Barbara Bush was as tough as she was gracious.

Wednesday, April 18th

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passes away at the age of 92 yesterday at her home in Houston. She was as tough as she was gracious. Also, let's talk about the Southwest Airline you consider here a hero for landing the stricken plane? Full 1 pm hour.


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I am looking through all my papers. Economy. And as I go through all these papers about the shorter day. I see nothing. By stormy Daniels. So as far as I know we're not even gonna talk at all how much from it and sort of break from that today. However our president Trump's name make camp come up once or twice. I mean I look I can't help but there's just so much stuff going on by the way. President trump appears to deserve a lot of credit. For the way he's handling the situation in North Korea and you've heard the tip Pompeo who is and appointed PD do CIA director at a secret Easter weekend leading. Winds are North Korean leader Kim Jung on. And this may pave the way for meeting with the president trop. So let's let's give the president some credit he has done what a lot of other presidents have tried to do but failed to do we don't know what the outcome is going to be but at this point. I think that's I think that's a positive thing. Coming up on the show we'll talk about how investor Nikki Haley. Fired back at the White House Nikki Haley was thrown under the bus. But the trump White House MA and she fired right back. I'm proud of her we'll talk about that also the the idea of never touching yourself on where you're behind the wheel of a car. I didn't pass. Louisiana legislature considered it but he didn't pass so you can still pick up your cellphone and talk to people. You know it's interesting how. Even though we know something might not be safe. We still do it anyway if there's no law against it. If you think about it why do we as human beings. Wait for laws to be passed. To make us. Be as safe as we can do it. Because it's not safe. How however there are a lot of other things that are distracting behind the wheel car we talked about that we'll talk more about that coming up. In just a little while also I'm sure you've heard dishonor our news if you go to concerts on a regular basis. You aides used to your life. New study shows it if you go to a concert. Once every two weeks. You could any decade. To your life. That's assuming you know go to the concert to a lot of cocaine or or or or trickle off. But we'll talk about we'll talk about this study I I think there's more to distance just going to the concert. In fact I've I if I posted a FaceBook days our daily FaceBook video. It's on this this topic of going to a concert adding years to your life I think there's more to it. And just being an attendance at the concert you can find that. On our FaceBook page WWL radio also the SO TA scooter mere FaceBook page and get involved in a conversation. Also wrote an op Ed blog about this it's on our website at W dot com and we'll talk about that in the 3 o'clock hour. And innocents were always going to concerts carries some of us are always going to concerts. There's there's always a new concert that really stands out in your mind a secret concert. So rather than talk about the greatest concert of all time what's a what's a really great concerts or she went to recently that. If you feel like may have ended smears she your life to get into that industry clock tower. First up on the show how much talk about the passing of Barbara Bush. I had a conversation with Barbara Bush and during the campaign of thought 92. Hours on every have you already. And I talked to Barbara Bush and I just remember being very pleasant conversation she was a very very strong woman. And I ticked at Upton and conversation I had with her. In fact I interviewed by George H walker bush President Bush when he was president. Not long after that and I'll never forget. The first thing President Bush said to me he said I hear you were really nice to Barbara. And it's almost as if that led the way to be getting the interview with. President Bush. Which is unusual let me English your super conservative talk show host and your president trump hi it's very unusual for. A local talk show host to get one on one with the president of the United States. So it really was an honor for me to have that a conversation recess a President Bush in 92. After the campaign affect you wish or talking to be from Air Force One on a flight from San Antonio to New Orleans but the first thing you said was. I heard you really nice to par. And I do remember what a great conversation I had with her former First Lady Barbara Bush I died at the age of 92 at her home in the Houston area. And her husband George H walker bush. The former president. Was at her side he was always at her side they were married for 73. Years. The longest marriage if any. Any precedent. And she was like his first her first luff. What we'll get to that here just a moment type of when I hear a Barbara Bush what you hear Barbara Bush talking about literacy which was a really special concern for her. I honestly believe that if more people could read write and comprehend. We would be that much closer to solving so many of the problems that plague our nation. And she and Ann and George had a great family and had grandchildren and you I'm sure you've seen the family pictures means they're. They are huge. A lot of people in those pictures. She was a