A Bike-able New Orleans and taking care of our hearts

Monica talks to Dr. Corey Hebert about the new blue bikes poppoing up all over New Orleans. Also, Cardiologist, Dr. Frank Wilklow joins us to talk about heart care. 


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This Sunday welcome to show you so much for joining us today I'm your host Monica Pierre coming up to bring one is great. Really likable very calm head. Details on New Orleans is first bike share program and how many are already hopping on those light blue light. Up. Heart disease because they don't have to hold over from sudden chest chest pain we will discuss my disease and women and. How are taking good care of our hearts. Should be on everyone's to do list this new year and will heal one heart patients story about dealing with heart disease and living unhealthy life. You may have noticed a lot of those blue bikes around the city. And what we're seeing is the city's first bike share program. Joining us to talk about the program and how residents can take the mostly the most out of it is. Blue bikes ambassador that the Corey he beer that's Adrian thank you for being with that. Thank you for having me great I have seen them balance the need and how how how can you miss that can't miss them to have that. They're bright light blue and they look fantastic yes they did so we've been hearing a lot of Bob by sharing it is here in the city so tell us what it's all about. OK I mean so likes share is something that's gotten new. In this country or it across the world really. It is something that kind of came about because. People are wanting to be healthier let's be clear. But they also. And a lot of cities are trying to decrease the carbon footprint decreased the amount of traffic. I'd get people moving around areas in the city that people weren't actually moving in sometimes downtown sometimes movement in the suburbs. Com and so they try to figure out what they could do to try to make this that and what they did was come up with the equal local bike share program invite your programs like it's in our our our around the world that you've seen in the city's. But blue cross blue shield of Louisiana decided that. They wanted it to take the bull bottle and a sponsor a program that is at that actually was. Founded by so be so that's short for social bicycles. And to bring wanted this great city this this very bike cobol very. Compact beautiful historic city and that's what they have done and it is it is. The way it's designed is is unlike while a lot of other cities and we'll talk about that yeah. We're getting to those details and of course this is a fantastic time to do it asks I try Centennial. And one of the states and people come to the city for major events like the suitable big games they just talk about how great the city is fuel you can walk. Israel air is those who do even noticeable ball and then go to where you party ending go to syllable big ordeal tell I'll walk or ride a bike to or who does that so really this is just really a natural progression for the city. Not always easy because we don't think of city as the biking city blanket his becoming that in issuers say. So basically how do you share a by Alka yet now this the big deal because people have seen the commercials like all these I see you run on you bicycle and as soon that's really cool. But I'm scared to walk up to this thing to I don't know what to do it. Very simple are well I want everybody's Donald. Is just go to social bicycle just download app. And basically what that does is that it shows you on the. Where all the bicycles Odyssey is 700. Of these bicycles at seventy different corralled all over the city and so you go to this app. And you putting your credit card are you a means of payment which are you wanna do and you can see the bicycles and you can either reserve a bicycle that way. OK so you'll know what bicycle as to when you get the bicycle is wary is waiting for you. Or you can just know what the bicycle and go get the get the bicycle right. So you once you do that you can do that or you can just go to wit that you've seen the blue white and blue like could be in one of the corrales. Or outside of one of the opera house and that's the beauty of it you don't actually have to. Go to look around you might see a bike. Anyway right. And being you you've put in your credit card information and the the lock on the side of the bike every bite at a lock. The lock. Unlocks. In you get on the bike and ride it wherever you. When you finish we would love for you to take the bite back to the correct but you do not have to. You could leave the bike in in the world as security area a lot like to something that you know let them know any fixed. Area or unstructured structure. And and you make you will be charged an extra dollar do. But you can leave it anyway and so that's that's the beauty of this is that you could pick up the bike at. 400 forgeries and then ride the bike to 15100 portraits of people say well. I don't know it's kind of expected that eight dollars mineral is 8000 hours of the takes you five minutes. To go to the other location did you only pay for that five minutes is pro rated so think about in new downtown. On and on a day that's not raining you take your car. Drive your car from one end of the of the river front all the way to another and you gotta pay to park twice you know I ride my ticket thirty bucks you can do that in five minutes on a bike in his two books that you leave by. Well it's bear it and I was in DC the other day and I'd never really used the program since its new. But I think you know I'm gonna use it in DC. And as as a pilot for using it here in New Orleans and it was also a lot went to the movies that because what you can't do it like these bikes as well you can. Put a hold on the bike so used to you ride the bike to the movies can now place. Lock the bike put a hold on it's a no one can use it they would you come out of Michael B that we that you would you brought it back to you ought to do it so. It's it's it's actually a very convenient way to get around and and you know I'm all about getting people physically fit. I'm slim and folks down in new let's go to our people to use it. Because