Breaking down Saints-Falcons

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, December 6th

Bobby & Deke break down tomorrow night's Saints-Falcons matchup with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


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And good evening and welcome to sports south is Hyundai addition he is Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia allowed to get to it is the key if they're trying. Saints play two tomorrow night against. The Atlanta Falcons coming up. The Orlando Ledbetter over the province of ATC Atlanta journal constitution will be witness to give us his take. Continue to get familiar with this week's opponent the Atlanta Falcons Scott Shanle former saint climb back analysts acog sports TV gives us his take on the black and go. Four games left including two against the south plains mall will be with us as well. Ref you SA Raza be witness would argue from Vegas give us his take on the games and also Brandon Lang abandoning dot com. Don't it's a fancy from a report basically Wednesday is Thursday this week because the game is tomorrow. As always the number to get involved is 26018 sending you content that city 7870. Operating jaguar opinion poll is online at WW real dot com. Which it is C south team do you think the saints might see down and wrote meaning in the plan. Could be Carolina. Oiler and a maybe both on the either cast your vote online at WW and I tell you nobody going into the week. In the the falcons would have been this exceed. Our two weeks ago without that have been to succeed in this this going to Iran to gain the saints would have been three. And greens explain the first round and in one week. A New Orleans was a four spot and Carolina was a five. So the likelihood. And now Atlanta got a QB in the Boggan there they can own it in water right now but the likelihood. Of two teams in the south. While both big bowl while call as we like three team you totally drew a total and those seeds being. 45 and six about be pretty high. Yet it pretty Heidi can and and you look at the competition between the Seahawks in the rants. You know like a big way and by Seattle and he put it that are that number one seed in the Eagles now that was at. Seattle would still be you gotta be impressed. Would area agrees and now Russell Wilson I mean he was unbelievable he has so you look at beat the Eagles this thing on the West Coast now they got to go at the rams. Also look at the rams' schedule the all of sending host and he was and he got to go at Seattle units does that does that amaze NFL special when you look at these meaning meaningful games man and when they come and about I mean I'm Libby intrigue. Come this Sunday. Or did the military and you know as the sun and the other saints are playing that is still a day of celebration. So you can get you a little ones. Is it's the eleventh anniversary include a nation. So be severed it then that go to row losses are if you don't wanna baking cake in. Again a hoot at nation now birthday cake because dig there when Ozzie this overdose and you know watch football or saints are playing. So is this the severed its kids but would that being said the seventh as the launching yet December 10. The goal Carolina. Kamal we swept Carolina area they holes in the viking we need to EU want Carolina to build to overtake the vikings are condescending soap and a lot out. A lot of meaningful. Intriguing. Football and he homered to bring this of the one thing. That has occurred. Official pink became the head coach in. These three categories. The numbers are have been unbelievable. Now it was even skewed even more in the saints fever but that when the case necessarily because. When it turn over the ball the beginning you know we stood in wind. And is that these three categories. We committed zero turnovers been out 35 and five. Well one time Vigo. We only had like two losses. So when you look at the other category. Ken will be out to this game get back to that when the defense forces three turnovers and then matter of the authors turtle and divas could take it away. Three time 3 plus times a morning game we're point 94. But what has occurred because a ball scoring defense okay. Is allowing it to warrior fuel points. Digg where now 62 wins and only six losses. Now I did they do that I thought it would be a 2723. Tony toward a four time we gave a look we did the Carolina. And look in scoring defense did so we're now sixty to a six to do it to our bring that up because you look at Atlanta. Alanna with the most prolific offense last year. The scoring wet well into the thirties is right we know what's going over to right now. The been emitted a pack there's only scoring be escorted by ten points less than it did last year only scored torrid 3.2 game. Where are we going back to what we've normally done says 2006 where it's listen the pages to the Packers where we scoring. 28 points to more we had 29 and a half point but you think about all the gains we've played. The twenty point three. We are bold basically given up twenty points a game to come by scoring defense so that number two media I think it is getting Kris. You know when you have a guy that we gonna be host in the jets now I don't know we'll be all that contain explosive offense sell like Atlanta. On the twenty points put. I'll look at the ego that we could increase that now is sixty to a six Agassi is being 64 and six. Because we vehicles on the season against Tampa Bay in the jets hold and then 120 points but that's really been. What are the main stage talk about where all the bits is ranked you know can we get to the middle of pac playing well right now we go we twelfth. The highest where there was like number eight that you look I'll pass defense. Rushing defense is kind of middle of the pack but that's scoring defense. Big that that is twelve like I'll defense and I think that that is critical because offense and I think if you look. And