Bobby's Draft Day Story

Bobby tells us his draft day story and how he made his way to the Saints. Plus, we talk NASCAR with producer Tim Zimmer. Then hear from former Saint Zach Strief on his draft day story.


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WWL. First news I'm chorus Miller on your official weather station WWL. AMF have been dot com. We've got rain back in the forecast but only briefly. A 40% chance for morning showers or storms until about 10 o'clock in the morning after that we should start seeing sunshine returned. With temperatures in the mid seventies. Channel four chief meteorologist Carl Larry Don those pinpoint forecast is on the way. Hear him police in the Jefferson Parish sheriff's corners office are investigating a suicide that happened on the front lawn of the hair him police chief's home. WW LTV's Paul Murphy reports an elderly man shot himself in the head in front of chief to Walker's house. The man apparently left a note on the bench asking cheap walker to look after his wife. The chief told us the man was troubled and neither he nor his wife were at home at the time of the shooting. Kenner police say two teenagers are facing arson charges for a fire that destroyed the old tenor high school building in February. Seventeen year old writer Chris and a sixteen year old are accused of simple arson police say the two lit a fire on a sulphide in the vacant building second floor. It's spread burned down most of the building. Covington police in north short teenager is accused of bringing bomb making materials to school dubbed WL TVs Jacqueline Quinn reports. Of arrested 813 year old juvenile that the juvenile on account of manufacture and possession of a bomb this all started around Tuesday afternoon around wine. This can't resource officer alerted police about is here with a bottle that contain an unknown chemical that was filled. On the sidewalk near an alleyway in the back part of this whole. Police say there was no threat to public safety. Louisiana teachers are being polled about taking a job action including a possible strike for better pay and working conditions. Walk out in Kentucky got the ball rolling in now local teachers' unions are pulling their members to gauge the mood more from WW wells David Blake. It's not shares more money but they also want to address quality of life for teachers and their students. I want chief spokesman less Landon says six years ago Louisiana teachers were paid about the same as others southern educators 128 chain. That's no longer the case at southern. Regional average is 50955. Dollars so we have fallen 2000 dollars below the regional average. Landon says they've already called around 3000 members and will release a report in mid to late may with the results. Here's channel fourteen. You all of this all Redondo. Temperatures will hold in the 70s for the evening hours after midnight tonight our rain chance begins at 30% for spotty showers or thunderstorms. Morning temperatures in the upper fifties on the North Shore and sixties on the South Shore of now from daybreak till about 10 o'clock in the morning I think our rain chance will be about 40% for a few showers and thunderstorms. That range should be over with by 10 o'clock in mostly clear skies will return for the afternoon hours temperatures in the mid seventies. Friday whatsoever rain chance at 20% for isolated afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Morning lows in the fifties afternoon highs in the mid seventies. From the pinpoint forecast center on WW LTV chief meteorologist Carl Redondo. Five chorus no word WWL. First news. What will the saints do on the clock with a Tony seventh pick in round one tomorrow the NFL draft. General manager Mickey Loomis keeping his cards close to his best however some are suggesting maybe the saints are in the business of trading backed out of the first round and getting extra picks. Yeah I wouldn't say that. There may be target and some of them we have going forward that hey if we can get this one guy then that's were given you know some of other assets. I think were open. I either although historically I think we've done a lot more treating up and we have feedback. LSU baseball back in action tomorrow against Ole miss for a three game series after their eight enough and victory. Over Lamar last night the box tells you give a pulmonary says one of the bigger things that's disappointed about this year's team is. The personality and vocal leaders. The New Orleans pelicans fly out west tomorrow for game one on Saturday against Golden State. Tip off and Allen's at 930 on Saturday night this double to go sports less about you by Bud Light the official beer of the New Orleans Saints dilly dilly. Up next sports talk with a cajun cannon Bobby ware myself Kristian garic here on WWL. Rob Carolla hour for fourth and final hour of sports talk. Ten Zimmer a master control rock in the saints polo. Good to have you aboard Timmy