Best Bets From Vegas With Ralph Michaels

We go to Vegas to get the best bets from Vegas for Week 17 in the NFL and look at the New Year Bowl games with's Ralph Michaels.


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Read it well enough and not come out still that cooled off. But conversation I have with James Moran from tiger rag dot com about the next candidate and Ella she reportedly one part ways after the Citrus Bowl and I get that. There might have been some. You know lack of growth in this offense. It was better than last year but still not great they were really good in some areas highs and lows this office that. It goes back today and those run meddling in this offense something he's said he told the tire fans. And tigers. The AD in the guys that are higher than the guys and gals hearted that he would do and that's what caused. I think. The divorce here. It's it's really troubling when you consider. You look at programs like clams and like Alabama like others. They don't have this kind of instability where they're changing coordinators every year because they head coach can't stay out of the office if it seems to me that. We've seen this movie before. Less miles. And we walked out we don't like it. We threw tomatoes at the screen and here it is happen again before our very eyes. Soviet LSU fan. Don't just be unnerved. At the fact oh you're losing office would there be unnerve the fact that you're losing off that quarter because why because the head coach. Can't keep his nose at the office. Anywhere at six of one app that Troy game. Yet there's some sort of icy relationship between he and that Canada and you wonder. It is and those runs ego getting in the way without I've gone on record I'll say it again I've never really thought and those raw was the right higher relishing. I've never been a fan of it. It's really with the national title I won't be a fan of him as they take note I just wall at that means I don't get on this program I don't give a month program oh well. We've reached out to before I know Bobby bare is really close to home and nobody's had on a couple times and OT has agree with him with a I'm just telling it from me. I don't think him I don't think him I don't think of him highly as a coach Cal's football I just don't in in this is case in point. Matt Canada in this divorce is give me all the ammunition I need to lay that case out phone lines are open at 504. 2601 point 78 X 870 eights having David. In men with two on David you're on W it will calm down. Should Mike McCormick Dominic earlier you a bit that audit they're just a couple of concerns first of all it. Talked earlier about the locker room situation corporate giants. And they'll let me look like the bank they like it dirty laundry in order come out. And all of that stop that. You know that they're trying to deal with and are trying to. You're right the ship will work. Are coming out in the public topic that big concern. As. An epic the biggest concern at my second point is that recruit. Because you've got the car struck out the year I mean to want to jump aboard ship now. While it's not signal is that sinking ship it's his chance at taking on water. It to ship that looks like it's unstable it has a rotor to lose. Hello yet that. Well army and my point is that Internet you know when you hear these are preparing as as a and that does apply here. And you know there's there's probably looked at by the coaches. I beat you really are that the Mets are currently just on Birtley. Those were really on the topic wouldn't it. You know mark or so with but the rubio. You know or benefits or their coach layer they have job in job. You know recall that personality differences and whatever you feel thing. You go oh you which invests coordinate you know that the teacher ever although there are ways that spot is no big deal. But there's a larger picture here in the larger picture is that he. And architecture is what he's doing no bird not only to this year for the next year you in the future. The David you bring up some really valid points all questions I think your fair for recruits to consider. When you talk about you you perhaps you've been through a receiver or tight in our office alignment are running back that's being recruited by. IMac Canada played O issue than all the sudden you hear about this this icy kind of divorce it's looming deficits with full and in May she go our awareness lol what's the reason. That's that's where I would ask what's the reason that's route one. Is it that Canada or is it in those front and how would tend to believe is going on outline. A blind take here because. Of the track where it and those were on. Out tend to believe that it's at those drawn. It is based involved in an offense that he has no business doing. And it's Andy goes against what when he said he was going to do that is he's gonna stay out of the office he's as the out of the defense he's hired new coaches. He's it's a three million dollar mistake a three million dollar mistake in Rhode draws mate in his first year so what other mistakes are common. Let's see how expensive that becomes in vomit LG and and I try to be chicken little here and if you will recall that but without a nominal she can't look at is going OK so what else is next. And Ron what else what other economists that the winner had to pay for now. Till the matter what's what until you're on W could well. Yeah out in the column the city. I think that we are incredibly foolish war in our next week and try to do because. Because typically. Want the then that are under me cancers and I really think the not so well in Carolina. And the world is not typical hypocritical. And you know why we hadn't been. And it. Yeah well I know about what you mean our. And all. That. And don't battle that it's