Attack of the Squirrels!

Wednesday, September 13th

Panic in the streets as squirrels run amock in Lake Vista!  What can this recent development in the squirrel-world teach us about how we treat threats in the human world.  Does one bad apple spoil the bunch or are we too quick to judge many by the actions of one?


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Today is goal blue Nolan day it is a date to recognize the work. NO PD officers say we have extended this to recognize a workable police officers everywhere. We had NO PD chief of Michael Harrison on the air for this earlier. And also I know Norman who is so now the host of the no Norman show right before our show from ten to one here weak case of Monday through Friday here WL. And called him back and now the officer we share the backe came in and I joined us and I asked both of them what's the most misunderstood thing. About being a police officer. And there was a common denominator with both of their answers. The police officers are human. And they make mistakes. Can they do have feelings. And there are bad cops. But most of them are good. And it's so easiest for it so easy for us to pass judgment. On all cops based on the bad cops and it's unfair to do that so I'm wearing blue today you you might see some blue ribbons on some of the buildings downtown. And a lot of people wearing blue today for gold blue note taped in New Orleans. But we've also talked about Kid Rock opening up the new little caesar's sports arena in Detroit British sports arena their that's his hometown. And there was controversy because said the group the National Action Network says. He's a racist because he had the confederate flag and is shows I don't remember that I guess this was in the past. I remember the American flag being very prominent in decades rock shows that I see you lasted a couple of years. And also the group criticized him for criticizing former NFL player Collin cavern it. Kid Rock says it's all because he's hinted that he's gonna run for the senate seat from his home state of Michigan says that's why there is a controversy. And our party general opinion poll question last hour was is there a difference from displaying the confederate flag at a concert. And displaying the flag on public property. 52%. Said no. The 40% said yes there's a difference. But there's something serious that is going on locally that. We have to talk about it. League Vista is a historic beautiful community in New Orleans. But recent events have residents on edge. Authorities are looking for two squirrels of interest. Following reports of unsolicited attacks on citizens. There's story was reported by Paul Murphy on channel four eyewitness series. It has sent a chilling reminder. Through the community play for us. That innocent citizens are now at risk. For random squirrel attacks. So brace and are these squirrels that two women report being attacked Sunday leading mass at saint Pius church. Relative of one of the victims said. Our family is in shock we always felt like we rented a peaceful community but not anymore. The two victims were not physically harmed but both appear to have to traumatized by attacks. Another resident can turn your forsee was physically attacked by a squirrel and actually bitten on the leg by one of the squirrels. He's undergoing a painful shots for rabies just in case. Authorities are hopeful to bite marks on the man's leg will be used to identify the squirrel responsible for the phone to attack. When innocent. Pretty innocent victims are randomly attacked by squirrels questions are raised about the squirrels. You know humans and squirrels have shared the same communities for ages. And when we innocent people are suddenly attacked that's sense of freedom to walk through one's own neighborhood is lost. Why do these squirrels attack. Obviously these squirrels have no respect for humans. They feel no remorse for their violent actions. Were they born this way when he racist way did they get into drugs and just go crazy. These are questions. That we all have been authorities who may be Walesa the questions what's attached to squirrels. The idea that squirrels are hiding in trees and pushers and watching us all the times is unsettling. To those who live in its coral prone areas of New Orleans. One resident to his sudden now afraid to walk outside reflected the feelings of many when he said. I know they're out there and they can see me but I can't see them it just makes me feel like I could be a victim at any time. Authorities are warning citizens not to engage with the squirrels because they are considered dangerous. It's sad to think that these adorable creatures with fairy tales living among us at least finally tendencies. And you know occasionally there's a plan to shoot all the squirrels but you know I'm that would be a lot of innocence corals die. They would be judged and they would be killed by the behavior of a few. And that's not what should happen in this country. The negative news coverage of two squirrels. Possibly three. Is causing squirrels in general to be stereotyped. These random attacks. Represent just a very small portion of the squirrel population. In America's have a tendency to judge an entire group. By the behavior of some and this is leading to a new hatred directed toward the squirrel population. Animal lovers are warning against judging all squirrel space in the behavior of a