Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

Wednesday, January 3rd

Who is more to blame for screwing up America – the Baby Boomers or Millennials? Which generation is more to blame for America’s problems – Baby Boomers or Millennials? Full 2 pm hour.


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It is another chilly afternoon this Wednesday January 3 and much of the country is in a deep freeze right now and an unbelievable that. A lot of people like commits parachute along editor of the coastline of Louisiana woke up to snow. Snowing in Tallahassee and meat thing just really someone usual places have been getting snow John wicca are shooting a producer told me during the break. Dad to ESPN. Here's predicting the saints. Will win two we'll get to the Super Bowl to play the patriots. And the Bleacher Report is predicting the saints will make it to the Super Bowl. To play the Steelers. ESPN and the police reports. Have a lot of confidence in the saints the sort of why I'm sure you do as well but. You know this is going to be really interesting to 22 to watch on. And I was kind of disgusted after the saints lost to tape the box for the more I hear about. How they lost to needy lie they lost. It seems like this team was really holding back. And they were doing anything special to win the game the same happened to win okay but. It was in a really big deal to an end down now that you you kind of analyze that the situation you can't help but realized it was not a big deal and this may be the best course of action. So playoffs start this weekend in the Mercedes-Benz superdome at 340 kick off the saints. And the Panthers now whatever you do it if you go to the dome. Whatever you did before the falcons game do what again. Go there early getting your seat early be loud I told you about my experience at that Atlanta game. Anyways it it had playoff implications. But it was also the falcons that was the wildest game I personally have ever been to in the dome and I've been to some wild winds. But he was unbelievable from beginning to end and we definitely had an impact the interesting thing about the crowd being extra noisy. Is that Cam Newton and the Panthers they play in the dome every year. So they're familiar with sad venue. So if we are suddenly louder than we usually are the -- withdrawal mall. And you know that when we Newton gets thrown off. He's off. When he starts to get frustrated with the himself. It's a beautiful site. He starts flail all over the place so. You know get in there. Get in the air and and you know and to do what you did last time getting your seat early and make some noise. I'm gonna give you a chance to defend your generation. I read an article that is from a millennial. It blames the baby boomer generation for screwing up America. Who is more to blame for screwing up America baby boomers from illegals. And what are by gen X and gen Y. US like there's debate each and her baby boom generation and then there's all these other generations. Younger. And the baby boomers are very proud of who they are. It did baby boomers grew up America are gonna get to that here in just a moment if you're just tuning in. One of the big stories today and is our president trump saying that he is is bigger than Kim Jung on its. His button that the nuclear button that he can push she says is on his desperate dissembling or status of that is just. That Angus that was just his way of saying I can push the button but he doesn't have blood on his desk. But he says that his button is bigger than Kim Jung dunks and wonders to sister some kinda continuing metaphor from the campaign about how. Size. Really matters Sophie going to serve BBC correspondent in Seoul Korea and she talked about from street. We had the best real response from president trump he tweeted that I've got to box and it the biggest box and and it will. Nobody got eighty I think taken on the greens that were despite potential lowering. And the international skid but still tension in backs it up just like they well we're going through 2017. And you know what when you get to be the president's age addition have to throw in that part is still works and it works. Because you know us sometimes app after a certain point it your button doesn't work like he used to I I I guess this is all I can. This is all I can I assume from this also another interesting story developing this morning. Comedy into this afternoon here's a president trumped. Dashing. Steve Dan. You know how it's like they had this romance going on won't that's pretty much over. A book is come out and Steve Bannon. Iran has said some things and and and and president trump has set some stuff. And now it's coming out the president trump says Steve Ben and never had any influence on him what so ever. Hard to police. Just reporting what what is consent. And Steve Vann says that that meeting at trump tower but the Russian. Was treasonous. So. I can't I can't make this stuff up. I get to work every day Ed and there's just something just knew when it in some ways unbelievable. You know for those of you who voted for the first time. It's not always as exciting you know sometimes somebody becomes president in. You know. There are ups and downs but it's not this exciting all the time so. You know don't get spoiled don't get too used to it could this not gonna be like this all the time but it sure is like that right now. So I I read this article from hi Sean healing and he's with the website far vox VOX box dot com. And in this article he says Ed article is titled how the baby boomers not millennial was screwed America. The article starts off with the boomers inherited a rich. Dynamic country. And it gradually bankrupted it. The article is about. The baby boomers bashing colonials. Went on when he'll say it's really the baby boomers thought. Here is so part of a comment from I'm Bruce give Blake Chris give Lee is an author and he wrote a book recently about. The baby boomer generation. And he says stats on damage has been done to the social fabric. And that's pretty self haven't. The boomers inherited this rich dynamic country. And it gradually bankrupted it they habitually cut their own taxes and barred