Bobby Hebert on Saints' losing to Tampa

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Sunday, December 31st

The Cajun Cannon  Bobby Hebert Talks with Deke Bellavia at Flamingo-a-go-go about the Saints' and their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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Unfortunately for the saints' third time what that song sample three sought against Atlanta two Monday night to go. Couple shot last week against Carolina but today they got to be played down the streets. And they beat the saints 31 to 24 but the blacking though it's of no. From the meet the. Well obvious they kind of how you could describe this. Because it's not a time because all the political Lotto winner have the momentum going through the playoffs yet. Because you are eleven to five the F a look at overall achievement. You know you say well balanced an ugly win is hard to win in in the NFL for the you have things. As an ugly win. Because a win is to win. Well this is the case in point that it's different aloft is different. Because that was the frustrating loss. Which is still able to win the NFC south. So don't want to be remembered to score what occurred. That is bill that you wanted division. And you know what all said and done would eleven win season now depending on what to do in the playoff that that could you all remember. Going forward. Now. A fetus a couple of times this season it is and this is not necessarily good and that is because there percentages. The dominant for cities on the Sean Payton. That what you got to defense the defense as far as the new way to football Dennis Allen. You think you can win. We forced three turnovers. Because collected a season we were like one denying and four. We forced three turnovers no matter what. The offense does the week is get three takeaways by the the forced fumble interception. We had 1189. Gained and lost four. Now or 29 six. You know we've lost two games this year we port 32 and over now we know that it's best that you sit NetSuite. As we can do it this is that it's time to work. Four weeks we picked off that boat and clawed back through time to do we. Right and antique wind up being you know plus two in the turtle or did so. Would you look at that. That doesn't lie lucky but he gave me now plus seven for the season. So that's definitely a winning football right dabbled with not winning football. With in the first half and and I don't know how we had delete does amazing. We're up fourteen to thirteen he should've been a tied him at that 2.0 yeah we were one of four on third down. Did Achilles new 25% we finished down six to 1250%. That's where we're normally yet but if you look offensively they were ten of eleven. That's not a 1% on third down not date we played better to think in app but. Still like it all and up all overall they were thirteen of 1872%. Lead over it to happen at about them being third debate he city 2%. Be happy when planes yet dad we had fifty played the app oval 450 yards of total offense. In the time of possession of per tablet like to go one. Basically what he admitted to ten minutes and about it you closed it up like 31 and a half to 28 and a half we. You said that it had them we talked about pieces secondhand Disney. The second when it think it's the second longest of the season we may it it was difficult we schools against the Atlanta we had the longest late last time. Who only got a few who we did get a touchdown they. If we don't get that seven minute avenue second hand and another near sediment trapped. It's time kind of even dealt with a B we only want him like three minutes showed up of a Tampa overall but. They had such a big lead in the first half we weren't weren't able to make it up play allies and someone. Well it in this this and others that that you that is the going following you know we talk about yards from scrimmage. Would any running back or receiver and you look out Tamara marking time about what did you use the practice even running back there running the football. And I got to throw in there all purpose yards without McNamara. Officially. Is the kick return. I mean I don't know how point forward you're not trying to get him an extra attacker to in the return game is at the kickoff returner. Philly because what he produced. That the in his bill last Sunday and it would be hit today. You look all we're we charged 283. Yards dia me and one at that right there. Speaks it's put itself and on and hobbled Tamara I don't know holly could not be. This NFL rookie of the year yeah and now now beat you know got explain a little bit Lattimore. Yeah. Now this Lattimore this what year but when it's that wasn't afraid to go lab knows what the end of throwing three interceptions. We shed had five had a possibility they'll lifted a five but it wasn't really in Lattimore and have that opportunity. To come away when interception prop up to Michael Thomas. If you look at it the this the film that was that was well worth than. You know his effort it's a guy you wanna tear form. He needed to connect to the Greek giving grants franchise record 99 receptions. In an a single season. Would speak he had five today 87 yards billions see that a 104 catches but he also says. In FL history. That's bars. He needed five catches the path of jealousy Jarvis planet no mom land adult animals sketches. Through four players. In the first two seasons still like the comments. In getting that record. With the gulf wanted a Panthers. Yeah I could see right now. That I think we had a good situation to play Carolina we've been implies how we match up. Can you know is talented quarterback we QB Oklahoma you know be in the fifties and we've had is them this year. We get a place on the afternoon. My party standing in Italy and I could see why they want the falcons. Against daily rant look at that LA market about where in the global when you look at Saturday night. That was thing known brand know but we all know it yet yet but it because it is it is definitely that LA market. We think if you look at significant things that kind of went down. In the game. That. That with a 106 kickoff return by out of there with a large that multiply them Morton honestly think history. And now we have a team that analog circle back to life. 2009 with Courtney Roby. You know it can't we get touchdown you know I gonna kick off return right now against the grant program right the end yet to go way back. At this that the that the out significant that was value look at candy jar he eloquently I don't know we go to this. I don't feel like we got really pressured you know it's been the same night we see and it and even when we got there. It seemed like he was still able to get away a couple of times even though. We had a couple of facts right a redevelopment runs it like we've had about five sacks. There's that David Winston was able to get away with you look you can't Jarden. Governor I would that be exactly if and you look at his numbers the end of having four tackles that he has that three quarterback hurry one tactical