Breaking down Saints-Panthers + QB To QB

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, January 3rd

Bobby & Deke pick Deuce's brain about the Saints' upcoming playoff tilt with Carolina, and Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.


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I am a dozen follows and then up already jaguar opinion poll mas opinion posted Ellis you do everything in their power to keep the physical and did Dave a random. He's being heavily courted right now by Texas a enamored. Basically an am offering to double his souring guaranteeing me five year deal. It is so some of the rumblings that. Coming out of College Station 2601878. And you can text there's an 878 Cindy and caught three round three the third time they'll face each other. New Orleans and Carolina Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Do so without the match so we're looking at right. Bring your lunch pail I mean this will be a physical match. You use its playoff football I mean this is the you talk about warning to make a name for yourself. This is where you can make a name for yourself and put yourself in. Legendary status not only talking about saints who is through talking about NFL history so. That don't should be rock and you're talking about team that you. Are familiar wit and so one of the things that you go back and look at you not only go back and look at week three the first matchup but you really go back and study. The last three games of this Carolina panther team Ambien when you played him as well and what you wanna see I was the first thing you a look at his personnel OK who's up. You know they have a couple receivers that are not available anymore Kurdistan eurozone. Bird is another when he is a return guy. So you know is it as much is that they're blaming all Russell Shepard is a guy that they're leaning more all. And so first thing you wanna do is look at the personnel. Mixing your dues beacon I'll I'll give it to you right here when you look at the injury report. Let's just go Carolinas and report right now from injury standpoint. Mike Adams in practice today he is it was wrist Julius Peppers in practice today it was a risk. Mario Mario Addison yep DeVon thought to shoulder with scored Rios limited burned Butler. Khalil of the Brothers. Cam Newton John distorts checked Thompson. Those guys were either limited or didn't practice soul. From a standpoint of who's available you start to see our this guy didn't play against us Greg Olsen we know we didn't play an even matchup. So you go and you wanna stood in the last three weeks how they've used him you know what routes that he does he like to run. We know he likes to run the same we know we can run a corner route he can run the option route. So when did Dennis Allen you want to be able to give those linebackers those safeties. This is his favorite Rouse this is when cam likes to come to him. You know when he is flakes or when he is attached as far as they blocker. This is what we have to do to slow him down. That's just couldn't at the game plan together that's put the plan again and now from a saint standpoint what they wanna go in is look at a look. We've had success running this place can we. Kim we run this play but can we run at a different formation. Can we run this play can we give a double move on his own this formation you know last time we went burden short this was a run that we came to. Saints have had a tremendous amount of success ranked power consisting. How can they still run power out of a different formation at some point but I have to live up and just run it. They look that we already getting you've got to stop us so when you look at different match ups like that that's what Jim YouTube you're putting together. We know third down. Critical. Reds on offense reds on defense critical. Containing Kia knew. Don't allow hill to break your defense staff and what I mean by breaking your defense down is having the option to run boy pearl. Making the throw the two games that you have beat him you mayhem through. You had success and introduce you don't need saving himself well and I they weren't the only area as far yearning for billionaires so the first game he kind of save themselves yeah I'm not sold under. Second game he was a runner. This game. Hey look if you lose you go on all right so I mean there's no reason to say he's gonna say was up he will be a runner. He will be a run they were run quarterback draw they were run quarterback Powell. He would try to break containment of the pocket they have to stay at home. And do so what you take on this and then to me. We've emphasized this before. When you look at top to bottom it's an NFC the you know all. The top six is that they have C 306 an NFC is six Tennessee. The ball allowed twenty or fewer points now you're looking Carolina in the saint about business interest in you play all these gains will be given out. And you don't land it was right there. It's almost a mirror image all three teams as far as scoring defense. The fact I mean the Panthers in this thing he's given up 218 point four points a game it's actually. They both tied for a kid in the league. So once you figure approached public they got right now going part of followed defense all allows thwarting boy does they shame on this day. If they don't know if we always thought they don't tie back to the phones ago let's go to news act with Mike Mike dean thank you for calling WW. But these are. It's a situation. In the pros you