Brain Injuries from CTE

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Tuesday, November 14th
Tommy talks to Dr. Greg Stewart,Co-Director of the Sports Medicine Program at the Tulane School of Medicine, about football-related brain injuries. 

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One thing about football those that is not so fun is talking about the brain disease that. Was found and Aaron Hernandez he of course we mentioned earlier was convicted of murder than hung himself and his jail cell. And the doctors saying that they have never found damage to the brain as severe from CT is they did in Aaron Hernandez and somebody that young. Doctor Greg Stewart joins us momentarily Phyllis and loans higher and a W. Hi Tommy howry did more good new. I am doing well thank you for taking my call Clinton out. In reference to them there are. I know there's a lot of evidence and you know it did. Category two it. Threw. A ball and somewhat this sport possibly. It'll crawl brain. Around. Make it more and Eric and I mean he's implicated in pretty. So he really. Two. Possibly leave it at the portable so how can you say it became front is you know it Corey. You know what when and today some Phyllis I could not have a due to set up the interdiction day introduction to doctor Greg Stewart. Any better than you just did. Thank you for calling keep listening because now doctor Greg Stewart joins us co director of the sports medicine program at the Tulane school of medicine in the morning doctor. Hum well sir thank you so you heard what Phyllis said in. I know you can't comment I guess specifically on Aaron Hernandez but in terms of CT he. Com. Did did what she say kind of prove the case with football being dangerous at all levels. Phyllis and does the did do is their data to back any of that up. Well I think. Couldn't you at that we could set does that and better then that call one and questions. I'd Icrc to throw going to first ball. I'm a believer so work talk about other aspects that she keep you are traumatic encephalopathy. I've seen it I believe that it. I think there's there're couple things warned that this is not just football and it would need to keep that in mind that concussions you know. And that's the pockets they did in the forefront and of all the but I you know the number one sport where concussions as women's ice hockey. More concussions per player. And any other sport soccer's probably ever since. And I think to network and comment on I think then it's very important. Lipstick you can eat campus let's look neglect or. Everybody. Acts that we now know that things like blood pressure diabetes. And draw all. Exercise and when the smoke genetics. These things. And all age and you can't saying that people who have a heart attack or stroke or cancer. That there are one thing that they did or didn't do that is hard that. And I think that we have to keep in mind that that you actually think it would you it. And cheeky eat we don't know what is why is that there. We don't you all of these people. Who played well there are eager for just a few years that are happening significant. Problems. In their forties or urged. Where we are that the university. Oh winner after the cheaters were predicted there. The autopsy. Where they are now. You eat eat in the brain. Being 41 year old college football player who committed suicide. I think we are sent back. At that point oh well if this is happening there early. We sure herald an epidemic of former high school football players committing suicide. And we bill. Sugar something else that's going more. We're very early and our large study at that and trying to understand what happened and what comes together. With regard to she GP. Yes it. Had a concussion and changed to beat Carter rich central seeing we're. We don't know. Wherever city you. I say here we have the same things would developed. CTV. Won't try. I think it is so important what hasn't passed right now in Scotland those. Aaron morning after that once as an autopsy. And worst start boring and they get to working if they're in the normal boring normal people who haven't gotten out of order really be able to study these types of things. Well we're going to look at that try to understand what all goes into the development. CP. Talking about. Story the results of Aaron Hernandez's them autopsy I guess studied his brain showed that he had. I guess probable three CTE which is uncommon for a person. He is agers that had three years of experience in the NFL and I guess doctor Greg Stewart co director of the sports medicine program. At the Tulane school of medicine's dot the last a couple of questions. Bomb when it comes to. The behavior manifesting itself. Is there are constant in terms of on the you have X amount of I think Nikko protein tau is that it. That builds up in the brain any. Correlation between the amount of ad and the acting out of the behavior by the person involved door for. Example can you have the same level as I mean I have but yet we act completely differently. At this point I don't think we have a good understanding that. I think that there. Since the only way you can grow and tell whether someone has their lives after someone dies. Then detonated there are a lot of people who have not had problems sugar not donated their arranged. We don't know how much how they may have had built up there and there aren't sure we don't have a good idea we do say. Bet that more now and the mortar degeneration that are curse. The worst of problems well they're thinking well there's behavior. All of the on this. But you know how warned that you've been real interesting we got a program where former NFL players come down. Insidious and we've seen. Over 300 plus former players come in he has. Well first this program that aren't through the NFL players association through the trust. We are that was going to be post concussion putting injury program. And what we found is that this transition. And mental health issues that it is not necessarily. Or traumatic brain injury that technically. Wow. It would be other factors then. Cause ended the bizarre behavior are different Boehner. If it could be one of the things that we've seen with this is that these are guys to get tired themselves as. Athletes shouldn't Egypt I think that eight. And now alternate agent Taylor 2835. Several. Vast majority of their life. And all the and they are no longer and then like in a split second most of them. That no longer a professional football and there at the top of their game Baylor and you know I don't think many people would argue that. In the beer probably viewed Premier League. Or at least up there. From an athletic standpoint and so the Euro opera world. And now all of the button at the age of 48 deferred. You have to re aren't you know aren't who you are. Most of these guys interestingly enough visual workers in lower and looking and seeing things. Now like a lot of withstood that worm and listening here and shipping. And they're visual skills are better than there. And listening skills. And now that you don't been to a world where that's how we are on the radio. We were looking at seeing what's for an order to radio their urine were happening. And I'm a lot of these guys is much broader change things sort becomes not only are we transitioned me. From. You're likely hood emotional identification. In Japan that we should use that. We're now putting them in the world that there are not familiar with it and had trouble with the wet and function yet. Sure I think a lot of issued in advance. They're well from about Eagles important. That turned it of course the to. People to understand. Everywhere these guys like academic billions of dollars in and Erin they got everything you possibly war. There and that snapped that brought the case. Doctor I can't tell you how much I appreciate you time and the new perspective you've given me and hopefully oh listeners on this note we come back. Lazard actor Greg Stuart co director of the sports medicine program at the Tulane school of medicine.