Bobby: Saints-Packers a tale of two halves

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Sunday, October 22nd

Bobby discusses the Saints' comeback win over the Packers.


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And have time you heard Bobby say on the halftime show. About how reporting it was distinctively better on third down defense Bobby what Dixon on third down defense out of mouth shut them down Green Bay could not convert. Complete domination nineteen points only three submitted by the saint eat it to the second hand in the practical Bobby and now forward to on the season in loans worth. Well the go why that was so important. Was because that's not only have a code in Kagan on the field they're down you know we had the words they're they'll beat it. As graded to keep it does that play this evening it being opportunistic. He we were dead last third down defense well that's winning football wolf offensively and defensively. We ended up being eight a 5053%. That's who we expect the offense. And the defense they were the Packers look forward seven efforts at the end of four of eleven. I at 36%. He got to get it right two lofted. But I picked the exact Israel or 26 to seventy. That this thing to win. And I don't know if it's close to double digit not a blowout but you have to see to it that he went to get a look at poor waters. And how you weather the storm and followed all the Sean Payton. This is winning football what they've all Lyle wanting your viewpoints. They're now 5659. Wins and only six losses. And you cynical about buckeye bits of me about it basically you. You've you've based noble noble history if you think about it first thought up you know three and a handful of so you win but points in you know you'll about what motivated the what you. Yes this is so that that that's why I think that's a cute it's aiming now I've got this like don't think that. The company time to Lambeau Field if the Packers on the plus side the terrible origin that you know went to gain. Wind up being minus one for the game now we still plus five but this season. Thought that as a positive. If you look at like penalties you know you could shoot yourself in the foot at the weed and have good though we had five penalties to be five yards. Will we only had to with the second half ride so that also with critical. If you look at the in this series to showing how hard it is to win it was content. Who we were to attend. That being its eighth on the nation we're now we've created. A you look at Sean Payton. Because they're reversal numbers do what I mean about that is Sean Payton against the end of themed art is now sixty denied. It's it we wanted overall in this series the Packers State's history we're now nine at six feet. So you could see that the winning football Sean Payton. He's gonna have to do it again next week against the bears. To make it seventy denied he gets in NC Darth. The bears got a couple of the bus you know old school like hell on high school running the football league to dabble with what it passing it hit that a lot. Well I don't know what they're had a alibi but you cannot talk about this as we advance. Rush the ball 54 times and they've went equally to advocacy would be if it may well be in an a policy at the things. I opt out would run the ball yet because that was one disappointment I guess I'll run the fit. We gave up 181 yards seven have yard average daily that he gave given level five yards to carry. But offensively. Look how we are running the football we averaged four to have you aren't the team won 61 Wheeler right in the record last that it's the lines. You Mitchell Mark Ingram a look at how to keep truly get their hands on the ball get a 110 total. Outlook command had a 107 total gay kid junior a 148. Total yards. Might they right now all you brandy cook's fans out there. Beat UC brandy could ever do it connected to junior does after the catch. Just look at the yet. You that though and then not not that big targets they. Yeah I had seen it is they uniform Seve kick in under 41 yard what are you are average when you look at that yet. Yards after the catch and the unit I've really a ride on. And he decided to give. A pick and honorable making women a group. But I'm expected him to do that a lot got to flip it ala which kicked in and a group being acknowledged that really. Whoever's back to the football can't you be productive. About a local four's playing at a high level and he Tivo would have sacked tackle falloff quarterback hurry. He port that ball on the fact that weren't able to get it eight declined about me play the next second half where he ended up with six tackles. He had a path within that can't Jarden. The not a sack but he had a tackle for a loss at a quarterback hurry he had a path that ended it was almost like that total. Team effort potted meat that still that's gonna go a long way. And speak look at Huntley. Committed W playing NFL quarterback it only has 87 yard pass them yet. Because he had a quarterback rating of one if they when he came they need a rock at the vikings would elicit those 4849. You will today's quarterback rating with or. Oh you're three going into this week's gains as well. With so in the forties with its John Isaac. For the clean rounds so in that view with what do they mean they'll vote yet the so I just thought how rebounded. But it looked so good it looked so good the first have errant changed now that you kept. I mean it for fifth round pick yet he had 97 yards and think carries but did you look woody ended up what you think we needed just that the only had a 131. Yards rushing still a profit co opted it the fifth and a and the blues deviated halftime decision with the staff. I thought Crawley kind of struggle is being compared to previous games. Agree that at this stage struggled in the first half. He was only thirteen of Swanee. The it had interceptions. And variant and reads like when you look at at a party eight when it's all said and done. The guy I thought you beat the leadership of a quarterback that make it different he ended up 2738. 331 yards. And he didn't know what it I've done he also ran one and what we expect that time about a foot away. But to do the brute briefly. He would get that ball political line yet attacked now with a big win. You know why it's so important it is more important if you play. Like ISL a time they edited it in the opponent. This game in next week's more important we play at buffalo. Army deeply dejected at home because it's difficult battle that tiebreaker at the game with the EU had been hit UW est thing you know what you want. The vikings to keep winning and beating and it seemed aren't yet. That you let them the feeling you don't wanna cover you bases while caller what you in the division right now with the drivers the native tease out who won him veterans that yes like it would be. Beat the lines I beat the pack you wanna beat the bears a look at it will later rant. You look I would didn't pull the NFC games the all important obviously we recognize that double digit wins. But don't and it's the victories quietly become the tiebreak they're so important. And that and and and I knew a lot of fight that's water that are rich fanatical Florida take care of in. Few moments to speak you know what you knew about what season duo it go back on the boats and vehicles. Not through postings instantly the 20112011. Do you think the third team three. San Francisco thirteen three and we had to do there yes 22 of their losses which it AFC to get through it also would AFC teams. Two lottery laws that I would to NFC teams and that's body. Villas on the tablet that's what we had neglected it. It and they became a that if we that you looked to the end of the team's only. One team had one loss that was the Eagles throwing everybody else that the law of the course that that that's why it's so important we go to break it all down and because and knock on us that came on the saint. If we don't beat the Packers went out there Iraq that's it no matter where we play even at Lambeau Field but. I thought all of us so we minus two and a terrible more despicable a group you gotta play good degree. To beat the Packers and keep doing that second half. Coakley would win but the anytime you win and win over touchdown. Could fit into parity and have felt that the that the convincing win. And so bottom like twenty to seventeen. SA to neutral in neighboring you know they're on the patrol we call this late. Went to gainfully is no greater feeling. When all of this done however you get a first down. Indicate stop the clock and let's say you have. Minutes flat that you get in the huddle when they gave way you can do is deal on the ball and they have no chance to come back. And that's a very rewarding feeling a lot to be a good flight now back home of the Wisconsin. And but they got to bring it. The bears the that it looked out the bears have played the I don't look at it they've been counted us out a guy that they got app that can't you can you know so it immediate and yes it is good it's going to be a challenge but I still think we should go to take care of the bear that home. And double in the rookie quarterback he came out of catchy and run the ball down your throat make their quarterback. The rookie quarterback beat you make him Apatow thirty plus times but if they can run the ball they can keep running it right at.