Ben Baby talks about a potential coaching search for Texas A&M and expects the Tigers to defeat the Aggies.

LSU Football
Saturday, November 25th

Deke Belavia and former LSU QB Herb Tyler talk Texas A&M Aggie football with Ben Baby, who covers Texas A&M football for the Dallas Morning News.


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Did baby of the Dallas morning news joins us now to talk about success in the hand becomes champion thank you so much for the time that this general questions though at all. Does this game tonight head meaning meaning but given them win or lose if you win this game. Now first off the extra things happening on our secondly I don't think it I think I think he's pretty much gone I think that this is. Going to be when did inform me you know at this. Beckett and the company game plan will not be up there in I think it will not on paper. What you nothing like the city McCarty made so there's really nothing but for him to do it and hopefully you know. Bake a cake for him in the next job as you know the late in the paint and hear it and lately and hopefully it property itself on the program approach. So being. If that is the case in Vietnam they must have been coached him please call. You who they want I think. Well I think you know we've had multiple sports. Or both will be what the borders in the figured the guys there look at that. You know what it means that there there's a little later qualified. On the upward fake paperwork to be giving him on everything you need. Now with that enough for kemba the thing I don't know you know he may try to get outlawing hand. Com you know go to quite that there are a lot of money you can everything he needs the right hand it is not happy with. In a winning anything here to kind of ludicrous to think about because you're programs currently do very few funny years your app basis. But this is not enough they want to go take that the C championships and national championship and if you can do that are talented but this is in this show that he can do that. Yeah and and I'm I guess the risk of it isn't that it can use that that's what's out there that was lowering. All your eggs in one basket so he she put this guy. If you don't land you know get the moon in what you do the negative Tenet's second choice they can cruelty we got a coach but. This is not a guy we won't. Yeah that's acting weird. But you know I'm when. From north of the day you definitely I don't know what they're gonna do for plan B. I'm you have it was a scary Patrick the U but they did it in the ancient. And I think that when you look at would be a part time that he was kind of under the radar candidate take it and now by. I think he's gonna be locked in now where this career CPU. The value look at and you get a guy may. He's he's he's one of the Mike Gundy wanted to write in Molly tightness of the point damaging attack. Really it's going to be involved I think at this point when you look at. How what made him coaches that slice of life. Been baby at the Dallas morning news over the scope behind me elastic and clean and yankees they commit that this evidence or. Poetry and SEC lately as the baby boomers 31 point four. In is seen from beginning in the tough loss to Seattle a stroke is nickel state. Right it recently took its Alabama where where is this team you've seen this team policies and longer. Had they. Developed it to you know a ballclub whose it is what you thought they would be take us through this season when they all pointed his final game in recklessly. You know I think they'll like that but do not ever going to be I have added that the stakes. Pretty decent day you know right now they're here that are forward. I'm watching him tonight he's the fact that spot so I don't think that the opening it I think we're optimistic outlook on things. Amin and generally it's probably not being there South Carolina game. I was look at what program Florida ballot in any way and they they need if you only when that market knowledge went over time. In other things come out with a greatly the years at a rebound well not that walk away. But on the flip side you know looking back I don't think there was ever a case. We're camp on the was Wayne is easily because they hear the company you go back and look at it. AP play it yours yours you put any combination. Together and it doesn't seem like that would be good upbeat really. And I don't think about how. And I think it right along well see on that it was there countless. Everything happened so far as these Pakistan. I was these you know. It being on on the alleged use that things when you look at me and him what they have to guard against this matchup is the only team in the west of the union is yet to defeat to the team to the conference. What type of match up is this thing eat him when they look at night had a takeaway LSU team that. More than likely is gonna come which it is kind this won't rush the football. Yeah I mean that's going to be using an inference that it it right now who. It department good now I am not here guys control. The line of scrimmage of the grant from the point of attack. Flash period and got it was an odd that point though you saw that it was going to be tough game eagle the first driver lakers' game. Alex you just within the ground. Obviously I don't think that's an app and it's much. All of which go back and look at Abu pivotal moment in the market them. The key thing that we are all over again but on the that there is out there to stop Barbara ears. Odd but we'll see I expect them it even started their growth. Indeed they even if they keep doing that again I'm in a box and I'm not then. Mean maybe Ian anybody and I think if volume on social media. When there has been under or maybe in the army camp that or take the W. Keep up with our content there we're right now is dot com you re going on. I was in content partners are pretty shortly. Service the Kapalua and abilities as well they I hate that. When he's on the and I made inaccurate as to look at it and I think that train wreck sells. Especially. It's going to be around I think if they don't get appeared out I think in light of the fact that they have on here who live at the the other day there countless people. I think it's probably it probably is an entity than the obvious here here is her you know things of that separates not knowing where. You know the it is as always about it is that it but some things that man that day when they both came out they say we agree to disagree. They should agree to agree on some because they they sit and never let him it's not about the field. Well now and again at college and come back the bottom of the book idea that the Gary wanted to theory could experience it and hear the oil. At. They were they were error in my last group the war torn years earlier you know. Do that the group that all David them. Thank you so let's don't receive. I think that I've received.