Blazers Preview With Kevin Calabro

We join Trail Blazers TV play by play announcer Kevin Calabro and preview Game 2 of the Pelicans-Portland series. Who do you think will win the series?


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So it's Kemp. We just had a revelation and during the break here this next presidential election you heard our newsroom talking about Mitch Landrieu. And some possibly him seeking higher office so this next presidential election will be the first one that I can legally office. We get a a Dunlap. A weapon drawn needs money that's snagged a left or it's running a campaign donor. The behind that you remove vice president only to do that stress. We know. Would it be any more than do in the show if you don't. I think if you look I O'Dell date you don't want to be telling you my chief of staff. Chief of staff Tim's them right let us get that campaign going on Twitter hash tag Dunlap exam on its money. Well that sounds I don't know what that's not what it does sound like a presidential ticket a good final hour of the show coming up like we promised. We're going to give a blazers perspective of this pelicans blazers series as well bring in. Truly one of the all time great play by play voices in NBA history Kevin collapse row. Who now does play by play. For the Portland trailblazers television network. I won't talk to him. A ballots this series you'll talk to him about Damian Willard dame has been shut down this season certainly by Giroux holiday and curious. To see what's or hear what Calabria c.s with that match up. And we'll keep an eye on this spurs. Warriors game a game two here between those two teams a little sit up. One nothing in that series two point lead for the warriors. In the first quarter about a minute and a half left in the game earlier tonight we saw the heat even up the series against the 76ers. 113 103. Key win that game. One reminder but it looked at this is true I know this is a promo there's supposed to do but also I really mean that's if you don't have the radio dot com app yet and download on your phone it's really quick and it's the easiest way. Do you get any of our programs other than if you wanna down what are apt to WW already lap but. Also download the radio dot com Abby can listen to WW anytime anywhere. Just go to the App Store and download it in the new favorite WWL and you can stream all of your CEO's. Plus you can connect with us on FaceBook and Twitter so again. The radio dot com app. And favorite WWL. And if you're not stand up for arts sports alert or scores alerts on our text club. Really easy to get signed up for those just text the word sport state 787 to keep your optimum saints. And LSU in the pelicans in you can text the word score is Dade 7870. That's just star scores clubs of you don't want all the news updates coming your phone. I just want to scores. You can sign up for that Ian scores. To 87870. Messes and data rates apply we don't charge for Texas only if you plan does most plans. Do not succumbing clever coming up in just minutes. And here's a little personal store I didn't Immelman is and last week with me personally here's a little personal story behind the scenes. Account in my career and why I wanted to get in on this side of the Mike. So. You know that I was born in the northwest long time ago when I was mourning their. I was really really aren't. I used to listen to basketball and threatened baseball games fans. I would always listen to sonnets and that was the game in town of their. And chemical Burrell was the voice of the Sonics then. As he and I Solis in the mariners' games two and Dave need house so one of be reasons and I really mean masseuse is its. Always such a tree I. There's some things that happen in my job that I just go wow this is really happening and I don't get like star struck all the time. I mean nervous hearing bank but all star struck here because I'm telling you chemical ever gonna have one next is that going to be God's honest truth. Key. Was one of the two reasons that I wanted to do this for a career. Within an him call olds were summer's games on the radio and on television he and and also listen until mariners games up there. With Dave Nia house so I also thought and I know I'm not gonna ask you about a Schenscher he's been asked about this forever but we're talking about a before we. If you ever played those old NBA jam video games that are on now classic games your right most people kept him in my age. Wait thirty eased down to your twenties you played NBA jam one time or another. Iconic the commentary in those gains in that was clever allows him to elaborate the boom Shaka locked he's eating up he's on fire all of that so. It's every once in a while. In this job and I'm sure and whatever career field or whatever job you have ever wants argue why houses actually happened and this this for real I get to do this so. One of those moments for me today and the sort of last week when it created a chemical laboratory to be back. Tim's in Margaret producers set this up today. So now misconceived. Oh collateral come on our show and he will also it's going to be a real treat a mine so I can't wait for that to happen a real quickly here's another update on that spurs warriors game. Al. Say this. Let's get serious differences second in this vast what did you hear all of the talk. Around this series almost. All the hot takes removed the spurs were somehow gonna win the series you hear all this nationally. I mean some people thought the lawyers were common trending downwards or in the season but I mean it's the lawyers I knew they would a lit. They're gonna in the series. Why are we just going to forget history like the entire history of the NBA with these dynastic teams. Haven't with the bulls Lleyton Merrill and they didn't really