a bowl or Super Bowl that we can handle certain manner that is. What our bowl. I really think that they've seen you know bill. Go on simply. On the football field for apple well. And they were optimistic about it feel like I mean the real paper. Aka accident earlier on I think it on the team it's one of those instances we talked about we talk about this last week to. Young inexperienced coaches make young inexperienced mistakes. I promise you 2006 I think the saints and the Tuesday plot that one week's seventeen of them got that. And it easy shopping rest his starters because. I think it is one of those mistakes it's been able. Four loss and that's why it honestly has the better shot of all teams in the field right now. Of upsetting the Minnesota Vikings and be Amphenol movement and beating the Philadelphia Eagles but I secret and him. Yeah resting and is going to be at its would be a fatal mistake this team. The only sport the Wear them all off and when it went off he. I mean they. I've really been pictures in Jerusalem be good at it. As an ego says experience not ego it's an experience. Where were you know I I really. Hurt your bank on the bow and curtsy. Wearing that courtroom where the e-book all popular now. You know that you want and what yet to go play on the that though there keen to play physical football they can run well all they can play he worked different team. It won't be quite Minnesota I'm fine like I can't wait. Dylan. I share your excitement thanks so much for the phone call and have a happy new human dolby stranger alright come back for Joey a pearl river John Covington also. Ralph Michael's our trip to Vegas out to the desert next double coverage rolls on here on W well. Yeah hot young fired up. 52 anyone attacks on an 8787 Jesus Christians to. Chill out handicap our store with the cat here it. Tell what he really means your Mac Canada sucks as office was vaguely Morgan and Benton in the past those seas that's why owes Ron is getting rid of them well. Cows that argument if you want he's he's more he's now more than in the past the OC fine. He's got one year one year. In country. When he's got a system that takes a couple of years to get his recruits. In his program. And I think it's a knee jerk reaction. The instability of college programs is what magnifies losing programs. It's what it's what makes losing program period and now. LSU. Is gonna potentially higher. Stevens ringer as the OC has yet that excites you. That's key to all fired up. That's going to be the end all be all the solving of all that ails you. That's gonna be the magic potion. That fixes the OSHA office. One year. Come on. And those draws on a second if he's a retread he's on his second shot. You would think he he should have more patients. Per guy and Mac Canada that he said he touted as the best offer at the coordinator of the country. And if supposedly as part ways after one year. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me there's a lot to be disturbed about. With this news route Michael's act cal sports LP handicap or we'd talked dot com and Ralph. Are you laughing at background now little fired yeah. She you know I. They agree UB as you look at where that Portman. But the coordinator he expert and turn it up at the coordinator plot completely one year not appear kept. The war person and without his players employees. Are right about that so you hire complete agreement that scenario. With that since I was Grossman. It was good good do it I think that but I'll Google history we'd gotten on one. Yeah well you know he's got time. He negotiated wellness contracts liking it. That by the way though Ralph really what you what my job is done in the offseason like it's. I like it quite a few days Nazi military. It's. Good to have immediate talks he Ralph Michael's act Cal's were the it can't wait talk dot com. So how do you handle on a stolen vehicle. In all week seventeen gains from a from handicapping perspective it's only teams are a few teams. Our rusty on this story like programs. Well. Oh it really is it. The play and those teams that need it and needle and it's a structure. Need to Wayne and elevated line you get a lot like Egan those names are seen. Our our turnover prone bilking playing against teams that are. That airplane with no you don't share so I'd normally complaint and between that has now need. Unfortunately we'll talk about it. I don't play against the saints again spread this week as well. OK well let's not be groundless what he played it is the saints. You know weeks ago that. We're getting seven points now at all getting those names and who look at in the post game. What are under the U. What say you went eight they are actually out first out their own IP. A year. There are only getting out by yards per game. In that category seem odd that you're getting out and play well. Like furcal at the stretch him. Trying four need better than records. I like to. I have personally. About eight. Keeps our concern. Ralph don't you think though that there is you tell me you've been around this long long of the meat but. It seems like these last two games have taken a lot out of the Buccaneers close loss. In three straight games lions out canoes and and that the Panthers I think there's a lot that can be set for that. And a wrong here. Oh absolutely I completely agree with you what you are done and you look at. That that dropped that we and that I did warn that plate on the quarterback in the over the last few games. The receiver that played poorly but don't discount the Asian games. All giggle at you in a positive note if you could. Or will. You're occasion close playoff hopes for a new one it was host. Where's the Smart money right now on the scene in the NFC playoff picture in terms of posting is Italian and maybe make