Is the 'border war' all political?

Monday, June 18th
Is the seperation of kids of illegal immigrants all for political purposes? If not then why wait so long do start doing it? Full 2 pm hour.

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There is a lot of passion on both sides of the issue of whether or not parents and children should be separated when the parents illegally cross the border into the United States will continue that conversation. Also I'm a little bit later in the show I worked talk abouts do group of high school student from Parkland Florida. That is a touring the country with their message about gun violence in America. And one of the goals is to promote the vote of young people like telling them to register to vote for the upcoming mid term elections. This exploded on FaceBook with some really passionate comments. On my face approach which which range from range from. About the students this is the future. They are. Blanked off. Two. May be the wrong students got shot. Hang on we're gonna add that to the conversation that. Very soon if you don't have it yet get it is the radio dot comment by I used at this morning. Radio dot com it's on the App Store. Get radio dot com and fan favorite WWL and you can stream the show or any show anytime anywhere and hook up with us on FaceBook and on Twitter. Is removing children from their parents at the border driven by politics. Best title to scoot blog which is stranding are. Our website at WW dot com it will eventually if it's not up yet able eventually be and are on FaceBook page as well. Before we get back to the conversation. Kathy Griffin and I just did another really isn't stupid I know you're probably not surprised at what you know this is a way for us to lighten the moment. And the mood by talking in my Kathy Griffin. I'm after firstly Maloney trump. I issued a statement. On the immigration policy controversy. Concerning kids being separated from their parents. Comedian Kathy weld and earn a comedian that's debatable I'm Kathy Griffin I took to Twitter. To criticize. The First Lady. She basically said. Blank you. Griffin tweeted out blank you malign him you know damn well your husband can in this immediately. You feckless. Complicit. POS. But she said she spells out tequila story. If I use it if I use an abbreviation or territories are an Akron in my tennis not digits that common between still. I don't know you know Kathy Griffin she certainly entitled to her opinion by its. I don't think you go around telling the First Lady blank you just because you disagree with the policy but again that's Kathy Griffin. RHR and Jeff Sessions I was talking about immigration before the national sheriffs association conference I had dinner after Dell saw us last night. And at one point during the dinner I mean this massive number it was like it was like clowns coming out of a small car this massive number of of well dressed people some of them had badges. Obviously in town for the law enforcement convention. They came down from the upstairs area in Chile they distance off coming out how many people could they sit up there. Anyway he was talking to the national sheriffs association conference. And Jeff Sessions says that there has been a problem. Whereas the message has been sent about bring your kids to America. We cannot and will not encourage people to bring their children or other children. To the country unlawfully by giving them immunity. In the process. All right. I agree with sending the message I'd I agree that it's not. It's not good it has not been beneficial. To send this message that hey if you come with your kids we're not gonna prosecute you. That shouldn't happen. Because again I relate that to the gutter punks in the quarter that have on dogs with them. Because it's more difficult to rest and if they have a dock. And so message a degree of protection. In the same way there are people who according to Jeff Sessions are bringing their kids here. As a way of being protected against prosecution. Jeff Sessions also said that we have a legal system to legally cross the border. We have a generous lawful system that admits hovering million people a year to permanent legal status there. But when we ignore our laws at the border we obviously encourage hundreds of thousands of people. On a year to likewise ignore I'm all its. Right I agree. Follow the law nobody should nobody. Chicago this country illegally. But he is somebody dies. Can't we apply the human equation and figure out what to do with parents. And kids. It's different from separating appearance in the case of where you're being separated. And if this was so important and why didn't president trump do this they want. Why wasn't this something that was done a long time ago. It's being done now because there's a vote coming up on immigration. And Friday on the White House and it was in north lawn of the White House the president talked to reporters. And said. That is the democrats' fault all they have to do is approve this deal. And I find that interesting because again that is a blatant admission that you're using kids for political reasons. And I don't think the Democrats are totally without fault because either their their trying to focus on those that are on most. Most hurt. By all of this. And in the news media follows along with that by showing the most extreme cases but again to go back to a quote I've he gave last hour tweet sent out by a DHS secretary our Christian I Nielsen. She said we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. But now there's this policy that's being used so you know we can disagree on whether or not parent should be separated when he crossed the border illegally. But what we should not disagree on is that this is being. Used as a political tool. Actually let's call it political weapon. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. And our text is a 7870. From ways when Donnie welcome to our show. Tonight more on line and not in great and laws and that ever hit a debate. In. No matter. And it I will definitely. We they're people other. Than the united. Gonna. Make. It threatening. There. Yeah. 888. The law. And outline. The water. They. Well I think the difference is on somebody in jail has already been convicted. Yeah I. Mean because you. Are. And of course that's not perfectly all right. Well he's. Well they with a kiss would be removed and going to the legal process as at as well. But you know I think we're talking about if you're talking about crimes like murder and drugs under is a felony charges and crossing the border is a misdemeanor. I didn't make it a misdemeanor and maybe that's something that should change. I think that life. The bay and that means that people mainly about and and I do believe that but it. People. That probably should be sent back and poll yeah but. Well. In queue up. Donny I I agree with you everybody should follow the law. And NY issues so difficulty is this just the world that we currently live in. It's difficult for people to. Understand. How. If you're if you're if you're view it's not absolutely. Definitive. And black and white. And they they they don't get it. I can be against. Crossing the border illegally. I can be against open borders. But for those who get here. It's like the no swimming sign violators will be prosecuted. The kid is drowning there are you gonna break the law and go swim there. Of course sure I hope you will. But essentially it's like city medical and now go ahead and round and I realize that these kids are drowning but in theory it's the same. Human emotion. Now technically I can't break the law so. Think it's gonna draft so the people get here why can't we had some humanity to what we do with it and why have we added that humanity up to this point. And why suddenly now because. President trump played the political cart. If you would like to join us on numbers 2601. A seventy. And our checks ember is 87870. Here is a Texas says because the Democrats. In the past. Allowed in wanted everybody to get in they're voters. And now we have. And now we have to go back to the law. Well I'm I think George W. Bush whereas he was a Republican listening and I think this thing the same policy. Was not used during his administration mean there was no policy to do the same thing so it's not just about Obama and the Democrats it's it's suddenly this is now a political issue. I scoot short on back on WWL. And sometimes they don't let a menace of a snake in pay that's not right. Some come with kids and the message should clearly be if you come with kids were still gonna prosecute you. But there must be a better way to do this. Then separate parents and their kids because it's been done whenever waist and on. Up until now. And this is a new issue here's a Texas says son you're scenario about to be talking about TOK. Drowning and a body of water just has no swimming. The person would be performing a rescue not swimming for pleasure. Did the no swimming would be tied to on a legal issue of not getting in the water. They just say no assuming in those situations but it's about not getting in the water. Mike here on every WL. I do we're analogy that I came out. I'll add that many. I mean really. Immigrants though that there were when they come here that they you'll go to jail. Is due out immigrant. Well we assuming no Maria we assume they know them like well one question. You walk in with a child and I voltage. Well. The technique physical play around it are you don't move away. Don't you know what I would do. What what everybody would do so I'm sorry things are happening in country. Hi this is more my discussion on the show this afternoon as more about. Why now and that proves that this is a political game and and why suddenly used children as as a political weapon in shirtless. We have to put up some some pop up somewhere we've been trying to use of the eighties it to secure the ball. I don't know if you heard Japanese. Side. Even the development more you have to put a stop there and some people and bigger pop but yet it's a message out to their but the world. You know if something happened in the neck country. Yet since then go back. Today vote or whatever they can make it better. Well oh well let me let's be honest they might not be able to make it better. I mean they don't in in other countries citizens don't have as much power as we have in this country and even though we have power in this country to change things we don't always do that because as a nation we're pretty damn lazy when it comes to voting. Well yes we are but you know the problem we all intact. So my taxes are going to pay somebody and our doors to come here or somebody. My guy I I I agree with that but there's there there should be suspicion as to why now. That while. We sat up what I guess it was brought out and the election. We've had enough. So it's it's just a coincidence that the immigrant vote the immigration bill vote is coming out just a coincidence. Yeah I picked our Mike I appreciate the call if you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Is 87870. From the Ninth Ward Tyrone welcome to show. Statement. Appreciate you taking my call and my my comment is simple it's such as the it's pure racism. Doesn't have anything to do immigration policy it has everything to do the color of the immigrant. And yours to prove it. Dear court case and Canadians who come in and out of the notable. Taken all over the cardinals I'd. Run out for them again. That they're the ones that one. That there has been a spike in options beacon. In the united. K if you go look at to a pulp with seventeen. Parents of none of the requirements to seek a solemn. Four Russians. Can't change at all. But it won't add that in just as parents saying the process the application process. Took a solemn if you're coming from Mexico. You know it just that it policy is ministry weeks to okay it up and it has. It's it's like supremacy. White supremacy his only concern. Will sing. At all concerned with different. General groups that are coming and that is. This matches there's complexion. On. It's. Make like get to you don't like Mexicans. Supporter. Troll policy. To hate Mexicans to. They don't like non. Here's like here's our players here's an interesting statistic. There are a 100000 illegal Canadians. In the US there are several million. From Mexico South America. On health I want without. Repeating. No look I agree with you and