know. What the team that they originally kind of this. Gone to so volatile coach you want you know he got in and in a situation. Dealing. Fight against openly. Just. And she seemed unfair. So you think you'd you'd like to see a doc cat on college coaches in my salary cap on produced some reform to manifest Ballard canyon was an in the as far as I did not pay and bonus don't coaches them. To my NFL salary cannot know he's he's saying in the days when there's not one against those who else is away Mike so you got a true capitalists you like. Some form of socialism would be something I. Don't know where you know it just bought it all in India walking. Out you know and and yes but I mean that the team ought to universe yes got that deep pockets something they can just got to. Byte of the premiere the premium coach. If they if they won't do it everyday hard awry you know under the wing university Texas they struggled this that they have other recent wow you've seen somebody is like just basically. You know eat in this day and time it's like okay Indonesian. Understand. How committed a and M was financially until this about Miranda. You know if it's is astronomical contract for I don't agree Jeff I don't agree were dead heat on what now how how committed they were. When they went out and be looked at a hundred million dollar renovation to the stadium. And they opted to 113. You do commit. As a neo. As they did our yes elevated they would there's stating again that we talked about a hundred if it was a 111. Million dollar renovation. To a statement. Nowadays they might not have been committed to the coats. Which we knew they wouldn't get a stumbling guy but to say that they were committed. Bill committed to have to football. What what did they could summon that the coach twelve million this right whenever an 80 yeah there's an 11 I am back panel more committed they all Olivia and then they are right and and that now they shown. Mad now they are serious about foot bronze in the good. They are serious about football. Well part of it is pregnant. Guys you know you gotta have deep pockets and you know just should go to wal -- get a good offensive and defensive coordinator and. One minute that that that the point now where it is but again you've seen some new and it has never been done before yeah. Exactly there are so this is some Kenya wit enough sitting up I mean I don't know. You let the market play itself filed I mean. That to me the poster child for deep pockets they're winning. Is Ohio State then if you look as of late whether air at the deep pockets and as far as being in the hunt. Florida. Open now is that George got to have the right Harvard taxes it takes it and they've been else Arco big got all the money and nothing to. So bored like my opinion but Texas is in transition Knight in him isn't that right of the all right so you gotta gotta wait and see so it now police say you know commit and today at three year window to see what's happened. We just time I agree that the regime. I would take a time out we'll come back more of deuces take on the breakdown is Bobby is well taught three our resident pros give you did take. Carolina and New Orleans water welcomes continues here on saints radio WW. Our president throws giving their take. This in the Gaza Bobby Davis saints and Panthers round three Sunday and the Mercedes-Benz. Superdome I do stuff about little red zone. Off his defense a third down offense and defense you talked about. Macy looking at some of the things you have done meaning new eighteen anybody you know there's there's Mets at that. You gonna see it this post season both teams that have. Played each other before and trying to meet three times but before the gonna run in those again in the post season was on the scene and now obviously. With the saints and Carolina Disney's unique because the third time one of the induced talk about the Mets have. What plays have teams run successfully. Maintain they basically disguise those plays now are running their labor out of a different formation and then also deuce. Gone back to seven you sit the match ups that may be a little different this time around you know it's a key match up but again like. A guy like Olsen who's one of the best in his Chris tidy and who matches up with him now particularly that you don't want anything to go about other than you know how good Olson is but. This is the first time we had a massive win in this suggest. Doing so you wanna pretty much put coverages and me wanna run a lot of Gaza and whether. Whether it's Robertson you know whether it's bond bill what do you. Bring bring a corner Ian you know in maybe certain situations where if he's flicks out no matter more mass to win it. I mean so you wanna throw a lot of different looks at and so can I am. Is not getting the same thing and be used for grade you're not covering the same way and so I think to saints this letter most first time plan Newsom as well. And so there are we certain situations where DA has got until May look corners can crawl eleven more dealing all. You know I'm going to say I am going to say covered dumb and make sure that we bracket yes that's when the lab back on the knees. And it's for the safety over the top of grid Olson and so now somebody can be messed up 101 would look effort today. You know dues. The got to be known as this I mean to me. Is it all while next man up and listen you look AJ Klein. You might say okay my idea always been very serviceable. You know is sometimes