the field as the defending champion New England Patriots are in town on such. Yeah it's essential we. We we get a tax butcher preparation into short terms so. We're excited to get back to work and get back on the field on Sunday for the world and the dome against a pervert opponents hope we come out with a win. Now draw you mentioned is sit in the post game. Then the five of eight possessions. All of a sudden you have limited possessions that. You one of five in the reds home and then you opened three four goal to goal. And not try to tell the fans and educate him that we've been a reds the red zone we've been a good red zone offense as far as getting touchdowns were normal for. In the league last year as far as getting chairs on our percentage. But to me was possibly to be I've not seen this. That aids is even more magnified. When not only the reds a moment its goal to goal. And you haven't is saddled basically financial point move we're open three to me that that's what. Was discouraging have you ever been part of bags as a symbol of Drew Brees has been part of this has been few and far between his career. Yeah I mean we are inside. Of those but that's an area. We were down inside nor are on the five yard line and you know for those arms in the rim the other time and we. We have the test for the got to them first drive with a mean that the holding penalty penalty kind of took without regrets and so it is that that I would definitely count but. But the before we certainly had our opportunities so. But the thing that the the support important because you used safely we couldn't convert on half a votes in two out of those four. Then. You know to different ballgame media game goes out and a wire and edit the game absolute bundle aren't so different set of circumstances so. And it just lets you know just now. You know an amateur game of instances scissors or just you know water to place. Here and there that the that determine the outcome could. You know but we move the ball effectively. And you know lead. Of which we're having a possessions market down five times he's he is a good percentage and many touchdowns are not just feel folks. And drove long bad drive and obviously you know hostile environment you wanna get off to a great start. And nine as a third and fifteen situation. In SA well. Drew missed nominee Lewis on the corner Ralph. But talk about how to be familiar and makes Barry's way of what do you go back old school would be every hand this in our. Our land some more. Whoever you've been a part of and to saints uniform. Over a decade. To me that a lot of times the fans don't realize that anticipation. That you can't pull the ball bags not under string. Then you almost have to trust the receiver no matter what the route and Indian no that's the way to NFL as you have dead different play makers. But the balls audio Hansen yeah almost have to anticipate what the receiver is gonna do and what you've done in the past and have success. Yeah everything that you do from quarterback perspective is about anticipation especially in the passing. Because holes. COLT may be open for a moment but they closed down third very quickly the windows actually track. He. And and especially you get on the red zone which you know that was a it was a deeper route that but in a very compressed you know. Place on the field where that ball has to get up and down and so. Neutral on that a lot of trust in anticipation to a certain spot. I'm it was a different look at what we thought we gonna get and so the rout was on a little bit differently around so we don't we missed on by a few yards but again you know that's. But the difference between. You know for for a formal point right here what your customers true. Now drew the one thing that I was encouraged by and obviously he's competing that means he's fighting and we've pain Emma to play that high level. Kobe cleaner. I mean I look at the play of Colby for leaner in I league game a game ball in in the polls gain. Simply because though weeks Baghdad if you look at it five catches could be four yards he added tires on heavily to the tough catches. That you and able. The past years have past seasons. To hook public Jimmy Graham even Benjamin Watson. So just heard about the play of go briefly you know I thought that deadly should help his confidence going forward. Between the accommodation unit. We have a single or weapons you know and so you gut. Back in the back field that leak and the Balkans and throw it to create matchup with the man. Guys the wide receiver position meant that you can do the same person obviously the current position group before power from worry about. CoBiz collegiate tall guy with good range you know there's places you can throw the ball and he likes gonna get proposed you know so. He was able to make two catches there and usually productive force. Now and drew up. You look at the patriots and Tom Brady looked that you sell. Two highly prolific quarterbacks in the National Football League and you got to have luck and injuries but you got to move on. And I look at what Willie speed has meant to us on third down NASDAQ and again only history and top ten on the highlight reel but. 36 and 37 how you can count on him when you moved the stakes. But I say also would Tom Brady in NN and Julian Edelman. And him not