mother of five great children she was a wife and as she was a wife of a really wonderful man. I'm the mother. I have wonderful children and the wife of the world's greatest man. So she falls in love. With George. H walker bush. Very early in her life she talked about it I fell in all weather and practically at first sight. And I think she stood at some point that was the first person she kissed. And she ended up marrying him. She says I am the most boring person on the planet because I married the first person I kissed. She shared her thoughts on a lot of issues. And we're hearing about how powerful she was behind the scenes. Barbara Bush who passed away and I yesterday at the age of 92 said that she had thoughts on issues by. You know she really must enough Taurus. I have never talked about what I feel about issues. Because that is important it's what George thanks accounts. But there seems to be a lot of talk now from people who knew Sam that there were so. A lot of conversations going on about what she thought behind the scenes she wasn't going to see the political spotlight. Annika green is a former speechwriter to forge Herbert walker bush and I'm sorry for George W. Bush. As so not only was Barbara Bush First Lady but she was also the first month or when her son was in the White House and I think come and I think Adam's energy is the only other. Other a mother to have her head off honest and had to sign both in the White House. But Andy Green a former speechwriter for George W. Bush had this to say about the past your Barbara and what kind of old woman she wants. She felt that she lived a very fulfilling life being a wife and mother and you could see that and her interest as First Lady. When she was very Anderson literacy should establish a foundation helps government to clean Danica she tragically lost a child to leukemia when she was 28. And the child was three. Lindy I'm Lindy Neuhaus is a neighbor of photos abortionists in the Houston area. And she talked about what kind of person she thought to Barbara Bush Willis. Get a wonderful sense of humor she was such a lady who just found that lady and she just was so kind and compassionate. And just care about people how ice they get to the wall could be well a lot of wishes the world will be a much better life. And I think most of us can agree resented it seems like she was. As gracious as she was tough when it comes to some things and I heard the word tough Stewart's tough loss come up. A couple of times with people we're talking about a Barbara Bush you want a passed away yesterday. If you do majorities of the comet this afternoon about anything we talk about our numbers 2601 a seventy. Every coach 5042601. Ace every text embers 87870. Coming up a war talk about the captain of the Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty. Who is being called a hero. Engine blew. Exploded near and about 3132000. Feet. She brought the plane down safety one person died because they were near the window that. I was blown out because of the shrapnel or some kind of equipment that come from the explosion the engine. So wanna talk about that will also talk about what the passengers were saying. About the is near death experience many of them tell stories about how they thought they were gonna die. And have you ever had a near death experience. We'll talk about that when we come back here's a song for Barbara Bush and its sudden great song called don't. Holes in the Florida and I'm Scooter Libby back WL. The passengers on nets cost flight to thirteen eighty Southwest Airlines senator card from LaGuardia to to Dallas. Are describing the cast and as I hero. As she's a former ace navy pilot to Tammy Jo Schultz 56 years old she maintained her com. And it very methodical fashion she landed the Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 safely. One passenger did die after an engine exploded in flight it 3132000. Feet. And blew out a window. The woman was partially sucked out of the window from there to the suction. And pullback in by ten or she. Did not survive. I harrowing experience. For everybody on board and and if you if flown you can imagine what that would be I can and maybe you've been on a plane where there's been a and incidents and you were very very concerned. But imagine this your parent explosion. Yurt 3031000 feet you heard this explosion. There's a crash through window there's so that at some point you realize there's an opening in the plane. Whether you know if you're up front are not near the window you might know it's just a hole and in the side of the plane whether to wind orders a hole in the side. You're you're getting word that somebody was bush sucked out of it. And the oxygen mask come down because at that point the airplanes connect immediately boost pressure. And the plane starts descending rapidly. Now the plane wasn't crashing at that point but I guess there's no way of knowing. I'm surprised the captain didn't come on and say hey I've I've got an descend in a hurry that was part of the procedure. Getting down as quickly as as possible so there was no danger. Because of these the rapid descent but you know you you heard this explosion there's a hole in the plane there's this rapid descent. You know you might get the sense that the that the pilot has lost control complaint. Mean that would not be a far stretch from from what she might feel and think at the time. Passengers were. Contacting their loved watching. One person I'm sad that he he actually while the