depending on the packages. Meant to ideals and Terry guy and Klein has been you know strong side. But I look at. Lose and AJ Klein I think it does endurance somewhat. Because ally AJ Klein. His mentality programs are versatility yet yes exactly the versatility. You know what else imitate it. I've been on can't even Carol appraise them been on him. Because I know one thing he's been exported to dozen of has game talk about a sure tackler. Ozzie can even Caroline space take down canyon and I'm done about tackling unit. He he is not a player right now about what moon when you go back I would anonymous. He had to say and a peak against yes you know and we've got guys that have evil oil but nobody and it has bow and deployed awarded to bring up to me of these aggressively plays that passion. But at times. Von bell gets exploded. I mean I mean but it's still learning process yeah okay is still learning process because unveiled Tim knee is not yet on the on the level now you experience skinny but Carol you might say whoa. Local markets weighs in by Bell's exile only begin if they can neighbor Carol. Look cool mornings when the kind of speaks for itself where he is that but I'll look at Von bell. They myself we'll find out the same players can even Carol I say no he's not. I'm just talking about. Barbara quickly change in Tampa this year yet OK led the team bad but I look at I still league gets exploited. I now look at the damage game and I'm Yvonne bell fan. And I think he's gonna get better and better but I still think that the leadership McKinney would Caroline in the midst of I don't know meeting roll more when you come and around that that you know what everybody's doing his own your. Break it down if his what he's got to do he has got to understand the pattern. And when I mean by pattern is Ralph pat Wright has got to understand situation a football third and short third and home first and first in teen in. Understand situation football understanding the pad and told that once he understands that the game will be eased because now he can just go play. Talent in the quest in full but it's him they get a little bit not necessarily Noland the round trailer company Mercury car. Correct and so for him he's got to continue to get better and net and then aspect of the game and the other part. When you talk about just as Massa beat. Cam door then we know what they've had to double at times it was triple team. He's had come from fools. Yeah I mean EEE has been able flush and and and and get help for mother does but you don't have cops who have set against noon. You won't have Okafor who had a second chance Newton you won't have AJ Klein who had set against duke and then you'll have given to Carl grandstand against new. It which player. Can step up. Trey handers disposal retire. He says at noon in the in in the past. What other player is it is a George George Johnson. Music is Sheldon reckons it is a Dave Odom out there is got to be some other player that can step up to be due to pressure cam Newt. And those that casino metabolic disease like he emergency considering whether and his team because. He he's not he's he's still I think I think he could be BR this week. OK but you got to remember he had been with his group write write write write down I didn't put in that new system that they've been doing because he sings like he would get a sack every fourth that they have gained correct that is I get three or four sag guy yet he's he's got to commit those special taint okay. But when you just talk about defense. When you talk about the numbers look and edit. I wouldn't be surprised and in the go would would force for the defense to Lima with five beef until Lyman I mean. Meg Daniels that he May Day is it just got here Tony right Alitalia played all those nasty play play a really and yeah plate played really well. He's a guy also when you wanna go be as far as defense of me at. You don't have to which young rank and outside. Now you're used to so dues that's I don't wanna ask you. Okay Carolinas are running team correct if you look at Ron Rivera they wanna run the football stout defense you know we're all excited because you look at rushing yards per camp where second. Caro four point six Carolina's tenth in the league four point three so we in daylight running away from camp jarred so who's said the visit van. On first down they Carolina might run that if you keeping Shelden Reagan's inside you know who is that what. You can you can you can. Torso autonomy and hang out obviously they've got to get yeah I beat my guy he can play in Florida got since he can play tackle for anybody can play decent of me and for you and now you can go to heavy load as far as match day you'll ranking ends. Davidson College Davidson and camp Jordan if you want to and even a feel guy in there. You could bring David and Montezuma and in and now you've got to trim down five as far as defense alama. But Kim Jordan can stand up for you and be a Sam backer for. You know I wouldn't eat he came Lil win it. As far as every down doing that right but when it's run heavy and first now looks and they bring in edged idea I would go to five even to lie. Love that thing is a big you'd agreed to issue an upward pressure on Kenya and they'll Omaha steaks and now hasek didn't hater saying my god now this and put it behind us that yes he had to make forced him to make plays in a pocket the passing game deuce with two outs and the McAllister 26 on to a he will do is very active in the course of