Bill Hughes On NCAA's New Rule Change

Monday, June 18th
Bill Hughes of the Herald-Standard joins us to talk about the NCAA and their rule change that takes away student-athletes guaranteed weekly day off.

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Welcome back to the show we're talking about an issue that really has me fired up tonight the NCAA. Has very quietly. Instituted a rule now. That their student athletes. And I use that very liberally. Because I don't think it applies anymore. But college athletes can work up to 24 straight days. Now according to the NC double I don't understands. What kind of credibility they have app and winning this policy in very quietly. Last fall a lot of people picked up on the people are picking up on it now. A lot to hear from you on this 5042601. Point seven to use the phone and Rican text creates a mediate seventy let's bring on and bill Hughes columnist for The Herald standard in union town Pennsylvania to talk about this. Bill wrote an article on Lyon and in the paper about this topic bill how you do and it. A well I don't think. College athlete or are going to be very well after this move bill. What it really struck me about this is it seems like a move in back rooms filled with smoke in in darkness in and all sorts of whispers. This was something done out of volleyed today and certainly something that sounds like arms student athletes. Did you write about and seen that they lost its starkest apparently to where it is based on it some don't poke. And I don't really aren't out of it alive and the other sportswriters near Pittsburgh area here opera and especially. We don't know who spoke on titan made you call it opens and a quick market pop record nobody want to talk to understand. I'll just. Kind a lot of people work like while we're. Bill I don't understand this from an athlete's perspective how in the world. Are they supposed to all the focus on their studies when you can work up to 24 straight days and these new rules. Do you let the perspective I took it well and my first thought about writing the Cox I do at a sports writer in the Pittsburgh area The Herald does in a platform. Do. Our weekly college sports column Wednesday actual pro wrestling all Sunday's well. But soon there are a lot of dual peace talks and well I didn't ultimate these student and a couple area that are on. I wrote a piece I wouldn't cost eagle Butte juniors on that party add. It looks like it's BC player now. I was so into perspective what it's awful as well explain it to me is that. There aren't. Pays off yeah it's actually not consistently practiced. Joint physical things where they might just be the trainer for a report and study or something along those lines and they stop. You know the charges that they have not our. They they vote Democrat. And that they actually look at some other coaches and export to make sure that aren't all that. The studies for the student athletes opposite academics post. And what but the physical aspect of thing where you know. How the world can we. Ever take the NCAA seriously or into the school seriously when next day. Yeah these are student athletes emphasis on the student part after something like this village just it flies in the face of credibility. It's great question and why it the first the first paragraph or beast talked about how all the other trauma crop critical. Add up her seat to. If they don't stoke up and operation is one OJ is true moral change. Where it already surging. And I. Which stopped the track it and it's just pick it you know what people would support almost like yet they are beat the tar grew out of nowhere. And the people back in tape and I'll just gonna Egypt and treat acute. Yeah. It's people support its. You know. You know I can't speak for them but you know they're perspective may be that you know they were trying to tweak in depicting great work dude up again. Which India which in the chair or Citic. Talking to bill Hughes columnist for The Herald standard in town Pennsylvania talking about the NCAA decision. To take away student athletes guaranteed one day off. We can now work up to its current situations 24 straight days. Without a break here and and bill I know this came from the sun belts. But it's it sounds like it was approved by pretty much everybody across the country who is this voted on by I was just the conference commissioners was actually a diss to approve it. You don't end and research I did and talking to light I didn't purposely get a clarification. Daughter I mean I don't know what it was the sun belt. Ordered audit what they and sit in was taken to the date commissioner's of the different Robert so I'm I'm not sure. So how does worked hours of labor laws. Where. I guess these are considered salaried. Employees somehow because in any kind of normal wage an area here and I know it's a you're talking about college athletes called student athletes as those I'll talk about not used that term but. I don't know the situation averages just seems like labor laws or some kind of regulations would say they can't do this to kids. We can't do this anybody 24 straight days that day off. And it it's it's some of the rerouted rip all of you about it and saying the same thing that popped in my mind what you're gonna ever back. And northwestern they were talking about the are already here. And I like April policy in. Union and and and it Janet cased other than a perfect small spike up scholarship. But it is just. I'm on earlier. The actual institution here the NCAA they're making. Literally millions and you know if you look at the NCAA basketball tournament billions of dollars. Often these athletes they saved their compensated with an education bill but they're not able to get education with this I don't. I don't understand what world these athletic directors are Toppert commissioners whoever the back and honestly don't know world island. There it is almost like they. IE auditors are LeBron James what he told her. And it you know you look at that Specter against aids. You know. Control and are trying to do to render our special stirred outrage. At being paid scholarship also I get a they're not getting an education. For the time being taken away. It's a sudden tipping point to some breaking point here for decision. It's not a case so things I don't want comes what is it wants to do and it. Yet they do make billion dollar there are so many aspects all where. You know the money coming in and I quit sports are really bringing it. That you can't pay. You know aptly prompts for that are making. You should pay them what you're paying. All players you know that's opposite that the they export route cut in a storm but the same time your title mine. And amateur sports are truly generating money. You know it it's terrorist. Or stops on the line. They're so it is a big puddle at all the pieces. So I'm not kidding the other. Do you expect any part of this to be reversed anybody talked to say this is still deliberation in in parts of the NC double layer is sound like this is going to be the policy on four. But it changed it up and so on record. One receipt I don't like it is the senior leaders are. Here to become great thing so that's. Our ability but doesn't let off the record athletic directors coaches acted athletic personnel and personnel. They think that although out of between church and a couple of years because. You know other don't be more injury because some Cogent articulate or are sort Butler saw that their child to their last out. Do which physically where the saint Augusta when he allowed council on. So it's just the ticket checker and looked around here it's its target or it looked like. Miss you we re a great point there will the coach it's been compensated 234 million dollars to win. Will he work these kids so much that they injure themselves and not getting paid can be. And before sort 24 straight days. It's incredible it's incredible what a what a fascinating decision in a store that will keep watching going toward really appreciate the time and it. It. Okay there goes bill Hughes columnist for The Herald standard in union town Pennsylvania wrote about this issue on line herald standard. Dot com answers my question to you I wanna hear from you here is not outraged about this they can probably hear it in my voice and my tone tonight about this issue how in the world. Candy NCAA candies conferences in the schools. Look at us and tell us time and time again these student athletes with an emphasis on the students that's important that's what the NCAA tells us. Seem like that anymore 24 straight days of of work. That's what now these kids will be forced to do without any real compensation because the compensation of education. There aren't going to be get maps. Tell me. You outraged you think I'm making too much of this. What do you think 50426 so. One late seventies the phone number it's double coverage we'll take your calls and text on this issue. Come on back next.