it and again. Albert that were out there war therefore India. And should be. You know expect the game at oak harbor. So the first home game what you. Got I think there were now we saw. This past week. Would Elkhart in land they are different. Player I think Minnesota are is that that that can eat well the first game is only. Game. Or will. Own team what the right now that are thirteen the Super Bowl and there were Indy. And it. Rough Michaels in our view from Vegas our trip out to Vegas in the desert at cal sports LP on tour and we talked dot com. She figures to college ball and LSU Notre Dame on New Year's Day on the tiger's favor at one point this one could be a close ball game week or this. You know I'll tell you despite some people out every other top players eat at the side. Portland the excuse me Notre Dame that are dimensional game. In 1990 or. What nine. Story. 188. Yet and New Year's state game there award and Korea. And yet. Twenty keen on the road. It would yet herbal. But to get past Notre Dame in that situation. I'm sorry Ralph I was distracted via via text here says that's why your radio stool pigeon you're not a coach well you're on a coach either. From 9514. Gatti well done it and Al Ralph Michaels who I'm. Ralph I'm just a little fired up over this. Is this news that Hammack candidate is gonna part ways. With a LSU with an astronomer Lou. A little rankled by it but anyway so what the other college team that you look at right now bowl games in particular the playoff games Clarence and Alabama where you see this. You know what I like god. I like Bob good points it would partly Alabama when that it could be very close low scoring game. I think Oklahoma at the firepower on that Georgia at an offense Georgia and the lady seemed like it solved and on the other side so. I like Oklahoma and Alabama or those waiting. Robbery of my idol. And I am an Alabama again and it got. You say that another week to prepare. And you baker may appeal against the Alabama defense. I'll support them out walk Stan and I and that tapestry that. In. Alabama and obviously Alabama. Three point paper. The number one place she so they are part of that in and football. And I Alabama at all all but done. I'll give your best play college or pro. You know what let go while the board a little bit. It watching it against an eight I don't think and they would when it played a top 28 and this year they've been. I'm not I'm not and the outlaw. All that weight some people are I think you get that honor like that that in the Penn State line and in the double. Ralph finally what's always talk dot com right now. You know he would be at Chico nightly quick thought that our that the sports page that that story everyday. Eight to eighty per lap there are tapped it. Ralph Michael's act L sports I'll leave the program mark out to the desert handicap and we'd talk. Dot com we preach at Ralph management. Your. Seen the happy new year at some point. Oh exercise. About Ellis you'd. I tiger who fans wanna seals you play Kentucky at home in America it's senate next Wednesday just listen to win when you're the ultra fight song. Call it for your chance to win listening to win elegy tickets today between now and 11 PM tiger radio. WW well Tuesday so W I in answer is number to call Tuesday so. W I in as that's 2609467. Right now. Welcome back double coverage you're in the polls a week ago. Full lines are open it it's the Jolie program which want Joey thanks for brokered. And in the are on airing on areas of previous right now I got some grievances structure. My brother Kurt your last hour and a and that's on track and India kinda. Sure what you're chill pill lesson. Like you I think you were beauty. The eaten up to saints there in making. And brought all that and stuff nor are not around as much. Win. The chatter started go around that. Our Canada which actually looking for head coaching job. Villa Paula to death I was I was around that I I that was about. OK but it back and get to the end mayor. A and Maynor. Said it. To kill mobile. If Canada filed his yacht. And and Tokyo needed and the field aboard for the bowl game. He would do that debt was and that was eager to see you get more he has. He did fine fine. Now the man. In another month. More. Being at bill that dignity. Creek in that starts happening around you would Mardi Gras yeah maybe Iran can use their continent. And prayer to. Recruit. Another offensive coordinator you know things to do it yet winner ran here. Bridges where they're coming from I mean my. Income positive shut McNamee. I don't you know by the I was oh look here's the deal I got to push back on this joint listen. I was positive last year this time last year I was William and those Ron a year to show me. And he's learned from his missteps at Ole miss and he hasn't he has. He told us that he did. He told us but his actions don't prove that. His actions show me he's still the same coach that got him fired in Oxford. Period. It will bring America. Bring bring joy that. A Christian yet at the it's just hit the kind of re. He took he took Apollo crap. That that would let and let the USC. And took him to yeah I mean you're. A. As an interim coach as an interim coach Jack never liked he was never there are no longer term god whenever there's a long term guy. And he's making mistakes as we see it. This is this the start this is the start of some poor decisions. That are going to haunt L issue. Well I'll know. Not and I am trying to look at you know off. You know on. I don't know. Bruised and say. Fine. I just think you know the president can't give you can gain anger and turned out to eat. And and the patient demand ratio. I don't mean you'd. Here and a better production. The king Billy Joel the site in Europe when I'm not cut you off on the TV. It's is