Brees and Saints agree to contract

Newell Normand
Tuesday, March 13th

Kristian Garic joins Newell to talk the Brees and Saints contract and who else the Saints have their eyes on. 


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It's been reported that Drew Brees has reached an agreement with the New Orleans Saints organization and joining us is Kristian garic saints' sideline reported the give us the details walk on the show Christian. Share power use today free agency under way in landed at its pop up pretty quickly gets a two year fifty million dollar deal 27 million dollars. Of that contract is guaranteed with the avoidable second year club options so it's a win win a Smart decision for both sides something that's not surprisingly we never despite all of the extent the anxiety surrounding yesterday when you know the deal wasn't done. It makes a lot of sense for. For both sides southeast team friendly it's it's a little bit hometown discount he gets into a Kirk cousins about the sign. With the Minnesota Vikings on a fully guaranteed contract over three years which is unheard of but. Brees getting paid more than the other forty something quarterback ever so. You know the window of opportunity is certainly if policies went a civil nothing threes recognize that's of the saints and it's a win win for both sides. Well when you think about. His stats. You know completion percentage is 72%. In it. 4300 yards passing 23 touchdowns. You know it. That has to be rewarded in some sense. Yes I am looking. We can we go out here at nauseam and in and lay out his present pay him his accomplishments. You can have lived on Iraq for the better part of you know for four years are still would realize that breezes are hall of fame quarterback in when you post a a quarterback radio over a hundred consistently it legally completions you're in a year out and is approaching some of the all time numbers and passing art center that he is. It's triage to see why what saints wanted to keep him around but I think that they're Smart they're doing it they're doing it very cautiously and and but also. I think it's fair to Drew Brees because. They don't wanna be on the hook if there's a sudden decline. His play. Or he gets injured they don't wanna have a budget that money no quarterback so. I think it's really stills were both sides recognized. What's at stake for for both of them I think for Drew Brees it's his legacy had an opportunity. To win a championship been in he's already in a hall of fame but. They eat eat you'd be nuts to soup bowls and year he you're at a different stratosphere in that hall of fame as a quarterback in and obviously the saints as an organization know that they have. A prime roster with a lot of young talent and a hall of fame quarterback that can go after a little party trophy in put put to Lombardi trophies over there and airline dropped. And you know Drew Brees is at 39 year old quarterback has a lot different than a lot of the folks as well because he's still in good physical shape. He's in fantastic. I mean I just turned forty and look at me compare. It is Wednesday and well great we don't wanna go to Christian. Be like as though he's belly look he's meticulous shape he pays tremendous attention to what he puts in his body. He works out. In takes care of his body. We're extremely. Extremely strong regiment diet etc. so he's been healthy side that it ended up. Leave them here in the world and they want shoulder injury that calls on this one game here in New Orleans. Yeah he's he's extremely healthy that's just that's a testament as to how hard he works to make sure that he's going to do some preventive maintenance to make sure he doesn't get injured. Yeah and I mean unit and just the way he plays the game today he in his review a film he knows what people are doing before they even know they're gonna do it and and then that goes along way in the sleek. Yeah. It's it's such a and so are my phone renewal is is going off like crazy right now that frequency camera can say that again now just saying that you know it. The manner in which he approaches the game by studying film and then and I don't know that anybody does more of that than him and I've heard that from so many different players. And his complete regiment whether it's taken care of himself physically in Nome in the manner in which she approaches the game. Is something that you can you can bet on that risk because if these his work his regiment and his discipline is second and not. Look there's one thing to saint. And bank on the they cannot predict them win it might fall off and volatile catch up with which we cannot do that could be forty. Could get 43 to get 45 who knows but one thing you can predict is that true reason going to be there every day in a facility. The first one there the last little leaf watching film all day feel a practice field former high. Oh lead his team leader locker room and and mentor young players and prepare that the best visibility. Throughout their win each week that that much you can guarantee from Drew Brees it's in his DNA he's wired differently. Than most people and he's wired uniquely. Any NFL there's only a handful of guys that. That are as cerebral and it's dialed in and focused as he is guys like Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers and that a few others but it's rare he's a rare rare forty. Absolutely