Breaking down the Saints' draft possibilities

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, March 22nd

Deuce & Kristian talk about where the Saints might go in the NFL Draft with Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly.


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Third hour of sports talk while the men rock and roll and phone lines over a 504260187. XX 8787. Eric at home more joyous about ten minutes. Tunnel NFL football. He's an FL writer for pro football weekly. Phone lines over a 5042 is so when it's an like I said are pretty must opinion poll online at W alike come. Can't see Davis overtake James Harden to be the NB MVP of the National Basketball Association. Gina Metairie was going on genial on W to go. Record couple questions on can. Outlaw all. Beijing under contract in the wall. Think it's. Three more years if I remember. Correctly. Okay and don't feel like by. And invite these but now. You know when you got apparently did he cal player. You know morning. No law issue is shall hold true championships. And copy of that era. The law doesn't do what I have to do to appeal winning and we will. About eight and a half point don't get a championship would. I mean he put his statements after the all star break. He put the organization you know all noticed that that's what it's gonna take amoeba that's why you seen. Them making the moves that they have made as far as the bone cousins to mere two X the Rondo. Things of that nature to try to get them into the playoffs and not just a first round into the playoffs. You know they. NBA finals but you have to have that roster I mean what he's been able to do open to this point. Has been really really really good I mean because it is somewhat been a one man show now he's head hill. Along the way you know you talk about holiday stepping up making plays Ian Clark stepping up making plays. But it's his show and he has been here in the low. Absolutely and one moral questions. Just were put out there should become the great player. Of the by. I think it would fine simple fact it is you know after we had bound to stop. I'd give them a black you know milk it couldn't get a you know it couldn't get on the control which shall team Israel. TO TO he has it exactly gene no team has had control of them yet. I eat with Clooney who we play for Jim Schwartz Jim Schwartz. Easy Sean they know. Our case you shopping now. Yeah players so I think that in that locker we could fit it in an organization he would he would fit he hasn't been fine idea yes mrs. B isn't fine for an isn't it. Since 2014. So I don't think I don't think about you don't need it can't lump the two together he cannot link these two. Two Suze actions and the bounty gate is hitting close to be a similar he he loses temper at times. Mean stop to some I don't know layers like our our. I mean yeah. I get that that's not a good look but I is a classic case dean of and dominant soon. Is your favorite player when he's on your team he's the most despised player when he's on another team. Yeah I don't agree which you know you know I mean. It would we've been put out and make an. So now and as well. But don't like the fact of which caught dirty. Now. I don't like. Dirty players used to be revered in the National Football League. I write this at one point it was like you know yankees dirty mean Theres they used to be. There's an NFL they do in the countdown top ten Darius players on the NFL network. Of all time that's gone away. He didn't sometimes you need a little bit of that on your team would you agree that it. You wanna dirty player like uses. He wanted dirty player that's not gonna cost you games. And nor yours but you love for a player that plays when and it's he's got a nasty streak in him and we all noticed who has a nasty streak end. At the defense to use some like that a player like that little bit of attitude mile. Can't Jordan plays with a with an attitude and edge I think by and large that's secondary last year played -- edge but another player like Ndamukong soon. Then there's one thing to play were kids in another thing to play to a agent has some talent to play renews right and he's got down right steadily come back for Eric and home health all right for pro football weekly. Next ranking the quarterbacks in this year's draft class and who Ursula guys it to be around. In rounds three or four of the saints might wanna consider. Sports talk rules on here on W two well. Whose best quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft welcome back to sports talk Deuce McAllister crushing Garrick. Could the saints the IAEA. Air. To Drew Brees and the third fourth fifth round. Eric at home pro football weekly NFL writer. At Eric underscore and home joining us now here on sports talk Eric in oh by your estimation it's who would you say who would you say is. The top three quarterbacks. Yeah it's it gets into the year he. Won guide you guys maybe three that we can say. To be first round pick a year or. You know quarterback technically could go the more acute and you may not get the big art big. So from what I've seen and I've watched a good about but you know that earned it and I try to get other people's opinions that I trot and I I personally like jot wrote and I noted they've got they buy it lately that other guys. I like wrote in and I like Nate field I think they've Donald will be in a one trick but I don't think he's gonna be ready right away. And I think that we can live with what I see from Josh corporate tools but I don't see it worked out the theory pretty straight. Eric when you see the owner. Of eighteen and they work out sitting on their hands. It is it a forgone conclusion that. Cleveland has