care about the regular season especially after they set that record lakers with Shaq and Kobe didn't really care about. The regular season when they were into Iran. LeBron is never cared about the regular season ever. But the cavs with a heats the Celtics didn't when they kind of had that dream team going on and although the spurs never cared under Popovich right but why people think. That the regular season matters at all. To these teams that know they're just so much more talented and everybody in these playoffs is like. Everybody is saying the spurs are gonna win the series is this for getting the entire history of the NBA and how these teams turn a nominal playoffs. Mean Pittsburgh ordered a downward turn as well in the season and also writes for the pelicans article big games that look bad that it's like you're just you know. Losing in close games here did or get blown out in some of these gays and including that game to the pelicans. Spurs in my face at the moment outright Su 25 to 23 this is zapped the oracle. In Oakland but I'm just curious. Out there did you hear that talk and haven't your friends are you listen any radio or TV and see these hot takes a spurs to win this series. Don't believe it's. Believed. You never suitably the Golden State still should be your favorites to win the entire thing especially step comes back to split now stepped doesn't come back. It summaries and curry but he can't come back at all. And those Western Conference semi finals. I'm telling yet if the pelicans get there and I know that's a big if still got a long ways to go I think give the warriors to matchup problems. I think they be favorites in that series in the doctoring know if anything it was matchup problems yes. Take a quick break here wanna come back again let's go behind enemy lines. Or bring in play by play voice. Of the blazers Kevin collaborative talk about pelicans blazers game two tomorrow night 930. I'm Seth Dunlap this is double coverage on WW. Always love hearing that music is its time to talk some hoops. Pelicans. And blazers game two tomorrow night 930 local time camp pelicans. Grew up there and steal another road game let's get a perspective. From Portland side of this'll bring in as promised here Kevin collaborate oh. Television play by play voice of the Portland trailblazers and heard my stories to listen to Kevin grown up out there in the Pacific northwest Kevin really appreciate the time man thanks for joining us tonight. My pleasures could be here that your native court westerner. Under the BM WWL used to lose your all the way up and Indianapolis Indiana or I grew up so what's to replace the beyond them on the big stick connect. Yes right you got a 38 states and I may I ask your off the top visited a little surreal being. The voice of the blazers now after all those years as the voice of the Sonics. Well it is but not quite as real rules later. So. Developed and brought to court has been the law review boards or or it's sleep well poised and so. You know back Brian and I used to work in Seattle. A collection station. Pre game show worst. Back in the mid nineties. And we were close to them saw that Spector trial yet so it's. Yet not a usual there's there's been a lot of uncle cross polarization between Seattle and terms players. And coaches in the past greatly Wilkens this year. As as a coach and then of course left and went to Seattle at its future after world championship bred boy structure Seattle. Played with rep didn't play for the Portland Trail Blazers sort of one of the greatest force news. Cooler which is an injury or one of the greatest blazers in the league history and you know. They're there has been some back and forth. 50 about a 180 miles between 2.0 yeah report. Scenes Seattle. The big brother and a at the debate and have been bird gracious about about the situation here sister could not return return. And it's great working for a a club now and they'll be in the community. In the community rise to the gate and come playoff time throwing up like this you know within their communities on the team come playoff time and and I want to replace the game tonight and watching all the experience stand temperature of the crowd that we ought to. Billie Jean earlier tonight mark most believe been injury that Alba and government have a great time after a burger law. As Kevin collapse road TV play by play voice for the Portland trailblazers here on double coverage and speak and those fans Kevin. I got a lot of questions here locally everybody who watched that game going. Men just how crazy are those fans in the mode descent man I was there one time and it was the old Rose Garden. And it seemed like one of the toughest places to play in the NBA and you add up front row seat to this is how wild and crazy isn't up there in the Moses and. All that big play it's 191000 plug on like Purina were probably what you. Sadik a smaller place and seventeen while we're hearing and Assad and curing it poses a smaller. Deeper type old configuration. With that is steep steep sideline. And deliberately on Key Arena but proper place as big. As a multipurpose arena light Mota 191000 it is. That thunderous roar it emanates from the crowd. Mobile users get ago and so they needed get that bar and I get that home court go on and get the crowd revved up are early in the ball. Door to the Olympic job to protect crowd out of the game. Our little bloated maintaining the pace and Rajon Rondo as a great orchestrator. Agreed negotiator of the war. I thought he had a marvelous job it is seventeen uses her mission with just two. Turnovers and I haven't gentry didn't like job two with his game planning at the screen and roll was gently blows lead to come up with some pictures this year. Well we do it Davis Square seated in the two games he played against the