additional fans in the pro on Friday deuce if you get a chance. I'll be out it Israel delta delta world's our own bit by bit got a Wal-Mart mom we got to look conscious I got to hit. Hit hit hit hit a throw from about fifteen yard or you can do you have back pastime right and I could no but I don't know what my arms to you. Let's go live it right the doctor tomorrow from fortified milk the aim is it and again do on delta world is better and it's. On vets go see degree when Deuce McAllister and be McAllister 26 I come back to your calls plus. QB to QB our conversation was Drew Brees but first of here's a CBS Sunday. QVDQB. It's brought to you by the goal auto low cost auto insurance and Townsend addiction center. Treatment centers drew thank you so much for joining us and Mandela it classy guy was and listen to you in the post game at disappoint you guys didn't get a win but in the it's it's an entire season drew in net. The whole body a word game goes to show you how important things are tied to. To be able to airline night it is a huge difference and that's why you guys a plane home this week instead of playing over there. And yet it was out of work the he's got a picture of that. Tradition you for you know B Billick make a run out so. The fact that the growing. Obviously when there's first of a payment. You know Pittsburgh reporter on the Richmond went into the corner also agree you're. Should be written. True look at what occurred. And it's kind of a game. I remember maybe being there one or two times but how do you approach. All of assigned year anxious you ready guard Derrick compete. And then a very sustained. Drive by antenna beta go fourteen plays. 35 yards or loses seven to zero. In debt now McNamara digits at a house close play in saints history. Players say jarred so love. Not so fashion I'd gone on the field. But it just break dead down sitting on the side lines and woods going through your mind considering about a time you get back on the field. Blogger and is related tumbles the second quarter. And now you're able logic come on the field laden and hid Thomas. A faux 43 yard gain but just heard about that process I know you Devlin welcome that if Balaguer marry any it time you get a big play as far as a big splash play and you on the side lines watching. Eligible to be accessible by all. Picture ID you know use the games started. And you're like thirty minutes into it Miriam step yet. So. It struck out if they lose they are ready. You know wait your opportunity. Rear cap was our first thought that the drug ourselves. Now drove look at men. You know Michael Thomas that would all but they were to accomplish. You have very meaningful quarterback receiver relationship is going back. You know look at Marcus Colston Heidi develop Beverly ship would have on the you look at Jimmy Graham. Would you look in the records are made to be broken. You know that but all of a sudden and he has a nine yard grab in the second quarterly break Jimmy Graham regular money ninth said back in 2011. And then all of us any finished the season would harder for a catches. Over 12100 yards you braced Jarvis pleasure record of 294 cajun the first two season the career. Now you look at Thomas where he is that. Slowly past Landry. I mean that is something that is seem to be considering. The task at hand and what do you counting on as an individual. To be held to know what he's doing game inning game out. And that to be reliable. His first two seasons being introduced an NFL. And I really appreciate remind the thomas' that I know you appreciate. Where colts that was that and Jimmy Graham. It's amazing all these dimmer relationships you've had and now look Baghdad early show winner at Morton with the saint. Andrei rise in what the falcons Anthony Carter. So we just when you play long enough you have those to our relationship there receivers but they say is like going forward. Then Michael Thomas are held DB young. Yeah I think so these in Pharmerica corporate secretary in our. A lot of it's focus and intensity. We're we're ever regret it doesn't matter what route. Practice stripper game you know he he approaches all say and eve. Thirsty for knowledge and he wants to be great and it certainly worked for. You know so respond when your own fears type mentality. Minute war won't get it right. You begin to CEO. Of progress in the libel chrome also speed the more parent should get together the more mature and open up the playbook. And really. You expose him to a lot of things that he may yet done in the past yet it was like their opportunities and I see you guys or all of I am sure he can do a lot of good thanks so. Serbia and tablet since the last two years have been pretty remarkable when you talk about them and should mention the fact Peter records shall. You know kudos to him for his work ethic and his approach again. Now drew this is a different. Prospective on this question. I'm an elaborate a little bit and you always do that. That knowing you try to get the crowd involved and you truly one that don't Phillip van a dream to be playing on the road and try to discourage. The opposing crowd to get into the game. I thought this is innocent or should Dennis Allen as awareness and coach Payton. They're the saints have surrendered a score on the opening drive of the game. You know bringing the total scores out to sixty troopers say whether it's a field goal or touchdown. I thought a ball that that's a high number 63%. But you look when you did the game on Sunday