Billy Embody on LSU Recruiting

Thursday, June 21st
Geaux 24/7's Billy Embody talks about the latest addition to the LSU recruiting class plus previews the upcoming season for LSU

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Welcome back to the show LSU football fans are asking you is it time to have a little more patience with coach endorser on. And associate football program with Shawna some recruiting. Tough year last year. With recruiting but giving Joseph Borough via transfer Terrence Alexander now starting to shore up. The in State's base for this recruiting too big year in state this next year beginning. Derek extremely junior yesterday to commit and it was huge and let's Rihanna and Billy embody to talk about it Billy covers Seles she recruiting for 24 sevenths sports and go to 447 dot com. Billy welcome back to the show I don't and. I'm doing well then how are you. I'm great I think LSU nation doing a lot better the last 44 hours or so let's talk about the stately senate and try to get everybody's opinion on this there's a little bit of a differentiation among how scouts what scouts think about the spirit and he's he's good just how good is the question what do you think they'll. I think he's right up there with Patrick Peterson in terms of the expectations and you've been right up there with him in terms of winners rank coming out of ice. Now the other token work on something and change that he's a bonafide quiet start top ten overall prospect in knots. I took Peterson ended up being in and I mean in terms of you know eat too there are the team when you don't. On a true cornerback 12018. Absent. Bruised and Alexander that transcript accurate. Probably lose greedy Williams of the draft U me interestingly have and you've invested corner of the country and and he's shown the last month that. It might not have been that close. Yeah hey you mentioned Patrick Peterson there. A lot of people comparing hand to very highly recruited highly touted quarterbacks come and LSU. You little bit different body wise than Patrick Peterson did when he came in Billy do you think that the comparisons are fair. I do I mean and just even. You know they're being able to contribute in the return game as lot but something that. That in the early talk about too much just because he's he's so good visit to cover corner will be able to you that as well prelates you have. And contributed that was so. I mean it didn't present apparently expectations are gonna be really really are prepared to become my. Started because our level and their bare wood with what. Liquid in enrolling early and just beat the kind of prospect looks like I. You know everybody ever shield LSU fans wanna know how is the in state recruiting going to use an update on the other top guys across state. Yeah well he's now at the top players they committed the other one better stop there this girl soccer. Use the pipe argument that aren't they meet you probably gonna take his decision all the way to national signing day. Your main right now on her arm and you've got excellent upcoming commitment date that are probably. I would say. You know he's firmly in the top seven overall players in the Stater. Duster and running back on Emery. And John Garrett. Went back doctor stark. I don't see both heavily in the mixed that are purple those guys that they don't you shoot land can't base starts and one linebacker in the state. On July 8 and then. On July 7 Emery. Will probably decide between Al cute to be state he's he's really require. Since announcing their commitment to angels which went. As Ernie worried all that these guys pull it Patrick Surtain did and ascertain wasn't an official commitment or anything when he surprised everybody last minute win over Alabama. Now on signing day is there any chance that she thinks fall apart here they are worried about guys like the only other big guys hadn't elsewhere. I'm I'm not too concerned about being leader Ricardo promises during news I like that date that you know I have I have. Let her political loans and brought up again and adequate quite well especially in a recruiter he is the collapsed. In insisting you're planning to do that as well as badly when he enrolled early Q so will occur that will really. Pretty wrapped up you know it already is wrapped up but he's gonna happen at. You know make sure that these kind of an all that up Mary Read in relatively. Early December so I don't see him going elsewhere. I gonna billion body about LSU football here he covers those you recruited for 24 sevenths sports and goats one for seven. Dot Communist something I'm discussing here on the show is we're asking our audience bill is due osu football fans need to have a little more patience with. Coach oh is he showing you something here. Recruiting wise you mentioned Terrance Alexander the grad transfer from Stanford obviously had its fingerprints all over Joseph Borough I know emit higher. That helped that process a little bit but is it time here for osu fans just have a little more patience and well for lack of better phrase here trust the process I guess on draft night. Probably the they issued news that their joke or those. I want him back on some I had the patience. And for me especially related defense look who's here and you risk you know that the numbers that cornerback across haven't yet it has been. Several several years now but but it all and looked up our. And I do you think out keeping him you need to trust the profit a little bit more this morning thanks in recruiting class is what this. Program has been building toward instead earlier on higher. And between nineteen Eaton has been what they've been building courts instead go to Ronald there were a lot of issues that make up. When he took over in and you know he's he's from those aren't addressed them go to one being news right now to back open. Quarter is gonna be a threat in the late nineteen laps as well. But at the deepen and often the lines look really different. The talent at wide receivers is still there. And I mean the he just has done a really really nice job report during. And so you know it's not going 182019. And next year we're at the and we in the SEC west I'd. Expectations should be here. What what's your personal expectations for this team not what's coming from and said the program the fan base the what do you expect to happen this year with that schedule that look it's a little bit of the bear for the. I could create win I could beat seven wins right in there I mean it's just. Like he set the schedule very difficult it is a lot of that'll depend on if they go into that Jerry world on. On Labor Day weekend and beat Miami that'll pay raise expectations that happens but he gives them a nice start. And from there you've got orders you've already got state. You guys. Expand them Alabama on the I'd. Every game is going to be a battle Puerto. They're gonna happen you know or give that early political bent them in this either into. You know potentially. Exceed expectations but right now I think seventy ones. Probably more eight is his right around when I would expect. Do you think do you think you're richer rules have any effect here benefit relish you were may be doesn't move the needle at all. Maybe a guy like miles wrenching not when this job they play him in a few games and and a red churning and does this help L issue in the schools was not really matter in the long. Yeah actually I was I was working on sort of you know a lot of debate about that out and benefit LSU just the players that. You know even might be a little older. You know you never know how how things shake out there but. You look at Bob spread and it it just grow and job. They complain and then I. You know it out of conference game army did you know plenty of playing time and don't. You know they're either winning or they're down little you know real bad about putting him in against the SEC team. Some snaps. And then I mean you can let go on well Artie take the rest of the cleanup duty. And let him develop a little or you know there's just north but well liked he's Connecticut and snaps into danger out there. You know outrage and taking all those YouTube and there's director. Well as a great day yesterday for LSU with a steely sat and we expect many more of these days over the next eight months or so bill really appreciate the time and I love your analysis. I. There goes Billy embody covering LSU recruiting for 2147 sports having him go 24/7 dot com. In my follow on Twitter at Billy embody we got to take a break for CBS news we come back let's transition. We'll get into our daily World Cup up there we have a lot of fun with this even if you're not soccer fan of you considers of a soccer hater. I think you'll have fun but this with this replace some of these ridiculous goal calls. And today. Not a lot of good news for Leo Messi and Argentina. Have the highlights where you're coming up after the break.