plane was was descending rapidly. As scared as he was. He putting years. Credit card information. And got got Wi-Fi on the plane at that moment on the plane was which was heading down. And wanted to go on FaceBook and and send a message to his family and friends and his. His coworkers. I've got a text here that said would you consider yourself a hero. Just because. You're doing your job. I mean I get that mentality. I get that. But there are times that we do our jobs. And there are moments when. In the course of doing those jobs. There can be heroic action now if you don't wanna think this woman is a hero this is America. Q you can think that. But I think this woman is a hero. And it also goes to show you. Did in the beginning different they were men go I don't know man who a woman pilot of a mile long time ago there were people who question whether not a woman could handle this. And a woman dead she's a Foreman in navy ace pilot. And she knew exactly what to do she made the right decision in in a crisis not everybody makes the right decisions. Even though you're trained to do the right saying not everybody does the right thing therefore I think it's okay to call this woman. I hero. Tammy Jo Schultz 56 years old captain Steve Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty do you think it's okay to color hero. And also have you ever had a near death experience. I can think of maybe two. If you wanna join us with your comment. Our numbers 2601 a seventy if if you've had a near death experience are few pure in a situation where you thought you know I don't know. I may die. We're was it. When did it have to. 26 L one a seventy. Every code 5042601. Ace every text numbers 87870. Here's what the air captain sounded like once the air once the Internet exploded. This is what she sounded like when she was talking to air traffic control. That's certainly won't let them have been powered by a good. So it can go in and befriending other. And. And she sounded really. Really calm and you know you're supposed to become but that does it mean everybody is could be com. And remember. Sully did visit the pilot who flu that time it was an American not American it was sire. I forgot the name of the airline to get the airliner wise sports or he'd he'd landed that plane safely in the Hudson River. And that he was he was a hero to. And and he just did that perfectly you know if that play if that plane it was a US Airways flight US Airways flight is that jet had come in. He he he lets see how to books willingness. Sully our hold the plane back just before the plane landed on the on the river. And he pulled that back sort of we stall and almost flopped down on the river. Because if he would've just gone in straight the engines hitting the water critter rip the wings often could have been a whole different scenario. So I consider him to be hero as well. And I understand that you know we do our jobs and has sometimes we do an extraordinary job but even police officers. Even firefighters. Are singled out as being heroes at times even though they're just doing their job. So I think it's really unfair for somebody to even suggested well she was just doing her job but again. You know that kind of mentality makes people feel good about themselves. Have you ever had a near death experience. That's a party must opinion poll 50% say no 50% say yes you wish your opinion by going to our web site to be if you don't talk comp. Here's a Texas says psalm I had a gun put to my head on two occasions being mugged my life literally flash before my allies both times. And you know when I was mugged and attacked in the CBD. I I didn't shy of feel like I was gonna die. I did I consider that to be a near death I thought I was gonna end up in the emergency for me as some injuries I had. Abroad broken tooth and I was scuffed up a little bit. But I really never thought that saw I was gonna lose my life but there have been two of the times in my life when you know I wasn't sure if I was gonna. If I was gonna make it through office. Have you had a near death experience and is it okay to call this this pilot. A hero. I think it is we'll get to your calls on the come back right after produce our numbers 2601870. Every coach 504260187. Your text number is. 817 a Stephanie I'm screwed and overcome and back when WL. And we'll dedicate this song to former ace navy pilots Tammy Jo shields 56 years old is she was the captain on a Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty. It experienced an engine blowout. So they lost one engine those so those planes and and and all of those suits for mention I just like dad are designed to fly only on one engine. So that was an eternity for the danger the danger was in the damage that was caused the fuselage as a result of the the explosion. I'm here's a text that says some her skills as a pilots are what saves the lives of her and those passengers she's a hero in every meaning of the word. Here's a text that says I'm starting to see the conspiracy theories saying. That the only death was a VP of Wells Fargo a big bank and so it was planned. I'm not laughing at her death comes laughing at the stupidity. I mean this stupidity. Of conspiracy theorists are just it's an absolutely amazing. So I suggested it in a text early on in the show. That this woman was just doing her job she should be cult hero I think she is. Our hero and if he left had a near death experience a first report Sean you're on WWL. It's scary that is broken and it better angered