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Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, March 12th

Bobby & Kristian talk with Southeastern Louisiana Coach Jay Ladner about their NIT berth against Saint Mary's, then talk with professional bettor Stuckey about the NCAA's.


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Why not. Welcome in a sports talk Bobby Hebert Kristian garic. South these lines under way tomorrow in the NI TT on Saint Mary's. Coach. I'm doing great thank Al I have mail machine I believe we are actually just landed enough. Our life in Oakland and we're only lightly we don't want corner where the hotel right now. Great count against the. In Moraga California were Saint Mary's they are are. Men now coach glad they're looking ahead. Overall. I guess she'd I guess that would be a goal where. You can have obviously the tournament winner and automatic bid there then also. An actress team from the solid Thomas like you have in baseball 'cause it's so competitive you look at dollar PI bit. But say like there's really competitive. When you look at. Ryan is Terry Nichols state. Solve these Louisiana now Stephen F winning converts tournament. Was it like there's a whole lot a lot of competition going on gonna regular season. And obviously in tournament play. No question about. Always. It was or not you are one of the first arm. When I got an early four years ago was absolutely out etiquette that was. Each eager they're the cockroach race and an intriguing it would really goes down collapsed. Volume day same thing happened here this year you know we're literally tomorrow and Nichols started copper championed a lot. Even all of course. First I mean most you know one came right that's. And and and so it was very difficult you know it's a separate yourself third straight. Anywhere there's an actor throughout the whole year anyone immersed in an opportunity to go to win the conference championships so. It is very difficult. We're we're still people in contrary yeah. All stopped heart breaker or stroke heart breakers you know at all on Saturday. Nichols obviously right here where. Anyway our our league. I think it's gonna continue to beat just based on what I'm in you know in turn in and everybody's a basketball program your grade. Now hug coach lane there what can you tell our lines fans about Saint Mary's. Obviously laden you know when things are put together right quake so to speak. That. OK well what do we know about this team and talk about maybe our expectation is he going there are no you won obviously winning continue. Now correct me if from Rome. I'm looking and a lot of Louisiana influence in and I T Louisiana Lafayette it's playing at L issue. If you were able to win would you play the winner of that game how does that work. Well well oh you know I think one thing that threw a little bit of race we actually drinking manna. Certainly achieved it land. There SEC tournament championship. Which which they were not. Favored to win now obviously did not. But we can't lock yet on the other one straight when Sunday so you know since street orchestrate the sun belt which would have Wear out. Probably first round matchup between now used in southeast which would have been. Which would have been certainly an exciting thing for southeastern. And and and then shortly hopefully this lately you know well I didn't work. Oh that we would kind of be the odd that here we are yet. I got the which beer. I want to come out to say that they got the change thing. Obviously be in the people that run in country you know that's going to be in the tri match program. But what documentary that's so careful weaker. Where I'd be their cars to go in ninety Aires mayor. I'll figure it out for a while they're ranked in the top wanting. I'm stolen. Or just. And then and now about coach Lenny when you say top twenty like RP IR what our. Now they're there in the poll I'll work there yes they're currently in the old they're 28. Illegal Auburn lost in the conference semifinals two. To BYU. And again I'm not sure again if you look at it. How in the world it's match rank in the top twenty top twenty. Car now we're not talking about gene that was and they went under and right year saw were talking about one and there. Has a body. A war group when you take 100 job losses. Only lost at home holier fortune when almost dark Alley turned out now. Either unfortunately for southeastern unfortunately it'll be anywhere and fortunately. You know we're gonna Aminopterin quietly struggling one of the better teams in the country. And you know it's an exciting thing for her for southeasterly you know want to be playing me not fetuses. I only the second time in the history of our program that we and I go to. She's imply the other town in 2000 problem which really Kennedys now extra union. And the war on united shelf it was was coaching there. I mean this is the first time ever that we just let him in countries that we're really excited about it players are shot at. Universe and never in orbit came at a more devastated. Locker room and our was an open air every lap and Great Britain in any iron ore and obviously when you've invested and sump and has as much as. Is our players get hurt when it doesn't there's been quite work out he got away from sit right here keenly loser was a heartbreaker to straighten out Boston. Burt and I cannot know our players were gonna recover but I noticeably at a select at a selection so called it last night