Brees on getting back on the winning track

Saints Football
Wednesday, December 13th

Drew Brees joins Bobby Hebert for "QB To QB," talking about the Saints' loss to Atlanta and upcoming matchup against the New York Jets.


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It's time now for QB to QB QB QB's bark about the goal auto locals auto insurance and Townsend addiction treatment centers. Drew thank you so much for joining us and over the course of years and 01 of the things we've talked about his. Gonna have done lost any logic does Tom get back on the field. But did seem like there's been an awful long time with those extra days between last Thursday and this coming Sunday to give back on that field. The evidence that he goes much needed. It's it's stressful with the very clippers yeah. Just a divider in the preparation but. You know what is that obviously get that we do and to recover and then there was news sources that are currently yours are by it was so like forever ago you know to get a couple of days after. You know re charge the batteries in if there's some things that are secure their bodies. Dozier. Now Joan is that that a second quarter we were down ten to three. Yelled go five play 66 yards two tie game didn't attend. Annabel was kind of a unique don't need a break doubt that this sort of fans that you hit commonly Lewis 126 yard touchdown. And there is gonna ring it up with how many times do you see. There's usually do you try get after the quarterback and lets them and maybe catch them off guard or. Are you Russian traditional or maybe you might have a dog would have backer you bring in five but on that particular play. Using you know you would check it down considering a three man rush and attitude deep concept. But you're able to make a play along the side lines that Tony C short touchdown. I thought that was in his and they'll go pal is only approach you when a three man rush. Yeah and he you know it based on four alignment in and drop a guy out you know citadel. That is is that trying to give you your version and its former Russian. And there's you know this guy's fate he's disguising it in and obviously trot back into those talks so coverage and and then drop the defense of climate as well they try to pick where the underneath throws. By. You know I think in the process of they're the guys you know they eulogy earlier in fact it is responsibility which is that he passed the deal that. I mean it is nice job looked at by the quarter on the sideline and might prompt or short route which you know drew a lot of attention that real that thumbing her great effort like to say this unity itself. Now drew looking at the game meant what occurred and it's happened before as far as number of snaps. You know how many opportunities. Do you have an ending we all know third down. Comes in the play in now which you know elaborate on that bit. I'm looking net not I think this would occur again bill at a previous low with 57 snaps against the rams. Then against Atlanta we had a season low 52 snaps. And use Leah we talked about this 65 snapped plus for instance alana had the ball now the seventy fours that our 52. But the only had 37 yards mortem we were able. To attain the point being is there any other. Answer when you look at limited snaps that. Would be similar because we not convert on third down only being three of ten. Bridges you look at the patriots and dolphins game bidding to convert on third down and the pages in his saints have been number one says 2006. And last year won in two. Phil. I mean that's a decision to meet third down how the pages struggle we struggled but it. When you look at like limited. Amount of opportunities it snaps as it's strictly connected to their third down how you break it down. Yeah and I think that's a big part of it obviously and then I'd say. You know penalties. Is going to be sort of internal situation. In an open things guys you know that otherwise I think we would they were RP off he'll be bailed out. You know maybe get another drive so bottom line is these economies out here. Our logo or an efficiency are on they're out you know we're we're used it should be that so and naturally. Usually not that much more about 310 verses spot you know just a few more reverse you know or in most cases as just one more work. You know but think of these or 40% average which is no tactically. But like he says we're used to be it. Peace be at the top so. That's just you really wanna break out a way it's just what you get one more urgent. Game you know that would be that would put as opposed the 50% which would be which would be great but you know aside I think reap about a I look at the so. And report it down. It's there's so much that goes in the third or so I mean you wanna be certain short to be certain reasonable situation that increases your chances. It's you know it's it's a real good protection plans. To do we have. Our concepts of place that you give us. And answers don't answers. We have guys that are open right all. Accurately so a lot because it took that. I don't much better than what we put out there going to be. Now drew and I don't know if you might somewhat agree with this I know I agree that it. What Thomas Morris that the potter. You look at yourself while representing the players with the players association along with Thomas Morrison who serves as woman a represented as an NFL PA. And I think he was right on point when you talk about players say the in and playing on Thursday night football. To me I noticed who could be addressed with a few juicy BA 20/20 or 20/20 one but he went on to say to me is very simple. With the NFL should do we should remove a pre seizing game have three pre season games they should have an eighteen week season. Sixteen games so when you play