experience on ice cool. Friend Oman and I decided it was raining really hard we're gonna get on ran out into a drainage. We got actually a doctor temperature right now but it. Anyway we got man and the water was going so fast and will come and under underground on the road. And there are three channels were banner on the left and right. I yelled that Tom didn't go to the center one look at those. It's who are over and it would twenty foot drop on the other side of underpass out there and struggle and art came up then. In that go into a church it was right there couldn't bond army in the air and called our report meant without him downstream but it we would have gone on X yeah. We would have been killed totally stupidity good. But when you were in a situation goes you you had a sense that you could die. Oh shoot I was under the water alarms going down to all our struggle and struggle and struggle there and they're not like just relax and let it carry you. You don't carry million and the town library there don't strain but not probably what he. Are trying to assess the right thing to do you know people get caught in an advertised on on the Gulf Coast and they they panic and they fight it and that's when they end up standup drowning. I junior on WW a good afternoon. Mike's story it was governor Rod Stewart Cutler. And this kind of different bumped and bumped in the mean that it might in my life that time and job. On the ground I'm I'm Scott Ottawa should realize yet again. And it happened so quick I didn't realize. I Asia in the back and enact missed his spinal chord here by inches. I'm thankful to god and still locker still alive. I thought about twenty some years ago. So at the moment you were shot Jim you had distorted do you buy dot. I don't know what I was sank in I mean I hate to admit district don't have a funny I. Clinic like I still excited followed down after Interpol has done and made her realize that I have been shot slightly down. And there are ample well my shirt and a funny thing about it or my favorite shirt something of myself Ullman in a room a bachelor. And they've acted and shot. You know it's it's interesting how home it's interesting how we think about terrorists who those things on what we think about in. It may be that's the way our mind works we go to something so simple because it's. It's such a serious thing that we. We think about something so simple as I just ruin my shirt maybe that's a way of the human brain. Not focusing on news that really fit the real danger. Into this thankfully god is still be alive and. Jim on the ledger a stewardess. Have you had a near death experience. That's a pretty must opinion polls 70% say no but 30% say yes give your opinion Michael underwear of such of your bureau to account. Just had a call from reporter remember once I was on a flight from. Mobile. Two Dallas. And we had engine trouble. And so we were gonna put down in which report. And I'm thinking okay I'm just not sure. I'm not sure what kind of qualify your mechanics aren't the airport in Shreveport they can take care of this plane and fix it so you take back off. And go to Dallas. Here's a text it says so not a former navy ace she still list. I guess that she's a former navy pilot so when sure Nace you're always in days so I understand that point if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Harry code 5042601. A seventy text number State's 7870. This afternoon we are remembering former First Lady Barbara Bush and also we're are thinking about this captain of the Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty who. In the opinion of passengers and me she was a hero in getting that flight down after an engine exploded. At over 30000 feet. There was a retired nurse on board she tried to say the woman who lost her life we'll tell you about that. When we come back under your bureau. Have you ever feared just. The reaper. Have you ever had a near death experience. We're talking about this because so many of the passengers on that Southwest Airlines flight two with a exploded engine yesterday they made the emergency landing in Philadelphia. Talked about how they thought they we're gonna dot. They hear an explosion. Aloud noise. The engine explodes those on the the left hand side of the plane would actually have been able to see it if you're close to the injured could see what had happened. And not only that but something shrapnel or whatever came from the engine. Some pieces of the engine and then hit the window and knocked the window out pulling a lady out. And she was pulled back in. And then suddenly. The pilots. Rapidly dissents. So you hear an explosion there's a hole in the side of the plane and suddenly the plane starts to descend rapidly which was part of protocol. Descending rapidly. But the passengers to no time. And a lot of thought they were gonna die. There was a registered nurse Peggy fillets or she's retired are registered nurse on board the flight. And she said there was a lot of chaos there Tom a lot of people were upset that noise Dave Russia fair. And she said that this this woman that the top half upper torso. Was out of the window. So this plane is going. I would say at least. 