Brees: Saints addressing missed opportunities

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, September 20th

Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Saints quarterback Drew Brees about the team's loss to New England and upcoming showdown with division rival Carolina.


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You really give me I come assays are Drew Brees has brought you by a go auto. Low cost auto insurance drew thank you for joining us. Toughen against the New England agents and now drew import and taught you step into NFC south division play ever won his division has a Victor but the Blanco. And going to take on a cap on up and detained its to a no. It's time to step in the division blade do to withdrew I think that the blood get the balling a little bit these teams you for very familiar with. And eight look the intensity level kind of raises of these telling these two for ones and you had to go to a place in Carolina where they're very difficult to be. Betty injure is very important and every game has been especially in the pairs in the special and go on the road in the division so we replaced our first or. Now drew what I look at and and you made a statement and I edges. You know I expect. Great things from our offense because you've accomplished that in the past. And I don't know miscommunication. Is the right word. But you commented. That one C. That we're out of sync Alexei we've had missed opportunities but I just look at occasions in the vikings game in. And this has game against New England whether it be commonly Lewis. Ted Ginn junior was a fourth in three opportunity. So we try to keep pace in New England. And you missed on that play within again and an Allen Tamara looks like. I don't know be things really get the bald dome like key run and the balls right there are so. The play numbering and out is that all a matter of is that timing in getting the ramps you know this day and age of free agency. He had a lot new faces but. I don't know what to me mourn any thing you might not admit to this. But I think Willie speed. And they communication that you have between you yourself when him. When a long way we miss that the first couple games. I've also result of the plays that you mentioned he's coming to us and those are plays the plays which are the other those excuses we should make those boys I'll think it's. I think in the Buick I want you're not enough. You know others they're the leaders urge or plays in the game are difference makers in the game your first bird down. I don't bring Tommy Lee Lewis and motion. You know far enough in there to really run the route the waiter we practice so that army the next what is. Detecting it and where you know they are so close to make that play the guy. The TP docs and opinions on third down play you know in your local the fourth round. Unified split second longer to try to look at it in place the ball in the right spot I've missed with patrol a little bit but you others. There's. There's kind of that area of the field which brought about alt two bit. You know you feel like you can get a completion and that the Camara. Don't order route again split second longer. A receipt that even better. You know more appeal that trapped the ball you mean there's just there's just some little little thing a little little things. They just come with more that we play together. And you know just if the other just slight very you know that if if things are error. Artest a little bit better than we make those plays and exit the ball and you know there were some of those in the Minnesota game two but it's just. You worked through those and a proper that we get that that's spoke in order. Now drew look good in you know obviously Carolina is look how they've played defensively. Whether they have salmon buried in the box already committed to stop the run obviously Alan thing well we at least need. It till proven Beverly they would shade more to Michael Thomas and trying. Take commodity gave. Could it be a case in point that would make game is still going back you Ford dealer again Holland game starts in the first quarter. Then maybe you'd take more shots at that hey get junior colony Louis. Initially. When the game starts in and obviously talking about that and also. Utilizing coal briefly in a word seems like. That adds that that's one area that we've been there right times to give manager. We yet again read we had. Some opportunities there as much trouble plate you know and other post. Again that we were that we look at a world apart and such on third down or or try. What are you. But lets you incident just grabs a leg. Ball you don't get a outfielders. Go there opportunity here and there. Would that possibly maybe the ball elsewhere they always want to Brad Coleman. In a pubic played it was tropical between your feature polite you know radical popped one open it play out so yeah I mean I'm here. Your situation where the Egypt is gonna try to dictate. You know how they're gonna play the game winner take away pictures worker Michael whoever. Yeah goes over and it was a matchup of utilized. So there though and we just got to exploits. Now drew when you look at like Valentino viewers auto white balance rushing at Tim's passing it tends. You look at two gains thirty rushing attempts 82 passing attempts. And the reason why try to tell fans they have been imbalance because come on look what occurred in the first quarter. Playing catch up on Sunday night is that a common in there. But is that a case in point when you look at the running backs him and and the group that we haven't you want him to get there hands of the ball get the touches. Net assembly. Can we be. Where we're not playing catch up within us and I think you see more balance. Yet ministers Sylvia averaged. The average number reductions in your game is 1112. To such. And so the first two games we've gotten a as. So were about three possession short. Of what would be on. Well that that result that a lot of this place. You know that we are on. It I think we as if you treat it equal players from like that by asking I think we didn't have to write you know in the other in the other game. Normally would in certainly took place yet so right now we're vertically sure were thirty push sort of where what would be our our average. So. That's that's where a lot of right here. At all and reichert. And that is you know even you know we've we've. We're heavily lot and our percentage is out to our. We've been moving the ball. We've been moving the ball the ball's been moving down field. Gave him the reds or the scoring area. And a report. Well sort of but that's C I don't know explained that if fans. Because they wanna see although we've always trust