if you don't use it. It's like this they would give body. Losing your idol and if we're talking about both blue bikes out there we're joined by ambassador of the program. Look who likes to talk to doctor Corey a bear about how simple it is how easy it is. And just really you're in a lot of control. And a couple of things that though we have Mardi Gras coming yes and this is not just for citizens ride it to people even though of the tourist. Used it as in anybody can use I wanna encourage them to do this let's set up for the New Orleans look at everybody thinks that this is something that sport tourism. It's not it's for the person that you know works at the InterContinental Hotel but as art studio and in the way altitude we like Judy use it but it was terrorist can actually use it. Tom and we want everyone to use it. I'm you can even when I I'd like to me to do that. I think people kind of nervous if they plan to use a bike in the get out. At that port at that specific or you can go on line and reserve of. So you can when you get your bike will be just open especially for the money because they're going to be Busan bikes a lot I'm. We have a promotion which is actually very article called the blue by may be so you know with the king cake baby Jada and that's I think so if you find a bite. With the baby imbedded in the paint. He mutate itself with that baby. On that bike and you go to is the Gramm or FaceBook and and I am typing and hash tag blew by baby you'll be in it to win eight. Eight full years membership to. The other programs for you go around by any way you wanted to laugh for. That ought to an app in at that in February twenty. But after that. You'll be able to even still do that com. And it's way you know even after that date that you give helmets and teacher and things like. But it's going to be wide open for Mardi Gras and it's going to be something that people a lot in new mad only at an adjustment where ousted and you're trying to get to placed on the parade route and come back me. It's going to be very convenient gave me. And that's a B a week of talks specifically about the CDC BD warehouse district canal place but where are these chorale that throughout. Neighborhoods that you're like I integrate in this the first phase this is going to be. Going really all over the city you know it's it's not in every part of the city now but with the 700 bicycles around you'll be able to see. You you've seen these bikes and you're gonna be seen them basically every win very soon. And and the program that the blue lights mean the the. Blue bike baby program. It's got in on February 2 OK and Dan after that you'll be able to get all this way you want even after the second I try to. You're trying to do is continue that the wave of people making news. Something that that they used to look at it it is all. As beyond its barn and we got a lot of issues that by key bicycle is their first daughter at all that area audio and we have to get over that because we want you to Wear your helmet. We want you to be there responsible. We don't want you to be dropped riding his bicycles okay this they've been at the car but. We want you to use. And I want you to take pitching and and and just. You know be fearless in the new year with everything that you do have courage and go out there and tried look at them tell you with all your friends and we've done it. And it's it's so much fun because you just you don't realize. How long it's been since you've written about absolutely not want to say too that these bicycles are not difficult to bear adjustable. And and and they're fun arrived at cruisers so they're not like these high tech bicycles that used to people racing but he don't make no mistake. We have very high tech at speeds via GPS on them so it's it's Palin breaks that the bear very. Specifically. Up to date bicycle. Talking to doctor Corey Hebert about the blue bike he's an ambassador for the program blue bikes and all about this in you touched upon a lot of things. As are the positives do you bike safety. Social actors equity transportation so really when you look at those blue bikes is seeing a lot of things that a positive for the city of law. Absolutely because you know as I wanna see them sitting down right decrease the carbon footprint decreased traffic. And also make something that's for the new millenium mean we have a proud people so you know we talked about the price. That you know it's 8000 hour. But we have programs where if you qualify. You can get a full membership for a year for twenty dollars. Okay you that that's that they are reduced rate that we do have and and so it's it's very. It's very cost effective that's what people understand it's all cost effective engages bop and round. To be able to do this and and not just or. People I want people use this for every date transportation because there's big basket on the part of that bike. I want that bike I want to take that bicycle and ride it too. Your grocery store I mean has a lot of around here you know we got robe Ayers got arouses the Winn-Dixie I want you to rat that too that grocery store. Pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables in ride back to your house think welcome. Annual bird all of those calories in the game get that pot and burn up a little good vegetables there wouldn't be good. We gonna be good and again I think what what happens is you speak of being stingy they places to ago sleep I really thinking about. Already spent six dollars and 35 cents the park for two hours I gotta go somewhere else and pop another one dollar and 35 cents after all of that calculation. Is out of it well this is exciting and an. And you can't get a monthly membership at a lot lately and for fifteen bucks you can just get a monthly membership and you can gaze rot you want and part time writers can still sign up to get their first month but only two dollars. So you go on right now so we get you know your first month or two dollar to need to use the promo code blue bikes Bible for. They go blue bikes by immediately. App out of work with this that followed them out made it up. I think at employee Ali got to do is if you don't know you use of people with cute did it Davida water with me. Is take