Brees discusses staying in NOLA and his new deal

Saints Football
Tuesday, March 13th

Bobby & Kristian talk with Saints quarterback Drew Brees about the new contract he signed to remain in New Orleans with the Saints.


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Welcome back to sports talk here on WW LA and a man dot com crushing dark along with the cajun cannon Bobby bare the saints quarterback Drew Brees agreeing to a two year fifty million dollar contract. Earlier today 27 million of that contract is guaranteed for the future hall of fame quarterback he's on Lila right now Drew Brees saints quarterback on sports talk here on W Devoe. I don't like I guess we'll start with first off congratulations on the two year contract with the saints. Thank you think you're do you they they'll fill out that the regulatory well you know on the deck where they want it to the horses the matter. You know candidate to get it you're done you'll be forced free agency. He deadline that. Obviously there's a lot to go and do. You know the Aussie Kim well the time it. Get the CNN student sort of created bwic. I wait your current roster and I weighed. They're there I'll buy into all that stuff that they need to come at. Appreciate it good that's well if you start to happen so. The only game got to cut back to last week it. We're able to get something done you know obviously. Yesterday. Email a lot of people love nose down you do you have a nervous. Because I think it. Definitely getting there I was gonna be Satan played obviously polite and I'd do it. And I think organization. Obama is well just let the let so again it was just a matter coming together and make sure we got it right you're done. Who would you look at and at Oklahoma. You've been involved in FL players association. What is your take all only guaranteed contracts I didn't answer only thing. I thought that I would see it but I guess that might vary from position to position. Considering. We knew that cousins is deal with the vikings. 86 million reportedly guaranteed to with the season. Yet. I think. If it if you do if you look at. Typical quarterback. The only like a franchise quarterback Peter the other side and 86 year deal. We're the first three years guaranteed anyway. Soul. The way I looked at that deal. Is he. He's basically just getting your three year guarantee of any. After that opposed adding two more years that would really be the option of the club right. If he's playing well. And eight. They want to keep it typically. They taught her that the final years of the contract. In this case. It seems like. Their cousin has put itself in the position where he gets to make that decision victory here. Andrew look at that number of contracts is disconnected. Are does that correlate with the collective boring agreement that. You see a number of players. Looking at opportunities down the ruled that. That three year window. And then what's gonna come about after the U Clinton boring re it might be a whole different animal so to speak. Part of negotiations that says that the number of players are looking forward to. The new CBA agreement and go over the three year deal. Yet you are not sure that's factoring into the thinking if I guess that certainly makes sense. I think it's more so. Warsaw and I would be dumping I think what would it be thinking about vs the the player. Just because you really really don't know what's gonna happen I mean. That's it everything's trending upwards site immediately revenues grow. The salary cap to the actual percentage of the revenue so. That the league revenues increased the salary cap increases belt. It's only natural picked it players' salaries continue to present well. Now drill I tell the fans that. Think about the skins that you put on the wall and obviously you can give this chance to win that set that some rubles here in the old. Look at the roster where you're at right now in the NFC. Okay would that being said. When you look at where yet right now those forms. A commitment to the team and I told fans that drew was given to say to hometown discount. You know 27 million dollars this is a big guarantee is you know in the real world so to speak. Now this should not maybe candidacy to help them out maybe. To surround yourself going forward also would have better supporting cast considering that you wanna go anywhere that you. Obviously. I wanted to do with the saints and it's that it did help the team. I mean. I think like I let my communication with that you the most important bit based organization. During. My contract. My contract discussions over the last radio early and then. Totally different then what most are I mean I think if there's. There's there's adequate level of communication there's a great level of understanding. Ed there's a threat level purse back as well you call it a they can almost take that that water. Okay there's a deal to be done let's come together let's find the Gilbert going to be the most fair player and organization at all. And my objective with this deal was. Certainly not them maximize the deal is much like could be carried out the case then. I was being offered a lot more money elsewhere in all of it. But I would never under any Beatles from other places but it does that mean Olympic getting offers. You don't. But BP objectively look I think it don't they watered all of the awards in order that was partly. I love the opportunity we have. I look at the very that we haven't got a list and I'm just I'm excited to back him. And again the object of war do to get a deal done that was bear football. You know. You need to build. I drew so. Units and other golfers who never entertained and how much. Did when you look at this roster this this kind saints team how much did winning a championship motivate you to get a deal done with with with the urgency. The winning a championship is what it's all about. I I I feel like I've got a couple good years left. And I feel like we've got a window timed it picked up. Yeah I'm excited about you know we all feel like we have a great opportunity. Certainly don't think I'll put the