then and you it's over a period of time let's say a handful of games the only thing you break down the season in quarters. That a body was continues to have this kind of scoring defense but they beat you win three out of four. Resolve this can't think of the Caribbean is who will end up scoring point two and I'm gonna being gained. Like a seventeen to thirteen. Our I would be shot. If we would be in a game now be interested to see this was gonna Minnesota's that Atlanta. Big event that falcons. Minnesota game is fourteen and nine. What. Who aren't that big if by well. If vowed divas can hold the vikings did B a playoff times with that we play in a fourteen point shame on the things if we don't win. You're that damage comets all of its even over that Atalanta especially when they've done this season. He's the Kasey Kahne embody hey there I'm dig ability allowed to give to. Break it down saints and Atlanta. Tell and so bug on the coach has been higher and we hit on that. And of course your input text does any 7870. And welcome back. Along when Bobby gave me time to dig ability at the Orlando Ledbetter V was coming up a little later. To talk about the Atlanta Falcons. Casey Jenny tell us a ball scene. Got some big wins in north Texas and Troy in New Orleans Bowl. And we have the all states suitable NASA semi final 7:45 PM New Year's night. The Alabama Crimson Tide in the Clemson Tigers do one more time understand the winner moves on to the national title game in this is is this about as big as he gets about a. Ali Abu Dhabi national championship game it is it is economies because you Marlins for the Sugar Bowl the no it is. And you vote to move to me. That atmosphere and I think though. Amount of money being spin in the city I don't think -- be any different with a semifinal or national championship game I agree I mean who's commenting. Considering. As a laid the rivalry it come playoff time between Clemson Alabama the one you now at New Orleans. Ohio State Alabama and that was variance some bright had in the accident and it wouldn't it was a semi found national championship I mean though there was an end of its same thing you know you know the ego people wanna take a road trip become the New Orleans saw I think it's a big get big win but is doable when you consider the opponents and the atmosphere has been. Be about leading up into the game and did this just a great opportunity for New Orleans and and to have to have that tied the game in big guy that either who who who you pick and I mean I. A lot of the element you know it's crazy you look how big is on Alabama's band wagon but. When you look at it. They expect to what was expected Alabama not winning. The Shawn Watson and that's why now I trigger that match or baker made hooligans Georgia's defense seemed to me it did Agassi was gonna come I'll. Albeit albeit different in the way you know by your own style but of these four teams. Big mesa to me as the guys like mansion though the fourteenth it was this now what I would have went out and out to me that and I think bigamy Theo is. Oklahoma's good good enough overall as a team. But I think bacon mayfield is the guy they could lead his team all the well they have been tested as to Olympic and we know Oklahoma's defense brings anything that it table. I mean I'm confident that big committee feels good to do his part yeah Mozilla I would just turn it all over Iran right right at the Yankees and at the bit did a good enough to where they can overcome some things to. And Alabama Deke bold Alabama Clemson now yeah. Bugged it would be in the final four if they would legit product right is that is no Alabama alone are Clemson alumnus Phil that this is. One of our best teams ever. You know we always expected to start the team or performance to have a chance when his chairmanship. But biggest ally there over all overly confident wears off and it would all went on the hell we do win I mean and I think that's when Alabama tells is that right and. Alabama's keep this under isn't what I'm a finer estimate that month that month look at because Alabama's schedule not not not by their own doing but. You know. Florida State wasn't. Who we thought they were much more in Florida State say Alabama had the biggest first guessing and we knew they were a problem what's been and a good ballclub. Now what happened was. Alabama's four of their last five games were bused off my father toughest part of their schedule. LSU Mississippi State into a enamored of the LSU missing Tuesday and all of entry those four weeks. And I you throw Mercer out and that was that was a tough as part of their schedule no no doubt about it. And it. In three out of four weeks then didn't have a stretch like that of a dean dean Clemson did Oklahoma did it point in time. You know Wisconsin how they met all those who did. How face in those those tough opponents and through the last four weeks and now this month to prepare and get ready. That's on me interests deceived because Jane hurts in this and I'll just look to name when he plays really issue. When he is given out until he makes those plays he's a big difference maker to. Audio and out of that big difference maker of ten out what I being tree went. Because you know people wanna sell the SEC the SEC's down yeah OK yeah now why they happened to a lot of people are not well. Right now the idea I mean as much intrigue as any India match up. Georgia vs Alabama all manner yeah I don't think. Alabama. Could stop Georgia from running the ball is why sit and look like Ellis who ran on him in Georgia's quarterback could throw a little bit yeah I like this the Alabama and then they have deviated I have they could stop jardin dreading it that you look at Georgia's defense yeah Kamal arguably. And be right they don't get the soul out. Big guy our panel wanted to see that as a young man. At that Khartoum and I want to see an SEC measures and shivered Georgia Alabama. I guess stole the show