few. There are plans by one squirrel hate crew to call on May or lay untrue to remove any public replicas of squirrels in New Orleans. Also the group is demanding. Dead. The use of words. Involving squirrels be totally bent. For example. The group of citizens in order what's the password to be used. Day they're now saying that that would even include used in this sentenced the man was acting squirrelly. Attempts to ban all books about squirrels from preschool students is gaining momentum now. Even some of the classics are being considered. Like tickle the pet squirrel. The secret life of squirrels in the best selling book the tail of the squirrel nut. And there's even campaign. To ban all the reruns of rocky bullwinkle. I remained consistent with my police did banning books and banning cartoons. Is wrong the First Amendment protects even positive messages about squirrels. And history has taught us that stereotyping a species. Defies the diverse foundation upon which America was built. One expert says the squirrels. Attack the innocent bystanders. May have been influenced by their main source of food he simply said quote. They're nuts. If you would like to join us for the comment this afternoon on this very serious matter our numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601. A seventy at our text is 87870. There's a FaceBook video on concerning this matter. Under W if you already know that also on my FaceBook page scoot on the air our rusty here on WW well good afternoon. I'm going rusty at. Are blowing my grand. Yeah I mean the stance that sent. Yeah it'd it'd. Be. Live in the area you know these girls and that's why they've had they're used to being ahead. Somebody neighborhood Seton Wear them so just like the tour. And at least panel and it was in streak that. Didn't see on number two now. It was Asia a squirrel these four. OK come. On in. You just need to quickly. And it will not that they. But these are you on me because you know and he is somebody gonna need it would trade well. Yeah I you know I I you know sometimes reaction John McCain can relate to to problem trust EI I appreciate that information. I I've got a text here and this is this is part of the hate. And I'm not even gonna entertained us. And I'm gonna read you take. The Texas. What color on the squirrels. And it doesn't matter what color they are this is not about. Squirrel fur color this is about behavior. This is about these two or three squirrels at lake Vista who are attacking people it's not about judging all squirrels. If you've got a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. They're code title 42601. A semi or text is 87870. And don't. You hear a tape policy yeah I've got I've got a special song you know says we're talking about decency squirrels and eat a really this is consistent with to show. I just don't want a few squirrels to lead to the stereotyping of all squirrels. Because that's just not fair. Here's a special song that we found. For this hour of the show I'm scoots. Rebecca and every WL we're talking about squirrels attacking people in lake Vista and I've got a text here that says it and it's a serious side Mitch Maier Misch went through. Better do something about the squirrel crime before he decided before it gets out of hand I mean I I agree and I tell you we don't knee we don't need the mayor holding a press conference saying. On the squirrels attacking people enough is enough. Now mayor you have to address the real problem. Here's some text that says Saddam. It's good thanks for making me laugh. Has the same time thanks for showing how silly our society is today. Hash tag squirrels lives matter we'll hear on WW Miller good afternoon. In. Israel the problem. It's good ghost in the darkness. You got to score them that are you. Okay. And that. Like there. Because she can't judge a squirrel population based on the behavior are thrilled. You know. Could be secret in New York you know. Problems with scraps. Rigid. Score and Nate. Real gold. That. Honey squirrels are two pretty good neighbors rats. I mean they know they look like rats but the whole tale was the whole different that that long tail was a whole different thing. We elected described in this they come out there. I. You see her and that's an end and that's why there's so darn brazen. You know because again these women were attacks coming out of churches saint Pius you think that it if you live in lake Vista of a peaceful neighborhood you could come out of church and I worry about being assaulted by a squirrel. I'm from west we go Kevin you're on WWL. That's plural lives matter. To be expected that they Colin Powell has grown especially call up arms that they got they got that world. Helena. You know I I I agree with you Kevin I mean but see this is what happens in this country. You know we did you get a couple of squirrels on the news and everybody wants to judge all squirrels. By the behavior of a little squirrels. Here's a Texas says so squirrel season opens October the eleventh. Up from Metairie on your WWL. Tag that hey Bob I. Cotton eyed tree and it to a war and Travis squirrels nest. So. Rex. Has been and put it in the book. And put it in the box and then. Broaden its you know what those computer and so we're gonna how to camp called baby squirrels young. And I'm you know made pretty much resonance. I swear this is true and I've got to the poll out that says you have to massage square those gazprom's. As foolish those. Sit well. Ourselves squared to the squirrels in should put. And it's liberals hate. I'm done and that dead as to garage group. But I'm not doing I don't know where straw where it began. 