ball last year. They are elect we've got some young players at positions where if they continue to work the way that they were okay. Get better and better at Indian traditions could not only a lot of personal accomplishments and more importantly it accomplishment. Ed as we continue to build the team create in the trap as well. You know I think you're always looking you're all looking to recruit you're always looking at their Georgia looking to add competition. In certain positions. But you today. I think what we were coached by by coach Payton and our assistant coaches they're there. Don't appreciate that we built the culture you know that it locker I think that we have a chance to accomplish great things yeah. You know Drew Brees here on sports talk W did well. In the same degree two year contract he's staying in New Orleans drew what do pick your brain on something you have you thought about Jimmy Graham come back to the world how would you feel about that. But I think about it. I'll look to have you back. Delegates pocket go throughout the beat him to. Excuse me out they often hear that documentary was up under the you don't look happy with the leader. You know they destroyed them. Obviously you got the relationship I would Jimmy I've your respecting delegate Robert. It all but like you like it's definitely they have Jersey did that you know. They've just been been been been where and how. They're little sick day you're able to predict another candidate at that there'll. Are you lobbying to Mickey Loomis to make that happen. The and everybody could get it. I think the whole lot out of everybody. And told them that you are bit but the Chinese group that the equipment over the I'm getting pretty good here and everybody would love to have of that. Now with the ID instead. And you look all the skins you have on the wall with disorganization. When you talk about three and security in the draft. Are you like part of the team with Sean Payton and they can little niceties they drew what do you think about this and obviously we just talked allegedly grabbed it. Is that something be. Maybe talk to do about as far as would always been one of the most prolific offenses. And say thank you Devlin wouldn't. You are. Good at it even looked familiar doesn't decision bet that they're making bad pictures of the American and and and how it. Oops sorry to have the good things but it's it's. You know. Let them that I put it in the debt limit or Sean is very very open with me I appreciate that very much what it comes to those conversations that. It thought that he. Yeah looking opinion bogey every now and then you know I think a quick look at Jimmy I think we we don't know exactly what we're getting yourself like. We're talking about a player that you're familiar with. With so early in the past week when it's basically about. Especially would have thought that the guy that shot though don't be throwing good. General ticket. Dealt. But definitely. Have conversations about. Bill would you look at you could learn all of this student said and done. I thought that was unbelievable when you looked does that cut is actually press conference that policy and he's retiring. And how he knew what the emotional high emotionally he's gotten that also you self. I don't get any better and that we talk about a team's board and what you need to one another I thought that was a pretty special. Considering how would you be does that street that would Zach Strief needs to use. Considering. All the battles you'll went through. That's what they're about your toe about those relationships. It took the cheapest most. I think we knew we knew beat Gasquet you know that's why that's what everybody says it's you know when they leave it to you just can't replace our locker you know you. We search for the weight they're replaced the high I have the competition. You know what game they're different things look bad it's really hard to replace the French had some luck urban. Be about time that you spent together and that just that brotherhood. You know it. I consider myself very lucky to have come in it was such a great class of guys back in 2006. You know that's almost a company in coming into different ways you know. But but I really forming a very strong bond. I wish he were wish street. And I've been together for twelve years being part of that class but also. In the end a guy sodomy who literally. They'll put his health than body able lie and every week just to protect me to take care mean. Just too little to know his feelings. We're really really special and he's a special the let him at a teammate there's really no better team that you could ever ask war. It actually aired on. On the other excited that he could be close close by you know that you try to build the Porsche or so. With the bureau the facilities spill I think he's such tremendous influence on augment our younger players especially the 01 girl and just such. Such incredible human being I. I can't match sort of saying it could be the mayor won't be twenty years I did twenty years to be available albeit campaign manager. But just because it's got its first child a baby boy. Calm him as like Charlotte beautiful baby born series but the next chapter of life which is alternately to degrade that oil. Drew finally to run in the second but who won the water blue baseball. It's pretty gathered. Yeah. It. At first daughter bought a lot like where I couldn't wait outside like Norton's actually makes perfect you're gonna get ready anywhere you buy it well at the start taking. General water gluten and the ultimate. Yeah water blue baseball what are the other struck the actors you know. Explode about that there was less in my. A lot of creativity. Of the kids are great and then. It is I had I had to capture the moment sure. Drew Brees saints quarterback and new two year contract you'll remain in New Orleans. Drew congratulations and thanks for the visiting our sports talk. Breeze and a saints a two year fifty million dollar contract 47 million. Guarantee Bobby Hebert crushing dark this is sports talk here on state radio WW well.