Bobby & Deuce break down minicamp day 2

Bobby & Deuce break down day 2 of Saints minicamp and discuss the addition of safety Kurt Coleman.

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Body like that like that sound effect that you can go wrong. With that you go with it nodded more. Some of our production guys anyway it came out of the cage impeaching. Calling itself the case MP shooter not that it may be fruitful and hard animal communities. How far you can get it. The name of Beverly hill fifty of fifty it that you not bad not bad at all it's one of the courts yes it is far enough. Well prepared to use a degree of our league quarterback and like five arts thanks for a lot of our team here. Bobby is a Christian Poland to open at 504260. Whites heavily taxed 878 semi Hayward in Cleveland Ohio what's going on up there in Cleveland Ohio they were. What that Kyle when they appear Brantley what does. Mr. Obama. He would claim that they talk more about gas sought. I don't Wear shoes of that too where people come in an industry have this year but. They also being. That number one Austrians. In NF it's going to be in the sites. Matt the question are we. It thinks. And dramatically animals on the lose and it might. Chip much all. I tell. Hightower were now Carly but Jamaal Charles not points on us into their sign tents west. Again they're signing Terence west. Where. He played at their Cleveland Andy Brown brown. And made it. So one more thing that's what you about it. They told me that and we are worked and spit cup age here playing Dalian. And me out West Bank seriously almost every day at work. And it paid yeah. In the saint and that blah blah well yeah it actually. It the same old bull this year these are the war in copes well globally ticker right call me abide war. Well if you weren that we too. When it that we can beat. We did that. Yes and Hayward listen Cleveland only we the fans need to need to worry about this the things. Nina were about in the evening game there's this 500. Not only win one game at two years that could cause this I have wondered if it and so Hayward what will worded a browns fans you. The intimacy is the only won one game I mean the kid talk it's back. Well. I've told them then the wild they'll do one thing this year they have DNA is the only. One game. About the outlook immortal one arming. Giving them to let Chris Hunter. This thing at least you know you head it's a big it's a major leap if even. Seven and nine ER eight Indy tag team it. You have probably the QB for wind I would yeah. Have Tyrod Taylor likely you're starting quarterback for a little while and bigamy fuel comes into the equation at some point just and I want cleaver I want the browns to do something. I mean I've watched one Barnicle is always there it's a great football town. You're you're sad for the browns it's kind of been they've been doing brown things for. That a part of what ten years and a little root canal was there to Derek Anderson made the playoffs once or ten at six. They haven't had much of the speaker of that fan base and it got out in the Cleveland. It may be a great state in the dog pound its iconic you want them winning games and ultimately outlook this is saints crowd consumable and. Well in. The browns the foundation of that team. Now they change to go to keep the browns lane but the players and really the organization they want to syllables. That the ravens. At that that's really the round so that has to be a Florida and I died it. If you truly chairs and an adult adult you'd you'd have a lines vs the browns to connect us as never. That people are we'll subway come back you're gonna hear from saint CP Kurt Coleman was that about twelve minutes for them. It's like it's it I don't know deuce Bobby you've heard him yet it's in engine rooms talk about what his role is here in the world isn't that what he what he hopes to accomplish here but. He would be oppressed for using an upgrade from Cairo. Yeah on and off field leadership and locker room yet wait to hear from. Kurt Coleman next here on sports talk on W him well. Get seats mini camp. From saint headquarters Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister Kristian garic in saint safety Kurt Coleman and oppressive door OTAs. Also during minicamp so far and free agent acquisition from Carolina this off season. He used talk about he had whose ass is odd coming in all of a sudden he's a veteran leader of that young group. How much did Coleman talked to his former Carolina team may. Roman Harper about the new worlds were harper. Being with the world seats well. To harp recruit again for the saints may afford a few offers to -- the draft and minutes are up. Yeah and then you know acting when you look at it has to be the relationship as well that if mr. pleasure and so when you talk about having them greatly ship off the field. They look man attacked their opinion and maybe he'll young team in which harper. New and Knowles so well and those are some good fit for. Barbara 05 colder here initially. His his take on the saints' secondary. Bodies Kurt Coleman and upgrade you asked me if you upgrade over Kenny McCaughey Ross and yes you very. Yes than I think Sean Payton agrees. I think the trust factors seen them play the number of years. And just plain against them. You know and and I just. Like you say about his leadership on the field and off you conceded out there and he just. Oddly it tackled anything can in Cairo. Announcing and they both can tackle right that it as well in the apparel could do pass coverage yes. Coleman. Will not be liability as much as. As scarlet now with that being said. Are kept I'm looking him from my notes there was a gain. That you know put the hurdle Colin Drew Brees. Again against Carolina so if they do it does that tell a lot of the vendors so it is to be witness in