India just take it can't take the debt. Did his dad do with being you'll see that the water around you will be all blue. Trust me I'll blue and you have challenged us to be fearless well that's right he's out he feels you have to be able the do new things trying to boot. Meet new people try to things and you'll see that your new year will be a lot better anyway. I love it I love that you talk to the right person viewing amounts of that motivation encouragement. And challenge as well also before we leave again and you can go to the web site right yes I know dot com blacks will go to. Download that makes it feel like he's taking to being with today he had. Taking care of our car so important and sometimes it finds herself in situations. Where we have to take extreme care of our hearts and have some medication or even some procedures. We're giant talking about the topic whipped cardiologist doctor Frankel will clos and he's a turow. And also high patient JoAnne since handy talking about her experience and then also some signs that we can look for is to make sure we know what's happening. Like to welcome both of you to the show. Me let's begin with you to land thinking number one for being with us in and sharing your story that I know it's going to encourage. And form a lot of people. What did you know about. Heart disease heart problems prior to you becoming a page. I knew nothing about it these important thing is to do an annual check. In with general practitioner. I just and tell them. All you problems with different and you light forward out what happened to me was extreme fatigue. I had no. Chest pains I know pain down my arm. Nothing that would about make me think it was heart problems. So the general practitioner and did run. A couple of test and from the test that's when they found out that I hand. 8 AM it's the name everybody's used to using the varieties. Not medical terms it's eight and from there. Is when the doctor will quote pain and explained everything completely. And we scheduled. The pacemaker to be put in within a couple of weeks. Within a couple of weeks. The fatigue got so bad Kyle them up one day in and my husband made me Carolina Carl in my. I was feeling so bay and he brought me to hospital immediately. And the pacemaker was put in them that the next day. It's an easy procedure he did a fabulous job mosque goers fabulous. And my friends some friends that DeLia pacemakers. It jealous of Moscow are a cut that's perfect. But it hits helped. Me so much. And then and then within the next year he discovered. We I had an a hole in my heart. Then. We can't take care of that. So I don't know the exact name would have a point they plug it up. They've got holes that you people aren't adequately guard so yeah today I FT devices in my heart. I have felt completely. Back to normal pit stamina back. Can can walk on a treadmill. So. That's fantastic thank god for my doctor Melissa bring in the Doctor Who does the fabulous Garza got it ready to local it. And is JoAnne story atypical or typical what you have seen. I think it's a typical story especially with the women you know women don't often have. Chest pain. I think there you know they reserve a recent study came out that women have higher. Risk of death from heart disease because they don't have the typical elephant sitting on their chest chest pain. You know they can have. Different things fatigue. Some change in their baseline. Exercise tolerance or shortness of breath. Or they can have nausea. Some atypical symptoms that could that can lead to the diagnosis of coronary heart disease her in and mr. Wayne's case Avery at the media. It was she was talking about the C terrain and gobble who isn't tired cool among the policies though it doesn't seem have so much going on what may well what made me. Realize that I would wake up in the morning. And I would feel like I hit slapped an all in what and I did sleep probably sound sleep side. Then when they did it that tasks in a war monitor for. A couple of days. They tell me Julian you're running a marathon while you sleep in my heart was beating so fans I. I'm one of the lucky ones I don't feel it when it won him eight it would come in ate him. And I think that's a good thing arm band thing I don't know by. I'd never know when I'm in it and with a pacemaker helps monitor and up to a quote can you explain. In layman's terms what is meant by a fair then what do people experience. So a fit is the most common arrhythmia in people's perception. It's irregular heartbeat that puts you at risk for stroke. But it's very common some people don't feel at all some people feel every every extra B. But it's it's we worry about it because of the risk of stroke. Okay so let just a heart attack but at the leading to stroke as oil correct that in the main risk for damage in mr. grant's case he was having. Both fast heartbeats and slow speeds. Old term for each referred relations tacky very decent. So it's. Something is wrong with your own pacemaker pacemaker you're born with the nerves in the heart. And you know it manifest by either going to faster too slow and usually the treatment is just medication but in some cases it's pacemaker or or sometimes a procedure called a violation ago. In the heart and and get rid of these there's many different treatments the most common treatment is just medication. And when and then pacemakers have they evolved over the years you know it's council scary to have that device in your chest but. What does it look like an apparently nearly to a fabulous car than that and by his jelly. They have evolved. You know before and now they're they're MRI compatible. Before if you got them pacemaker you couldn't get an MRI. Now their monitored wirelessly so. Like if if mr. Rangel isn't a fed. And nice to we need it sends our offer us a message and in the morning we you know we'll call her an adjuster medications so. They're constantly monitored wirelessly. Through the pacemaker in our office so they they've become very technologically advanced. And and now we even have pacemakers that have no leads they're just implanted directly into the heart with no leads you know so there's no. No scars at all and just placed directly into the hour. And your feeling