was standing room only. Deal we got back to Hammond and that was that was great picking up on main announced on national TV that were on the site near each. Obviously it could do agree quick turnaround stamp was we didn't really know what art travel raiders or last talked about 2 in the morning it. It's been a quicker. Every night. In Houston and obviously back on the road in the day like that we're on the world about from the reported to our hotel right now. We got our hands full with a great thank Mary Kane. That it's a great opportunity for out to play one of the better trained in the country and continued you know our our our hand out they're represents southeastern. Respectively in the southeast and looting in regular street. That determination that no the great anger and America universe you could not and not. Mr. universe without a program. Now coach Lenny talk about their brand. And you've been around now when you look at the proximity. Where SE in is that Tim metropolitan area like New Orleans and you got Texas right there on your border. And obviously. Everything is nationwide now. Eight sales like that if you know you doing in you have the right connections. That you can build a program here in your row whether you had nickles stated Thibodeau are its southeastern. In Hammond at at the players around their ages got to go find him. Well thank you record great point and that certainly. Was intriguing to me when cricket job. Repair a year ago coming up on former L and additional reports. Like. It was the app or potential. Their universe inner and one of the that we all it would we suspect on mr. Starr at ourself. In I do not think it's been too long you know relish you come in here and get the players are. Obviously higher top level wired prepare when players and spread to her home in great and we can beat think that we can build a national program. And a great example Maltby. Automobile that was just 92 players the year's first and all conference player like have him where Iraq or your wouldn't apple. And now we we. I've tricked out on the roster in recruiting me anymore so absolutely. Right we can build an act of branch if we can start getting tires and we do it. We can start losing your anger. And stay home and won a complaint for LP Julien and adhering to and from others who will get their interest and about shortly and that we. Lineup coach good luck to all in the united. America or are you bet. At coach Leonard this is sports talk and and Adam billing you to a final four. 2601878. Text 87870. You're listening to sports talk here on W him well enough in the dot com. Since Zach Strief your well wishes right here on sports talk to say so 18 sending text 870. 87 the twelve year veteran announced his retirement today. On airline drive right here on W to do well if you missed it here again check out our website at W two well dot com also some video. And pictures and reaction from Bobby. All our sport's team online for that WWL dot com. It well Chris you know about it I've brought this up we do in this only in the morning. You know what are really respect about Zach Strief. It's got to be eligible and you go to college gonna go to class. And heaving kind of made a joke about northwest it. Yes I'm not talking about a directional school like a much to northwest Louisiana now Obama northwest than this for us the United States. It's worded top law schools in the country. Northwest and is an Ivy League type atmosphere like you look at the SEC that would be like Vanderbilt. Boy do you look at northwestern where is actually went to school in to play football. It is kind of joke and some. He says he said some students. On campus could care last minute video won't even have a football team right. Because at that cyber school that it is now as of late. Of another western wildcats have been. Relevant they're the ones and led the charge on open and open of the possibility of pay that open up their own union. Love that that to me right there are guys that school yes that that stands to reason. That does not surprise me. So does the intellect Zach Strief and woody did. From a physical standpoint as a player but also over middle standpoint. Gordon northwest it. Let me tell you. Northwest then would be like if it would be similar to me like. His career if you went to Tulane. In yet offensive linemen that excelled. You know 101112 years in the NFL. That's equivalent to meet Tulane northwest account on that level. Considering the status at university. Anything can think treat patients John W of all Anthony. Our poor are gonna. Are horrible and we're currently uses it. It will increase the Clinton. I. Is it we got that connection and can barely hear you sound like. He talked through like I told him parole they'll use scuba dive and Ian and our programs that are. A lot well as an Accra hearts of nine OK now we can hear. A local bit about okay. But well Iowa. Through Greece is cut and calm down Sistani. Said. They've still got that connection meant. Well anyway yeah I elegy to bring you food but just put it down real low and and it is tell us what you needed to Ellis in the go back because I united. Yes we get hairy now. Oh here they. The way around. There and all. In. Aruba. Now. The greens are. And that. It. I'm getting the gist of what you're seeing is maybe there routes over his birthdays and if let's lost. How close it is on Saturday and ARD lost rightness in Los Friday and and any I lost on Sunday so I I guess I mean I don't