this the that Coleman in and learning from that and how much better that he's gotten in pass coverage and given the opportunity. Body inching that you asked them you -- sending the games against the saints were Drew Brees in his number a few times ask Kurt Coleman who's going to be number eight mart asked Kurt Coleman. What's it like playing vs the saints. Whose overall. Your press visibility on the field but what do we think he means now locker room. I think he still earning the respect of the players but you know part to clean the guys that he's in the locker room witness or the defense to back. That'll come a lot early. Because they get to interact with oak you know what they did in meetings whether it's outlawed. The practice field. I mean because when he's calling adjustments he's not only make an adjustment on the backing it. He's working hand in hand with the linebackers so you use that that's one thing attention as well you know he had a decline crossed over together or played via. For a may be a caller to a word too that there may be familiar with the right look let's do it this way you know this is how we've had so much success or. You know when we were playing into the this is what we try to do it shoots walk offenses are. Told all the different things that'll help but I mean as he flew round. The other before the players. I think that respect will call him that's for earning it because the visibility. Only in the and in the meetings but are as well as on field. And even polite young guys just keep K Crowley still young. You look Yvonne bell he look at Marcus Williams Lattimore it Latin debt that they respect him they notices. Not his first rodeo will not only that about it but hey look this is how you need to prepare. This right you need to get your body Rick. You know because a lot of rather. Like you know they've had a couple teammates that have have done it but I look you corner in the year two quarter and year three. This is what you need to be do you know what adjustments have you made since you've been in in a failed. Magnificently with your plate but what you do which body often feel EU here. Guys talk about at all time. But for me when you listen Kurt Coleman to get to some more sound he was told. It's just. You can see he totally embraces the leadership role now the younger players are going to look at them and also just his role on this team. I think he he has the versatility to play free or or or strong basically go. He simply going to be a data comes in in the console about markets and or he can play in the box we've seen them is used in both ways. So far as well but here in years. It's wanting to talk about mentally and on the right were you can put it bluntly put what you gotta make plays but in they've got to see you do owners as well you've got to earn that trust that's one thing that bill. Furcal get more from Kirk coal markets go to number three. Where are you most comfortable on the field. Furcal. To. Deuce Lutui the Sony said they're basically telling you that the scheme is ideally suited for his skill set because. He is so multiple personal that. He can be played in in a variety of different roles he feels like that's weakening itself. Yeah and I agree with him I mean you know and then the final piece for us now as to see you don't feel you know to see it on the field and he would feel blocks form. Be if people back and listen. But we note BBA. If you listen to practice rounds and if you listen Kurt Coleman reichardt is tell you look. We can bring pressure from a lot of different format we can bring pressure from a lot of different personnel package. So don't just think it'll be reliable and will we're going to be your traditional four down three down because the linemen two linebackers. In the pool and safety they have the ability plea police say it and build plea for safety but the question becomes. Are you given up big plays in the run. I mean because you can be cute and do some different things personnel wise but are you given a big place that's where you have to make the difference and stop. Back in the case you can't about eaters notebook after our CBS news headlines are local news headlines. Deuce McAllister saints' all time leading Russian Kati Kim and Bobby America. A crushing dark live from saints can't be two of many get in the books for the black eagle. This is saint radio W him well enough in the dugout. Sports talk is back live from saint headquarters. Deuce McAllister saints' all time in Russia the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert. First quarterback to lead the saints to the playoffs. I'm pushing Garrick phone lines open at 50426018. Semi tech's 870. 870 about before it's your notebook so how's talking about Kurt Coleman as you know group located at Carl how is he different than farm belt. Well. Yvonne bell all of us is likely Thursday. Even though he's younger. He's at the top two say the it would Marcus plea. Now does that mean he's not gonna play. Like for that you look bond Bill Clinton. He appeared in every team last year it can't starts and you know he let this thing that tackles and 83 finished say and it's tax four and a half and all that so. It does come contribution forceful mostly just make it. Pleased with you look at skipped in the Walt Coleman. As 74 correctly see the stars 23 career playoffs. So you know Carolina's. Been active in the playoffs and don't look at part Christian and yes it was the game went to saint burn them. In his last game week Carolina when they got him to buy I don't. On on might thomas' route before throwing an eighty yard touchdown pass begin. You know like drew trying to sell auto might accompany it in UK game. They're having house eighty yard touchdown but now. Courts being acknowledges watch him on film. He's snagged a couple of interceptions a forced two