Timmy you drop some NASCAR knowledge who that later on as well Talladega Bobby Hebert crib here we're here. Detailed killing you a bunch of money and in NASCAR fans. Aren't. I'm iced argument to it you know significant news coming out from Matlock go. NBC the warts Matlock of the four girlfriend 49ers linebacker Rubin Foster on Monday said he can prove. Or she can prove. Foster did not cause her injuries from an alleged February incident in a while scandals what is she called my 11 I don't know I'm. Just saying that that's hard to come out that may be in Foster might not be. And the trouble that he will post ought to be you know she's probably. Dig a white man. Line there now am I getting kids to guide its feeding me. Are with his ex or for a former for now to assess former yeah. So that aliens in the address he bankers. Here to see a woods behind that alone. I as as promised. Our draft stories we get to Zach Strief Ramone Lou we got to Katie cannon Bobby very here and even go to the traditional draft prost you know process like these guys are going through like dues with whose act these guys currently are. You start out the USFL coming out of college Northwestern State. I'll just how do you lead in the USFL. Well. C'mon I don't think there's even argument. You know as part of the straight greatest. Draft class ever quarterback history. 82 relate to anything yes it's it Perino it was eighty theory. So it'd been like 82 football season 83 this drag this Dan Marino Dan Marino John Elway Jim Kelly a. Tony ease then I mean I. Of the Tom ahead aleris say there was like seven others has started ten years or more. Not you know they hope to have one or two guys. Well it was at many quality quarterbacks now before that. You'd have to look at adding in the early seventies. When Joseph Ferguson. And in and that class who was my mentor non that they can well the stars are line how to be even associating with the so I've always look college quarterbacks are myself. Thank you O'Brien Hewitt do you see games in California with a northwest Louisiana. And I was praying. Anywhere. Christian I was ranked as high as the move for a number seven. In the top ten. Malcolm hyper Nell car will use your ideas being he had just started the year before. If I can recall what his secrets and I was like seven. Somewhere in in in that realm that's lofty company. Yeah. Get to hall of famers right there in that. Well. The thing was that even at that time. At that they need dignify knew where every day. Dot com I just got into. It was billion dollars in Indianapolis area was in Tampa Bay Florida Gil Brandt of the Dallas Cowboys. Says a very you know codes that have come buying. And if you have a good showing I think you might go to sneak in the back in the second row. Like you basically a third round prospect. He retired corner. And say oh well what can you guarantee me well we don't do that. While the Michigan Panthers the had a draft calls after David Greenwood on a University of Wisconsin did you have an agent at this time. Yes it was like I was in my head coach Gail Williams and northwest have been a really didn't have an agent. Chris I was on food stamps and why I think you know try to make right right and you know in that getting Greg Campbell who was how we long. And Lyle's NATO's agent. And he also was an agent for Mohammed Ali today yelled to invent. Our promoter should say the rope would deal we heard it was a jumper. So but that's a different story naturally my agent Greg Campbell like across. Between Gene Wilder and Barry Manilow. Mean you look at this guy buddies from Madison Wisconsin. And association when my friend David Greenwood viewers who was content. Playing the damage your Panthers. But the reason why I decided not to wait. But NFL. Is because they guaranteeing me 250000. Dollars. In ninety I did have a pot to pee and I mean I don't consider the millions that they had Tuesday in a note it was like what. Fargo though I'd call bird in the hands and editing too in the bush. Kind of thing so that's what occurred. And all of bill rags to riches. This is with the training camp at Daytona Beach, Florida. An error forget. This is late January. Or early February. And we end up. Winning the championship this year that you are now they be viewed image Japan displaying a Mile High Stadium against coach Mora. And the Philadelphia star Sam mills and all that so. In a wind up playing in the championship game that we all became teammates back with the saint it is crazy crazy who goes around comes around. But that that was the reason why. I did not attempt to go to an NFL that time now. Now Jim Mora is the reason why you'll flew landed it the same odds before Jim Moore Jim Morrison 86000 a bum Phillips. Know how I ended up with the things I was going to Seattle see dogs. Was it it was Eminem was governor and would have woods and senate to manage job fair. And big guy would mr. Benson who's keeping the team in New Orleans. They're