know. I know again I deeply about these diseases it is. Eight 880 produce at the highest level not only that but Beloit W Christian it was not a special a birthday whenever you have a triple double. He had 245 points eleven rebounds. Now when you look at it came blocks. Come on. Tin box it one game are you bring you kidding me did does your career best I thought that was a misprint. How could you have ten blocked shots at one game without to it and that he gave his bid. But it is toll team effort but. Listen if you have those kind of numbers you beat the hornets on Tuesday night but but the jazz the jazz is ordered those. Teams that nobody loves in less to live in Butte tall. I mean I could come on. I mean the jazz the jazz organization and I'll look at. When you look how they are competitive year in year out. As one animals. I mean if if pilot that Salt Lake City in not being a Mormon. And I'll Warner's support beam me NL. I do go snow ski I wanna hang out in Park City are Salt Lake City a wanna be there. Because it is safe environment. And I don't wanna go win this productive. Program. Our professional team like the jazz. Because it seems like no matter who's on the roster. That they compete. The reason being. Ricky Rubio. Ricky Rubio. Then again Ricky Rubio. Who is like that this compete of Europe or supposed to beat. Chris and he's taken his game to the next level with the jazz compared to to Tim awards. Where he had a thirty points. He's a distributor I mean he's never been a scorers so listen in at five going to hang in out. And jazz games I like to product. Allied to product being that figure things. Understanding where I'm living all of the mountains like the snow skiing. I feel safe in all that no you'd dollars and grades they and I think from a former professional perspective. The jazz says put an excellent product out there even though there's no damn jazz and you tell. Think about it. The good as the worst mask out. In professional sports Utah Jazz. Should be good Utah Mormon tabernacle car. I mean and when you think about it Cologne jazz Bubba the product is there the support because they win no matter who's in the roster I'm going back. To Louisiana connection mills that for Louisiana Tech. Who left notes a mailman Karl Malone. Louisiana Tech note they have players and they are relevant. I mean to pick and roll Dave made the pick and roll famous. Stockton. And Karl Malone so. And now when are not often a tangent. But I'm just telling about living you talk. I think the Utah jobs in jazz is a great product. I Stuckey joining us now professional better with the action network at Stuckey to onto a March Madness is here beneath make some money. On your brackets stuck you doubles too so study argument. Bill well one of the best. Sports week of the year effect from the on comic that I didn't I didn't enjoy that little engine aren't. Now all you and you stick your idea of more from Bali Yemen though so my pulls a stirring many. And don't of this key role in Stuckey so that's why is trying to make money on on these brackets with what's a safe place. Well I mean what and whatever they played out there now on. A lock her a golden key here golden ticket. You know which are without good information on the action network our common. You know there's a lot of the tools and information. You know we got a couple good places. So look at the first draft in here looking for. A night underdog you're betting like a brilliantly in this kind of a trendy underdog like them to get through in the bracket as well. In an active day plopped spied. Again went in they have really hard which really can give courts in trouble smaller guard that. Really struggle with weight throughout the year but they they give them trouble can really dominate the boards that they Liggett group. If you are really interesting one that Hugh Laurie Craig he actually think and can give Kansas game I like them up fourteen. In the first round at the sixteen vs one. Now let's start Q when you look at who closed out may be. And it could be a household name but JC university in a power of five conference that maybe closed out. On on on a positive note look gonna University of Texas. I'm considering right now look gonna be a tenth seed. Now what are your likes and an hour just any conference. We look at the power five that may be. Did live updates vacation but maybe had a strong close. To may be get where they're right in tournament. The outlet to act and enters think K now. They catch you at all which is I think get a hold them back but they have a good first round matchups that Clinton Bobbitt seen. That you know but the good band okay they're very efficient team man. You know the very personal but it'll at any guy that book that taught by your by seven match. So I think. I Obama coming back it out. He could take a lot from mine are out there a lot I think agreement dominate the glass. And they can get by Nevada Mexico one up way too mean Cincinnati's defense. Is really good but back gain albeit grinder and it up taxes can just make it cop swapped sides shot against the in these aren't. You know they can make some noise as it and eat and you're right that team is in its broad department they got to where they are. With all they dealt with injuries didn't. You know dead beat cancer diagnosis and just had to deal with a lot there was that scene that you look at your statement might be a rally. Out of there here and I'm the peak and the app. You know it is that my