Best Best from Vegas with Ralph Michaels handicapper Ralph Michaels joins us to preview the best best for this week in the NFL and college football. Plus where do the Saints stand according to Vegas?


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Welcome back double coverage here on W that ulalena dot com sent Dunlap Christian Erica as we usually do each and every week check in with Ralph Michaels at cal sports LV handicapped wage talk dot com. And Ralph how I am a pretty good week for last week. Yeah we definitely. Happy Thanksgiving EP gentle man and you know you look at Jerusalem note that. I secured on the being output off and on and southern. You me about your mark literally talked about. Tiger being greeted grew up a lot Detroit and be an Allen who. Thirteen and one straight out of those teams combined with the only law Alabama for the tigers illegally in the ankle football season green it. It's or it certainly is on number of levels the saints last week a thrilling overtime victory over the Washington Redskins they. In a winning by three points we didn't cover the spread how many times have they not cover the spread during this when he throughout. Well you did not covered twice. A lot in that stretch they did not cover against Washington of course and that gives the payers they were at ten point favorite at home and won that game. 22. To. But since that they've covered they've covered the other games. So Ralph in other words it's pretty safe go to. To vent in the cover the spread. Most teams do you know the other felt spread only takes a dual track probably 7% of the game. Most teams that win game cover it. Sometimes when a book about the spread like he did last week when he came back I had seen them get on street back to get inflated life. We think life. Not a pretty trying to put up a lot at the beginning of the yard every NFL game I believe that inclined against Washington one point. Go as they because they're historic win streak of by the way. That helped cover the start ode to win their next eight games. Certainly historic streak but lately applicant in with their help yell like. Again I'm sure you that would take away and. So now he's you know the saints go on out to LA aware there an underdog rougher wondered about this game they've been underdog or not Vegas is instilled in the consensus is that two and a half point underdog here. I scratch my head a little bit about this because the rams yes the really improve on that especially. Jared got but win they have faced playoff caliber competition this year. They've lost they they just have they've they've lost those games and this is another chance for them but so far it hasn't happened so what's going out with a spread. You know guys who became what Erica. I would have that back there rams I am not gonna back program and say that they're going to be a slight joke by a witness saint coming off. Off that win and you know I don't look witnessing spit on this streak. You know they went to Miami Miami had no quarterback they went to Green Bay Green Bay had no quarterback it went about what awful as plain. Wobble as our quarterback goes to go to that we wrote gains and extracts. Article not played LA rams who talked a lot and again. Very few teams are gonna be able to move the quality of Minnesota's defense in the gulf. Whether it loud is that why it's so this is the situation where. The sync up an emotional win and now traveling. Playing their first. Good opponent on the road again remember the start up in Minnesota they don't put up nineteen points and 344 yards and economic what's wrong because they expect that the law doesn't look at bat. But here's the numbers that. I want to make that play out. What the saints have a road game. Off a whole game with a home game on the axle to one game wrote a wedge. It covered fourteen at the last fifteen times that occurred. Yeah that's that's a heck of a study supports you the last fifteen times. I didn't want to get this Brad Wright went. When the situation has called wrote all on the road game it covered fourteen the last fifteen. Speak you have teams that are in a tailspin at Dallas now it seems like they're finished and this switch on this line the changes you've probably seen it Ralph the chargers went for three and a half point dogs. What 34 days ago and there are now two point favorites everybody jumping off the Dow spent. You know they aren't. And to me it's what have you done for me lately we look at the cowboys you know without Elliott at the Atlantic Damon and they like Philadelphia while playing a lot. Atlanta with the Super Bowl he'd last year Philadelphia the best team in the NFC I'm McEnroe well. Intuit that much either this is a great spot for the cowboys you've got that Thanksgiving crowd which is also special. You now have the charters haven't played have a short week and you know playing at a Thursday after not playing at a Thursday in the afternoon. You know. I I would take them at the home dog I libel clearly back now and not. The situation where Thanksgiving special game in and galloped about I'm now back. Hey Al robs Michael's I cal sports LV handicap for wage talk dot com here on double coverage. And WOMF. Dot com and Ralph a look at some of the some of the teams like Atlanta Falcons in the division in the Carolina Panthers by vases destinations. Who start to figure it out looks like Atlantis start to figure some things out here. Well you know debate format at the plant their expectations and. And they have. And now you're starting to find the spot where you get out your the falcons you know so many people left him for dad well. You beat Dallas you go to Seattle they only put up 279. Yards against Seattle at compartment. Mismanagement Mayo may have given them a win there would become not retreat stage yet. Tampa Bay that Minnesota and then that big New Orleans game three weeks with Ingrid and win two games wrote Eric. And their host in this city and Saint Louis. Who's LA like I think it very well may well and all of a sudden. We have. A legitimate game that could have a lot of say in the that's he's out. At cal sports LV's where you find Ralph Michael's hitting every wage talk dot com give us your best place for for this week. You know it and not give it Thanksgiving Day what I like to commit Alec gave I'll Mississippi and Mississippi State over the total. And then in the NFL did they ever have been doing great that we mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. I want the Steelers against Green Bay a lot you don't Pittsburgh has or no huddle off in Columbus at last week it kind of either back at all. And what we talked about a week. I ain't all that not wanna know that we use. They ever since 2000 at whiskey a twelve more. Are now twenty and goes straight up which of course you would expect. But seventeen and three against the spread that the average cover might explain it's a game we're getting a lot of good teams that a lot of very poor teams. A lot of people ought not gonna about double digit favorite in the NFL. Seventeen and three when you're double digit favorite of twelve or more points at Pittsburgh and also we you know in the big game in the higher ball. IIQ what am I just think we have a defense. You cannot quantify when your ranking team. You know it seemed that aren't firstar west. And have a number one yards per play number one yards per game and number one in our points per game. But they are so far ahead of the number two team. Yeah if you're looking at one the 128 as ours Equant go to college football. Alabama would almost be a negative and that they're that far ahead of the second best team I don't your defense get the job done and again in the Iron Bowl. How do you see this LSU Texas and a and. You know it became that I won't be either way op I loved the way LSU's planned due back in court try to be around next year. Yeah absolutely I don't think there's any doubt about that he's earned that with this turnaround yeah. Yeah that's just the game where the back door potential I'm afraid of the metal potential so. You know I think LSU would be game but. It's a game I won't be playing but it I have to pick a side with the point spread I would pick the underdog to again at least copper are hefty. Well this Thanksgiving here routes we got to ask how do you handicap. The holiday is on our calendar is it's you know isn't the Thanksgiving over Christmas New Year's stately what's how does Ralph Michael's handicap these holidays. My favorite holiday is going to be Thanksgiving and you and I talked about before. It's Thanksgiving because you have rivalry weeks in college football. Yet meaningful games in the NFL where we're still alive. And you have college basketball with all these tournaments there's a lot to be so adamant a lot of value college basketball would seem to play three games in three days. People look at power rating that people look at how teams play. When you're playing three games at 3 days the morning followed those teams you watched those games you follow how many minutes of being polite. There's a kind of value on the east tournament so pretty odd you know why you would expect new year to be the best kind because in the walls. I think there's a lot more value with the rivalry week. And the college hoops tournament. Just a few weeks in the the college basketball he's. That's Ralph Michael's handicap for wage talk dot com Ralph Michael's. He's on Twitter at cal sports LV this is double coverage said the Christian a weekly trip out to Vegas here on W did well enough in the dot com.