Boy Scouts no more!

Wednesday, May 2nd
The Boy Scouts of America will change their name next year to reflect the inclusion of girls into the program. They will then be known as Scouts BSA. Is this a smart move? Plus should Louisiana do away with Daylight Saving Time?  Full 3 pm hour.

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And welcome back to our show up once again nicer looking afternoon and you know the good news is on the rain was predicted for Friday appears to be. And diminishing to some degree now what what seemed like it was going to be heavy rain now it. I'm hearing that like just scattered showers Saturday afternoon and then the chance of rain Sunday for JE SS even less. We're doing our show tomorrow afternoon life from Jazz Fest at the Miller test. Looking forward and that's if it's locals stay but you know a lot of other peoples and again. I mean you're gonna find people from town around the country that that are there have been distorted to via local state. And will be at the undergo lie to attend separately by Miller Lite two great taste less filling Miller Lite is the official beer. I'm Jessica is looking forward of that and if you haven't gotten it yet gets the app radio dot com can race is so easy for your history must anytime. Anywhere and when your favorite WWL. It radio dot com favored us and you can pick up quickly connect to us on FaceBook. And Twitter and I got a a video up on our FaceBook page WWL radio going to be on the SO TA face to face later. But it's it's a video about. Well mayor Landrieu and if you're just tuning in. I went on ramps hombre earlier today. How about the mayor I was lucky to the station time today from my apartment building and thought what a nice day and we're doing the show from Jazz Fest tomorrow and the chance this weekend is so many great things about the city. And I thought you know the silly things about the city that just. It's it's a shame because they think could be fixed. And there are things about the city that could be better then they are at and look no cities perfect. But I just see some blatant things that. That affect you and me narrowly at those of us whose lead to New Orleans but but those of you who live and in the suburban areas. You live in the surrounding areas you you depend on New Orleans. And you actually come to New Orleans so you know you have a vested interest in this city being run properly even if you don't have a direct vote in the city. And I really wondered was I a little too critical. Of mayor Landrieu of I've been a little too hard on him and then I thought not not really anyway you can get involved in that the conversation I also. I'm Mary want to get involved in those conversations and and and real little did later on. And it's at W if you don't buy dot com. And also what's on our FaceBook page WL. Our radio. So there's look there's so much going on with president trump. There's so much going on in Washington. And I don't know about you but I find it absolutely overwhelming. And I'm a political junkie. But it's like I mean I don't know if I can take it anymore I mean we we have to I'll talk about what I have to talk about the right. It it's it's it's just. It's nonstop. And it's one thing after an meat has never ever be in practice. And it's not the media's fault. It's the information that is presented out in public and into the media. Looked the media is biased I get that on Boson I I I I get that. But I mean do you not find the information flow just so overwhelming. I I leaves a show I go home are relax a little bit I eat and then I watch the news channels. And then I watched the local news and then I go to bed. I find myself in crisis CNN is this. Pack cable news network or assist the company kept comedy news network channel I mean if it's to the point port it's comedy. It's so overwhelming that it's just unbelievable even for somebody like myself who is a political chunky. Rudy Giuliani has now said that they trump. Moeller interview. Rob Muir review would be three to four hours Max. Oh and by the way. You know there have been a lot of people. That are said president trump. Acts like a dictator. And we now have some evidence that he has. I'm sure you've heard the story that is so long time doctor. Claims that president trump. Dictated a letter about how healthy he was so be dictated a letter that I we think that that makes front. But dictator how we also talked about how former WW you've wrestler Cain. Has now won the mayor's race in Knoxville Tennessee he ran as a Republican on far right issues. So what does that tell us about the state of politics in this mid term election year 2018. Also I PI I talked about it because it was a big deal when it happened. Last month are Rachel madcow. Why is the top rated TV show on on cable. And she beat Sean Hannity and that was a very I'm very significant. And change. And in the overall ratings last month. A Fox News was number one on MSNBC was number two so there's a really strong battle going on between the right and the left when it comes to cable news. However last month well when I say last month ratings I'm in March is ratings. The April ratings are routes and Sean Hannity is back at number 110. Rachel mad now is number two. Sean Hannity has 3264000. Viewers ritual Matta has 3000016. Thousand viewers. A Tucker Carlson is a number three this is among the cable news shows it's Hannity first Rachel met Al second. I Tucker Carlson