law. But like getting that. Now of the 250000. Bonus that. So good they have a you know what we debate what's it'd be in play and not that that's like winning a midi lottery and this is not an is. What is that thirteen right yet thirteenth act so geek you look at also. It's time to amonte because about time you referred to. A different route instructed thirteen sacks. Buick days and that days that big time sentencing any air. Well but but you know Stephen via the conversation you have to have double digit sacks have been ultimately I think twelve or more. Volvo board then you really catch all the players attention. And everyone around the league but did you get that double digit sacks that that's significant contribution you team but you get like problem or. Know that that's playing the highest level. Now I've not thought. What was that negative that you cannot have in the playoffs. Tom Lee lewis' fumble. You know what they think that would help this happen. You came to have a special teams blunder that's why would the Washington when you get a kick opportunity though we salute the game but we gave it back. It's probably lose to build the line he's gonna trying to run all of studied global family got to Fresno before you know it. That's that you cannot afford to have been with all of this done now them that they had the lead when he is seventeen after the defense team up. Will it stop. They unity was there today. Five bell got a fact that James went to be put to us in the get a touchdown. That those that are kind of plays that I'm not. You look back when when when all's said and done it in the playoffs. You cannot have that negative play out with these with these relief it if you could end up winning. But I got to give credit to them leaving it in Nike about I said that according game. I thought this thing to win but not cover right up front nine dissent and half point that said 27 that wanted I'll think you know one point. Mean it was like what if Florida wants. There you go or what was it I don't know I don't get any yeah and then you got to give you know ten and a lot of credit James went and how they feel about the game. It was no secret but because you know they had been playing the yes I know many people to get on to another division opponents meet about it down the streets of the answer to tape. Give it to me campus stances the sense that the when he over the windows I gave them with a definitive by three million. Where is Tampa one wanted to date but they could be here and I and they couldn't beat Atlanta what might they weren't doing. Well it was down to the last minute I get to Atlanta that that they've made. With that name barring me that the local vehicle and over time via you missed it. They'll look I'll ham scored in the last been involved with that he's still able to again and still don't know that that they got to give coach O'Connor with the my understanding he will be back with Tampa Bay yeah you and he still was booklet about the gruden rumors about the rumors now. That growth gonna quote the raiders and who would wanna put the raiders that you get a piece that a team. Main visual art Davids out davis' son vote went against these puppies that a team is gonna say is yeah I mean not well that's a win win. With coach drew an effect of the aisle but. The bottom line peak like facilitates that you cannot. Defeated them in a run got a break down. What you did well what you mean he didn't do well because I thought. That was an encouraging and we the movie given up four and half yard to run. Average and we did not later run well today. Given out of basically four yards to carry. They had a 110 yards. You know total. Phil that's something. That they got to get better. Unity play characters Carolina can run the football. But you know what's amazing we've been able to stop him you know we've been able overall the first to Gately Carolina. I think. As the season has progressed. Our two most impressive wins that's been against the Carolina and it as far as looked that your opponent. Who you have to be. When you beat in the first would be to make Carolina we were always too. You disconnected bits and now the dominant win. Did you look it was a playoff amateur playoff type game to lead the NFC south we beat Carolina in in that don't so we kind of now can we do it three times. Can only beat Carolina at their own gain that you were able to do that. The first two games the winner on the line it's due to at all that the that the line I think we can do that. Who we sure did it against Carolina. And you know Carolina got humble they got humbled by the saints. In that you gave people a so we get after bringing it I think truly big debris that they look at that film and in the economic outlook and and we really I don't think embarrassed Cam Newton who or what they can you do it's at the first two games nothing. I don't know and he did do anything I I don't know what what went down today in Atlanta. That because you look at Atlanta convincing win by them when you just look at the score still the bottom line it's got to win. If you were talking about match of the pew when. The did that you look at LA and you got to Atlanta that but we could navy end up. Going to Philadelphia. So what the seeds play out now but they would. It managed to ram yeah I had it actually out of the one thing that the coach exactly and that's it is they don't have one thing he knew he could do the shoe with a YouTube for sure and I can rest monopoly. That's what he he would put his whole logical and everything else that Leo right. But he's playing the team he did politically with the quarterback in the face right right does get an at home. But if Iran doing advance but he automatically go to two and a lot of Clavet go to number one. Well that let me today as which would be the winner of things economical to for the bill as much as the Atlanta. Really. Follow it about its fans. Do they truly love their team this their team when they're winning and who voted to gain. Now he's definitely don't when there is expected that we okay then now listen. It up what am I mean you know like with Philadelphia played LA in the states but in LA. It was like a 5050 deal I'll like sixty party yet. How many fans. From Atlanta and navy are was stopped advancing technically could be in the show up in Los Angeles. The tear on the falcons will it be not only his ability to party at some say yeah they get wanted to 30%. With so much around there that is that the interest in yet because at times. You know you look at the states and Eagles with the Eagles and edgy about tight game against the rams. When you heard argue that hurt even if you listen they're just watching that game would be equal school or I thought our data home team. With a ramp school or are they the home team. Because all like a 5050 tie crowd that you could get in the middle of the things that until Atlanta's that I like kind of welcomed. Could you actually going on the road like you Beagle on the role that Philip they'll bring Minnesota haven't played a lot of things.