against Tampa Bay. That is saints have only allowed a score of 30% and all the other drives. Some say hell we you do good and nobody driver who might can be pretty good defensively. Through well and I know you know scoring defense. And you look at Carolina where there ran it true this is amazing to me. That all the games the pandas have played the saints have played. Both teams are average and only given up to when he point four points a game. Yeah I mean there a simple vote will be a dessert plate burger while she's. And indeed you talk about that the opening drive. In the dark horse start fast offensively. And these separately you know especially by Allred you first. Get off field the ball ought to be offered to have thought about its support but at the end of the day it's about the body or. Audit work right or game. If you are we were able to remember it. But some there's the sort of goes into a bottom line in order to execute your take as the opportunity would get a spam you know as long as possible. It'll make those players. Drew I was looking at this and now I'll somewhat surprised. Because that's it in the NFL so competitive you look at the parity. They got to play one team three times only season. What is it like that would be a tough challenge. You know what ally when I saw this since 1970. You look at. In what's basically happened. That two win. To beat a team I should say three times a one season. It's well over 50%. Thirteen honored at 18 gains you've had. Teens beat another NFL team three times the last time as a a decade ago log Dallas had beaten the giants twice in a loss. In the playoffs so are now like those numbers on the give thirteen out its warning and I think go pro. We got them at home the dawn is gonna be rock and I being is going to be. How I was that a dirty birds outlook in dirty birds plus come playoff time in. I think we get a scan the Panthers and I'm is very optimistic considering. When I saw this because that are parity in the league. That used lead a bear better team comes out on top at thirteen out of the Tory times since 1970. But. Bottom line. The dormant in your rock ar arc as the service. Another excited about the arbitrator post playoff game. If if if the Atlanta game is any indication as to what what were capable of memento. You know. It gets me excited. And we got a sponsor. Or reporters from about for the game. Which in the guys are more Port Orchard beach abroad and you know so it's going to be great atmosphere. About a month for us this week it's all about preparation you're ready to play these guys some earlier or Basil or they know what we know them well. Other gonna be in the ring goes yes with the intentions X cute sure. And you know can we do things right. More consistently met you know. But maybe hemispheres. We expect the electorate and an attitude eat it that way I hope the fans know just what it damage that creates. Where. You know they can help our defense. You'll get off the field give us an extra possession or you know. Yourself and that is gonna you know give them a greater advantage cause them up all sides caller right our guys get off on the ball faster you know. Create a big player created turnover in these are all difference makers against France. Have a direct impact well. Now drew you don't browse impressed with and I'm just telling you to some comet one argued today that they would I want whatever it. Like I'm looking at impressive wins this year. Timmy well we did to Carolina. I was most impressed because that times were able to beat Carolina had their own game when I'm Aimee that a look at Ron repair. I know Ron Rivera is this not knows. Is that look not just not a bubble in their opponents mills and and we were able to do that win in the trenches in whatever he could do that is very humbling so going forward. And look at my Carolinas that. No obvious you don't win the turnover battle. But I thought balancing giving considering the challenges await Carolina's DB has been able to do throughout the season. That you talked about always a top ten defense how we've been a top ten offense our top five or should say. Would you look at what they've done against the run. Sack in the quarterback eagle on and on who have but it's amazing. I think what we did against them the two previous games now hopefully that continues. But is kind of like. Even though they have candy and I know he was an MBP. I look at the saints. Are looking Carolina. I think you're Carolina football. I think give damn as style. Up front the pits totally a look at the saints. Always explosive offensively. I mean at that that's not an opinion c'mon at 612 years we have the number one offense nine out of twelve we beanie the water to. So it's like. Who who who's gonna break each other will as will. Our spirit. To me I still think Eagles back to the saints Alves vs Carolina's deep. Well I mean. Obviously security contemplative. You know. You know there there it was important to our. I mean in Utah Utah enemies who are out that unfocused on their defense to UBC. Yeah. I I have they're cut or start for these guys I think I seem to create all the best players in the game. He's a smaller players have ever played against. I know that. His preparation his films birdie in his knowledge of the game. Visibility make adjustments some flies sect and are not there are so. It just makes Meehan in our power since realized that we've got to be on point that we got to be important with everything worked on our execution has to