tonight on fox number three. Being from angle number four on fox the last word with Lawrence O'Donnell number five and MSNBC. Special report with thoroughbred bear. On fox number six the five and fox number seven. This story on fox number eight all in with Chris Hayes number nine and hardball with Chris smash with Chris Massey Mathews is on number ten. So what does that I guess so fox has six. Of the talk shows in the top ten and MSNBC has the top four. Where CNN. Anderson Cooper was the top rated show on CNN. Number 24. He's in the April. Nielsen ratings this is this is total audience. A FOX & Friends. In the morning wears number fourteen. On morning Joseph on MSNBC was number 26. New day on CNN which I think is a good show. Was number 41 so it's interesting and and and sit tight I talked talked about it went. Aboriginal man I take it over I wanted to be fair and talk about how Sean Hannity is now back at number one but it's a real close race in this is something that has happened. I in the last. Well I guess in the last mile in the last six or seven months this is to come a very very close race. And it just goes to show you how divided our country is politically. There is continuing backlash against the high school student we talked about yesterday for posting a picture wearing a traditional Chinese dress that she wore to her prom. She was accused of being out our closet racist and accused of cultural appropriation. Stealing somebody else's culture. There's also criticism of the way she posed and she posed borrowing down with her hands together which is something that's. Many Asian cultures do. And she was criticized for that. You know. I eat and make similar gestures when I go to a sushi bar and I know they're from Japan. And the owner of show gonna see is from Japan and every once in awhile. I will I do my best to speak to him in Japanese. And I I bowel. Is that cultural appropriation I mean and don't. I don't think that's wrong. I mean if you go to Mexico when you take a nap in the middle today means that cultural appropriation or if you know what is he gonna take a nap and an open to come take a siesta. It's a cultural appropriation I don't think so. The Boy Scouts are gonna change their name. Because girls are now coming in. The Boy Scouts are getting a name change their going to become BS is starting next year. The bush guest program for 1711 to seventeen year old boys. Will now be known as the scouts. PSA. And the new name is meant to welcome in the girls simple start joining the group next year girls are already allowed to join the cub scouts now there will be part of scouts. The essay. Have referred to themselves as scouts rather than his Boy Scouts or girls can post are you OK with this. I don't we have more important things to worry about then. Boys and girls being scouts together. And when you when you think about. When you think about where we are in our society. Men and women working next to each other. Isn't this a better way to prepare. Young people to see each other as equals. But in the scouts you you do things together tears. This working on on on badges there are odd like Jackson things that you do what you do things together. Is this not I'm a good step in the right direction. So they're gonna be known as scouts PSA now PSA stands a boy scouts of America. But they're not gonna be called the Boy Scouts to welcome in the girls. I don't see a problem with this in fact I think there's actually a positive aspect of that if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 504260187. In tech's number 87870. I was a cub scout I I wasn't. And I never made it to Boy Scouts. I don't know what happened and how come scuffle awhile. But if I would have been in the Boy Scouts my son assembly room Boy Scouts I would've won a girl's hair. Mean now would be a great way to just. Meet people so. The Boy Scouts the Girl Scouts coming together is is a positive thing. Also there's a backlash. Concerning. Leaving daylight savings time for ever will get to that again if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Text a seven EA 78. I'm scoot him we'll be right back and every of you realm. Our girls are gonna join the Boy Scouts here's a Texas Cisco just the other day you said you thought that there were still problem with male females. Having separate clubs or organizations. I now you have no problem with girls son integrating into the Boy Scouts it girls wanna do what boys do. I wouldn't it be more productive to change the Girl Scouts. Well no and I still stand by what I said we were talking about a guy who is you're trying to be one the sensations. And it really came down to look it if the guy can entertain then maybe he should be part of the sensations sensations but I still don't have a problem with the concept. Of males and females being being separated in certain situations. For example. All hooters waitresses are are are female. Mean their can be clubs in certain situations. Where it's it's a gender specific but when it comes to like that the scouts. Maybe that is something that would better prepare. Guys in particular. For respecting females in the workplace because they'll be working together there won't be this to separate thing. And so I think that might be a positive thing however again I still recognize that there could be times where there's a grouping there's justification for. I've just voice or just girls. Here is a text that says psalm I'm sure