terror I have talked I have to I have to I have talked about this because. There there really wasn't the same criticism of Vietnamese coming to this country and sending money back home to bring family members here. No no it's unfair it's pearl. Right if you look at the dirt he writes to go right not right particular get crops ready to call the right and people are not illegal because they turned themselves in and two agents saying we're speaking of problems so tempted. We're circle from Mexico. It's action to admit that just estimated next one possible but it wipe your commitment to. They can't come from Canada. And in Miami Beach is at this point in Miami beat Watson and comic. Well I got a look at a great that was and obviously there's not that that you've not been a lot. Well you know I I agree I mean I don't know if we call it racism but that that's the convenient word to use because it does have to do with the color of the skin of those coming to this country. And there is this irrational fear. Illegal immigrants this is part of what is known as the southern strategy. It's not just used in the south. Is something that the Republican Party has used over the years starting back I think in the Goldwater and with with George Wallace. It is a strategy to create fear among white Americans. That something that's gonna happen to you if something gets a soft. And in many cases the fear is more irrational. Then and Israel. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy text 87870. I'm Scotia. I know many of you don't care by. The president is telling a lie and a bouts being forced. To have this policy of removing our children and their parents George from their parents. I mean it's it's not true. Hum we can talk about the issue of doing that and you and I can disagree on that but there's little doubt in my opinion that this is all politically terrific. It's a political. It's a political gesture. To trump loyalists. Who like this they'd like that policy. And it's also on on I had a chance to blame something on the Democrats before the vote is coming up for. The immigration deal. So. I don't think people should come to this country illegally. But it's interesting that they're suddenly this now is is the issue. And it's the issue now because it's about politics so let's agree that we can disagree on whether children should be removed from their parents. But I mean let's be honest enough to recognize the truth. This is about politics. Marry here on WWL. Last collar. He's on to something now I might not be racially that the educational but. There are tons of illegal and I used to live up there illegal Irish. And Russian immigrant and the Boston Greater Boston area and millions and they're usually why. Yeah I knew overnight lives in Philadelphia and his own ears are obvious some of my friends were Irish immigrants not illegal Irish immigrants. I have you know no problems with weird being here I disagree Q. Ilia illegality that. This thing is. This the person that kept it could very well be like it could be about the color one inch however Russia and arm and I can't better educational system that is Central America and so. And the Central America I think literally have a better read in the kind of 'cause they can't do any change because and it went right coming up at saint Spanish. But she told me the other day in dollar tree the reason why aren't you having problem is because. That. There president was elected fraudulently and actually cheated only part but I've done a lot of political study. And the problem and Central America are because there late in America and acted down there. The banana republic and there's so much more than I can tell you from a pilot who has pilot a leader who who was almost destroyed. By the United States supposedly doing the United States to work. But he was being undermined probably not see the CIA but he cracker Pollack believes when he got to see he. Solve that problem facts but I'm telling you otherwise I would not have this particular person will not damage today. In there there's too much going on in this country is guilty and I'm an American citizen and I believe I can I'm gonna there doesn't. Even I guess that's what I said because I can criticize and I do you. Don't get it. I think you bring up an interesting point about about skin color verses education. Because if you look at the skin color of those who come from India. There are much more highly educated you can have an Indian illegal immigrant here that we not get the attention as a Mexican illegal immigrant. Can heart Mary I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 20601878. And our text is a 7870. Here's a Texas says is the president doesn't do anything about the illegal aliens coming into this country now. I'm Wendy you suggest. That he does something about it. Well I think it's a good point an that we need to do something about it. But let's just be honest that this is about politics. That's my point this afternoon. You and I can disagree. There has been another way a Handley illegal immigrants in this country. Other than two separate parents and kids until just this new policy. There's been another way of doing. Let's do it that way. This way just seems to be cruel. And it doesn't mean I endorse again this is not sold. Black and white in in terms of I'm a dividing line between right and and and wrong. Because he he he it's wrong if you come to this country politically. But if your if your here. Let's be at least humane about the process. And something does need to be done about the border. I feet deep the effectiveness of the wall is on him in my opinion it's probably over rated but I don't have a problem with a wall being up. Let's put a wall up in what's more we already have fences and walls let's make that even better. But where's the money gonna come from. And number two. It's not gonna stop everybody from coming to the country. And they are still going to be those who fly and they can be used to come in in in Detroit's. So what does it totally solve the problem if it if it would then that would be an entirely different argument. But he won't I don't have a problem that I swallow up. But let's not put the wall up at that expense and think the problems taken care. But see that's the simplistic. Reduction of the issue. Deals that Walt build that wall. And who's gonna pray for Mexico what we know that's not true. But yet there are those who believe that's what's gonna happen. And they still believe Mexico is gonna pay for. If you wanna join us on numbers 260 point 870. Tech's number. 