that it was you know. What I wanna have a beer with and those drawn absolutely. What I want him to be my long term answer as a head coach his answer that is now. Things of that has no I think he's got some he's got some ego things that he can't get past. And he's got some decisions that he's made in the past that will continue to haunt him I think he's got some philosophical issues that. I think will be problematic for Phil issue that's my issue with them. Period that drive and. Well. He. I am I'm gonna and you know. I met disagree with you man because of to me motion picture don't. That's all great let's mile or most numbing job at all at all other. That ball showed emotion Jolene you'll be on. Among those emotions emotion it doesn't think it doesn't mean anything. What does I judge Lee. Leaders by how they behave how they react how they handle adverse situations. And he's handle a situation poorly right now because he'd have the office that he wondered at that one year because he couldn't he he won the medal in the office. I judged leaders by how they behave and how they behave. In an organization that he's not behave improperly he's not. Chilling and that there. It restricted content or dirty I met. And know that I was eight years ago. CEO. I'm with you on the leave it to. Here you'd be current coordinator leave the key up and to coordinate. To which party. Our apartment. Passage to which you say that is hired the best coaches stay out of it right at that's what you said you gonna do that the that the. Are you and keep them out fingers growth conducting our elected. I want to guide to out like that guy at. Is that critical doesn't mean I don't like I just don't think he. Can be repetitive. I judge him by how he's going to. Fortune with the organization and how he functions as the leader he's not functioning properly. Well I'm I'm like I said Alison. Opposite down. I mean there's no college coach in the coaches out rather sit down with and have a couple drinks with the OK and tell me some good stories I'm sure he's got a lot of them I'm up any of but them outlook he'll be when it comes that. Hire him off at the coordinator to run a program means nothing to me nothing. They threw a phone call joint. Come back real there's a I welcome back double coverage here on saints radio WW LI MFN dot com. States looking to close out the regular season with a win in an NFC title game excuse me FC south. Championship. With the win over the box so time for real news page news in two point seventy Tim. Zimmer master control with one comment what's. He was at La. I'm going with real news that's real news is I think that they wanted to take out everything. The head any who have below that that the Mason Dixon line so yet immunity given the real news. A. I like you were doing real loose big news for twice seventeen. And since they were amassed. Trolls got a lot of a lot of headlines. Here were Sidon. Whether their fake or really cast your vote in call survival for. Twos until one A semi tech's 87870. What is real news and what state news if you play the game right now it's been fun fed to see you you know attempt. That sounds believe. That sounds believe blown war room is on that become one hat okayed a steroid use its steroid you know there was Pete visas steroid. Of course that's news. I. Sort of I want her to hear what the two. I want to. Iso one for. What three. See I think this kind of trick question I feel like this is another real a real news story. All right some Tylenol can help. Cure hurt feelings may be an who's drawn. And that candidate can say if you takes talent alt a cure their whole their hurt feelings I don't know man I'm just feel really fired up over this Tuesday. Coming out about an hour and a half two hours ago. That Mac Canada and and those drawn in the Ellis tires and part ways. After the successful just mimic what I don't like about it is the instability. I don't like instability of programs. In particular college programs the successful ones avoid that at all cost you don't have that kind of stuff going on. Regularly in particular I think and it was Ron's not established coach enough to where he can weather this and if he was a 567. Years hey coach that is one national title or play for a national title. You can weather this kind of thing. But because you don't have enough good equity built up it's hard to do it's hard to weather this because. You've already admitted to be metal some in your office coordinator. So what offensive coordinator wants to come here now that's the other question we haven't talked about yet. What offensive coordinator that has a bright mind that was the Green Zone fresh ideas to a program is going to trust that and owes Ron has not Kennametal. Is business it goes back to the same thing. She may have had a problem when that last miles is that he would letter offensive coordinator re running office. It's the same thing so. How do you sit there as LSU apologist. As it and those one apologists say this OK it's not a big deal all the argument that because they're gonna give the money better he was mostly a better guy. He was supposed to be the guy. He was supposed to be the best opens and the country. Accordingly and those drawn so now what. What's the higher now what's your expectation now. Rick in Gulfport was well Ricky on W it will. It on their. Oscar odd it more talk about vote for a couple home. I'll ball won't be richer which make it on. Home. About going on bag. And bad mood in the game from from twelve through a great starting here. From the it would. Scoreboard watching horror Italy. Yeah what about the Gallup they want to leak it they want both teams will not rest their starters are you know not. They try to put the trying to circumvent the NBA if you will and their philosophy which