the boys are gonna enjoy overnight camping with the girls. I'm sure they've got that all figured out I'd David your on Debbie have you well. Do they David. Look I. So. You're in your home. That. Am original and commitment typical these are as if it does. Well. It was right there. A little bigger. Scuttled we're not. Simple it can. Beat you Alter ego. And there. Well you know sometimes things aren't here. But what about what about the idea that what when you think about ultimately ending up in the workplace as equals the good discussed. Because. That. Pull gently. The marine color. They try. You don't betray you destroyed. On potentially. I don't think our. BI deputy front okay. And figure out and in I could have a problem with it you know these is a part of the Boy Scouts look at. And I think they have a problem with their room and look at the trips every man here are this. And I have gotten where did you also. Had. You know back in these you know and explorer. I. You weren't you are OK so where you were an explorer and you are looking to explore a lot of things. I. That's because that would that you know in the utilities. Hi David like I I I I appreciate the caller do you it may be about it may be about money because there have been some of the churches that have less discounting program over the last few years. And there was a sponsorship issues with was that I Jack here on Debian you don't good afternoon. Court right now in you're. Move. Moral. Oh no load of each and there outlooks five aren't so special groups they feel that. Its. Shouldn't. And I think it's the western nations. Fortunately they were critically ship them. The actual. So. I think you should go trips African. And oh grossly. People's. Cultures. These areas actual. Just the oh. Well as the state duke. And this four in the world wide statement. What's interesting observation. I disagree I I think terrorists. A different motives than that but I can see why you would come to that I've met that are solid based on. I'm what's going on and they're you know Merkel the leader of from Germany. On the look I I side with her I I'm very much in support of a same sex marriage because that's between two consenting adults and and and shouldn't bother anybody else. When it comes to equality on for equality if a woman is suing the same job as a man she she get paid the same as a man. And so when it comes discounting may be this is an attempt to just create an earlier. On a platform for people lot equal rights. Sure it's hypocritical. Although some of the worst completion Jake gets there wouldn't be it within all caught up slowly got so equal right. But general I'm there I'm gonna have to leave their I've got news coming up and I I appreciate you bring in an interview and join us on numbers 2601. A seventy Tex a 77 I'm scoot more coming right back and have him do well. There were target about a Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts coming together there's going to be a name change next year they're gonna be known as the scouts the SA and they were sort of each other as scouts. And I Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts do you have a problem with fat also unmanned into the conversation of Louisiana lawmakers might consider getting rid of daylight savings time. But he think of that that's a pretty must opinion poll should daylight savings time be eliminated in Louisiana. 58% say yes. 42% saying now. Give us your opinion WW dot com when I was in morning radio are you still love fund standard time I did like daylight saving time because I had to go to bed so early. So it it's just seemed like the night wasn't really very long. And especially I'm in Seattle and Portland in the summertime I mean at 9 o'clock. 915 it was even totally dark yet and you ought not amended trying to go to sleep and eventually living in Alaska not that ever lived there. So I know so many people who just love daylight savings time because in the spring you give you that extra daylight the end of the day. And now they're talking about eliminating that. And I think Hawaii and Arizona are the only states that do not recognize daylight savings time so you can give issue opinion on that. They're going to our web site every WL dot com here is a Texas says she claimed to be a Christian. Yet you support gay marriage that according to god is an abomination. Also just because a woman has the same job as a man doesn't mean that she should be paid as much if he does it better he should get paid more. On wells and he's not doing the same job she is if she's doing the same job is and they should be paid the same. I'm very content calling myself a Christian at that Mitchell's of one comfortable on I've. I can't be responsible for of that my Christian and I support gay marriage and I'm not alone. Here is a Texas says I have a child in both boy and Girl Scouts. I don't understand why be deploying them what happens when they go Camping World they share attempt. I'm sure the Boy Scouts are hoping for that but I'm sure they have that figured out Howard here on WW or good afternoon. It. There. Are. Oh. Where. Eighty year old girl. Some. Pol icy so it's the organization sort it's more of a bureaucratic move been anything. Back I haven't been like that but there are probably down our ma. Nine days and bread and the target won't like that. The bowl oh. Yeah and Robert. Howard is there is there any decision made about who's gonna sell the