870 or seventy. Song for the Eagles. On the border. And that's what we're talking about the southern border not the northern border and night I think there's little doubt that there is on this intense fear. Of on Mexican. Central Americans south American immigrants over many of the other immigrants to to come to this country. Also see that the numbers are more massive from Mexico and so maybe the size of that. Our group coming in is is part of the fear which I understand I mean look our our country's broke. I mean our country's broke but look there are a lot of people in Washington in the White House. And on the president's cabinet that are taking advantage of the system I mean it's it's pro but you've got millionaires and billionaires ripping off taxpayers. By using this check for this are doing this for that are buying this for you know so I mean it's kind of a joke. If they wanna find the money for something. They find the money for it. But this is gonna continue to be a very controversial issue and anytime you involve kids in the equation. It's gonna be controversial. But my main point has been. This afternoon that this is about politics. And to some degree the Democrats are playing politics as well. By focusing on. The kids that are. That seem to be the most effective. I didn't move from their parents. But I remember being a kit. And I was a kid as long as anybody in this country's Everton kit. And to. I remember literally. Clinging to and choosing. Clinging to my parents. If we were enough a place where the surroundings for strange to me. And I can't imagine. Somebody pulling anyway if my parents. We're African. Now I get it the parent should not have come here and crossed the border illegally with their kids. And the message that if you come here with your kids. And you're not gonna be prosecuted that is absolutely the wrong message. But in the interim while we get this new message out here. Which we should do it just seems like we can handle this differently. Who do you blame more for the immigration problem. 74%. Say Democrats. 26% say Republicans. Give us your opinion Debbie if he will dot com for Metairie HJ welcome to the show. I'm good. I'd like to comment about they've got good ratings are being here on this. On the computer about a program. Since 2008. United States has had a policy known as the Evian France for exit program HTTP. All lateral repatriation. Program those focus on these detaining Leo. Migrants Mexican decent informed them that separates this separate the families it is doing now. In artist I would bring it to your attention in the current economy. I you know pretty extensively about the situation. This just that maybe he's been gone on. For quite some time. While a shade there are a lot of different loopholes with the with different laws and and for some reason I'm that. Doesn't apply to what's happening now because Department of Homeland Security secretary tears to Nielsen. I tweeted out yesterday that we do not have a policy of separating families at the border period. So that's an update from a cabinet members and drug administration that we don't have that policy so is it's a new policy. It it doesn't mean that things haven't been done in the past but this is a new effort and I believe it's politically motivated. I bought AJ appreciate you mentioning. If you've got a comment 2601870. Tech's number 87870. Group of high school students from Parkland Florida touring the country with their message of like gun violence in America. One of their goals is to promote young people registering to vote. That's a scary thing for a lot of people because they're concerned how those young people are going to vote. I posted this on my FaceBook page. SO TA scooter and here. Over the weekend and he got a wide range of response. Do you credit or just credit to the studio summer tour to promote their demand that something be done about gun violence. And do you think it's something that act it's just a passing thing is not a big deal they were people who didn't figure we get this far. Data were fizzle out and they wouldn't do anymore. But they're on tour now promoting this idea is it a good idea to promote that young people register to vote or is that something that scares you. 260187. ETech State's 7870. I'd Stoops will be back on WL. You know one of the confusing things about people coming to his country illegally is there are illegal immigrants and there are refugees. And technically there is. There is a big difference. And one of the problems is. How do we as a country determine who really is coming here seeking political asylum might cure on WWL a good time for quick comment. Yeah. Hard to appreciate their. Or reviewed. This is just giving the order right now what were. All armed and your. No I well I didn't mean this just start well does the policy is just starting tomorrow. I don't I don't I don't know Mike or some something was done something was done. I'd let me answer something was done not to this point that didn't include removing kids from parents and you know I'm not in government I'm not an expert it's not my job to find a solution for that because. There are experts that can't but this was a change in in policy that when they're really was no policy. There was no follow. Yeah. So so oh we're trying to record low of that they're worried that. What years. I get it let's make sure we don't. Hurt or mystery to kids that are coming here that didn't break the law when they came here their parents. So 11. Thing. That there. Are there say that there would be true. And you know. Declared there aren't treated. Well and retention and and so. Well you know that of I'm sure they are. But still the is it necessary to remove the kids from the parents that's been the question I'm still we'll talk about the students toward do you credit or discredit those high school students coming up.