taken Sam Arnold. I think it's a pretty strong sign that that you know Jimmy out the credential so Prodi did coincidentally right out to see him in the pocket the parents. Sure brown as we get there it's right they could be with. Believe it music currently in the Antarctic judgment built but yeah I mean I think that obviously part of the getting you know you made the whole thing. ELI. Team owner for days occasionally there were but occasionally. And they may go to mobile quarterbacks. Mentioned and earlier they wanna so. Yet you'd think the guy I think that it might do it for awhile anyway but it. That's obviously a pretty strong side that there are here and I just order that sports. Would the other moves critically let's just talk about the JPP move betrayed them Tampa. Does that father. The number two pick as far as what the giants are gonna do with their peak you know as far as. Leaning maybe even quarterback with pairs or you see them backing moving down a little bit just because. They do have a little bit more ammunition with the third and fourth rounder. Via and bail. Cakes that you had it coming or that trade so giving extra there are certainly helps and you know you have. Allotted me in everything in the off these and I think it points toward make one more. Elect let. But at the battered here let's not go for you will be yours that we need to believe that. Either they could that are straight and stay there and take brightly job OJ PP concentrated you know take the best. I brush its route that they turn on the jets. In all of that jet called giant that would retreat back optic chicken little doubt that. Target range and number six. Guys and they turned them down. To suggest that. They're going corner back an informant. That sort of thing that kept them reap the opera. If if if they turn down that type of ammo just to move down to six they're going quarterback. Al I would agree a 100% but at this point how would. Waded out to see who gives me the biggest package of of pics of me because right now they obviously opened up the position. But I do think that they have retooled it enough to say that. Yes we like to hope but if we can get enough picks they'll they'll make the move. You could he could make the case that the just go back and revisit that with the jets. On oh yeah on drugs oh yeah I mean when you won entertain other offers. Yeah and at the bunea. This trade happening so early in the jets' culture rated that. The guys now have the next play 35 days whatever. Just let the price tag a lot of anything you know to get people more at the end and the closer we get the draft day. Amen they can they can set the bar pretty I mean yeah I think they care and so it got pretty good option they've got a new GM. Had never. Made by this this could be the year were that the price few good. Hey you know air at home pro football weekly NFL writer at Eric underscore at home here on sports talk Eric. Idiot that you talk about quarterbacks in the high profile first round there's. Where DC Lamar Jackson go on and then on top of that. Give me your name Ort to of a quarterback that might be around and round four or five that moved the saints could end up maybe look at that. Our experts part mark Jack Benny he'd be a distinctive not a team blog not a routine and he. You know caught being ready made me think you know it may not be great if they're offered to sit them but I think they are not being out there. That are activated entry in fact. He thought he. Cha want. To slot him in for work I mean it. You mean he's got some special trade and we see the production on the field we go do that like an hour so. I think they're now. Scenes that feel good about Indy go somewhere in that. Late first round down the middle background I don't go to work out. About it the more quarterback he'd go hide that you're a better shot but it apparently wandered say. I don't know like wait till Friday that they can I I do think there's a real strong possibility goes somewhere between. Let's say number one Ian and number fifty years something like that. Your second question. He especially for the saints and made. You know they kick it in that range that'll objects metal made Rudolph. Mike White from from what Pataki and is Smart guy she's been in three different systems Israel essentially. They were in the chip rom offers from left Purdue. But you've just been immediately try to be on the it will. Working his skill set in by C related job the past need to really accept history to throw the ball well on the field. Got its nice how much good in its creation. But I Eli. But they've been change like that impacted and hurt the team when did you play better they look good pretty good senior I don't nobody today. Prospect I think war early date once I mean delegate triage. Area. When we talk about just the saints and but there. Chase for Ndamukong Suh how do you think he fits in what have you heard lately with him possibly being. Or focusing on the rams saints and the titans. Yeah I think the they're seen to be that maybe they can't make this work financially they you know Clare state and it may be. Their a better opportunity would want those dollar GI bill I have been. Rationed personally but I red porch and you know talked to a few people AG and stop tour modern situation. So yeah I mean they the only thing that they concede people in here there and they'd be credible. But Arnold I mean rather they're now want to suit though long term deal out of that work you know so that that can affect anything but. If you are or not you care him Keyon Jordan and shelled rank in one I don't know that that. You know there may not be a better trio right there or had a trader's guide