blazers that there exports we want to vote. I thought Nikola Mirotic no real difference maker analytical eleven rebel or block shots. Couple steals. Ought reap big dagger type three point shots in the third quarter so it all came together. All four. For the pelican right you know right at the blazers caught the public seventeen Viagra and scramble back into the fourth quarter and obviously a position transit time projects ago. Tomorrow at all. We're gonna support this predictable long series and this one. All that it is the playoffs begin in the visiting team win their first road game and so on now. Now one of the big keys in that game two here tomorrow 9930. Local time pelicans blazers is. Damien load in you've seen dame up close for two years now. And I still don't think he gets enough credit nationally is out there in Portland playing those weight night games East Coast. What makes him so special Kevin. Well I he's a great leader. And really do get rattled. Yet he doesn't get too carried away with its success either million. Two time Olympia entertainment on and he came this year that score and actually Portland scored. And impetus suggests. Are all the little free time all star. And out you know really coming into his own at the age of twelve point 76 the year in the league that equipment such special justice accountability. Is feeling of responsibility routine. At his community as well. I mean integrates industry shooter ignited first in the gym last leave one little. Ended Burke personable well you know makes it a point to. To reach out to everybody in the organization and everybody comes in contact with a mix of our port shelter that's important. You know what you see is what you get from ma and hopefully about jet. Seth a level Kevin collaborator on double coverage easily play by play voice on television for the Portland trailblazers. It's regularly and I talked about this and I wrote about it today Kevin. Major holiday. Seems completely in his head this season we talked about it. A lot earlier the first three games this year. Drew long Wheeler held to 36%. Shooting those first three games is 26%. From three outside of that fourth quarter in that final game. Paul is completely shut them down and holidays is completely different story McKie gets enough credit I think he's the best defensive guard in the game right now but what do you see there withdrew against the rulers. And why has dame struggled so much against drew the season. I doubt you're absolutely right and you know there's been a lot of people who struggle is true. Pelicans are rated separately. Your holidays on the floor and no. Doubt should. He's able that matchup at the better. Arctic one thing Alley export currently any news powerfully built and athletic is back. Thank and can leap out of the gym and these marked as can be want a ball or course Philadelphia. Late for big schools you feel like you know as as all of that up or down the pedigree and I think he's come out the org seven. There's Napier you know been hurt you to personal issues like Bobby L this last year. But he been able to your deploy ED one gained like 36 minutes. Career high nineteen points rebounds the ball well people to have the game I mean just just heavenly but now earlier this year and so what is it about that I picked up the back to. I advocate swatch shots and Alter mine and attitude. Is if they. In his opening day in court shot blocker in the course. In a market place to go out against you play this year 48 would that Alter. So what they call out epic. Some latitude defensively but not others watch in the paper tonight and how they move well ships well. He's very physical both cards which featured in and I like the practice what makes it difficult matchup against him as a he's one of those great couple Archie could easily pick on the rules playmaker can shift over to or on its. Witnesses and held a guardian or well local Rondo able. It was a factor at one game one that they want your import your threes which were. That even shooting has improved up an awful long to fifteen record shop so. I think dealt tonight. Aligning and guys got on the perimeter bail out if mr. on screen role. Kicked the ball if you all kind of problems and you get guys like. Miller E'Twaun Moore shoot threes of course they're legitimate. With the stroke tradition. No like playoff Rondo is a real we went wondered if that's real down here I think it is seventeen assists to turnovers that first game. About two minutes left that Kevin what do you think we see you tomorrow night what kind of adjustments can we expect from the blazers in game two. Oddly they've got a president. Roll better and I'm not sure what tactic that lunatic the year or ball pressures her via a Ratko. But they've definitely have. Got to watch her kitchen transition a three point shot in transition. Is going to be grow back. Gently away or gets the ball around or I think or capital in as she better shooting more. From the two Gartner earlier began she gave a report out cica yeah poster. Well I think you sit there is an opportunity and it's going to be more authoritative. Go to forced Davis makes you. Op. It goes wrong or red carpet pulled regard factors and then. To shoot. CJ McCollum got to improve and I think it will all right dug out this press market and Al farouq Aminu could also be back. We have not seen ballpark policy to work out today is doubtful for. Definitely I would say. This is not coming from the club and I would say they're very good chance we'll play a series. Although doubtful for tomorrow he could make it different views of nine under. I've been ordered a little while turner article in the rotation. Up that she thought. That's what make the MB Asia out exciting is the the adjustments that each team makes any given night monster. Edited the old veteran. Deities the all trickster. Districts and gentry captured these debts of the 02. Mike you I think this is going to be a long series Kevin clapboard OTV play by play voice for the blazers spin look enough for to this very very long time Kevin thanks so much you take some time that your nine joining us. Any concept that you. Our editor goes app Kevin collapse girl on ordered in my follow and he will call that game two tomorrow night 930 local time. Blazers hosting the pelicans pelicans trying to go up to nothing. In this opening round playoff series. It's double coverage on WWL. Thanks again to Kevin Calabria a voice of the blazers for joining us skimming. His perspective on this series and in like me he kind of sees drew holiday is the X-Factor for the pelicans. So I've been saying all night long we know HDs gonna get his right. 