Sunday. You'll play for another eleven days the united gone from Sonny took Thursday and if you want Thursday night football you don't NFL's argument I've been that I give no money. Especially when you're talking about over 900 million in revenue basically a billion. That. I don't know. Driving this global that in that being may be late February instead of early February simply because. You look at the TV ratings of the money involved but actually given players would OK if you plan on Thursday you gonna have a mini by united played that are following Sunday. Instead of only that from a sunny Thursday that makes cents. There are public comment about it Torre it does make. A lot of things have been thrown around and they've been talking about shortening the creepy wa. Ought to be NFL. As thought about wanting to expand the season taking aim for right. It. Their their best interest to him and try to capture that. That space. In mid and late February in that really kind of a dead space and think about. Sports on television you know based lives started yet of football we've thought about reviewed he's an NB about all so. That that player at that day a period of time where. Yeah I think you did great viewership so that that's going to be that's certainly something to be considered and discussed the bottom line. The increased chance of injury for guys. On short days stressed that orally is this tremendous you know and so yeah I agree. To see the players that there are lost every year on Thursday nights and some injuries. When you feel like that can be credit. Now drove a good target for the jets the close of the game. The intersection. To Joshua was that a case of point maybe is getting a little too greedy. But I does that and if it was are you always take over Drew Brees a signal that was a terrible rout by Josh hill not how they can. That Josh Gil ran the route like he did think the ball is coming there. Alyssa a great interception of vertical by DB JD vote ought to Jones. But he didn't stick them on a coma the need then you get that line magnate turn is heading into a ride by his hair invaded two symbol for him to make a play. Look like Jimmy Johns Joseph as he did surprise that you threw the ball him. Yeah. Others. That's it it's too risky to root in that situation you know especially. It's wanting at you if we needed four more points you know. But bottom line here ogle group apart we gave them an incentive to overcome the or consider. So that's when you got those points. You've got to you know he's got a decision. That would be you know where you're. You gotta love that happened trouble remaining debt that's that's what about that was which Electro Rent it didn't need to be taken. You know check it down. It will be third down and seven from the governor got from the and they'll take our chances from that. Now I drew looking at the jets and what they're really play well on homes tonight did struggle on the road they beat the browns their. Seventeen to fourteen their loan road victory. But sieve like they've been there and every game except. That last game against them when they lost a 23 to zero. But I look at where in the first quarter second quarter third quarter. They've outscored their opponents. But to have many of the closeout games I'll look the we're almost two to one. They've been outscored 123 to 58 in the fourth quarter broke when you watch the film. This is like the jets are right there. To to win. Look today Carolina gave him a lot of it is because they NFC south. I know and Carolina all aside you get a scoop and score McConnell got sag can. And the new guy Kiki picking a nominee run back a punt but other than that is a leg that bid the jets are right there we Carolina. In a sale like they've been like that a number of games. Ever been about a competitor. You know it takes is supporting them in the first. Of their game against them at home sort of edit it player on the team really got him and how you want to against there's so. It's this feature performances salty. There's really good truck or Arafat's we've seen. You know big strong physical. And it's a fast defense a very fast defense. You look at it is banned from how these guys are so. No we are working out force we resolve our execution that's evidence. They. Go back if things we've we talked about you know third down conversions and sustained drive Spain on the field you know be able to mix. You know that's restart that junior is so our plan. More more competent to his. When you get get a couple first. And you feel like the playbook this opens up and it's like they would that we call run play action drop back you know in the EU wanna call. You know we can we can make that workers you cut out. Now drew group crawl you run let those Aniston you know different teams Heidi trying to attack units is like in the jets formula defensively. That they send their inside linebackers. Look bad Demorrio Davis and Darren Lee. Four and a half three sacks he's talking about him interior linebackers that's seven and a half sacks right there. It just saves like those guys can run and so they gonna cinnamon trying to disrupt the passing game. You have you know there are three for each of the structure was specifically. You know that I mean you're getting pressure you know on the outside linebackers but then there's Passworder drop in outside linebacker pepper in its factor should also they have the ability to do a lot of that. Those guys are good blitzer you know there are physical and obviously they're they're quick to orbit factual. That was probably an ignorant or. QB QB's target by the goal auto locals auto insurance and Townsend addiction treatment tennis. Drew thank you so much for the time to look you in the black Eagles Sunday at noon against a New York Jets. They threw.