not move in the Jacksonville we need some local flavor. Know how to deal worked out the Seattle see dogs who were in the AFC west of the time with the raiders my head coach of the Oakland invaders was Charlie Sumner. Who's the deepest of coordinated with the raiders were Marcus Allen and those days when based well. The Washington Redskins and at Canada is suitable. So while David is that our prices all the time. Sort of Seahawks would trying to prevent me from going to the raiders. So they wanted me to go to Seattle Chris thousands Seattle five days to win it was like it was that he learned a cloud in the sky it was awesome. How big got a how's everything going you know is not always like this that are playing in the Kingdome and all that so I'm ready. This guy like Jim Zorn Dave Craig days and also I'm ready to go to Seattle. Now it worked out that I came to Hussein's bum Phillips is the coach. But that's what they'll literally played in 1985. Or at the game plan. And go to like I just finished a championship game at can be resolved in a degree than other training camp. I was associated would 44 football games in one year. With football's over in 1985 I hated football 19860. Its groove and I mean I was scuba dive nimble and Aaron. Which is part of like the ABC's a Dutch island Ruble and Eric jurors those ideas big skate. Could does that I'm burn out of football. Can imagine Florida vote gained that's ever been done in Emmett Till learning new off fifth. I mean Christians and that's where I was at then. But the end up with the saints. I knew it was gonna be the hero Google if you don't win. You know like for instance this voters feel a pencil and they'll work out. Where can lead nobody nobody cares who would have a suck in New Orleans how can you go back home. Arab lies remembered and they kind of rolled the dice is cunning. Either you know. He hero syndrome or you know you work out you know winning team considering. Now with a great Archie Manning did only went eight Nate that was the beds they had accomplished. And to win nine games in a row and go twelve and three. Christian I think we kind of laid the foundation to give the food and nature relating renewed and nation and it just food at the good defense hole. Then maybe we can accomplish something. So late eighties early ninety's medal winning team with a winning winning any thing. Moving in the thick of things the right now initial agreement Drew Brees to what is the hated if you look at we accomplished it 2006. No the things are as relevant as anybody. Right now now in the NFC with the NFL. In 1987 I was nine years old. That was the that was when I that's why ultimately. Start watching football on video understanding and pay attention to it at 99 years old and in tune in every I remember that 87 year quite well. In this draft story are the arrival from the USFL to the NFL with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. That is Christian I don't a good job but now I want as we are talking in this about do's diseased or when Ricky Williams about about bonuses and about a snaps. A number of games you have to start. I got a great story down to get that billion I was at that game I did notice. In Cincinnati December 23 1987 at Cincinnati. And then the next we're playing in the superdome the Green Bay Packers I would tell that story next Bobby Hebert crushing Garrett here. On sports talk on W did well. I won't go back to sports I'll give me. Rags to riches story from the KG can embody their dues told his draft storm guys actually come up a little bit as volatile as draft story. Where we leave all that note I don't oil and down those so I don't helmets so I think it was 1987. Road trip in December. To Cincinnati. You pretty banged up for that game. Yes. I ironically enough. No we're playing at Cincinnati. Are remember. Coach Laura. I'm getting hit whatever and and he's getting on goal line and my knee tiny it was all it was actually natural in the next morning it was swollen during the game. Dave Wilson came in and Dave Wilson was the subliminal first round draft pick. On university Illinois Navajo Dave flathead recalled implanted it is. He literally had. A flat head on the back of his head. And I thought that was ironic because he was freckle faced in Iran and but Dave at a great come back. Against the Cincinnati Bengals. And we won that game. And able to play in the Green Bay Packers. Now had in my contract if fires started. Twelve games are more. Again it's repeated thousands signing. Now you know if you don't practice. You don't play. And I don't think enough I'm flying over Cincinnati being knowing how lucky plea next week I'm thinking 250000. Dollar I do think their first. Man. I'm her dream I need shooter Monday I would do whatever I have to do. Considering. How many times this thing and winning a Lotto. Ticket 250000. In 1987. So. I could reverend Jim thinks they know we can arrest you go to playoffs and all that