surgeons. It's raptors can wreck blocking schemes so. It should the trapping caught abilities that it come true be pretty happy if you played that is you know maximum pepper ball. Eric at home pro football weekly NFL writer actor Eric underscore and home here. The Deuce McAllister crushing dark on sports talk talk a little about Mason Rudolph will ask hard mixed reviews a quarterback out of Oklahoma State. It's big guy bit tougher mix things late first round upon more likely to be a second rounder. Yeah tactic they're preparing for him and I like to be a little bit and it's we talked him at the senior boys or their. Q eater you would seem that cannot you know be will be around the clubs that work. You know the Broncos. That and I guess they Kiewit. You put injury plagued by. He's got a little chip Marshal on the listening indicated he'd still like and what about me I've put out the same kind of crazy numbers that led the NCAA passed it last year. Oh by the way it's like freshman year interception that bit minimal that the rain up with a better I NT ratios go. You're coming from that air raid system you know that they run they're. There are some things that don't always treated like the other ballot NFL coaches have been a little suburb about incorporating some of those things some out. He's got the guy he got the kind of leadership and attitude that the everything you want firmer now the dog quarterback. Are pretty well moves well when you propaganda Shannon but he got a good arm. Our IQ people are big east is that on him just a little bit kind of like the I think he got the liberal. Eric good stuff we pursue the visitor right. Our spirit thanks Erik Erik at home probable weekly NFL writer at Eric underscore and home on Twitter Mason Rudolph six foot five. Was it six with five to 35 come might have been. Roethlisberger kind of built if you do you watch him and Oklahoma State lots of marina mile mile in an. And he brought it up my own question is does his game translate. Particularly read defense six or he wasn't asked to do a lot of Emmy but I know some of the system with Avery and because. So and let's just put it like but it would be you know. How well does he read defenses and it's not just one man. How how is he reading coverages. Mason Rudolph trying to get him on a show its employer we know to address maybe sometime next week Oklahoma State cowboys. Quarterback. Pullen drove a 504 twos and so when he suddenly text 878 semi or CBS news headlines. Local news headlines and back with sports talk here under read it well and author and a cup. Do some of the text line and a 787 me. One because hey if you Texas. With the Norwegian tax on the air will certainly in Iraq to the fire one back catch him. So we'll try to get to as we try to get to all of them between me induce. Put all of this when druze replacement has to come out of the first round. No it doesn't. You have to be a first round. Tom Brady was drafted in the sixth round Russell also has dropped in the third round Nikkei just can't pigeonhole and say oh it's got to be a first round that's only got two sets the that a lot of first runners. At quarterback and haven't had success there. Drew wasn't a first round a great point mark. Bad dad was 13 round was that SI did at that price cuts though I think it's because of the lack of success that you've met with some of the other. Whether it's their fourth rounder tegra closes segment is that the scientific that they feel like that he's got to be a first round there or else. We don't stand a chance. Honey Sean Payton's father regret your religion or drop below deal subtly and other they had interest there and a the pictures are taken before them and out and round two in I think shopping might regret the fact that he. It was a little bit more for boasts on that it's on that player than he fight would have been so he'd allow enough resort to grind right at the fire regrets that. Notice them that's all you didn't right now. Yeah and so many smoke screens and people Tran to. I mean that's the case would all the traits it's a land of subterfuge. I mean until that best of reason that you have all the trades. What will lead to even a bigger crop of peaks. Teams are moving in position themselves the jets. Moving up Macon moves trying to get a quarterback and so. As we've seen the last couple years that's an all or what what goes that's what sales and if you're the saints. Right now that's good. Because that's only hope was better players defense of players which we have been targeting or somewhat targeting down to you have Tony said it. He outlook. Joseph Montana was a seventh round he was the second round of joint maybe even third round and their name but. Gillick the jets made that trade with the colts for one express purpose purpose to get to six to offer that to the giants' Corey I. I was there whole motivation. Now title may Tinsley not work out. And get to number two but the jets are clearly targeted quarterback court when doing it for them to correct they signed they signed their back up well designed to attend. Britain ordered Orleans on the countdown you summit county party leader to poly long term answers you look at four correct so they're targeted quarterback but he. You never know if the giants' surprise. And draft sick one Barkley it too. And it was dolce I'll see either at least say you tell me that the largely considered that the top guy the top player in the draft is gonna fall for perhaps yeah. And ashes because teams need a quarterback that's Cleveland so click the view with their quarterback at warned that one and then Iran Iraq back as an old F four now. They can be a good draft call for our first big address focusing on