for good matchup and it hit you that we got two big games in the lead to a third can gain no doubt about it. All right a lot still yet to get do need to KG came Bobby Mandy Bolivia sports talk it's 8 o'clock tonight right here on WWL but first W it is eight CBS update. He has to Kasey Kahne embody a bear I'm dig elevated tomorrow it is game day. We'll be getting set. This point dam. Fans. First take. Kristin Garrick and Steve Cohen and in the but like canned and take off it is the saints and the falcons cajun K and then. Shall we for the blanking though is do say though on the coach's show we talked about it basically some walk throughs in the woods is coming did you legs of unused. And you know nineteen now heading to Atlanta just that face you turnaround. These there's an I gained about he would continue to com. Bought or there's something that's going to be tweaked a lot of mental. I gave tejada is gonna be tweaked is live the next collective boring agreement the players on agree upon okay. Now these sort of players of foam are in the get. You know cause owners to get the money that they get mole or. I don't know how you work that out but that they have more of an incentive to go Thursday night and let me tell you you know and I give and of the it's somewhere. I'll want a say in between NBC and CBS is like 451050. Million a game. And so date. It's almost as like 910 billion dollars. Hitting the owners are given of that are you kidding me all players' safety Hello World you know mainland could compromise a little bit. Begin Nevada additional billion dollar revenue my haven't Thursday night football. And he got to CBS and NBC's pay and my kid has lied to me in NA Thursday night football is here to stay in less. The next collective boring you really got to give them something get some illicit declares all we don't want there's an affable well the owners are gonna want something in return. In that cat and mouse game you talked about that the CBA collective bargaining. So love are right now. The players can bitch all they want. That it it it doesn't matter. And like drew said I heard drew did in view. The you know you gotta do as a player. And you know try to be positive mind over matter. There's now like you don't wanna be all one dealing with this you can veto especially like we drew. The deacon a lot of players but drew as of late he's saving themselves on this Sunday. He's that'd be priced in based little Wednesday we had among QB to QB last night. And now that's kind of Dave they have to recover the guy played till I was 37 and I'm telling you now the rules Logan and how to protect the quarterback. The last Chirac played out it's our price and until Friday. Because now I don't have the lifestyle maybe if Tom Brady or drew realized it. Can now go to once they took you stop artists until Friday that the without opening them and ask Larry is likely to buy it. Take us through that did you did you did you throws no you. So you knew I holidays we studied this dredge in an hour ago and and though because my elbow was miss them right. Side handled the ball and do different drills and get the blood flow and run but I'll kind of do results of our Friday don't play the game on Sunday and you get beat up on Sunday. And and you go get treatment and recovery and June Jones I was in new best of yeah nobody ad is endless and a lot of all the players. The tone against Dallas when you have heard all of Palestine in mind the big he was on that program. It was a do or as you ride the bike yes I mean that if you don't you can do it would you have to do they need to show pretty gaming you produce in of the coaches are gonna be flexible. And again less of drew was more in practice. Purses Bogle you don't have to leave it on the fuel wins the good news to go top of things mentally. So dazzle all of the whole thing in his robber ordered up. Because easing about it. The games tomorrow night yes. So Drew Brees basically. Him going into the game because of Tom with that Thursday night would be him like getting sick. To put in the game plan and be ready to roll for the game on Sunday. It feel like it's a practice but it's a game there's gonna cow but if you go and that ride to dig auditors say evening and the whole players. But what's interest in when you look at Toronto Armstead and Lattimore being left out. This past game you against the Panthers. It was like OK if we play him against Carolina a 100%. While the probability of them being ready. That now because they interest in dealing with the you'll be ready to go on Thursday so we cube might against Carolina. They have a better chance to build two roll and play and contribute on third down against Atlanta that being Lattimore and Armstead verses. If we play him against Carolina. This for shorting probably not be ready to go get to Atlanta and bigamy and this is because it did that's intriguing and injury report. Now we weigh more banged up than Atlanta alana has one player. That that that the health and their running game. They're guard Andy Le vitro mining as it tries NBA play. So love it look Indianapolis armored a look at Keller Monta who will look at how Gordon Smith and so was so we dealing let a lot more. From a physical standpoint like bought Andrews. And now odds are that they got to wake I'd beaded tackle. Because that a groin injury. Now marking our dream that told what does that turf toe. I mean I have no idea that you look at Lattimore the ankle Marcus Williams his growing. PGA Williams shoulder because of the injury report. We ages dealing with a handful of players. There's gonna effect will we do tomorrow night verses the province have like one player and I'd be their starting ovitz of gore. That's the case cannot be down the ability to sports talk into 8 o'clock tonight right here on saints radio WW. Tomorrow night in the eight DL Mercedes-Benz stadiums haven't won a factor governor on saints radio it's the Atlanta Falcons contain