money without any concern for future burdens. They spent virtually all of our money and assets on themselves. And in the process has left a financial disaster. For their children. Our public education system has steadily degraded as well forcing middle class students to bury themselves in debt. In order to get a college. Education. Politicians. Respond to the most important part of he electorate and that has been boomers for decades. But as you know that's changing because there and are now more moment heels then there are boomers but when you when you mature. When you're older. Senior citizens have have historically. Been more consistent voters than any other demographic. So combined. Baby boomers with becoming senior citizens and you gotta really really strong voting bloc in baby boomers however. If Moline meals decided to get off there. Their butts and and vote and and I see a lot of colonials becoming politically active. If they would do this then they would have a bigger impact on politics then perhaps. They think. There's also criticism are from Bruce give glee of boomers' growing up in a time of an in erupted prosperity. And it was a massive push to privatize gain. And socialize risk. For big banks. And financial institutions quite you know we can simplify this a little bit. Are you proud to be a baby boomer. Are you proud to be millennial. And very quickly let's go over the at the dates baby boomers or those born between 1946. And 1964. The of The Beatles can. Generation X. came next that's a generation born between 1965. In 1984. Generation Y. This is the mid seventy amid the some overlapping here this is mid seventies. To the mid 2000 S. Millennial so are about 1982. To 2002. So. Where do you fall in this. And what is it that your most proud about your generation for. Baby boomers have definitely. Made their mark on society. In in in a lot of ways and in in pop culture. So we'll talk about that but I don't like to talk to you if your baby boomer Generation Y. or millennial. What is it that you are proud of your generation four and is the criticism whether you're a baby boomer or Melinda is criticism of the millennial generation is that fair. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601870. Tech's number a 7870. Here is a Texas says is god save the country if Maloney heels had any major say in any saying. They're all useless individuals. Come on your millennial what do you say to that. You got to take that. You know that is exactly what my parents generation set about us the baby boomers. God save this country if they have control of any thing. I'm scoots for coming right back on WL. I here's a premise of this movie vishay missing succumb and this was very indicative of the mentality of the baby boomer generation when it was young. A celebrity. Rock story. Became president of the United States. And he immediately. I could be a little take on this but this is my recollection. He immediately had everybody over thirty put into concentration camps because they didn't trust anybody who was over thirty. Mick Jagger at one point even said I don't wanna live past thirty. That was the mentality. The jagr is what 71. He's a great grandfather. And a recent father that's a story for another show but I'm. That this was the whole mentality that. And so. There's a young generation now. The doesn't trust the establishment. That's us the baby boomers. Do they have. A concern for what we've done for. The country. If you're a baby boomer are you proud to be a baby boomer and if so why. If you're millennial. Is the bashing of the millennial generation fare. Ted again I'm gonna repeat that attacks in or register a moment ago. Texas god save the country if millennial had any major say in any saying they're all useless. Individuals. If you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601870. Text 87870. After Slidell David welcome to show. Every racecar. You know they can say what they want. Look I'm sure. And I work with young people all the time and all he wanted to do. I recommend more and the copy autonomy this honorary well over night. They failed cellphone all of we get people legally. Couched in talk on the shelf on May not be considered doing things are supposed to do. Did great takes responsibility. It's become an electronic or rule you know and but it's a physical thing to go to work. And and and that's the thing is there's Dave there's no pride in anything anymore we do it. I remember when cared so artwork. Condition callers and bill. And things were built well even even. The women would when you me or an air war and the women would work in the factories in you know and. Well that was more that was more pre baby boomer generation. Yeah it would yeah. Under same and remember those things that welcome RB sixty fortune. And and so. I still remember those things when people took part and there is no pride no borders no Sherry and hey I'd go to war and work NATO and I only work radio. They should have him you know I'm slayer it's just it's sort of outlaw. Contact with that conscious. David are part I appreciate your insight and and that's another part of this conversation what experience do you have if you're millennial or our gen X or gen Y if you're younger than the baby boomer generation. What are experienced do you have working with a baby boomers. Are they exceptional. What is your view of the politics of the baby boomer generation. Which is really. Defined much of toed the world that we live in today. Because we are now the establishment. And if you're a baby boomer. What your experience and your impression of the politics and just the the do the work ethic and can commitment. Of millennial or younger generation. If you wanna join us our numbers 26 so when he seventy Marchex is a 7870. Here's a Texas says mom look how far we've brought social justice women's rights. And more equality for all. I'm confident in saying most baby boomers. Are racist. And most small meals are not. Is that true. I think there's something to say for that I don't know about most cassettes over 50%. But that's one of the things it is always embarrassment about my generation. Is. This was a generation meat do you remember some of