when you hear comments like Zach Strief is she's left this organization. In a big loss for the organization very proud of Zach and good luck to him and retirement. When he made that comment yesterday it struck me when he said I'd did not want alleged Drew Brees down. And that that was one of his primary motivating yours that is what you called credible leadership. You know. Yet when you have guys that and looking even if our organization's annual that. You know if you have a great leader give a great leader that you respect and EU the genuinely care about. EU you will do those things I mean I'm arm he's in a Marine Corps you know excellent sometimes you'd always like it's that the circumstance but. Because a leader you were willing to do some things that ordinarily. You might not wanna do just because of how much respect you have for that particular leader in same applies for Drew Brees and his teammates they. They cherish in the door what he's about as a as a as a player as a leader and they say they respect him tremendously. Yeah you know there was one. General that said that. Folks will followed good leaders into the bowels of darkness if for nothing else other than curiosity. Yeah I mean that's a great quote that's that's honestly out of Matt Howard out of that locker room often in an act of tea. They all male kotsay looked back over there and you know appointed whose locker. That's the reason why we we do things that we do next is testament to his leadership so Christian what do we have in the free agency from. First saw a law against any saints fans that think that this is an hometown discount or a bit of a really good deal for Brees and for the saints more importantly. Kirk cousins is about the size three quarterback for the Washington Redskins he's got the sign with the Minnesota Vikings are offered by the Minnesota Vikings for a year 84 million dollar contract well which. All of which is guaranteed so. 47 million dollars of guaranteed money vs 84 million dollars guaranteed money. That how he not say that. This is an affront to deal for both sides a win win as a team friendly deal so. Just look at those numbers compared with Drew Brees is discuss the saints and the a look at events and I yet he kind of gave them hometown discount rate it hold them over the barrel which he's got more skids on the wall at her coat certainly put. And create a seat Noual. And and I'm not I'll go out on a limb and and probably more than he'll have a problem walls so. Yeah yeah exactly yeah let's think I think it's safe bet is that restricted. Russia for creating cornerback Kelvin bro tool will not be tendered by the saints in other words. He's restricted free agent in this the saints that it could've tutored him one year contract or sign him to a long term contract. Based on the first second or third round compensation level they're not expected to do that. He's scheduled now they don't do that become a forum which on restricted free agent. So in all likelihood they'll brutal local upfront for your new world isn't you know the story broke his neck and high school and ended up go into the CFL later in the world couple years ago he missed all of last season with a leg injury and the year before a plea mr. Missed ten games of the saintly injuries and a three year stint here in New Orleans he is promising effort rookie season but to injury Mort season's likely landed him on. The open market also what receiver Willie Snead tendered. One point nine million dollars as a restricted read about it saints but. It's a qualifying offer that basically allows the team only the first right of refusal if another team wants to offer Willie steel contractor sign him. And that means that with the first right of refusal they wouldn't get any compensation the way the restrictive free market works as. You tender player at the first second and art you know or are now mid mid round compensation level. At the signed by another team. You have a few days to match it or take the compensation but it will sixty's case it is the first right to refusal so if somebody signs him. And the saints don't wanna match it and ultimately enough support to walk up. Any others. That's it right now know was also one in there Alice told. That there could be some interest. On the saint behalf is. Patrick Robinson I don't know if you remember Ken Robinson for drug traffic in the states and Washington. Played a pivotal role for the Eagles super bull run it the saints are in the market for a nickel cornerback. And I think Patrick Robinson like that that will see though you never know when year. But their interest in the they're there it's been a lot of players don't know that that's the bottom line it's all season comes about also. We're all on Jimmy Graham Watson looks like the both sides are at least intrigued at a reunion we'll see that plays out but now with the Drew Brees deal done allows them to related tax free agency. And get a couple players they like what are your thoughts on Jimmy room. You know he's not the player he was when he was here in New Orleans but. C'mon let's look at the roster right now is that the Kobe cleaner your answer would be yes is he better than. Michael now and doing your answer would be yes you get the point here so if you sign him. He's your upgrade at the tide in position. If so what if he's not a great blocker everybody's gonna sail fantasy