jumping and OK we can resting payment terms and it tells a little negative that. And so while ready to practice. I remember getting my knee drained during the week. And getting shot up just to practice. Against Green Bay in the superdome. And Christian. Uprising now. And they almost threatening me. That being Jim Mora and ship things that we get arrested. And I'm thinking. I'm tell you right now I am taken their first snap. And they thought crazy cajun. That. He's gonna run out there and take differs that. Our middle Wheeling dealing or Dave Wilson says Dave Lewis. I don't know what their plans are. I gave you 50000. Of them bonus. He let me take their first now. A city even if McCain Harley mobile mile laying a sort of toss sweep to dog him leading get on the game. And you give it up big and efforts snapped. And you know I think coach Warren all gonna win then it's a crazy Bear's gonna go out there it's going to be as seen. So I took dead spurs snapped and played the whole game I don't know I think it through a couple of touchdown passes in that weathered the storm and we beat Green Day. So but that's a brutal gym things was at that time. That that that. You know want to keep them money in my pocket. It's so inching that that big Eagles game. 1980 so now relatively Kazaa was their my first saints game I devastation at Fort Knox jury could argue right asked Fort Knox Kentucky so I was nine again. So he surprised that was a Christmas present me hey I'm I'm green the Cincinnati for the game. And 97 drove three and a half hours away when I watched you got knocked out of that game because your injury. As Clinton and the end analysts and I found that basically I was game that tune in and Dave Wilson brought us back yet Tony 43 guys 14124. At the time it was the largest comeback in saints history yes without a doubt and and you know I still take credit for that wind even gone out and do crap Wednesday Wilson. Because I started to gain. And just biding collagen and Christian I was 28 and oh against AFC opponent. You know we talk about today how the NFC so withdrawal within AFC yeah. Won in straight wins and that's when he first came remember it was the Buffalo Bills. And Jim Kelly and in the superdome or you know a while as well which bigoted Jim Kelly imitators right quick. This is why you gotta take advantage of the opportunity as a player now there's no legitimate league to compete with the NFL. The Buffalo Bills that Jim Kelly's rights to anyone opium. So what did you calico and just a felt pretty Houston gamblers. The US it felt. He said Bob and imitate right now that this it. If you're good enough. You can in it in the NFL anyway. You've got to get the money why you can't. Ron Amadon same way yet Steve gill would LA express a lot of people don't realize Ron Amadon is a hall of Famer. You'll all remember the party niners. That never bay Buccaneers had his right Tampa Bay ran a Monaco chipped and would Bill Walsh the back of Joseph Montana. But that it ages goes to show you that it's all about opportunity taking advantage Zacks trees. Draft story coming up next our sports talk on W two well. CBS news update he's now in jail. History. There is a relief and joy among the victims of the so called Golden State killer. California authorities made an arrest today more than three decades after the rape and murder spree CBS's Steve Letterman has more California law enforcement officials believe they have their man. They have made in the rest. He is a former police officer 72 year old Joseph changed De'Angelo. His alleged victims ranged in age from thirteen to 41. The arrest was made as a result of a DNA match Orange County DA Tony were caucus is part of the task force that worked decay is they're called device so you ran sector and the Golden State killer. Today. It's our pleasure to call him. Defendant Jane Carson Sandler was allegedly raped by De'Angelo in 1976 I'm so glad it's over. To finally after all this time know that he's behind bars and that's where people Aung CBS news update on Pam Coulter. Here at W real dot com I Alan Zach Strief former saints. Offensive line up Kristian garic and Zach this time a year draft citing for fans it's exciting for the prospective players that are going to be. Selected. What I want to talk to you you in the seventh round. At twelve year career. And in. What's what's the process like an especially. Twelve years later looking back and it what's the process like knowing that I'm intrigued by new you're gonna be a first day guy. But knowing that he had a chance to get drafted. Well first of all I. I think one of the things that makes the draft of cool is just what you said I actually didn't think there was a possibility of being the first round guy her first day. Might draft mock draft areas were anywhere from two to six a lot so you can find me altitude and if I'm his lows six. And so. You know on draft that you should be first second third round on the first day in and finished. 