be the perfection. And yet figured if there's every opportunity you know we did it against these guys that they that the difference maker in the first two games privacy the turnover ratio which. You know we were well aware of in both cases and and then that then you'll really rushing the ball effectively yeah balance you know making some big plays in the passing game. And then being good on third down in those were all key ingredients to being in the first two terms of and obviously that's going to be key to beating them up third count. QB QB who brought you by the goal auto locals auto insurance and Townsend. Addiction treatments in this drew thank you so much of the time good Laguna wrangles Sunday evening against Caroline. Harder it around I drew come back and get to some that is fast phone calls next teeing it says that LSU source Kentucky tonight on WW. And welcome back out to the phone to go Gonzales to Joseph Joseph good even think he's calling WW rail. Thank you look I'm proud of or woman that. That really sank advocates really put both fans agree they want and they want to know why. On the range keeping numbers sixteen Coleman around in the thick of the salary. No he's outstanding run block he might beat a bands run blocking. Receiver earth since so campaign has been here for. Yes hell yeah those Robert Meachem was outstanding every hand is similar to Dave Brandon Coleman. Those long runs Lal McNamara and and Mark Ingram on Comaneci undated doing that. So that you have to take any consideration you follow balls of fan you don't necessarily look at those significant blocks. What comedy thing we try to Indy program that. That I don't know I haven't looked into it enough. That's the be innocent. As a whole season and though it is offseason question and obviously would Jimmy Graham was to get patent. C'mon at this they say Bernie bridges now no I don't he would get paid when he let Fiat I think Jimmy Graham. Took a little too personal. Would this saying is that and is standing the business of professional football. Now maybe. Maybe skiing idealistic or he really yet is showing pain you know might say. And I think they can handle it. But listen he that you have to be almost like hey man I'm a warrior. I'll want the best opportunity media succeed over long haul. But I think Jimmy Graham I below two week's visit to be back in the saints uniform considering now. Obviously. Cope with leader did not work out. But I think they want more bargain considering they guarantee Kobe cleaner 26 million and not policy of going that route. Even though they know what they have a Jimmy Graham now he is older. But. I think there may be them. Behind is scenes too many bridges were burned between Jimmy Graham in the same today makes cents. OK. Things are Malaysia. Sandra died in Kelly. Joseph thank you so much in and we thank all the ladies that the paintings and I'm sure everybody did overly go to is suitable civilian and then who ordination of female football fan appreciation for our rights and they'll be part of it. There you go to California tomorrow mark thank you some rights for calling WWL. They approach thanks for a great product that you don't bill. App it really helps me up at a time of the book LA freeway to the show. Thank you appreciate that courts yet quite the art of the shadows I would put a lot of the grip on it very much appreciated and it's quite clearly that there. Can't ask quickly about. The retribution angle of this season you know this time last year. We're hearing things like Sean got to go big he's got to go through got to go out and this year but this mother and step up about a lot. Is some is yes Allen my Nolan until Lombardi also got a steps backwards from coaching ranks. To be here now accurately I think about that that's like a pretty good line of talent topic of the. They don't want to wait until you sit in stems back woods now. You know like Lombardi was not offensive coordinator and came back in the saints of course Allen with the head coach at once. I mean you know it's yeah it's not like they knew they were demoted that's that's what was available full AI and Lombardi knew where that you wanna go would empire. Run and that being the same team you are he got recognition. But let me go back where'd all started to go back and be associated with Sean Payton is saints' offense in a low he had come on my images I mean fans is the good Atlantis d.s sakes take. I'm on the dolphins played Alabama why does too young quarterbacks and managing Leonard's is good though the kids all American number one player in the country coming. But I'm a go there. Obama Gobi dolphins cornea when Matt ran to rein in as the MVP years mama dilemma bridge as boat. And you know big guns this caller right here. Is it on the body probably 95 Iran here in 3839. Note your surgeon ask guests who were Drew Brees. Listen please come talk to me log have a beer with you I mean they argued that anger. That you don't realize that we haven't Drew Brees I mean come on who you you you. Listen right now all right if you haven't attempted abduction DDT is yeah I have high blood pressure is rising. Because this person is clueless. Cook cook I don't know but I mean someone is getting it on Iraq yeah if you know greatness. They're you know greatness Italian time and there's eight rim and engaged in rewind it listen this guy. The. Thirty days and I don't allow you any measurable you must be miserable life basket bonding abilities dictate to get anybody a bad flu that.