Breaking down the Saints receivers with Curtis Johnson

Bobby & Kristian talk about the Saints' receiving depth with receivers coach Curtis Johnson.

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I could CJ if you got your work cut out for size down to see her visit he'll tell how there it a lot of guys that's good and I am doesn't just the sort of best problems of Riverhead. We got a lot of guys that do him a lot of different things function very well with in the office. Quarterback loves Ramon and I mean even the young kids coming in a physically beat all these guys can run with us those great job in this some and his group. Which would look. And it the roster spots and who's in the back in that receiving corps. And it seems like that 910 deep all competing. Is it you know a case in point that okay canyons kickoff coverage are going plate coverage or do something as ours. If you guarded him for six receivers. Did epic action would doubt it explaining it to absolutely you know what Bobbie to first you gotta ask yourself what can I get into the gay usually get three starters in the game any game but the other guy has got to be multi functional when I mean but it got a good punch to cause. The got a blocks you know sometime it be an all these out while personnel groups so you can do that. In the special teams demon. And you've got a real good chance of making this team. Go to the Aga Cogent if you look at the roster right receiver group 6162 seemed to be common theme did you guys make concerted effort over the last year to get. Bigger guys in here. We always wanted to be big guys you know I'm running game is so dynamic with Camara and Mark Ingram. Mean you got to get guys and as blog that. They got a really helpless in when they do dad and we can do something else in the passing game she got big guys at Enron physicals were fast and doing a great job. No luck coach when when you look does it catch our attention you know we get to witness for prices. Guy like messing him do you silly review what can you say about him. Speech got big fast guy he was dragged in in in college ran track can catch the ball well. Does a great job blocking understands office remains in my office what we're doing some the concepts are very similar so you're actually guide that you got to take a good hard look at. If we could cover some decades ago may be to a return to. You know I think just it'll average added dean on his roster. Now. When you look at a guy like cars that the fans are familiar rhythm he's been the patriots. He's on the roster. We haven't really seen image and they've we've certainly with that type receiver in this life you know look at Atlanta's more than gonna Willie's the busy and accountability how would you bring him down. Don't I would say this I think doing so enough of him where he lived here their team in receptions last year in pre season. We like him alive we like what does it separate. Bridge short area quickness these big it and then you would think he's strong six until 200 pound. Does a great job blocking this that is definitely in the mix in a special teams will be important but like I just it catches and run routes to the company receivers guys carry on active. You know what I you know it is sometimes it's five or six and sometimes there's an oath that you want to won't practice squad. I'm being great Alex keeps everybody guys have been eroded. You know seven would be good about 76 but you know we got a good problem I think she. You know CJ when you look at all the receivers coach. And you look at Michael Thomas when he's achieved in his first two years. What do you do to make him even better is like paying attention to detail. Hard to do approach that you haven't accomplished anything yet how do you keep them longer. Well I think this I think Mike Thomas is hungry by nature but I would say one thing about here is to get more Torre. You know some of the things they're doing games and daddy doesn't practice that he he's a cleanup in and we work it always does a fabulous fabulous job doing that. He's continue to press to be its case learn more about what golf it's a bill that does dornin we'll learn more about. Did this back studied those guys around the lead a bit more just more to do but I think he's due to the position. Training camp upcoming after the mini camp Brandon Coleman hasn't been out there too much through OTAs and minicamp but. How big of a camp will this be for radical because of the depth that you guys have won. Or but one thing I would say about brand I thought last year. Authorities MVP you know any dirty work thing that he had to do he did all those engines at every game. He played he competed hard played a variety of different positions you've played everywhere so so I love would be code does. Now you know is is training camp comes you know don't think it's about him if he's healthy. You know on I would vote simply mentioned it's a year that. Run game blocking receiver he's one of them I think he has courage I think he knows what to do we wanna smartest guys we have. You know in Eagles and and I am telling you he he he puts a Bologna safeties. Now CJ when you look at speed he's got to be ball that god given ability. Ted Ginn what he said. That is same like he runs like he's young twenties who. Don't want thing about him and he's found out that you I don't know way way founded it but he's still generally he's biased debate couple plays out a couple of days are really need that he digital balls. It and we does is he he he does well with the ball in his hand also. No he Jim reversal. Now feel any tracks about a lot better now everybody would do so christianity as an audience that they got a couple more years. How is Tommy Lee progressed in his own Tommy Lee maybe the stars so far and he's catching deep short balls a that he had lost on the hook up a little bit more. I like what Tommy Lee is he's another speed guy that you loved airborne field early impressions a trick want it electric on loan stride Goodspeed. He's he's on social long he could eat judge balls. They're available to Colston with those long lived it catches daddy makes the dollar hollow which they want to do. Now you should really Cameron Meredith and now coming off his injury. Was it something they get to convince our organization look I know this kid's character and having coach Yemen is ability. That he can be what about Tom received. I noted that the basic kind of felt that he wondered better receivers and in Chicago would let him go. You know when they did I thought we had opportunity. And I got in an end of really really love to talk about him mad because you can do everything if you watch two years ago we can run. Inside outside routes he's faster he's taller and bigger than you think. So you know I thought this is a win win your Zagat that we that we looked on our boards and he's one of the guys that we definitely want free agency coach Curtis Johnson appreciate always play that sir.