fumbles against the saints in the past three years. We come on beat a playmaker. Global what what was so enticing about Marcus was in the draft him. The ball hall. He's gonna get the at the same money interceptions as a lot of more. When you count the twelfth at five well that's a joint pain was aware looking. Him showing up on film and in the past three years coming over a couple of picks is true and also forced two fumbles and if you look at it. Chris you know you look at the market. That. You know they were moving to sign him free agency. Darn NFL combine. His release that they were able to do so but he drew interest like in the bidding rules the giant among others those. The saints had to be aggressive to bring them on board. The text Judy 787 cal ID. Wide receiver depth chart today how would it look. Each team in the as thick as we kind of playing this game to are at least talking about the depth. With coach CJ earlier but Mike Thomas obviously we would be one ticket junior. Trick wants Mitt. And I think in America before you have to real player off the right so you've worn off that Betty. Okay and actually help and let's just leveled it changes aren't who's healthy will always had one of those as of two who's to. A Meredith centric. But. Aside from Delphi has merit it's gonna be there for training camp so district wants with triplets without. Run in with the trainers today minor stuff so those four mention Mike Thomas trick once Smith. Take in junior camp Meredith and they're typically get a carry five to six on an actor Russell bitumen Ross. There's a lot of players in there branding coal where's he could eat we haven't seen him turn OT because of of health. That tunnel players. Or if you are part time it was yep gathered that the globalize. Who was practicing who's playing now they probably lose big on a roster yet what he's done in practice and now I think. Austin Carr. And as soon because. He like I don't know yet who's available and you know Cameron Meredith treatment smitten by practicing. You know if you have a chance on the back in a trade in the restaurant and a real and that he'd write. Coleman. What would rate regret it would would rate and a room it's gonna come down to him and special teams. What can he do out there and can he can he kick off you know he's going to there are two real kick off in taxes to help them be. You only get one are we talk about kickoff and so now can't get adherence to it it's not a right stars so if your receiver or running back. That's how you can honestly you know because their own game so many comebacks normally that's world I'm back or big he fit in. Would have made this team because they look back and bill must be an era but now suspect that rule was changed and that at this that you will play. There was a receiver. And I think the on the level Chris van jeweler just a party. Was it Terrance Copper. Yeah I did bell for good this attitude and it's a great idea who's the back in receiver right he was the fifth he was a receiver. Fourth or fifth receiver but he he Cuban president as big tax. That that if given the couple snaps on offense downtown La Roby. Broke news court order robes and white thing what can Trayvon drought B according to a banana so in return game who some of the things needed to cover parts cover kicks Saturday I mean. Okay good rule but. Look at this one receiver group we talk about deeply Harlem along the offensive line but I mean. That they carry six that can be. Two or three guys that get picked up picked up my piloting they're gonna be within the top six of those. Those teams Cisco show you how much depth and talent they have at that what overseer group. It'll be it should watch. Training camp and injures are going to play a factor right hint of who ends up make him the top six or even if they carry five. Put it I think it's a great point. That the body types it changed and now you're numbers and Serb positions like wide receiver. Where traditionally might be five could be six or even seven perhaps based on special teams and the kickoff rule. Well if you look at special teams in who's making please who's making tackles based on last year. You know whose only offered to players. That that can hang with these these are at a kickoff punt coverage. Period yeah now he has I've made this team a year ago he is why did you hit seven tackles Justin Harding had nine banjo I have. Eight. That's another player that I haven't talked about yet now that we should just art. Well then that's it he says that the players well Justin hardy and Chris banjo that if you caught in a pitch. Or blinded that you confident that they that the whole month. It's a money got hurt you know is playing specialties is game ethical rankled the fifth Chris banjo was on it if it all right here it didn't already. And you see them make it peaks in. Past the pin and and actually practicing in the game do you see you want you to see just party over offer mullah. Fine yeah oh yeah because it I would say right now yes. That's. I think are their hands of those who probably play more corner right. Particularly nickel wardens but being you have to look at the body type as well you know when you talk about heart he's the taller longer players now outside play and Kenny can develop them out I mean until that's going to be instinct battle with those two. You know to say look. I mean Allen got a key policy right now ought to amoled. It yet to play a whole month would be a better defense that bag. That party. But party would be to better specialties are the volatility today a Lesotho he's going to be just approached him start looking at looking at him. As partners well. You have days after what what we're going to be good to hear them and helps installs it gets what and when I. I don't do anything I can do to prove my worth on his roster well when