cookies. And when the girls. Can't. Go. All right Howard I appreciate the call. Ron Amadon WNB a you have a question about the cookies to. Yeah what happened and it's spirit that they. Mean this is the important stuff what was gonna happen to the thin mints and then those Hawaiian kind of for a creation things. I don't I mean. You know for some reason it just. I know I I I shouldn't I shouldn't be this way because I'm certainly not macho guy applied on the you know is there something wrong with guys selling cookies. And and. Actually. Scott now scoring not and we don't want church and some on each hand. But each one eat it. But say. True that it spoke girls and boys are gonna that your. Or. You know you are. Earl. And get involved or war adults. And. All right I do remember times I had I had never gone camping as a kid the first time I went camping was when my son was in the Boy Scouts here in the in the New Orleans area. And I went on a camping trip to I don't know Percy queen and her ones via via one of the Flint Flint or someplace on the yeah. So on that was for some everywhere camping and a you know there were some fathers like me there but there were also some mothers there with their sons so there were. Male and female. Chaperones in different parents with their tickets I mean nothing happened nothing habit what a nut and I know I'm. Yeah I was short bump and it's actually you know now. By Steve I appreciate the call Abby has nothing wrong with guys Sonko appeasement I thought that the bush counsel summer popcorn. See that would be that would be very serious terrific don't know you know the guys that the Boy Scouts still pop corn beef jerky. And it goes so cookies and muffins. It let me give you this. The media is a date on something we talked about on the show yesterday the Utah teenager. Eighteen years old high school. Our name is on Kazaa I have and she's in you talked and she wears on she was modeling a beautiful traditional Chinese dress. And she is also on posing with her hands together and appearing to bow. And she was attacked on social media if she were the prime torn dress she was criticized for being a closet racist. And for cultural appropriation stealing somebody else's culture. And we talked about it yesterday and I thought that was insane and I'm learning more about the criticism. And here's some here's another. Social media post. About the dress says this isn't okay. I would Wear traditional Korean. Japanese or any other traditional dress and I'm nation. I wouldn't Wear traditional Irish were Swedish or greed dressed either there's a lot of history behind these clothes. Sent. What about the many people that Wear like a Mexican wedding dress. I'm now makes you a wedding a Mexican wedding shirt. You know you go to Hawaii where Hawaiian shirt present if you are one and Pritchard said stealing Hawaiian culture. Another text go to not text for this or something else it was post or a social media. Oh god. This post is cherry on top of the casually racist post it's not just address it's something that means something historically and traditionally. To the Chinese. I just. Don't understand. I don't. I don't get it. Can we only Wear clothes. That reflect. Our culture. Cat. I hope not. I'm screwed we'll be right back at W well. That's right there were tossed. We don't grind damning us trying. Grade there was a time when you know boys were supposed to cry. Here's an update are pretty most opinion poll I should daylight savings time be eliminated in Louisiana 65%. Say yes and 35% say no give us your opinion. Are going to our website every W real talk come. Here's a Texas says I am I Scottish Irish descent to I have to Wear kilts to be culturally correct the issue do. Here's an as a text that says. What's wrong with people wearing a beautiful dress but a pretty good of their I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Here is another text. That says. Omni is it disrespectful. Whereas America American traditional blue cheese PO I went away and others were what about other cultures wearing blue jeans I mean that's like an American thing. Here's a text that says so. To address topic what happened to imitation being the greatest form of flattery. It was something happened to that because now it's all council territorial if it's all about the tribes we live it. Political social tribalism has taken over this country if you haven't noticed. As the best way to learn to define it so I'm Kanye West has says some crazy things and he's now done it again. Kanye West. Said that. 400 years of slavery. Really means that slavery was. Voluntary. We've got two reports with different perspectives on this and Marie green CBS and news anchor had this comment on a con US comment. During an interview on TV live yesterday west suggested African Americans were complicit in upholding slavery. I'm being very big when you hear about slavery for 400 years for 400 years that's out like a choice. Mike. You have a 400 year residents all of you know like. It's like we're we're mentioning imprisoned not like the word president Leslie West comments were heavily criticized on social media later on Twitter he defended his comment saying it was just an idea. During the interview west also defended his controversial support of president trucks saying that he just love straw. And I differ every guess is a CBS news correspondent Toshiba says the the NRA meeting in Dallas and she had done this comment