ace off the can't block you're not gonna ask in the block. You've got somebody on your roster Michael Coleman Allen doing that does the dirty work. You gonna ask him that the push the ball the scenes at the big red zone threat he's still one of the best of its own threats in the National Football League in the red zone. He just create such a mismatch. The knock on and is. Oh Willy doesn't get separation anymore because of the knee injury. He's six foot six. That's all the separation you need. Drew regional role open he can box out defenders because he's so big I think you via really big addition to this office and here's a signal. That he would have to be the main anymore when he was first here he was that the focal point of the office for for awhile. Because. And have their schools anymore you know his play started diminished and have the they have outlook of merit and have more and have Michael Thomas so. He would be you know more luxury peace than a focal point. I've always thought that the saints for a couple of years have really been missing that that big what that big receivers. To throw over the middle you know in the short passes over the middle one way or the other big target. He like you said able box out defenders in and make the catch and and you know run another 234 yards and in college today and I think we missed that and drew early on here he mastered that. What they don't have they don't have anybody that it threatens the field vertically down on the scene. They they've got speed on the outside with Ted in the game. That can run the deep posted and create a big play got Michael Thomas who can run a fifteen yard in cuts and and the slant stake in picking each deposit yard to move the chains but they don't have that guys can threaten middle field Jimmy Graham could still do that along with the perimeter game of Allah Tamara that few other screen game. This office was scary last year where they struggled struggled on third down struggled at red zone and I think that he's he's a big part of that ultimately it would make. He faces declare. And yeah who would fight benefit the most would be Allah can have a command are now yes he he was it as a linebacker they're gonna have to commit to the two to the timing and yes it in the woods makes it makes it easier for them to see what kind of coverage there and what they're trying to do and what. This office was very good last year it would be insanely scary. Which immigrant critics with those guys would lexis. The structure financially right now. Well he's gonna pike yet he's 31 years old he's gonna probably get anywhere in the neighborhood of eight to ten million dollars a year and you know I think it. And I'll likely that your by the a look at a three year contract with a you know kind of the third year. The third year being you know possibly out year you know but I think did at 31. The two teams that. Have interest in Amara saints and the Green Bay Packers what's the common denominator to all fame quarterbacks there's he wants to win a championship. And I think that teams they like I don't know the Cleveland Browns have a lot of money or com. Let's Chicago Bears who just signed Traber Titus and not having to market at what point is that. If it's a team that's. A ways away from win. Super Bowl and he just wants to get paid that he might take that money in India that but I think at this point his career. He's put up enough numbers that are worthy of consideration for kitten and if he puts a few more good numbers. And we championship. I think it's submits his chance to get it to the pro football fame and he was assuming all that certainly helps your your your odds not to mention he's always maintained that the only quarterback he wanted to really play with his entire career. Was Drew Brees now that that changed when he was traded which he didn't. He didn't you know facilitate that treat the saints did he play with Russell Wilson but now I get a chance to read night which Drew Brees I think that. The money you know if it's eight million dollars posted it to mean dollar from another team he might take evening news or because he went tickets. When the tax line saints signed Coleman safety from Keller Caroline of that is it Ellis. There was two weeks ago two weeks ago via the help that happen that it can't buy but I can't official there became official today did at America and what does that mean for us. Well ice show adjudicated Carroll is is in is definitely not going back and oral once calm and I think it's the younger it's it's an old her. 29 year old safety. Puts it similar skill set as Kenny Caro and what he did this saints defense stay low the three safety package now I got on bill Kurt Coleman. And of course Marcus Williams so is a little bit of versatility. He can play both free at strong safety and he's a veteran he's been on. He's been on an NFC championship team and Carolina. At seven interceptions one near his career so he's got the ball skills so. It's really cheaper version of can name it Barrow a little bit older but still play at a at a pilot. All Roddy Kristian garic out it to a saints' training camp got imagine is a lot of energy their bar on the signing of Drew Brees were all excited about that ms. Christian has pointed out. A great deal for the saints and we really appreciate you and so I Christian thanks so much for joining us you bet sheriff.