eight herbal specially for ten feet. Now the start here obviously you look top to bottom this is SEC country. Obviously at Kentucky Wildcats. When he newcomers tournament but what is your take overall when you look at the the teams a number of teams are involved in March Madness when you look at a Tennessee vowels. You look at it takes in M Aggies considering whether Iran at the beginning. There were top five in the loss if you gains in. The Florida Gators. He goes the Auburn Tigers Arkansas Razorbacks goes on and on. Well who would you say maybe Asia dark cars on all those teams maybe I don't know to get that a final form and may be I don't know sweet sixteen or elite eight. In that regard. Yet I'm actually elect and elect its rocky mountain that he beat country and didn't document well country. And the committee in the paper that that team really started come on toward the end I am I the first round. But probably not against stated that the team. That that run just great all bent they're gonna in Kentucky. Make them shoot but even out. It gamma demagogue it. This third eagle and out of Boise Idaho who'll blow what it is like a different country. Play and then if you win a game you play Aaron arm might have the wire in the country. And it would act and you played Virginia the number one overall the yet again the elite eight. I mean at that little draw and I mean it gives you from an odd perspective. A bit he'd look at it and sign. High favoured team to win the NCAA tournament. War or in the now. Yeah Virginia Kentucky Arizona. And Cincinnati before the top nine. Are all in the now though and you know three are up in. That the draw though I don't see in copy. Getting through I mean as much as I would like that yeah I don't mean. There's Burt at the top not to put them not a great shooting team and you know Florida it's Walters because they're so small. Auburn I think what was she seemed that they had an injury the team that really intriguing to me that they can make. A final four run is that going to be in the doubt there again. Or maybe a Virginia yet. It is sitting. Out there. Stuckey action or professional sport that I Stuckey to I'm curious no studying your opinion. That the 512 has always been a financially phenomenon is there a 512 for UTE flight they could be upset Bruin. Yeah I actually think that you know we might see. In America realistically we could seek re twelve teams there. American inept that they probably not favor they're twelve over by their terms of our I think they went Mac in. Not matter I think West Virginia get by merry a primary state of two fantastic. Guard they're going to be able to deal with West Virginians proud man of great grass ball back. I think what you'll get spot at an interesting game. Yemen in the pin and cut the other day I don't give Kentucky game I don't know what I mean Kentucky that we might end up. Following pearl but we're going to be a top UIG then in another country. And then the one or I think you know I think she probably eight. South Dakota State. It might down. I mean I think beacon the cut the lead to. That well be its throughput and there's definitely an interesting match. Without put money on a major hoosiers Cinderella reflect the Cinderella is going to be. Our two. Though I mean it's part you're making a little bit of a runner. Grew I would say get into maybe sweet sixteenth. Do. I think not that that they that they get through that they just have to their high major. Talent in Lang. So I think if they do require and then Auburn is not the same team with some of the injured that they had. I think that they can make. Some noise can get to the sweet sixteen potentially the elite eight. The twelfth the and then. Opera one now that kind of a longshot but I this is if we get to the sweet sixteen a thirteen beat Marshall. They wept yet you know what he thought they played note these are if you look at the epic game I really like. Marshall what 1213. You know without it played no defense that's going to be a shoot out mark plug and outstanding guard John Elmore that they get through that game epic it's going to be a shoot out talk about. Then there in the Nick Price presumably West Virginia will Marshall out the guards now via a great game Bartlett Marshall. What Virginia in a robbery out you know at the scene as the offensive firepower. To potentially get to a sweet sixteen of the thirteen feet. Bodies listen you and to you now some copious notes and fill out his brackets made tuna. To make sheer. Well voting of them trying here nice group because if you advocate. Five vs two over and Erica you know the ones that tidbit that I again from Stan the argument goes that he. I tenacity and others are soggy spot and we walk around the office and iron on. I am New Mexico State to me I take it's always not a doubt who listen that there's a Christian view Everest document I can brag because. Analysts say it is too loud and I was in the falcons' locker room and Atlanta. In the mid ninety's and actually won 400 blocks because I feel about the right cooler now one. So I think this series till I fugitive that say that allies because we in New Orleans come on I'm in Louisiana and in mind that he has a thought it'd be like. Okay Stuckey is covering Kentucky right yeah you be all of a sudden. He's in now Louisville cardinal country. Are you are so collide. Is like Louisville Cardinals in the you are definitely knows that you're in Atlanta as a member of the mountains you have and I'm