35 and fourteen and then opening around when. We know ADs gonna get here as it's true I think this team goes as far as he takes and I really mean that. He's just too critical on both sides of the four and especially defensively if she does is defensive job. On these guards in the playoffs. Like he did against Damian Willard. I think they can beat anybody outside of the warriors if they have stepped curry and maybe outside of the rockets. And he was very very good. It tomorrow on sports stuff with Bobby Hebert and Christian Derek started 4 PM LSU football spring game Saturday. And tocchet or Toronto's asking fans for patients with the offense away wipes. Amid public reaction from patients with the offense helped me years Tim how we've been asking for patience with this LSU offense have been at least seven years. So with all the turnover with quarterbacks running backs this year they're gonna bet have about 35%. Other offense installed in the spring game so you're not receive much from the offense. But he will put one on ones he's playing the starters vs. Yeah and look that's just an excuse here. He is partially right in idol unveil the full game plan so everybody coming at him hard here sand while I wanna see this full. Ellis Island Canada last year or earlier we got to see everything. I wanna see this high flying offense in the spring game or that's unfair on the other side are you never see that the spring game. But again. Come on here 35% the offense that's really gonna tell the media and there are literally relay that to the fans coming off that disastrous season last year. With Matt Canada and you're fired him and bring in your guy. Steve ends ringer. These kids. I'd give it from coach though I'm kind of neutral here did you get it he can't say that the media to them. You can't go out there and say hey fans office is going to be bad this spring game OK this morning I mean that's based. What I said on in the defense of their buddy it's number one defense the defense comes out and and basically dominates. Then I think you know we have a good defense but should you be worried about offered them. Now I really mean this have all osu fans out there just listen to what I say I want this to work. I earlier really do if he and I still think it's possible. A lot of people don't think it's possible I still think it is if he gets this rolling. Over there and Baton Rouge. Is really special. He has a chance to be special. I don't think it's over yet and I think waste he still deserves another full year here was some his recruits. So I think some of the press around coach shows unfair and again I want this to work. We'll talk about it tomorrow. Coach Roche is got to be better with the media that he wasn't his first year and a half he's very rob rob people loved that the bite sweet yet. Out of coach show but he's made some serious missteps Al go back to last year shot and everybody out. Of of cap and ball cap and then. It didn't do that. The media wouldn't have had this narrative Tim. That this offense was going to be. Blazing out of the gates with Matt Canada if you had the media this work letting the media will solve your problems is the media saw the offense that was being implemented with Canada you want to tell the story lines around this LSU offense. That was a huge misstep. And no no doubt about it you can't come out here. The week before your spring game and basically say pair offense is just gonna be terrible in the spring game so don't pay attention to I mean. On I will say to give him credit though he's been more open this this season yeah season anyway but he wasn't when he was interim head coach. Adding last season after the big losses against Alabama he kind of was really couldn't. He was gonna show himself off to the media there says don't of the disease and with closing bell in close in the practices off but I think this season you're gonna see a more open. Coach Joseph like you were like what he was in her room. I hope so I literally hope so I am equal opportunity. On all sides of this and just like I'm critical of gentry. And Sean Payton when it comes in these kind of things Hamas are going to be critical of coach O. And I know the LSU apologists out there urged don't want to hear it but I'm sorry that's worry are huge you just can't do it is that big of deal no it's really not. In the grand scheme of things nobody's gonna remember this in in June or July and certainly not want to into the season in September but right now this is. The storyline around your football team at least for a couple of days is going to be your head coach coming on sane offense stinks. Talked about this more tomorrow they will only come back let's talk a little more pelicans here we replay an interview I had earlier with John the Shays or he's up there in Portland. You ready to call him on radio Sean Kelly and told him train network we'll do that next fix bonus now except a lap with here. On double coverage on WW.