great doing and I am feeling great that technology at its sense. Had my pacemaker put in about four years ago I think it now if you like the Oakland said it's gotten much better. I am lead to leave. It my heart but now with what he's saying now I didn't even know he could put it directly to our. You know should be afraid of it. I think it's an easy procedure to do and it's no. Pain whatsoever and if you need one. Just hit it's your heart checked. I think it's wonderful. We're talking about how hearts and aware and as an also what we can do is there's two to be have heart disease were joined by. Cardiologists with turow doctor frank will cloak as well as Jill Lansing Tandy who is a patient and telling and sharing her story and encouraging us. To do we need to do to be more pro active. And empower when it comes to our house. So again because women and you know not typical we think about what heart disease so what should we do a call which that we. On TER doctor and had that conversation at what age with adopters. Well I think the important part of. Mr. and stories she was active and she noted you notice the difference so what I tell my patients. Is you know who gets in trouble and that's people who are couch potatoes people who don't put themselves. Out there at risk yet so people who don't. Exercise people who don't get on the treadmill people who don't walk. So if you never do anything you don't you don't notice the difference. So if you are if you get on a tech treadmill for twenty minutes three times a week and all of a sudden you can't do that. You feel chest pain or feel shortness of breath he felt dizzy when that happens. Then then you know something's wrong. So you know it really after. Everybody should be active for about 200 minutes a week we you know the the Framingham heart study tells us that we all should get our heart rate up. To you know. 85% of the maximum age adjusted heart rate which you know for. It's easy calculation is due to twenty minus your age times 85%. That's our target heart rate. Give it to that level for 200 minutes a week. That's for most people. Half an hour day airing our three times a week which is. You know fast walk for most of right that the stroll that we love the idea that if I walk into a fast off OK we'll do all of that. And I was reading something about two when it comes to concerns that some women many women. Really worry about cancer more than they worry about heart disease but really we should be paying attention especially to heart disease right. Heart disease is the number one. Cause of death in women by far you know much much more cancer we hear about. Breast cancer we think about that and that's it you know a large concern in fact it's the number one cause of death for both men and women everywhere in the war. But by far will carry bits though you still active until Lang is still. Be in jail and OK would you tell your friends and family are what advice do you give them. Usually about this I tell them positively its annual check out. If somebody tells me it a problem with something. Police tell you doctor or make an appointment to go see what the problem is. And I think heart trouble. Like doctor will close as something that should not aware. And yeah. And I do think more people have heart problems. And get cancer with women. Something that analogy. Out today is. Move and what does the annual check up look like particularly if you're going to be concerned about the condition of our hearts. So you know it it's different for aids but everybody you know once you're an adult should ever to see yearly physical. So a yearly physical is where once you start. And and then as we get older depending on our other health problems perhaps more often. But everyone should go to the doctor at least once a year go to our primary care physician not necessarily a cardiologist but a primary care physician. And then your primary Carol decide if you need to see cardiologist but locked can be determined just from a lab work. Your risk of future cardiac events by your cholesterol. And here. You're your lifestyle your family history you know like every winning her family has heart disease. They may dissent decide to send you to a cardiologist. And have a stress test or something like that even if you you know don't have a lot of symptoms. But date there there it's good to go to our primary care judge to assess your risk every year once a year. And so probably at least by the age of forty when you. When you start screening for prostate cancer breast cancer mammograms all of those health screenings start you know in years. Late thirties early forties. But everybody she goes to a yearly physical with a primary care health. Thank you both for being with us and this is the year of the being empowered to be fearless and facing that we need to face that. JoAnne it's antennae a heart patient as well as doctor frank look close at Cornell. Want to mention two events coming up sponsored by the American Heart Association on February 2 and the American Heart Association will have its go red for women and you're asked to Wear red on that date the annual national Wear red today it's an easy powerful way to spread awareness and support the mission of go red for women and this is the solution brought about by the American Heart Association. To save women's lives. And in March march sack and New Orleans go red for women luncheon. That's taking place at the Hyatt regency. There'll be plenty of free health screenings and you can get more information by going online at New Orleans. Go red. Dot heart dot org. As we begin this week three already of this new year we can start to feel a bit. Overwhelmed and stressed out are concerned that were already falling behind. On our commitments. It happens it happens to every one. Our goals our objectives. To desires and dreams are with us for a couple long haul so let's night. Get too overwhelmed all worked up because we had missed some benchmarks. For as long as we have breath. And have another day. We can pause if we can be grateful beat you regroup. Preach you refocus and recommit. To what police say he truly. The easy option for two days and so much for joining us until you. Enjoy this sunny day and the rest room.