Bobby's Postgame Commentary

Saints Football
Thursday, August 9th
The Cajun Cannon recaps the Saints 24-20 win over the Jacksonvill Jaguars on the Point After. 

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And welcome into the point after here on the New Orleans Saints radio network the black gold 2420 over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Off to a good start their first pre season opening win since Tony fourteen. This is your show sound off on what you saw your initial impressions of the saints in pre season game. Number one be careful not to rush for rush to judgment this is just the pre season 504. 260187. He text 87870. And Bobby that cajun cannon Bobby married but in typical first pre season game I thought the defense had a hard time tackle him but would you expect when you don't like tackle and practice until this moment. Yeah that's. Don't rush to judgment they'll rush to judgment as they would like the number one seed. Right I think Sean Taylor was visible in overall and I I'd tell you that how does that play their first quarter performance. United the event is being bring its wagon price is that Encino swagger of their net the first quarter of you could see some guys making business decisions not to get hurt I'm being honest but it looked like he had looked like a pre season game kind of ho hum no pressure on the defense to me. The not that you gonna probably portals and a preceding game. But apparently used drove on down loyalists. Have been a first quarter and hopes that four quarters like this and obviously it's not gonna play. You know different players but like you said the first win. Says 2014. To begin a pre season. So that's a positive I don't care when you are competing if you win the plane ride home is better edges. How you are in the locker room multi each other's is better whenever UN but I know when they get elected film Sean Payton and his staff. I think they will home of the players. You know so to speak and say hey we got him with some haze in the world we still got a long ways to go with. You look at the history of Jacksonville and New Orleans. It to the team to two teams have now what within the gore and his team that faced off just once in the pre season. The jaguars and cleaned 27 to 24 victory back in 2012. And now is that you all for now to payback we won knowledge Jacksonville. So what does that mean this one to one. Now when you look at pre season history between the saints in the jaguars. Now I mentioned about the first quarter I thought we'd come out a little more far. Because I've been so optimistic about the defense and I was not necessarily the case them. Now look minute Barnett. Then. You know he had five carries averaged five yards. So I don't know and then minutes and I commend them out so unplugged album is the point you know but I think it departed is deadly. What do best backs in the league we have one moment he's available that being Mark Ingram. You know to start the game and that is his profession artist is clutch. Where you fee. Three long Google's. But is almost in the NFL as it should be in danger like let's makes his 45 yarder and lamb both of them he kicks 249 yarder. Now look at that the offense. And it was kind of like business in a beavis the first five drives had five scores. So is anybody before supplies. And you know who is so. In order is alike Golan on the Arabic if you look. I don't know pasted him old Tom savage. On an elevated Drew Brees is back at night in my ITT's was a good nine and they got off to slow start but he did get better. He had that are appealed that one run any ramp between one yards and a nice 25 yard pass to frequent Smit now. I think trait quiet. Smith would never get better he had four receptions. 48 yards had a long 25 and it looks go to paved with Jason Hill eight of nine. 72 yards a quarter and winning 100 Tom savage I thought expect he would do. He's gonna get in a ball out of his hands he was ten of fourteen to seven yards. 82 and have basically quarterback rating you know look to meet. Who moves in the form right now Odom on all the running backs three markings place. Is John they weren't. You look at Jonathan Williams averaged six and a half yards a run he might say it will who's tackled who's going to Gizbert. He took advantage of his opportunity you know plus twelve yard run plavsic's. In a four yard touchdown runs of four carries. He ever seats and have yard. I carry with that one. There's number really plastic come back. When this pre pre seizing gain. An all star on the defense. And is not even close to you get this kind of regular season performance of you do it is to have a handful of times especially if you Jerome Elliott. Before your guided Toledo who really put. Hand aboard that a green bay Packers. And mean he'd be Dallas approval he'd be all pro. If you look at it he was a third in tackles tie would crawl he had four with two and a half sacks. One quarterback hit one tackle for loss two forced fumbles. I mean right then that means you are definitely being a playmaker you know what's crazy about that. Christian I don't know when this was but I think going into this game might have been right before New York as well as I know exactly and put does that. This does reported two lane. The black these last Sunday yes. I said watch out for these guys veteran guys hit you always wanted to by the young guys veteran guys going forward. Who could have an impact in in my top three in and bills in obviously that when the case that even had. Noble one. And ahead 18. A double thing when like 123 it was like Jay Brown at the top but I so watch out for George Johnson. And you're on LE. Well even George Johnson he got a half a cent. He got two quarterback hurries. So here you got Elliott a four year veteran George Johnson a seven year they're not a rug has promised a five iron got a Syracuse hey the young guys got to beat him out. The one young guy and he showed up is Mitchell low. Now he's the guy at Arkansas. He impressed last year did you play DN. And he led the team in tackles with six. A total tackles and one quarterback curry and two tackles fall law also though we got after it as the game progressed but that wasn't the case. Deadly in net first water. And another guy. In that jobless fact that. We admitted him during trading cam is stalwart Tillis stalwart the rookie out of South Carolina. He can be ordered those diamonds in the rough and will always go look at this. Who's contributing Megan that tackles on special teams. Present any notice I don't know publicly about it when the camera equate. To run LA even had a tackle on special teams. Chris banjo weeks Baghdad he had a tackle all the Moet weeks Baghdad he had a tackles that's two teams. And