Barkley. He saw his pro day. And obviously Lee ran. At the com line. Eight he sees very similar do you. What he's got a you can turn around and give it to a torrid 25 times. He's got it can get to that a bank feeling that we do a lot of the slot here you can line them up in the slot so he he would be a pretty good weapon for Cleveland. Now we still talk in Cleveland on them they have to show. They have to show me something and but it would at least. Fired them up and lead him in the right direction. Baker may feels another quarterback that's outside of that top three. Guys split. He's pilot can make it past when he. I don't think you I think he's top fifteen type team and possibly. You know just depend on how things shake culture on draft day what trades happen would trades occur I think he's top fifteen top team. You wanna see this but a potential. That 51 round quarterbacks ago court. That's great for the saints at that plays out that's perfect for the saints and he won on the go five in the first 26 picks well I think. You probably give him within a file of probably those five quarterbacks will be in the top toward. Top twenty picks I don't even think top 26 speaks in an end to file that you talk in which would file quarterbacks he rips. Since Sam Donald Gregg I Rosen Rosen and then at the cat from. Allah Iowa. Group and a Iowa. While touchdown talent yet Allen. Mayfield they feel Lamar Jackson and Lamar Jackson. For sure for. He the wild card Bill Clark thanks in large or Lamar is well while Cardin in. And still miss and knowing on what Sam Rosen miss him Donald Rosen. Mayfield mayfield. Then go out there now so there's five. And in Mason Rudolph. Projected to go and around those who are through as an outside shot outside shot of me at quarterback hungry team that might be look at for the future trade back up at the latter part of round. Raoul here's an instinct back. Our factor the saints are not facilities I don't know if you agree or leave it there I don't think that there eyeing a quarterback in the first round. I com. But what if you get all the sudden you get the round picks 25. And there's. A handful players ten players that you feel like you could slide back a united spots around almost slot back Mickey in Sean I've never done it. Nobody but at the Petit might be calling you look at blood sample for. You know have a quarterback you don't have to if they've got a shot at slide back and picking up a two. And possibly even a four yeah I mean because it stated that'll give them what three forest Meehan or incidental to 24 round picks. I gotta do it because my 24 round Zach impacted to move up into the power and now have 23 rounder is by. Out out how love to be able pickup second round. Lou the saints did last year in the third round talent to merit Drew Anderson or not bad not bad tell these you found in the third round. And look in Bali that. All these NFL draft experts are re ranking the draft classes redecorating. And Al Tamara would have been a top fifteen pick opt out cut into fifth entry and the saints' draft originally close draft was given a B grade. Against Nicklaus an a plus and highs and highs graded. And the national football playing time you have offensive and even the rookie of the years I think that that speaks were self yet kind of knows the other although all all of the other draft picks major roster and all of them contribute outside of Mohammed. Who basically got me a richer. Three draft now for Jeff Ireland OK so he's been a part that trial for between the cubes Sean Payton. Two of the three have been really solid classes. Hold talks you will come back about. Do you think that he's truly the X-Factor. That they hoped the he would be between Ian Ian Sean. A rush on Mickey because they were both highly aggressive and he's seen the saints but by tree opposite he's seen the saints take a little bit more. A measured approach and it worked out for the last couple just talk about that next. Here it is McAllister saints all time leading rusher. I'm crushing dark this is sports talk on W two well. This look at this draft order obviously got the browns at one giants to jets. At three browns again at four. The Denver Broncos are just Aaliyah are on the fringe of that quarterback. Trio that they could go picks 12 in three. Or 11 through four really what sic on Barkley prime B and the Brown's fourth pick so I I could see Denver. Entertain the idea of trying to get to the giants picket at two. Do you think Denver has enough capital. And Israel will have to get. There's always have to get it right and any news pastures. I think he's pretty secure. But I mean he flirted with Varner coats. After one year last year. Cal blew it Roy did directing and living also wore our. Goal of any brought him back because he was basically for free. Lynch's struggled. The first round and they drafted from from Memphis he struggled. Does he have to get it right I know they just signed a bridge quarterback. You. Yet assigned case so they don't have to go quarterback. Yeah but I. The defense still pretty strong. I if you don't have the capital note the capital Ellen that would help is especially now that apple is out of thin air. Is now a tiny you move. Von Miller. Its capital. You look at and the odd thing to look. Erica of them trying to figure out what my approach. That the the mean. You couldn't. If you really if you're really trying to finance franchise guy. You tell me if you if you call the New York Giants right now on the giants. To move back three spots and a Yvonne Miller and you get an idea fifth year your fifth overall pick I mean if they don't if they don't just give up on franchising yeah that's that's were. You do but I think Von