the songs. From the rock musical hair. Some of the songs about equality. The songs about just. This acceptance of people for who they are not what they are. Baby boomers fueled the debate the hysteria over same sex marriage like Alex can't have this. What happened that generation. At one point was not good a judge somebody based on their sexual orientation. That generation was not equity charge based on skin color. But that generation has. Has has created a lifestyle. Out of judging and and and condemning others. And I realize you get older and you and you learn things. But do you give up your total philosophy of of what life was I know what I guess I'm just curious as to why so many baby boomers are so. Judgment on what will what does that teach your friend enough. Are you afraid of losing the power. As you have. And the we come back I want to talk about a couple things that may be very proud. About my generation. And yes we did a lot but it came it to social justice when it came to women's rights and equality in general. But there were a lot of people working against that as well. If you Ron Paul like a tear calls here just a moment also ordered two more you're text. Our numbers 2601870. Text number 87870. We're talking about who has contributed more to America I mean obviously baby boomers have been here longer. But normally deals degeneration and used to be bashed. If you think about it. The baby boomer generation which is now of the establishment. Has had a tremendous impact on this country a lot of waste some of the good some of it not good. Think about how you can Wear jeans. Blue jeans jeans you you can Wear jeans almost everywhere now. In even most fancy restaurants. You can go injuries. That did not used to be the case in fact I remember there was a time that did done the hot nightclub 4141. Uptown saint Charles in mylan. 4141 did not allow either going to get jeetz. And it's a great story about Led Zeppelin saying in in New Orleans between show his. And they show the 4141 wearing jeans. That would limit. So. Baby boomers are generation set this standard because being genes are close up I'm wearing jeans right now. Gee is there for a were part of our generation so our generation made it acceptable to Wear jeans almost everywhere. And I guess were the ones to blame for known genes costing up to 300 bucks now we can find those expensive ones but. You know who would've thought that appeared geez would cost 34500 dollars also I'm proud of my generation. I'm for the music that we can we brought to world. You know my parents heard The Beatles. And my dad was really into the big band sound effect he was in he was a drummer singer and I'm not a big band called the ambassadors. I hear New Orleans sooner years ago. When he was younger and he was into the big band sound he sought The Beatles were a joke. He said that's you know that's not really singing it's not real music I mean only play a couple of chords. What really scared me and woke me up was in the mid ninety's well early to mid nineties about 9093. When I heard my generation describing the grunge sound in the same way that my parents describe The Beatles sent. That's not really music they're not really singing to only playing a few courts. That was haunting to me. And something you wait a minute. This is and hypocritical to not recognize how significant this music. Really has. I'm also proud of of Mick Jagger and and Rod Stewart and Stephen Tyler. And the many rock stars who are still perform in Chicago it is going to be coming to this anger theater. On this spring. I saw Chicago dear but what a year or so ago unbelievable. It's great to see these guys still doing it in some cases girls still doing it. So you know we never stop rocket. And my dad in my eight my parents' generation they thought The Beatles were passing fat. Well quite often I see. Multi generations. At concerts. I see parents there with their kids that would would would my generation have wanted to go to a Patti Page or Dean Martin concert with our parents. No are you today it might be fun to go if Dean Martin was still like to go CD market perform but at the time we totally rejected the music of our parents. And there's there's such. A bridge between generations when it comes to rock music today so that says a lot about the music. A from locked port Julie here on WWL good afternoon. I'll post and never should like you know what what I was saying the name of this movie was the shape of things to come. It it just it didn't sound right to me and I got a text you're telling me the movie was called wild in the streets. The song we shape of things to come that's right thank you for correcting me on that. I was saying that the movie the sheepishly and simply just didn't didn't seem right so let's. Discussed here is some are pretty Jack what people and can't keep saying that but it's now the pretty must've opinion poll. Which generation is more to blame for America's problems baby boomers or millenniums. Division opinion Michael to our web sites WWL. Dot com. And you know I think you amoled heels are still relatively new they're not part of the establishment. So they can only have had so much impact. So in a lot of ways it makes sense for baby boomers to have more of an impact on. The country good or bad I've been millenniums but I do hear this journal bashing and Belinda I'm gonna texture to this figure for this text. This person says listening with my millennial daughter she agrees. She city small meals are in charge. We are all screwed. Well that's interest in coming from a Melinda. And then it got another text here that. Am. Says as a millennial I just want this statement taken off my generation. Because to put everyone in the same category. Is stupid. If you wanna join us for your millennial baby boomer. GNX Jim why it is really comes down to either Europe baby boomer or you're younger than the baby boomer generation because that seems to be a big conflict. If you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Record 5042601. A seventy text a 77. Remember the first time we heard your product. I mean I loved it. But remember the first time a lot of people her drug that's music. Mean it was a joke