Assumptions of Racism

Wednesday, September 13th

Are people and groups quick to call racism when there’s a difference of opinion?  Kid Rock flew the confederate flag during his concert last night…does that make him a racist?  What other things has he said or done to make you think he is or isn’t?


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I'd Kid Rock opened up the new sports arena in Detroit last night with a concert and there was controversy because the group the National Action Network. Which is an African American organization. Are criticized Kid Rock as being racist because he has displayed the confederate flag to show his and he also criticized former NFL player Colin Capp frantic. Now Kid Rock believes that part of the problem is that he has hinted that he may run for the senate seat in his home state of Michigan. He believes that's what's causing. The controversy. Here's part of Kid Rock last night when he opened up to show the Swiss him referring to himself as. President. Rock and and again he may run for the senate seat this was during the opening song last night. I can't run for senate. Has got some folks in disarray and and you can run for president told you. This site C. President came back from Washington. The desk in the Oval Office lacks. Stayed. You know I can think of worst people who would be a senators and our big kid rock and and even though you and I wouldn't have a chance to vote for him and in this area because he's from from Michigan. You know you and I are still intact and in our lives by every senator. Mean they're only 100 senators two from every state. And the senators get together and they vote on a lot of stuff that impacts all of us. So regardless of where somebody is a senator from or congress person and as as well. They can still have an impact on your life. Here's a Texas says kid rocks drummer is a black woman here is another Texas says so. Kid Rock has a black child. I'm not sure about that but if she means is you know it's somewhat I I don't think Kid Rock desert is a racist I've been to a couple of his concerts. And I was a Kid Rock fan until I saw in the TS of the king center a couple of years ago for some massage show. Blown away and then I've since seen that today as guest list. And I think he's an unbelievable talent singer songwriter does rock this country. Does wrapped and disorganization is not happy with him day out they claim that he has some really just benefited. Because of a rap music could kind of rap that he is putting into some of what he. What he does he says son Kid Rock says that they are trying to use the old confederate flag BS its effort to stir the pot. When we all know none of this would be going on if I were not thinking of running for office. If you would like to join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Perry code 5042601. A seventy in a text is a 7870. Opera Hammond doctor Dan welcome to WWL. They don't have great it is. Yeah. Am. I know anger and up for you were on. I think we're third. You. Can do right. I don't I don't know that lineage no I that musical which I don't title I don't know I just I remember your truck coming on the scene and I wasn't a real big fan of his of his music. Until I saw him in concert and then just had totally due respect for. Right right. Have been Tennessee apple it would come on our you know on the employer. And all Clinton. You are men and we would drive people talk of the bears tendency. Did you get any impression that he's a racist. No no not there are good. Not at all. Doctor Jay and I appreciate your your insight tear up from Gonzales Derek welcome to the show. They grew Larry Dillon I'm gonna. They had to order a couple one start out. A couple of all of the you know sort of moved. In order that all of us I have earned their cup indoors and then the not a woman in my. It'll. They're you know about your partner are being eaten so. Where he was over there there are. And him are against you there right there are desperate though. I've made that abuse there were I think it would be great and I do all the. Derek appreciate the comment on this this organization to National Action Network are criticizing Kid Rock. Claiming that he has displayed the confederate flag to show us. And he's criticized former NFL player Collin cavern. A lot of criticized collar Catholic. Another racist. Hedo and this is. This is where the breakdown happens. They are are individuals. And there are organizations. There are. Protective. Of the group they represent. Protective to the point. Where. They will defend. Any behavior. The fact that Colin cap for nick. Did what he did and we spent a lot of time talking about it it's. Is what's being criticized. Not because he's black. And I think he was raised by white parents. It in my criticism of calling temper neck and his actions it never ever occurred to me. That I was criticizing him because he's black and that's what needs to end. This constant. Assumption. That if anybody does anything. If they're criticized or arrested if they're black it's because they're pork. And that's not fair. Because quite often it's about being here. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 26 cell. One a seventy. Erica 05042601. A seventy tech's number is 877. There's a texas' sick Kid Rock seems too Smart to be a racist really Smart people are racist. Some really really interesting comment. I don't think you have to have a high IQ. To be a Smart person. But people who are Smart. It'll actually. People who are Smart in terms of common sense. Logic. They're less likely to. Here's a pretty general opinion poll is there a difference between displaying a confederate flag at a concert. And displaying a confederate flag on public property. Give us your opinion at WW dot com if you wanna join us with a comment about that here's a number 26 cell when he seventy. Every coach 504260170. Tech Samper is a 77. I'm from the south born right here in New Orleans and I guess I could have every excuse to fly the confederate flag. But I don't because I know what it means today. But is there a difference at a concert in on public property I'm scuba coming back on Demi if you.