counts about twenty million of their camp right now. With the extension Ned that he did with them a couple of years ago. They would be. Cap purgatory. But fan if they miss on a quarterback and he and very cute. Now they always. Sure sure deal sure yeah me and that's that's a put myself out there gonna move there how to would put myself out there let me ask you this if you're. If you're John Elway and teams to this happens it happens all time on draft day in a teen stardom. While the the wild scenarios hate. What's it what would it take for Von Von Miller what would take your answer that question to want. Two for Easton you still think that that's a reason lastly what what Warner and at three and worse but two points. Mean Buffalo Bills had that two rounds and rounds at that towards. Just throwing this out there is a B while right. Vietnam one overall pick he drafted miles Jack last year Von Miller on the other side for two one's a first and a fourth dare them out areas yeah. First in four to be able to pick a Von Miller and I still have a quarterback. Com. And you get the broncos' fifth on my fifth overall I mean topic of the fifth minutes that's different. But if I'm not pick up one. I mean these are telling Maddon knew if fair trade yeah the a lot of I had going on here and you've got me thinking a little bit. If I'm Dorsey at Cleveland. Even though I do love Carl. I would make a move. I would make that move. I actually for the break about Jeff Ireland his impact on on media. The front office we Mickey Loomis Sean Payton in and that for that trio of guys that are making the decisions that ultimate decisions on who drafted Sandra. Do you do you think his calculated and all of a more measured temperament. Has has had had that big of an impact on call on those two because he Jamal Lewis and Thain who are a bit Coulson at times we're in an aggressive. And he saw and trade up for Brennan coast have been notorious for moving up and and in round one. They haven't done that last couple years you like that approach. Well I don't I don't know how much of it is his affect on Sean and Mickey but at linkage is dim sticking to the plant and Nat. Ginn ante a little bit into and I look we gotta make this move while I really liked this guy think sticking to the plan is really helped them the last couple years and I would not be surprised. At some point over the next. Weeks let's just put it that way that just takes a bigger role you know and this may be something after the draft in. In saying that that that's really. Probably eliminating some. Pressure off of Mickey. I think Mickey was still be involved but turning some of that responsibility over to Jeff. And this may happen before the draft. But I would not be one bit surprised to see Jeff take a bigger role. He already got the extension from the team but I wouldn't be surprised for him to take a bigger role in that operations. So he's assistant GM now sued you. Some snow to step in and you send. He could be he could be moved up to be a GM. Wouldn't be surprised. Just leave it like that I got you hooked when you say I wouldn't be surprised I've learned over the three years of work area that okay. That means. I just don't be surprised that it wouldn't know I'm translating about a I'm just translate that means is gonna happen if pretty mad at. That is a little slow on the take care that's ultimately what that means. Fascinating stuff and a mean. I get it especially now if you read. The succession plan from Tom Benson. Makes a lot of sense. Mickey Loomis is in that succession plan. Behind behind Galen behind in the slouch. So make sense again Agassi why. Deuce is not comment any further so would break here's sports talking until VW. Josh Al Sam Donald. Those two guys. Compare them to Carson wins. And Derek golf coming out. Do they compare any that my mama my point is because the value of quarterback any NFL these guys a price get overdraft. Corey and I think they compared to a point just because they have this oxygen. And the attributes strong arm. Smart he would you know but you start tax questions which are ridiculous about Rosen odors and low football he's committed to football. You know that's it is not as mom and dad a lot of money it. A little bit but that's ridiculous but you know leave ego and you look at. Just pure potential and I think that's what so many people love Alan com. From while. Because he's 65 and rocket arm can throw it semi arts. Yet but Alexy the accuracy is is not very good that was Russell as well right. Debt JaMarcus Russell yeah. Who knows what point is that Jerry golf Derek off work and Carson winds were. I would say. Really safe bets these the theory are not safe as those that I don't call on the safe would you still new quarterback. If you need a quarterback has got to make the move the because of that position is so high in the NFL if they were coming out a year of Carson Winston and Jerry got a late first round actually for trucks that they Ahmed a comeback for years and they don't even come out as soon. Brent LA sports handicap or what are the odds for the saints and the rest of the NFL a suitable in Vegas will get the latest from Brandon Lang also Marvin are caught up with a WB superstar will play that interview. As well caught up with them earlier today Patrick elementary sit tight you guys to lead off next hour phone lines open at 504. 2601 A semi tech's 878 semi. And Donald consume. Feel the three. Titans saints rams what do you think he'll land what does your gut tell you. A pretty much as a people long line at W elect comes. Could pelicans big men as they Davis overtake the rockets James Harden. Has this year's NBA MVP. Sports talk rolls on here on W two well.