will we come back log into it by now right quake. Of Brandon Tate. Thought this guy. Two long returns a kick off 37 yard retirement ran it big boxes got 41 yard return but there's a penalty. And then I'm a Tug at about a few more negative things we've come back as far as tackling but when you don't really tackle you just love. You have those that tiger plays an individual efforts to. Zero on Eliot Cohen from the Green Bay Packers in the 34 scheme showing you some pass rushing ability. The point after continues here on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Welcome back to a point after the catering to anybody around crushing Garrick. On New Orleans Saints radio network the black eagle when it's 44 to Tony in their opener over the Jacksonville Jaguars a typical first pre season games some sloppy tackling he heard from Sean Payton in his press Thomas you'll hear it again a little later on. And the point after he's not happy he would tell he was not happy with the way the team formed and used on my house that did know. You know who was on the ball where lineup etc. those are typical things you wanna see those improve next Friday night Wednesday all right the Arizona Cardinals. Leila dragged include aggravated threw me. And I'd see is expressions. Because you know it has to be worried or line a bit is second nature. And so you can play fast. All of that and hopefully. He will see improvement because that is very concerned like you talked about. Missing tackles. Christian a good to thinking about all special teams in has to be a good tackler. Why is that too bad times Colton jumper. To miss tackles while yes it like we got faked out of his jock yet that that that that that doesn't bode well. Anyone he was more my dark courses suitable have been trying to get that sort of thing. Okay he's it's cheaper option and east too far and he did in a Megan's plays on special teams ally that. Yeah I just look bad trying to tackle vine Bellman as they tackle you know in the red zone and in. I've adjusted Harding who we brought in here is a special teams ace. But at times he's struggling coverage. I think Chris banjo overall has made more plays and passcodes you lose a special teams guy also. The Vontae Harris all Metairie. I mean he's unbelievable in practice. We see him getting UNICEF does all the time now maybe in drags with the would have got a call for gonna exhibiting called actually called in the game. Because he had a couple of crucial penalties like that last year to his left out last year in the regular season but first start you don't do a smidgen. On the broadcasts. What felt like going for the pin house that I miles. The vodka in Paris started NFL. Last year. Now he's playing related to fourth quarter just fighting for his NFL life. Is just shows you how fast you can riser off as you can follow of the cliff and that's. Where the body Harris is heavily on that role locals. There goat. Your first impressions of the New Orleans Saints in their first pre season game 50426018. Semi tech's 87878. How blue or foods of people online for yet at W Telecom. Do you own Elliott who's The Who gets the game ball seeds went over the jaguars general Eliot linebacker run by Jonathan Williams. With a touchdown cornerback Jason Hill with a another rushing touchdown eight of 972 yards zero touchdown passes a quarterback rating of 100 defensive tackle them borrow lord showed up. Are also the new voice of the got to commit to him Chris I think cameos Brooklyn after or the voice of the saints the new voices say exact street who get your game ball. Cast your vote in our blue on the foods opinion poll on line at. WW well dot com. Yeah I can't believe that in mentioning it to which children like they were alarmed that we have got Armon that was outstanding. He was a second actually using an ahead Ellie in tackles naming John Elliott he had five Vernon moment. A couple of sacks at three quarterback Curry's at tackle for loss. And he's learned those young guys now that are competing. With the veterans. He's experienced another knows what it takes to make an NFL team so all the majors name is that like gain Boller and BP area. When you my. My game ball my MVP. Clearly brought to buy a good hard Jewell was doing love will bring the passion is you own LE two and Zach. Sky and then behind him he should be Lawrence. And in. And you could say maybe somebody on offense but they're not that ovens and done that come to know his game. No to the phones or go. The Stockton that nation Hollywood into that was going Hollywood you're on the new policies radio network. At all about it a little group you don't do it in Hollywood. Bottle on policy and called another government or shall worker right now. ABBA and Arctic like Biedrins interrogator to mark record you'd talk a lot shall. I'm a difference you'll be ready for regular fee per game restored but the bottom. Publishing a book on special teams and return game and a critical they're critical mental. Well. I thought that caused that we'd like leaving can we judge did that at the jaguars. Didn't putt. His dogs though this is eternal already well O report on fourth down out above that the first had been put the following components so they would per hour the first five drives of the game resulted in points for both squads. Yet yet so we did see this are seeded C was on a kickoff Hollywood so. Branded tape he shows a nifty moves and at 37 yard return so to Boston's got in his 41 yard return. But I don't know right judges but eyewitness to practice because he's done at the NFL level. Branded take it beat out last receiver let you keep in five or six receivers we've seen him make tough catches in practice. And I know he's taken three returns that I how's that ourselves. Then so even all the time in both on and vote extended Tom in lewis' in there right now. But Brandon Tate I like him as a returner. As far as the coverage units like us that before that the drug James it was a chance to do he had to tackle. A great Christian would Neiman who agree was unlike thinking is that the first time limit in his name is a Christian grey from. Fifty shades of gray coming out. Christian I think JT agree on. 48 bit but never academy as it is down and be very mention his name we end up. Come what it tackle Ricky Jefferson. LSU had a tackle but the ones that really. Caught out did you not think you could count on them making plays every inspection teams. For sure Chris banjo and all of them let and then legacy as. Jauron Elliott. He also had a special team. Tackle would outstanding defensive team by him the founding father who dat nation the cajun cannon Bobby America I'm crushing Derek the point after rolls on here. On the New Orleans Saints radio network.