that no we have not always struggled in the red zone we would noble for. In tech zone efficiency last year. So why navy this year and I want you to comment on this along with a third down. I tell them listen we've been the number 13 down offenses 2006. We're number 13 round Robin slash share right now we like 34 point eight. But which is 23. That's unfamiliar territory no we've been not amongst the best we've been demand so. I mean explain maybe why we haven't had much success in the red zone on third down. Well played or talked about all the plays and we talked about were looking for downplays. It assert few. Again in. It's really not that drastic we knew we need to look at code for I think we were. Four of eleven maybe on third down. But there were two red zone third down players that I can look at and say and we should completion there. So let's just add two more completion there. By the way they both would have resulted in concept. So we instead of being 411 that whatever that is 38%. We would have been fixable. Which is like 65% or wherever that. And that instead of being. Water. Or in the red zone we would've been three of four camera. So to place. Two plays in the game where you run sixty put. So to play can be the difference. Between. You being day. 35%. Third out came to a 55%. And being a 25%. Red zone into a 75% reds don't take. Which both those who lead the lead by the yeah so it's a game mentions and it's very slight. And we are fair very close. We got a teleconference and we got a lot of swagger that we notre happen. We've got to keep prepared like it's happened and keep visualize where it happened it's happened. Now I drew. This is I think he Devlin look at the glass half full and I'm meg kind of guide to. And let's see guard Derrick competing you fight hard but you look. Three years in a row the saints ever shake and all their September walls to give back to five merger have wade through this season. What can you tell the fans that is not necessary to same song and dance considering the saints O 111 instantly sort of past four seasons. And union definition. Seven and nine and and you look at Carolina and their style defense. You look at the dolphins say they're always good a front so what can you tell fans to be encouraged considering. That can we possibly beyond to a two on though you think that but. Would you tell fans because that we Devlin behind the eight ball in the venal and two right now. Well on the outward not into an accurate arms where we're going in this game. So are we were missed and Malia other charter detained to divisional part on the road. Eight played extremely well on especially defensively. On we have reduced our force. But I'm excited about it and I know aren't our team has an offensive. Another word work. We you'll win that game during the week in preparation. And that's the way world perseverance. And so you blah summit with the confidence. You're prepared you could possibly be dropped occur. And that's expectation level that we we know we know were the most opportunities come I can promise you we are addressing them and I don't have a crystal ball or court and I predict what happened threat season. I can tell you that we we have the type of team that can continue to grow and these are very good. We just sat two. We've got to get it and so we can we can begin to build confidence. And momentum. Based upon demonstrated ability. You know that's wanting to talk about it. The and doesn't let you go out and realizes. And then that's what the confidence grows that's where the momentum built. Now I drew I don't know if I've ever seen this. If you look at team in you know every season's in new season. I don't know for every scene is thirsty disdain age a point to regain Carolina's given up three points. And I you have to look at the opponent. The 49ers bills that is the NFL on the stand all night. But what do you see in his Carolina the visibility Julie is Travers he does that not seem like an old man. So Carolina. We all know the front seven they're line backing core voters say like they've gotten better and that's secondary on the vacuum. Yeah yeah they have the the rookie corners are now you know certain corners and play a lot more confidence and you know a year under their belt and your and that's system. Even though you know their defense according bushel on the curvature and it job in buffalo about Steve looks you go to great jobs and system obviously a lot of the same. Them. So those tests with those guys put a little further long time burger luggage burger for their capture Russian pressure packages and it was so this is always hard fought game members publicly these guys whether it's our pleasure of their and so we expect it to be this. Do I know you asked today about you know him. Maybe drink it from the fountain of youth though in laminated the second splurge on the you know burst of energy on on what is many. How how long. Drew when you look on game taping panic over this and that lead is Julius Peppers again I'm me disease still out there and he still produce at a higher level. Yeah that's pretty amazing aspect of our position you know. I took physical positions and there he's an hour aptly he has been forever. But there's still visibility to it to get off the ball and that is the power that he generates you know inside. It's it's pretty remarkable so yeah they you know they've got a good role for him there he. Or more Castro specialist. You know comes on passing downs and you know they were inside were from outside so yeah he's still so very effective. Depending you know drew you're Hummer mine and I told the this what I think you're Julius Peppers came in remember. I went to some awards ceremony and to have the saints. I many I am I'm accepting an award about meaningful truly. Great sports experience. Real putting the dome when the falcons came to the superdome reopening in. And and everything that was around the way that atmosphere. And then Julie's covers got an award for outstanding Vivus of player nom they get like wal. And when you think about like you said at the ballot that that's almost like ancient history when you look at the NFL. And he was on that level he was on Carolina then he goes away. And then he comes back to show you how some living in a player he's been. Yeah he went to Chicago and Green Day rock. Which we are underemployed in 2003. Super Bowl that Carolina play against age and low yet there I believe goes his rookie year. So. The remarkable what he's. He's still around he's. Like you drew you you had Tom Brady just just like a fine line this age gracefully. Go. QB QB is brought to about to go auto low cost auto insurance through thank you so much of the time looking Carolina. Part of thank you.