that they had monitors on their Qatar don't let him know forgot to close to the melody so they can deviate away from the Middle East could help. I I'm just I love the rebellious herself and it. But they generation that was the establishment said the same thing about tri nation that my parents' generation set about The Beatles and the British invasion. I'm skewed to hang on to be right back on WL. With your generation who are you. Are you the stereotypes do you fit the mold of the stereotype for are you different whether you're a baby boomer gen X gen YR or millennial. Here's a text proud to be a Jew an excerpt and never give plane for any thing and we've accomplished the most technically. I Juli runs every have you on good afternoon. Hello Julie it. Yes I can. Sorry about cancer and can personally say that put an outright as a baby boomer Hong. And I. Although I do I agree with some of the things that he's got a they as we've done good things we've done not that good things. Are the ones I am hurt you say. And and it's only because I'd take responsibility. As I have millennial daughter I think our generation. Kind of law. What the generation before us pat in rearrange our children. Could be com. Something. We. Cry. With. You know thanks for men with grateful meant Swiss appreciation. Of certain things and I think that's another have to take the responsibility. Of where those little needle you are in what they think. Because we agree to. I agree but I I've also got an agency text here that says and the baby boomers' parent sorts faltered they lived through the depression. They're the ones that started the welfare mentality where the government takes care of everything went baby boomers added to. It is always somebody else's fault. So where's my lawyer I'm like you a late baby boomer. You know so I you know the country in which we grew up pin it was was pushed prosperous it would you know through the the the sixties that the late fifties and and and sixties. This was such a prosperous. Country. That as a as a as a baby boomer generation we reaped the benefits of that. Well me and it's just true and I don't know we're. Was law. In what you know at what point did we start losing. Prosperity. And you know becomes something. You know different. Somewhere down the line they're response from them would be bored I'm not saying everybody I'm not saying that one generation. Yeah Morse code and the other. But I think it's a personal responsibility. Of the people. You're paralyzed in and rearing them and were not village anymore. You know. It's tea or whatever we we're individuals. We're you know ourselves where what can we have more than what someone else as. And that's just what I see. Yeah I think it's a good point Joey I appreciate you calling her a happy new year. You know part of this article that I read about. Millennial Los a blaming boomers for the problems in America. Tom was about this this idea is that. That the baby boomer generation was a very selfish. Self centered generation it was. What we could have you know I I I guess one of the real ships came in the well I guess it was around 1980. It was the baby boomers have elected Ronald Reagan. And this generation that had been a very liberal generation back in the sixties. An early seventy's. This is a generation that started to gain wealth they started to have. Better jobs. Has started to have families. There was a mass exodus to the suburbs because you can have a bigger house in the suburbs. And that had its its own effects on the entire generation. But this idea of fun of millennial minimalist or baby boomers going from being. What would be considered a very liberal generation to a very conservative generation is it is true. And and sings that we're not in things that we're not important suddenly became important to that generation. Like having a better car I'm doing better than your neighbors distance competition of being better than somebody else making us better than somebody else. Where is which part of what fueled the conservative movement back in the in the eighties. If your whole stay when this if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601878. Tex is a 7870. I wanna continue this this conversation into the next hour as well because what we're we're just really just starting to get into this idea of of of generations. And the impact they have had and why they've had certain impacts on. The different heiress are related. Baby boomers on the art the second largest generation now we used to be the largest now millennial Los outnumber baby boomers if millennial voted. And baby boomers voted in the same numbers of bomb of a percentage wise then and but many holes could vote out baby boomers and political office. I'm stood we'll be right back on debit bureau. Here's an update on our ready Mazda opinion poll which generation is more to blame for America's problems baby boomers hormone when Il's. 62%. Same O'Neal's. 41% say baby boomers give is your opinion at WW multi come from Metairie Mike welcome to the show. I drew good talk this time for a fast comment mourners. Yeah music teacher and you know in the sixties when it for the radio. You'd hear one station everything from band like Chicago so let's go up when two of the Eagleton. Tom alms even vote count was brought on one radio station perhaps things have gotten so segregated. Music lives. I don't know probably many generation other than radio stations themselves for Creighton his individualistic. You know exposure to kids you know what you want music on the radio and outdoor. In mean we we've definitely become a society a fan of niches you know if you look at the cable news channels it's all about niche marketing and it. And it wasn't just a radio stations that did and I understand the point you're making my. But it was that the audience that Tom Dick you know that won it more fun. A narrow focus. You know think about the variety via Salomon show the variety show died when baby boomers started to become a little bit more. I'm an in control so it really is the audience. That determines. What happens in entertainment. Will continue this conversation when we come back I'm scope ledger when this stay warm.