sitting when I warned. The final in March and this bracket. So well was place and time. It was about twenty plus years. And this is foreigner bug but it just like there's a lot of pride in net. Studies action network professionals better also on two rats Stuckey to appreciate it make his stuff. Pap lose that grabbed the young guys enjoy the week you give up your bracket. March Madness thanks their bodies taking down notes based on your year for me and don't Christian cheats on me I'm telling you she offer you know he'll let you know you I do decent I am terrible at his bracket stuff no fault and don't you know look and it might know and I had a and went on high school in the morning he did that the united you know its currency notes. Bill ourself well no I Kristen actually was warned of people come and offer me. Okay. Come now Doug mark I'm not depending on the court than that thing and it looked the other way. But sometimes people actually come not from me and surprising it depends the subject matter you know taken this if there was history. Tell us highlighted that news in your ideas for one night or this tonight. I kid I could've been a college history professor and I know aka I'm sure you can. You watch history trial there have been argued today and archaeology is. Marine biologists argue oceanography for a all of those are gonna excel it. I'll loves everybody is swimming with sharks and dolphins man I've done it before a fed charts again showing a video. What are you scared of sharks now. Well yeah I want to know our great white felt like and a reach our enemy and our ability they have guilty to Ottawa and the point that they c'mon. Bobby Christian Yahoo! Sports talk on comedy did in Oceania and Africa. I wish that the audience can see. Inside the studios. To watch Bobby America. Set out his new plethora of notes. And little nuggets of information across his counter space on his side of the. Well well look Christian have you ever like this because of tuna a multitask. Yet another and now. Have you ever won in like in a group of people. Marchment. Album like you're my question is by even a locker room in March. You work and how aka. Christian Albert tell you around I had to work out I'm I'm commodities not like Nokia and Taylor villages should show up. No I lived in them I mean come on go work out. And a and Stanley shape and I'm I'm actually one of few books country Natalie I'll thought ID when damage IRS yet don't know the last about it. And usually weigh in on the ice ladder economically detonated. Could I let those like Yankee eking its over you went here as well unless you make over 600 right it was like over twenty years ago so. You know embarrassing followers some time anyway so. It's. It's always funny to watch body even you don't have an RD laid out farm because maybe it's an impromptu. Topic that comes up. While I am I dived to the Internet. Part of the keyboard Bobby is give me that that the point of figures like hello all I gotta and I see this group of releasing an easy he see him disappear. Below the desk is he's got his bag. I get shall satchel there I had a sad Chilo stocked full of really enemies think he dipped below that that's for a minute that you reappear. And then if the fingers are wagon like hey come on hurry up glass. I got Kansas say this is I don't know it's always entertaining in never never never stops unity watching you. The only thing I'm torrent wit right now is because they have ties to both universities. You might say well a cutter. You know I am a homer when it comes that is not just SEC Brit. I'll want SEC to succeed because obviously that's a territory but also you might have passed relationship would have particularly university. And now they've been kind of in trouble as the blade Arizona Wildcats. Who. Don't count out. The Arizona Wildcats so. Same thing with the Virginia Cavaliers the number one overall seed. Because I have. Local and not local is that the right word have interest because of particular players that played today university. And I tell that by agenda Brownstein. Who played bit of Virginia Cavaliers I'm Doug about Malcolm Bragman. Who was rookie of the year with the Milwaukee Bucks. Last season. And so. That's the Rodham going now that rookie year this year is going to be Donovan Mitchell. Was the Utah Jazz and but Malcolm rod then went and University of Virginia. Well in 2010. Here in my someone the state championship. They great Atlantic Christian basketball. Saw followed his career and all excited. About him so. You know all I believe Virginia place. Unbelievable. Defense. At the highest level in might be maybe not most the most entertaining basketball but do you win or lose. Images inside the way to win they have tune that saved three players that could score knock down shots so look at that I'm kind of torn. That when we get to the sweet sixteen. Virginia Arizona who's gonna win they gained an Odyssey elite eight. And in the final four but it has not national champ Chris are you there right now. At the Villanova wildcat. I'm I'm a copy that I'm a copier Brazil don't Crist is always to them and both of them wrap it up next here on sports talk on WL amendment dot com. I wanted out here on sports talk Weimar Bernard a master control also Steven Geller problems put together the show up next. Double coverage with said Dunlap. Kristian garic fears of a file on our Bonnie taste and house and and do you think men but on the way in Malaysia own good night people. Act.