The Barataria Report

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, August 12th

Captain Theophile report from down in the bayou.


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And I'll Louisiana man reporters brought to each week but flam ball outdoors the makers of those storm front too because teal season coming up also zeros tackle box that anti rust protection. Then make the tough trainers that make an outside the box since 1947. And remain in the US they would have built to finish. Built to last debt until they go bowling squad joins us now on captain till I don't know if you heard Robbie report but he said the ocean island is on fire. Three to five pounds speckled Trout common in the Jamaican flights out this week. Yeah and have a plan everyday. Animated ago shipment count bounce around on not on that Brett like that we're Portman this. Let me bring in outside which. That a is that it's been shot by. Which would mean Utah. I didn't catch a big maybe expound. On top which in a very mixed bag and right now averaging between audience XP child per flight. 23. Like county recorders to two and a half. In the winter that this year and you want that or Russia's effect bureau praise they arrows. It has ample. They have no way. And China eastern bigger it's impossible you know and they it is so stressed out or not the revival. Not a big job like that growth in the kitchen on images just part. You know this distant distant trains of thought on release in big south Trout number one certainly they've got the innate to become a big fish so you would like to have them reproduced. But the other side of the coin is that slight Littman grandma goal reproduce as opposed to. Seventeen you know the Euro really it really is true is this so much more prolific in the small officials will 1213 inch are females could do the numbers but. It's certainly good when you see a 67 plus pound Trout cells on the could you know she and the potential. Those the lakes that we will be big Trout two's is kind of mixed reviews on metal that weighs. Yeah no. Doubt about it is that in the big shout yeah page you say no way out and think he now. Now below female that they can debris pattern. Out of the road that you know. So I. You know has arrested after catching Graham on Trout that'll that'll on Internet at eight or eight done. They read about it but it will move us people. Keep. You know I expect it. Oh what's gone on not close at home about most homes. All right this and these become out here by cage so yeah you're in a huge break. My buddy Mike crops they hadn't been that mean he's not older clients many I had he was originally going to bury here. Now you cold symptoms of H he's been along than anybody else on the or years. Oh yeah had enough you. The right thing that could write ago. You know note. To claim. Man that Guinea he would opt for arraignment in years ago. And years ago rappers not a real. Crap about tradition that. Did it technically is now. We owe a debt and then metro sexual fish bowl but now beyond the copilot are out here. Big boat and that we don't we have yet Batman and is though. Net view it in and make come on him we try to. Bishop. But and likes 1617 and his partner you can and I bananas mine. They've been eaten them on. And being famous breakfast probably would not vote and have a partner may work more as an adult and and to top four small. Just going to be the big vicious mind and non China even government actually in Italy about these chips a year. Well auriemma has garbage bag today and rain in the forecast. And pop up somewhere. As move in Hamlet that. Is that it at least being now and value. Note don't like Adobe. Look at the radar you know. But about it that would impact the chip ideas and that it genius. So Russia grants in Yugoslavia. And at that beware you know. And then has been really you know moderate pitched in a base South America are paid to bite your autopilot. At around and stuff. Right now as you know tiger so you know right now it's really new and yet happened in late cocky and the right now and this. So you read it in good about most when it. To ban in China cannot get to London and Greece and it was just happens how to cash in big app order he was wrong on that. I don't know among our money we don't have them on into Europe and target you know as you know though. Knew about it in the like that you you that though it would. Be. You know do reject it and put it that motivations that beat. You know us civil loaded and ours Trout Carol outsmart yeah suspicion that this. Will be in Asia probably China. I mean that it's mutated is down. I'm next and then you faced them up on that yet and that it's legal ones so. Again it's now beaten and it still you know sequence and a ten Libyan very dot but at this year's you know across the polar. So meet an opponent innuendo. New this is about a year on army that would compliment not catching pitched. An issue. Yeah I Jozy. Those smaller and ultimately this column Michelle. Rob at the that and the mayor of new on this. These of these rant we like. The final hole a prequel and I've excellent blog it gives Egypt each pocket book now. Natalie that. And pay that man who appears terms which every two the expiry. I'm doing now open at Indian people active and we get an advance has pretty cool. As. Cuban literature and not Asian check it out and he went back. You take it inspectors we. I'm recovering well action on an activist we got the Louisiana writers association convention this bunch of awards to prison for each year it comes. I'm O'Connor recover Lyndon 6000 miles long last week moon what a great wind messed you up there Ryan kept Brian lamb but he's come on ladies don't Anchorage would moment. We had a great time that you need come next. You know there are you need to make him in May act and now. You could not get it looked like. No it's a nice. At that point and look at him. And then. And goes out Louisiana man and kept until feel bush Glock coming back I'm gonna attack on my text messages you got time to get me 1870870. Too late and asking that like Salvador is on he would have mentioned it if it was though for the text that I wanted to know that. Back when that right after this you are listening to the out doors would down to new radio network.