I scored big net. In the Keiko to punt return and he's again that that game's going to be won in drug that is that job in training camp. What bigoted or pre season game and I trust and he's done about a handful of guys that they've really don't know who it is not quite right. The idea you want to monitor take yet to take it right right you don't want to come out back there either that's the problem enjoy having over four games and they can Merida warmest an injury he might spot use of buttons and but you can't put him back before but but in the put him back before the kickoff return yet. And in the one thing that I've noticed. Patrols and watch it. It is like last year OTs in Munich as we saw more. Formal. What returns of more botched muffed punt. You know trying to receive applied it taken junior was and from that yet well they should receive night they put a magnet an oil field in the Clinton among Boston's got my Pia. While cart a lot of that will find out Detrick in Boston kind of thing and Louisiana Tech you did run by kickoffs now. I watched that one punt return he looks loot either like he was struggling like fight the ball is Isabel might be a great chance for him it's in my room. No yes they'll be eating its air -- right I'll I'll ask you yet you return punts early in your career what's the what's the challenge there you go look at the guys coming at you can't keep track of all you got. Locate the ball and the spin of retained as one to left footed kicker because the bills await. It that the knows the ball go away firm's knowledge yet it would element in the home unify and let you you far. Those cargo you go to New York he was Frisco. Well that we in the are you a problem I mean but the biggest thing is located at football in the hands where's it gonna blow. How often do you. A you do me as a ball's coming Downey came quickly and yet he got a peak in the match and it. Clock cleaned the global body of who was chart chart but LSU team to chart as like feast or famine he took but the heat beat Auburn Tigers upon return. Within a couple of times. He grew up the field the ball very sketchy led about to lose like 45 yards you're scared because right now I heard that I've missed. And and through that you have. And that it does it applauded as openers for you gotta go up barricades to sketch we've got a track your jacket off of this split. Deuce McAllister saints' all time in Russia locate anybody there. I'm crushing dark or mix it up out here at saint camp day two of mini camp here. On saint radio W him well. 3666. On text line and 87870. Why do we even return kickoffs I can't think of one or two times where we ran the ball I the end zone that we even got it back to the 25 yard line. And if we did that was because of used usual penalty just take it from. They didn't start 120 final this year. Lose in the game in need a miracle to me refresh your memory. I can't think of one it says that there is right there to hype going home run ball. Out of the end zone either receive more more Lenny RT did you cut him currently it's art and not residency to officially turned up 306. How much he expected the kick off the change bodies obviously a lot more sky kicks in directional can. You could have basically. Coached tight on site case. Like on placate the pending we got them back in the I have to cover a lot of ground. Because that you have to cut type of strategy. That's the way to kick off return as a structured. That you in his seat. Which hits now what you can do. An independent and I hit you'd. Is your return you think that the it is close he is surrounding you because it yep fair catch. He fair catch it in the cannot and hit you so you probably see that but that's only if the ball program. Well what what million of it if it's an air yep did actually you have a fair catch it but yet to program it got to run yeah yeah a lot to get itself well without them. You almost have to like if it's pooch. And they get down there that you almost have to run under it not likely to put let it -- medical field that you know what wants America to indicate that you want to hit the ground. All the while he had lied to like a Long Island psychic in the ball the ball a lot but to also you can give yourself up. So I mean it's almost like American runners slide and that trotted and the also lives are gonna something that via a challenge you to do that. At this well it depends on who you have back there and I think that's what's on his talked about three Geiger back. You know normally it would have been offered to lineman or at least until I'm. Now it has to be tightening of full back to back a running backs as the yeah I mean because those guys have to be able to blow into field football and you know we get back from the break. Christian Ahmet that he that's one area we got to improve on. Kick off in both kickoff and punt return. Coverage and return. His art our opponents of the legislature hidden yards sports talk rolls on here on. WW LI MF and the dot com. Do with the golf rule change it. It's fascinated me to think about them. The different body types Yunnan. Back their return and how much do you think. I guess for. The better with there's not that when asked this question. How much do you think the key game it's going impact wins losses this year it's always a factor but. It seemed like you can have a greater impact this year I think it will greater practice you particularly when you talk early in the season. Teams away after just load just how they played golf and you know who they play on chemicals. Deuces and have fun and we'll see for day three of minicamp tomorrow no problem hopefully the weather hold hopeful hopefully raise taxes and its units that. State radio to doubt due to go say to all public Russian news accounts about Gatti at Peabody for next two hours. On WL investment aka.