4% in the second so. Agreement I don't like golf in the first round in the first rounds always been long and you know. So let's play golf came back to the house. Kind of don't pay attention of the TBS and family over. You just trying to let like the second round you know let's not assume ago the highest predicted level in you kinda assume that that's. You're not gonna get the best you know situation happened so you kind of listen but you don't listen to get to the third and you start saying okay you know zero possibility and obviously get to the end of of that day I don't get drafted and there's a little bit of a let down there a little bit of a disappointment it. You know obviously a lot of good stuff so common so wake up the next day and others know people that house with me in my family. And humid out in the living room in my arms around my sisters around. Fourth round starts. We get bow to the middle of the fourth round towards the end I get a phone call from the Dallas Cowboys. And their offensive line coach. And aces act we're about to sign about a too picky in the fourth round here. And so get off the phone is okay grace and listen we're going back after the pick and you know and tight. So I got the phone at some repairs were being Dallas cowboy pics from a face pick comes ironically. Skyler Green that was thank. You know astute. Team him so sky gets picked to get a call back about virus that are in the office line coach apologizing. Amy and La you know we're pretty much you know had been decided and you know something's happened last minute and and they ended up along with another guy and I'm so glad Jerry Jones runs I think. So it gets worse actually so. I get a call we go through the rest the fourth round again in the fifth round I get a call again from thousands office like coach. And calls me up and says hey. We raise our numbers are what happened but we're gonna take yet here in the fifth round and I tell less people in the family element that's in there and reconnaissance or watch him in the name comes across the screen and again does not mean obviously. Humorless I do not rumor was no. Other members gather as we talked about it after. We. So around comes and goes to get a call back your name was on the ticket somebody chain you know they changed last minute wasn't my decision I'm pissed off. So we go through the six trying to get no call. So basically what happens is if you're sitting behind understatement accountants and I went from being 68 to like 64. To like six foot. But several were out of about 56 in it's like you can only see the top half in my head. On the on the couch and nobody's around anymore and I would agony and as it is mentally active fighting off absolutely because now I've gotten to a point where. The worst case scenario to come true. Past that you know I mean and so. It was a hard hard you know we really it was it was tough. And you watch people get drafted I can remember vividly in the fourth round the saints drafting tackle. Jahri Evans from blues Bergen on where is pollutants per hour on the world. Are they drafting some schmuck. Among college I've never even heard of like I don't understand the first team all American I don't understand what in the world's going on and you jar jar you were really close we were super close and you tell this story absolutely yes. Absolutely. You know they show the picture avenues to Wear these big brown rim glasses. And he he look like he's drafted in 1987. You know and so yeah of course you know I'd jump on that were expects where these rookies. So we get to the seventh round. And it's. The first pick happens and I get a call. Him. Almost immediately from the norms. And it was dug around on the phone who's now that there's object jaguars and and gut tells me. In his Brooklyn list. You know that we're gonna take you with the next pick you going to be in north Spain you know coast patent gonna call you a little bit. And so I hang up the phone I tell my dad. I was the saints they said they're gonna draft me we don't tell anybody says the two suddenly interim. Or watching the TV so we find out everyone else because we've now realized that means all of you being drafted means nothing. And so it comes across the screen we're all cheering me right down yellen and my mom comes in the room and everyone's excited and its New Orleans. And while we're kind of jump and I get another phone call. And I grabbed the Monroe quick I'm thinking maybe it's coach Payton and answer the phone itself is going coach. From Dallas Cowboys who were drafting right after the saints and round so they had to edit a pick moved up there went further down in the draft. But they had a trade earlier in the year before and they are taken right and the same goes back. Actually I'm so sorry I just watched him turn and your names on you did out cowboys assess our coach has got trapped in saints. And scream where I can assure you on the radio and hung up the phone on me and ever talked that guy in La. But yet it was a it was a really it was a crazy day. My parents were stoked they were super excited my prayers have been content laurels for thirty years so there jumping around going crazy excited and I'm wondering if after an RV to drive to New Orleans because it's. You know six month or heard about six months it's it's not long after the storm you know and and obviously this place was a mess so. I immediately went to Wear what am I getting myself into now them but the other traffickers and for me was absolutely miserable. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. And yet you know once you're drafted and it's exciting and also obviously what needed to happen happened. What would you tell. Prospects. On draft day about. Avoiding trying to maybe trying to avoid that agony and how would you how would you will give us some advice on. The first thing and I think it's it's really hard for young guy to feel this way but it. It doesn't matter where you get drafted in matters that you get an opportunity so whether your first round pick a sixth round pick an undrafted free agent. It matters that churn a good situation. So you can be really excited acting drafted in the second round and you get much nicer signing bonus and it's very impressive sounding and yet you Michael and horrible situation. Where maybe it team's gonna turn their head coach three times in the next four years and you're going to be out the door after two anyways and you're like then what happened. What's important is you end up in a good situation and if if that's your line of thinking I think it's much easier to be patient you know what what's gonna happen is gonna happen and and in if you walk in the first day and you're ready work and you've put your best foot forward you come to work every day in your professional. You can turn around and say I just think twelve years in the same place. You know and and and ultimately isn't that you know what it's all about that the draft is the beginning of the end. How much do you think the Dallas Cowboys. I I think Dallas Cowboys all the time as a matter of fact. Pat McQuistan who's who of the cowboys and taking it also became the scene for a period of time. Com and so I got to share those as well and he was bummed that he was the second option. And I said you weren't the second option you like the ninth option because it was the end of the news of the day of the seventh round you know or directly. We've got the early picks on the boards and certainly. Having talked to Mickey John about the process after the fact they're basically throw darts the wall. And so I was just fortunate to get the opportunity. As extremes draft story I didn't know I didn't know it evolves so much with three potential opportunities to land and Allison. That's a great story. Zach anything any else about that you know about. Draft weekend draft day and in general from what positive perspective though well. I mean you think about it that I found this out after the fact to. They're promo was just applying coach in Tampa Bay at that time. And coach Crowder told me that they had me Slaten. As Sarah pick. And they had Jeremy Trueblood going in the first round and ended up taking. Jeremy Trueblood who had slid further than they thought they would he said if Germany had been drafted we were going tackle the second round we're gonna take yourself. As much as you feel in your mind sometimes maybe there's just so you know amazingly negative thought in in how people perceive you and you know it does your draft position reflect your actual value as a player or your abilities no it doesn't because you never know. You know you're one player one guy away it's a situation on the draft and you know being drafted as is and is a huge honor but it's not the end game it's not. Yea didn't win let's get drafted it's all about making the best of your opportunity and if you think about that way you know the draft as it is a hugely positive experience. Just goes to show you that while these guys are really good at finding talent. It's an inexact science it's it's completely. It's just a complete and exact size allows us to explain it Chrysler from Zach street moral line Korea at W low dot com. I will suddenly come back for Anthony's cell has a really a story to know is actually potentially go to Dallas Cowboys three different times. Yeah Elliott who has been over the cowgirls. When you be who would be part of the hood and nation Euro things so this and zags living now and you all and so it's a big win win. Vs the cowgirls but Chris you know there is a lot of people the and I historians. As we go to break. That this is like I'm 51 at sixteen Bobbie you took over for the snake. No I didn't. It was Richard died in the New York Jets Cindy Wilson summit offers from big university Illinois dad team we Kenny stabler. Won eleven games to these two years before you got there no