being available. Didn't just talk about what Willie speed has meant to you and and you could say next man up but. That trust factor again that's important to have those slot time receivers. And is not betting that you eat you have a big play here exporting a defense. But it's as simple play but you're getting first downs and I've said this before over and over. That the number one. Offense on third down. Since 2006 has been the saints and patriots. And a noble one teams the two number one tees as converted the most third. First downs bulls' first downs as the saints. And the patriots and I think. The likes of by you look at New England how they structured. Wes Welker relative Julian Andelman I think Ammann dole has had that ability but now is he available he's always been heard but. They Willie's dean was deadly data extension from Lance Moore. And yet the price of one Elisa is not a big play Cammie get a first now home. Think sustained a drive and a big a lot of fans don't realize that how important that is. Yeah. You know when it comes down to it. You know we we all real green almost you know Kurt down. Just to go make a point four you know him when things are tight you know. The pastor is good you know other parts of your team this need to act attic can just go away. You really separate those guys obviously I think him and they're similar in that regard. Where animal and man has been on. Very very reliable for prompt for a long time as Waleed has for us you know the last couple years so. On the hard not to be you know to be without a gala. Put it where it against Serbia and and thank you try to do. Because do enough on third down where there was some you know Bill Belichick feature in how to play reported third down work. The other at times are gonna try to take away certain guys and implement some other guys that are left one on one have to be away and you know that's that's the name of the game. Now I drew and I'll look at what the patriots and the saints have done on third down. Are even I'll look at our offense. And Jimmy Ellis surprised as pre season. So whether druze playing or not I'll look quote Carmichael. And our offensive system and now coach Payton. That were able to have success the matter who the quarterback was. And obviously going to be limited pre season but a look at analysis of fans part of to me. Now we've now played five games but have only five touchdown. And deploy numbering and out. Is all of did the patriots and the saints. Having animals first downs but also on third down. To me that was troubling because that's what happened in pre season will only four of 1136%. On third down and we obeys you 30%. On third down into pre season where. We've been the best and always erupted Lieber sent as far as conversion rate is that something that can be addressed and and and and I think going forward in the BL to have success against New England. Oil perseverance there's there's there's a correlation to. Certain statistics or any other statistic for that matter from pre season to actually. And we've only played one game. I'm confident tool you'll. Be any much more productive and efficient. You know place with our third downs with our own everything else. And I hope that starts this week you know like he says we've been burger system that are truly long arm. And we had a lot of different outcome come through here you know different positions to poke at that and so on carpet the look at that there. Now drew when you look at the editor of film. And then you look at the page's defense what are the achieves two. To exploit that pads the fins because you know they were able to handle adversity. Hostile environment but just talk about. Well was Kansas City able to do to exploit that pages Stephenson really big advantage. The lord. It played. It's like really that politically team planned. You know they've got. It gets so many these players. That are hybrid type guy national tour. Obviously legally Kelsey is that the type in you know are we want the best items will be. It was interest and see the planned doing at prohibiting them Kelsey although the place to be developed or shall he took snapped as the quarterback cam shot. Can't say the picture of him kept it you know the middle. They were shovel passes program needs talks crap play they bring speed sweeps but that's between concurrent vertical routes served. Intensity Google can't agree. And you read into triple personnel. Alex Smith being extremely intelligent guy who can negotiate and have the right place so. Biggest it has put a great Kempthorne and really had a great game plan. Now drew when you look at it obviously. We in turn go to football. And who went in net negative category and I think very similar. Saying like that's the case we get that we cal look at the vikings last season they were plus eleven. The pages to plus twelve talk about and assume Rudolph how important is going to be. That if were able to take a way to football but also protect. Policy and it's it's critical assessing the team like this that. That's such a good job of taking care of the football offensive and thrives on taken to a defense. That's that's a critical stat. QVDQB's. Body by the goal auto low cost auto insurance drew peg you so much of the time good luck to you to think Sunday against the patriots. I dare you.