Boo No1 in theaters

David Blake reviews his movie predictions from the weekend.


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Congratulations you predicted an Alice you victory predicted the saints' victory and they won let's if you got the box office race. Down no it has taken my advice it was a spooky weekend at the box office for nearly everyone but Tyler Perry around us. Perry's comedy sequel boot to a Medea I'll win scared up a healthy 21 point seven million dollars in its first weekend in theaters we always goals of off not told yourself Ed and Arianna. But a it was a rough waters for the other new openers including the disaster epic Geo Storm firefight drama Allman the brave. And the crimes throw the snowman. Made for a reported 25 million dollars Carrey's film through a mostly older and female audience. Who gave it an a minus cinema score so they ego congratulations to Tyler Perry. What happened there happy gas today is that still around Aniston and his baiting and while the new movies this weekend Asik is it think I'll Caroline jigsaw. Well. The description says bodies are turning up around the city each having many uniquely gruesome demise so there's another. Halloween movie opening sub par but time. With Matt Damon and Julianne Moore this looked like you do it one opening this weekend as well so those would be two of the species. And I hitting theaters this weekend if you wanna start thinking about what will be number one next week yeah. Yet but so far right now I tell Perry is number one year's storm number two. Happy death day number three blade runner number four and only the brave rounding out our top five. It's there you ago. That's what's going on there.