00 yeah. Yeah I don't even know what that purposes Emmy and Tony I don't know its purpose. In life but I guess sentinel some people do this stuff you post. Taken score that is slow down and I would I would I like. I I used to stand up vibe I've I've died and I know a lot of people don't like to do that from comings and Eric you're on WWL. Eight. At Arkansas last Pollard went to go what oracle is. Just population out here yet this common world act in have been. Cause a disturbance in Portland but. Our world. Appliance world Alpine world all worlds meet their. Right the. It is true Erica I've I appreciate that and then you know if the grace girls squirrels are doing it then it's unfair to. Two to judge although the all the squirrels based on this this behavior do you it can even judge all gray squirrel with a can they were born that way were born great. Yeah I'm I'm getting some text you're about to buddy. You see that's just start to me that's just a name calling. On and we should not use the name of a squirrel on the insane I'm scoop will be back. And most disturbing to me is the young to hate that is now directed toward swirls so there are some on some hate groups one of the groups we're like Karl all the reruns of rocky and bullwinkle to be banned. Because squirrels serve of attacking people here's a Texas says so. That says so. Rubbing a baby squirrels. Genitals. Mimics the mom clinging. It helps the baby was a ball movement. Well I'm going to be honest with ya I've learned a hell of lot more about squirrels and their show that I ever saw there would Brent here on WW well good afternoon. Who I yesterday good. Any and organized org chart. Contacted. Not Bieber. Apart in the urban. Object and who. Lead it. Because I didn't believe it oh well why do you. That AW we need banners. Because it yeah it's it's really it's going to lead to the judgment and mistreatment of all squirrels just based on the behavior of a few. Correct Iraq cannot. Not all diet like Hitler you wrote world. Well I you know the news is not gonna focus on the normal squirrels a leader normal life you're gonna focus on the outrageous squirrels that are doing something and extreme. Correct I mean it had been anybody checked it there about you know whether ultimate nor. And a partner. I I do I don't you know Brett I I've I can't even answer that at this point I don't know for Morgan City I jog your WL. Eight it you can almost grow and secure the war in Syria. Well they will take every single one and even the even the violent winds. Where even the violence that but I would you have something world. And Europe or to. Squirrel just like but there's metal. We have over 2000 parts per million what they are well there aren't elected dog so my question with the ladies that. Got it or an object by every or what you know on. Did a perky. I'm sure they did they went to church younger buried in connection metal my wife and intrusion more thorough and accurate or name to it came program. For our doctors and that could be one in the Arab world are fighting squelch. Well I mean are we gonna half to are we gonna have to start talking about some kind of a squirrel repellent perfume or Cologne and where to protect themselves. Yeah you know it's early on it in Latin people about the plant's 33 reported that it had been waiting for you to crack up and I'm sure we were all of the cure you crackle pop up. Is that this is better than me a breeze. John I appreciate the comment yeah I mean it looked at I think it's it's just it's a great way to talk about this this country. And you know again as I sit in on the blog that I I wrote to and I mentioned it earlier. In this idea of banning rocky and bullwinkle or banning books like god I mean classics it hits have been reading for years. Tackles the pet squirrel. The secret life of squirrels. The tale of the squirrel nut at the show. These are classic works of art and I think the First Amendment protects these some. These books about squirrels are from dolce so say you're on WWL. As your Art Shell let's listen if let's and that's such restored to a couple things all a couple of I used to work for years ago on competent break in the morning we have one of my employees come on. He was on the complications. Here's come and pick up as very jerk. There weren't sure know what he had on social book where where grow. Yet the world as a true story. On the shoulders he came out and we will all all stop looking at this this little creature on the crucial crucial. And that just goes to show you how how calm calm as can be yeah. Such that state. All you haven't mentioned this to anybody so we kids. It's listening Epoch and the arts. Albeit on that some of the victims and like the stock to outperform by. If they have a chance to take all the owners album and maybe served so long for public and put audience wanted poster in the neighborhood. It all you know no. That's that's right and if we catch the bad when small then you know dale movie judge Jose I appreciate the comment. Here is a text. It's is. Wants to know whether or not these squirrels are local squirrels or have they come from outside the city because sometimes squirrels come from outside cities and the cause trouble. And it's not the local squirrels it's the outside agitators. To. The Korean all the problems. Here's a Texas says. Squirrels are great they taste good smothered in onions and bell peppers yeah I got a text earlier in the system the system. This is but political laden I know put on this a pop culture reference a cousin Eddie from their vacation movie see you know he eats pearls. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll after news of squirrels attacking citizens do you think squirrels will be negatively stereotyped. 55% say yes and 45%. Say no give us your opinion by going to our web site. WW real dot com. Here is so another text that says so. New movie coming out squirrel made whole or. You know I love this I love the saudis. Wholly the pit bull here on Demi WL. Yeah that Paul Bako and you know it will we got and where you've written and every. World. Com. You know maybe it would. Outward most news you know may be at. Work there. And you know you know markkaa. Who with a beautiful blue. If it was pretty aggressive and it. Pretty normal you know we live good. Job. Really good watchdog. Well it's just a case of the the the squirrels fall victim to peer pressure. You know what I think it is not an a study out how to you know completely. You know which well again I wouldn't do anything you know but yet we you know we started and where that group. Our. Well big enjoyment they will feel he arm again just wanted to get data out there. I I I appreciate the call in this setting the record straight on that here's a sex this says it's. It's all parenting. The mother squirrels at fault. Another Tex wants to know is New Orleans a squirrel Sanctuary City. Why are numbing number idea really controversial thing I mean you know again this girls come in from if they're not turned in you know they've. They might commit violent acts and ours our society our communities. If you're on hold hang. I love the fact there's so many of you get this show. We'll be back and there are you well. And something's going on in lake Vista as some people have been attacked by a squirrel and I tell you the mayor of New Orleans needs to do something about this before tourists stop coming here because of the squirrel problem. Here's an update on our personal opinion poll. After run after news of squirrels attacking citizens side do you think squirrels will be negatively stereotyped 58% say no that's that's encouraging. 42% say say yes. Here's a Texas says Americans against squirrel bully. CI II like that time another text says. Mayor Landrieu just announced that he spoke with president trump. And for putting up a wall around New Orleans and the squirrels are gonna pay for it off from Metairie Bob your WW health. Hey scooter you go on a good on his show thanks. Yeah yet it treat these girl squirrel just like you do the young. In New Orleans when it you gotta hit them where urged the most in baton. Here is a text that says so. The squirrels also broke the pumps. May be the squirrels got into the pumps and and did that. I guess that's possible. Here's a Texas says son. We may find out. The squirrels came from a broken home possibly with no father. And there was not school. Wasn't the school's fault. Because they didn't go to school. And you know I tell you all of this really did kind of startup I mean you never back during the campaign. When went it Donald Trump was on the campaign trail. And he said derogatory things about squirrels. And that led to a lot of people passing judgment on squirrels. And so this is where we are today. So consistent with this show I will once again remind you tell it. It's just not fair to judge the behavior of all scrolls by the behavior of of a few. And John work my part turn the other studios have a great job finding these so they scroll songs forest here is attacks fake news that this is not fake news. This isn't fake news. Squirrels have attacked people in it and like Vista. There's a video about this. On our WW already a FaceBook page I'll supporter on my personal FaceBook page scoop on the air. You can read edit and share with the others who Guam have come to New Orleans and and don't know that we have a a squirrel problem here. I'm scoot. Him really back and governor Doyle. All right sports August coming abducted Bobby and Deke review previews saints vikings saints patriots with Deuce McAllister from five to 630 and then QB to QB was Drew Brees. At 640. The patriots are coming to the saints defend the dome. That at 7 PM I was trying to show on the State's and LSU WW well. I'm getting gotten just many many tax or just reflects that your such an important thing for us to think about it I know this is controversial but you know squirrels lives matter. I'm getting text about whether or not the statues of squirrels say any proper co squirrels will be taken down a New Orleans you know I had that's going to be a controversy met with a lot of protests will be here to talk about it. Here's a Texas says we had a squirrel problem for decades but it so now we've been able to keep it quiet. And a god forbid a squirrel attacks tourist at the French Quarter reached its. I. If you sit down after its wares. Or is gonna get honey we'll have this mass exodus of jurors not warning to come here. Hey thanks for getting the show I love you guys when things Diane Newman Emeril Leary in our studio producer Josh wicked have a great afternoon. One in New Orleans.