New Orleans Saints. Did they held by Escobar kinda Milan to get. Educated on this week's opponent the falcons is the Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC Atlanta journal constitution. These thank you so much for the time in the way things are saving up with Green Bay Dallas several teams based there along with the falcons fan final spot. Andy you waste Seattle's playing Atlanta as time and a situation where. Playoff closet as c.s out this is and you tell me beat these seem like this is about as close if not already arms and must win for the falcons. Yeah a deacon. Bob Hope or depressed about the need to win here they're trying to reclaim their title. There are deployed opposite. Probably wouldn't want to thank you wanted to rent you you certainly 13 Warner home a possible. Number are we there crude received so. Like you say this is pretty darn much lower for the rocket. Now I. When you look at match osu receiver. Vs a dvd the quarterbacks involved in. And then obviously. Who has better duels in the balance in the saints when you look at divide Dave Freeman and Coleman then obviously marking the now and Allah Tamara. Bogut the portal wanted to bring up to you. And you look at Julio Jones. Because at times not I don't know who was it because he's doing what injury. But divide Dave Freeman has burned the saints put. Look at Julio Jones and I'll watch that game against Sam a Baylor what he now had three games. In his career or at least 250 yards receiving the other player in NFL history admitted no more than one time. The bills and you've played a vikings. And all of a sudden amassing a non factor. But he was targeted but the results where there was that because as Xavier roles though with the with the vice ascended doesn't matter who you play and ended the pitcher facing. Now and Bob and more about everything grip on. The hole it or not. And a on the road and covered yet know. Prepared me so it was a combination of good scheming. Mike Zimmer. They're you know they're Coolio again. It's sort of an when they did people around there you'd come out and objective. And you know that it is very good job pretty good about that run in and the back into the key Coolio and check. Now I. When you look at the total yards from scrimmage. I was looking that if you look at week three. The last season a week seventeen the combination divide Dave Freeman and Kevin Coleman they had 532. Yards from scrimmage. I mean you think is gonna take bag kind of effort the thing with C issued I'll go with navigate these things Lucie tomorrow night. Because you know bull. Freeman a call with cable putting up those numbers also come Aaron Ingram. So that it's almost like a video game when you look at the total yards of scrimmage how would they produce. Yeah commitment welcome mat. The that he would equipment no. Look there are a crop. They gave in 2012. Players here. You know. The legally the doubt that led this is that we could fire there operate. Yeah apparently this is ranked them ultimately against the then number three patents. Well operative though. That might give them way. The by your vote our active looks with the run game site and over here because the past and this is there are a bit battered. Run defense is you know it could go to the way. Oh look out. No running game they can you know right now whoever. And wrote it and they'll probably. You know Coke bottle top. But you know DL looking at said this earlier in the show after all the games they've played. You look the scoring defense and you know it. The case more often not that you are prolific author edges they gonna score. Mid to high twenties about mormons able given up. Basically twenty points a game. But now what I'll look at the one thing Atlanta's the vets has done. Now everyone's bragging about the saints defense but Atlanta is ranked eighth overall. We were out one time were eighth and we would just hope boom we have like a middle of the pack beat that's right now the saints are right ranked twelfth. But I go one intriguing number because you know this could make all the difference in this they've been able to make at the shot police. When he by a shot plays are. All of a sudden gash plays Harvey wanna describe it. That's one thing bald against the run and the pass Selanne is the physics help. I was really where they've all well allow. 27 completions. A twenty plus yards which is tied right now for the lowest mark in the NFL with the Eagles. And then I saw worthy of a lot only five rushes. Of a twenty plus Georgia knowing a 178 yard run. Only five Russia's Tony plus yards this season which is the fifth lowest in the league so. It's sale like is about the the image almost have to earn your way drive on the field and you really like given up those big place. Yeah. You can build let that covered the you don't know about that let you and it doesn't mean that the middle come up and tackle. Miller man who tomorrow tackle earlier in the evening you know like everybody because they you know they don't. Tackler practice anymore but I you know minute. It. Thank if you know of any detectable in the game to eight minute I have to caught. Didn't think it down two point probably doubt they'd pick and then did it but about the way it didn't fit successful disappointment they're not. Given thought to those who plays and note saying another word about then candidate. Probably and green and then certain common to both edit in a row what the app called read the route. All the other. And you know that they. That without concerned about grave act and then stay in this. That and I don't agree. Right to act and it could rake up the track and don't let that. You know the tip. It. You know let it just so. The Orlando Ledbetter at the Atlanta journal constitution and follow him at. Orlando eight JCD thank you so much of the time we appreciate. You know welcomed me. Get. All right we'll continue counted down to the same to the falcons right here on WW.