on Kanye West's comment about slavery being voluntary. Kanye West is making no apologies for calling slavery a choice. The rapper says he knows Africans didn't get shackled and put on both by free will. But he tells TMZ mental and slain men in this country was a result of hundreds of years of being marginalized he's. Always taught how to think we're taught how to feel we don't know how to think for ourselves we don't know how to feel far something to say feel free but they don't really. One has to feel free. The head of an international justice mission in the UK denounces the remarks he did west lakes as more people are enslaved today than at any other point in history ever Rodriguez CBS news. Now obvious interest in cow eyes at some people will say things just to just to say things I mean that seems to be kind of artist I got a text here says Cisco can I still Wear Bermuda shorts. Not in pressure from Bermuda you you cannot Wear Bermuda shorts I mean look it's pretty simple right. Here is a Texas says so I guess those Middle Eastern businessman. Wearing western suits are wrong. Well see I don't think they are but I mean I guess that argument it can be made. You know. Related this this is just a little bit out of a control maybe maybe sometimes people just have too much time on their hands. There's a church in West Virginia that has voted to. To kick out a local Baptist association. Because the pastor says gays and lesbians. Should be welcome in the church. The Fairmont, West Virginia Baptist association voted to oust the first Baptist Church earlier this month. The pastor endorsed the local human rights ordinance protecting sexual orientation. In a statement in February. The pastor said many progressive Christians reject outright the idea that homosexual behavior is a violation of God's law. She offered to resign the church rejected her offer to resign and says they were simply. Remove the church from their association. Well don't they have a right to do than. I mean you can't tell a church. What to do. Mean if a church wants to say that. Homosexuality is wrong. Perfect church what to say that homosexuality is right. Hey that's up to the church. You know the idea of of of government telling a church when it can and cannot. Believe it's very very disturbing to me and should be disturbing to all of us regardless of how you feel about the issue. So you know I do think it's okay for Zia the Fairmont, West Virginia Baptist association to kick out the first Baptist Church. If they accept homosexuals and that's not something that they do. And so I guess. Do you make a decision if you're part of a congregation you make a decision about where you go to church based on the beliefs. Here's a check Ecstasy ads. I'm still wearing my Speedo is. Oh wait a minute now what culture or speed it was from. I look I know a lot of Europeans were arm. Yeah that's a big deal and you're down a lot of Europeans Wear a Steve Johnson nuts okay yeah I've never been to Europe and that's a ten year replied you know that they really come to our country and lot of sun. Lanky really white people skinny white people walk around and Speedo is aside you know remember that site in San Diego it's palace are three sides. I'm scooter will be back at every zero. And I just got to how news alerts on my iPhone which you can get also if you sign up forested WWL news alert just text the word news. To wait 7870. And then confirming your good news alerts as well our mayor elect LaToya Cantrell has officially said that time NO PD police chief. Michael Harrison we'll stay on as police chief and I personally think that is a very good move. Here's a Texas says I truly believe that whoever started daylight savings time did not have kids kids were always a mess for several days after the time change it's. And here's a final update on our party must opinion poll. Should daylight savings time be eliminated in Louisiana something a legislature may consider. 59% say yes 41% saying no and you can give a sure opinion by going to our web site every if you will talk comp. There was a report that came out till April 30. We're doing a couple of days ago. From the daily world update that was published. And here's what the story said. Hillary Clinton was killed this afternoon when she attempted to do our own start or shooting a documentary about the 2016 election. Clayton wars or who is known to be sickly and feeble. Tried to recreate her fall outside the 9/11 memorial. Clinton were supposed to have been caught by two Secret Service agents but since the filming wasn't official business the studio use actors. They were not prepared for the fault said the nation on the scene as he watched helplessly as their assignments brains became one with the Saint Louis who assist. So wanna clear out the FA news report Hillary Clinton. Is not dead. If she did not dying in the summer of mentoring and used and I'm really good this reeks of fake news when Summers says the ages says. They watched helplessly as her brains became one with the Saint Louis sewer system. I sports artist coming up next respond via attrition. Former saints wide receiver they're great market skulls of which are the guys at 435 and Tom famous these are bred horse trainer it to five Tony. And a wanna thank Diane Newman our program director Canton Vanessa so our shores studio producer thank you for being part of our show we're back tomorrow life from Jazz Fest. Like you Orleans.