is. Resting players for relevant games if one wins at the evident when they know that they don't need to win in order. In order to to clinch the vision yesterday they meant starters. So I think that has something do. Parker out not just area because I mean you know it won't cut open to what you know I debated title or playoff berth. In Iraq I understand that but. Which which big. I mean but the popular in Japan or you know play. You know eke out there on the I hope you are rather you know watch. Two point fire. And then want blanket you know what I mean yeah they're always going to do not get more. They they change the time. Important. But I mean if you're the saints is but I mean you know passes before. I think the way that campers played the last couple weeks he played their hearts that it takes a lot of team. And animus played for and it's going to be market team it in my field athlete who's in the level might mean might not be as high. Right rock they what they what you got out on the and I thought that kind watts in that game I mean how are now thank game and I you know got the organ bank you know I'll. I you know replay. That they have in that game and everything and I like common good I don't want Stanley get on flat car AT. Arm. And he pretty eager trouble awful. What I mean not good at all. What but he got recovered a fumble or old X Ers recovered it but our Jodi I think is the one. Through their their had recovered yet but I mean I mean it's one slot currently in and you know you don't it would you know chalk on you know what what what more in Ireland and in don't. You know are in the back home repairing some of those like you know him. There. Yeah. Okay all right well I'm particular site probably when that about the boat which they haven't tuned for being. I'll take him out of your replacement. Happy new year. Tim the matter with who wants Simeon that we do all I. Don't look now you know. I. You know Tim I don't want to either I must appear on on this big mass of states aimed at AM ES and threw me. It's okay if you don't let. I just feel like. There's some things here that are. And I'm not trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill there are things of this Mac candidate of divorced this looming divorce that make you. A little bit nervous. It should be heaters because of the way it's playing out I mean that I just have a problem with at all. Because everything that we were told a year ago when he was hired as the head coach of relishing that he's not living up to doesn't make sense. Absolutely it was a get this built it gave the job and what it would not at all not so. Already. Career at. It in the bottom line. Got the jobless. But. Not. Look I mean come off look Tim I'm all for guys it's from the by units of local guy extreme job it's. It epic rally support. And I mean it now while I mean look I'm all for Roland advice on that put. There I mean. It doesn't mean I think you know wanna sit here and say oh well he's one of us he's one of us will that's fine. That save and what makes me there wasn't one of us okay. Nick's favorite was the one of us in what media who cares if he's one of us can he win let's miles was one of us I he won. I know it was bad in the last 23 years of his tenure. When I mean. Who I don't I don't by the he's a local guy yes I won on the seat. Because of that it's a great story potentially if he leads his hometown team that he once played for to a national title yes it's a great story. What can happen his actions show that they keep it. Hit. A lot of those that do. Eight. Look look look look look look look look look they won nine games I'll give it goes wrong pretty year because after that loss to Detroit. I think a lot algae and internally. They were faced a lot of pressure men a lot of pressure because that was supposed to be the old boy a year ago. And those odds about the take here. And the people about it that he battled adversity well. And I think that's another important characteristic I talked about leadership that's another important characteristic about leadership that I think can't deal under. On notice about it Ron I think it's a strength of his be away handle adversity but being able hander. Coaching staff hires is not his strength. In being able to stay out of somebody's business is not his strength. His track record. Proved that. Thanks for the phone call subway wrapping up here on double coverage. Fake news of real news also are mormons think about next. I wrap up here on double covered in fake news will lose ten Zimmer what's fake what's real man. So blow up what do you need to blow up is it like literally. Yet and that's why AME you can blow it up without figuratively bloated company can do it by. Explosives or are explosive. Of the other guy so go away. Real news but not really meant to be in the way that it's couched. Yes so OK we're now wait. What are they about bloated up that was slang version of Alec literally taken C four in and blow it up right. Okay yes on that note that counts the victory that's to before. Yeah I. Dubow baggage it's. Mike Leach let's think about this Mike Leach's. Yeah but at least is a bit of a weirdo a quack so how would it sounds like a loading a raccoon is right up his Alley give it can be ruled news. I threw for five war. Yeah. Well. You know a party feels like this could be real news is it is one. And there's in this. Well then there's so much that. If somebody that would like wanna buy this song go with the news that. Nicely done Timmy takes a bunch real men real is a big news in. Torre seventeen L should basketball or no double coverage our moment as in listen to the saints quarterback Drew Brees. Talk about his loss of his grant followed ninety year old. Ray Aiken is pretty powerful stuff Tim thank you so much of a firearm out.