Guinea's tailored memorable line. Doesn't close to double digits in his saints uniform. Now maybe seven and nine to solve the Tom ahead and Angela eleven wins. So no. This and. I mean. That this thing may you can look up every damn thing. Yeah a rises to write a lot like with the facts of fact I mean they know BS I've got the tickets I was there I remember of him and yet they're developing a blood Cincinnati come back was in. When November of 1990 at a safe manner won in 1990. But that was not the initial. At Cincinnati come back in 1987 comeback for Anthony show that also little NASCAR Talladega. With ten Zimmer. Here on W to a. Hey you know Jimmie talk about. The third consecutive NASCAR cup series victory by Kyle Busch. And that matched Kim and Kevin Harvick. But you look at the points race the points leader. That being cal bush in. You talk about continue win for her role. But I thought it was indecision and explain maybe to an audience. How the track and you Digi tarts and Aaron Talladega how does make a difference. Regular decal bush should start at 32. At Richmond. But any out ran chase LA it a teammate Ed Danny Hamlin for his fifth career victory at Richmond raceway doubles by any active driver. And that victory is his party seized overall. Coming from the deepest deepest starting spot and the feel of his career UNC he's starting 32. Now you know a win the memories. And Tim this begin at Talladega and lenient treatment overall. Oh. NASCAR's you know the whole series. And you look good deploy its leader though what is your projection right now. And it is that significant when you look it. That Kyle Busch is the points leader over Kevin Harvick and is that almost. I guess a team of streaks. Considering Kevin Harvick. Added to regain a three race winning streak. And any Kyle Busch also. So what is your take going forward. As far as we you can project because I know you you wanted to best fantasy pickers so explain that to me. Ten Zimmer at tens in 1613. On Twitter about his Elmo for. But our Chris I was given a thumbs up a great job but Tim when you look at that. This does not necessarily it was happening. Recently. But you follow NASCAR weekend and week out oh lol what is your favorite track because I notice. That according to the driver. And the track that you can like kind of limit. And restrictive plate no matter who you gonna pick. But bull bullet be favored track guy I've been at Talladega. Did good just thugs who go around that router and explain. Like would be a favorite track in hell. You still able to predict may be a winner according to attract you racing. Ten Zimmer on tour grad Tim Zimmer 1613. Double coverage coming up at 8 o'clock what's said Dunlap Tim will be there as well draft best Thursday this Thursday at central city barbecue all more tonight. You know over night smoked barbecue. Six till midnight. That's blocks from downtown 1201 south rampart at Clio in New Orleans joined Bobby Hebert myself NFL draft analyst Mike did to you at central city barbecue. Deuce is Steve gill would join us from our satellite location at saint headquarters. On Friday buddhism and on or short in Slidell four till midnight 1776. Gause boulevard east deuce set the last kick things off. Our day to draft that's preview for the sixth. And long or short Slidell induced we'll stick around and join Bobbie bear might say and myself from six until midnight come on out have a great time. Steve go be out at. Saints can't Saturday walk ons be strong barring coverage and all day from 9 AM until six. The address and trial that 69796. Sterling boulevard walk ons in Covington Zacks street pool also contributor we host and that show on Saturday sports talk rather and up next here on W to a. I draft coverage gets closer Dennis Wright draft coverage tomorrow cannot wait it's like that's like this body. Yes there is Christmas for the NFL and it's a bit within itself since I mean you think about it NFL as your round. I mean this gets me excited you know why. Because you're now at a piece of the puzzle. To help readers truly be relevant and debut world champs. For the upcoming season to season holder and as the case is the seas do half as well as they did. Last year. That's a good draft daughters who want an illegal women who you might rivers in the NFC. Tanzim are. And master controls right you screw right rugby something on the screen. OK the young had done moved on on tonight in jewel Ericsson as well it's lead shot that. I'm sorry I meant we didn't get to you please don't be stranger our stick around we try to get you on. Would set a lot on double coverage Tim Zimmer a master control top Manassas earlier one thing more minority Steven Geller for help us put together. The show what they've done it before coming on as well might say the entire 4 o'clock hour if you missed it. And here again log onto our website at W real dot com simplify I'm out Bobby do you think men want the way you leisure. That gold bells.