45500. Miles an hour at that point I mean it's it's descending so maybe it's 5550. She's hanging out the window. And there was a lot of blood. On his some shrapnel. Hit the window knocked it out she was sucked out from from the suction. They performed CPR on her continued for doctor twenty minutes while they were landing. And I'm sure there was no announcement on these are returned your tray tables and seat actions ever upright position I don't think they were worried about that at all. On this side nurse said that they used to defibrillator while they were landing. Are working on her and everybody had on an oxygen mask because the oxygen masks came down as soon as soon as it were to go out in the cabin lost pressure. Up from home Gary here on WWL. Afternoon scooter don't do during. What I am did you know Arnold capital which don't talk about. Back in. An hour. Pat did the Euro and and one now Oca I was an extreme pain theater group in court on it 10. Rain into double of the bedroom normal or go follow him. During an amber and they'll oh. And it did get on. And they've found that pain at Tupelo that ruptured and they both male and Koppen and earn it green or. And we are urged. Well at at what point we really concerned that you might not come out of it or were well are concerned. We're actually went went out woke and I could not get a court on it. And that casino and something extremely all you wanna promote open a biblical call him. And I remember off the market back in for the Bane of the year in what. And I remember right in the gambling at the hospital. And you're right no detail concrete wrote. Bo Bo Bo at the big market up all of that they'll all it would hurt. And I knew with the match. Weren't they talking to you in the the ambulance. I don't Ollie ever remember it back when he got to opt out. There was some question in our. Trying to answer could mean in all opinion called you homer. And it collapsing or remember Woodstock and the doctor. Gary quite right you're okay and I sure where this so this afternoon here on WWL. Here's text that says so when I was sixteen I nearly drowned in lake party train in my life flash before my allies. My cousin saved me but not before I nearly drowned us by pushing him down to raise myself up out of the water means that that happens. So I mean that might cause some people to not even wanna try to save him because the Tennessee is to you know use that person as a bully your substantive you know that lifts you lets you open. And push them down. I was in New York City and in 1996. And should my girlfriend at the time I had a convention there and I was on a flight. Flash and don't have time to hear how I'll tell on the other side of this soon on the other side of this break. But it did this was one of the moments when I really wasn't sure if I would survive tonight. So all of this should make us think about that Tim McGraw song you got to live. Like you were diet. You know so often have people or are talking after they have a near death experience about all the things they wanted to do. Maybe we should all try to do that every day. I'm scoots. And believe that kind of if you don't. Yemen you gotta get out and live life. Mentioned yesterday that this is one of my favorites are a bunch over songs because of a message shipments it's my life it's it's now or never you know you get out and and and live your life. We're talking about sort of the hero who where's Syria and a captain aboard DSL first airlines like thirteen eighties it successfully landed the plane went person died. Because she was partially sucked out of the window a pullback in which she did not survive. But it in my opinion disown this is casting a Tammy Jo Schultz 56 years old former navy pilot is a hero apparently I'm getting some tax year correcting me. Now I picked this up from a from a story and apparently it's fake news the issue was an ace. Because aces a technical term for having shot down a certain number of enemy planes. And remember this drawing up for a fight my dad and him talking about World War II. So you know you're just on an ace pilot if you're a great pilot in and maybe this article has something to do is just making it seem like she was she was a great pilot. So yeah. In 1996 I'd thought I was gonna die. Mean I thought it would sixers tonight there was a blizzard in New York in my girlfriend's state as a hotel and I was headed back to New Orleans to get back on the air. I was in Newark Airport. I was on the plane for five hours. It was snowing. We finally got out to the end of the front. And we're about to take off. And I really thought I was gonna die I got this we're not gonna get off to ground. Armory just around and crash. At that point they decided they could not keep. The snow off the wings long enough for Stephen take off. So we were back to the terminal. So the first time that night I thought I was gonna die it was because I thought we were gonna take off. Then getting back to New York City. I had to go back to New York City and then take a ferry across back to we talk in New Jersey which is where we overstating and in a hotel. And there was no phone service. New York City where is desolate. There was nobody around. And like I did catch a bus from Newark Airport to Grand Central station. Nobody around. And a walking around thinking somebody. Courage. I attacked me and I would never know I again not because of the circumstances of nobody being around it trying to. Wait desperately for this period it would take you back across the river. In 1996. Iron released sought to I was not gonna make it and unfortunately for many have you. I did. Okay Nikki Haley has so fired back at the White House and I applaud her for standing up to the president will talk about that. And cellphone use while driving when we come back. On Debian bureau.